BY Eunice E. Way

As reported in the

And transcribed as searchable material on the internet

by Barbara Lesser 4/1999

(Note from Eunice WAY: "This compilation was done to assist beginning genealogists in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area in completing their pedigree charts and family group sheets. The" Isabella County Enterprise" was a weekly publication. Sometimes it was difficult to know the month in which the event occurred. Users are encouraged to check both names given in the reference as some information, such as residence, appears only in one listing."

(NOTE - all marriages, marriage licenses and places of residence took place
in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan unless otherwise noted)


EAGON, Dora. Age 19, marriage license Mar 1891. Intended was Newton ROOT of Mt. Pleasant twp.

EARICH, Delila. Age 20, marriage license Oct/Nov 1897. Intended was Alonzo CARRICK of
Chippewa twp.

EARICK, Henry. Age 22, marriage license Feb 1894. Intended was Rosette FRIGITT of Chippewa twp.

EARL, Austin. Age 24, marriage license July 1895. Intended was Luanna OLDS of Rolland twp.

EARL, Dorsey. Age 22, marriage license Jan 1894. Intended was Catharine KNIPE of Lincoln twp.

EARL, Dorsey, Age 25, marriage license Apr 1897. Intended was Alice SWAIN of Crawford, MI.
(see 'Deaths' - Mrs. Dorsey EARL)

EARL, Erza. Marriage license Jan 1900 in Genesee Co., MI. Intended was Lillian WING of
Flushing, MI.

EARL, Mrs. Harriet A. Married 28 Nov 1895 in Dushville twp to Thomas W. FRID of Montcalm
Co., MI.

EARL, Jacob. Age 21, married 23 Mar 1890 in Lincoln twp. to Hattie A. JOHNSON of Lincoln twp.
(see 'Deaths' - Jacob EARL)

EARL, Leonard. Married 30 Mar 1893 in Broomfield twp. to Charlotte GARNER of Big Rapids, MI.

EARL, Nettie May. Age 20, marriage license 1899. Intended was Wallace W. RICHARDSON of
Fremont twp.

EASTLIK, Catharine E. Married 30 Jan 1888 in Gratiot Co., MI to James G. SLATER.
(Mother was Amelia M. EASTLIK)

EASTMAN, Miss Paul. Age 16, marriage license Aug/Sept 1892. Intended was Gilbert J.
DICKENSON of Union twp.

EATON, Carrie L. Married 10 Sept 1900 in El Paso, TX to Frank P. GRAY of CO.

EAUBERT, Albert. Married May 1884 in Clare Co., MI to Sarah J. TEACHOUT of Harrison, MI.

EBBERHART, Lewis. Age 29, marriage license Oct 1896. Intended was Katie BURNS of Loomis twp.

EBERHART, Martin. Age 23, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Roselia LOOMIS of Wise twp

EBERSPACHER, Henry. Age 32, marriage license June 1897. Intended was Hattie KRANELL of
Midland Co., MI.

ECKENFELS, Josephine. Married 19 June 1895 in Lewiston, MI to Lorenzo G. DOUGHTY of
Mt. Pleasant twp. (Father was F. A. ECKENFELS)

EDGAR, C. Fremont. Age 36, marriage license July 1896. Intended was May GIBSON of McBride, MI

EDGAR, Ethel. Age 16, marriage license Dec 1896. Intended was Henry D. BURNHAM of
Vernon twp.

EDGERLY, Nora. Age 18, married 22 Feb 1894 in Sherman City, MI to Oscar GIRARDIN of
Brinton, MI.

EDMONDS, Elmer. Age 19, married 2 July 1899 in Broomfield twp. to Maud JOHNSON of
Broomfield twp.

EDMONDS, Frank. Age 25, marriage license Dec 1888. Intended was Eva MARIATT of
Deerfield twp.

EDMONDS, George M. Age 23, marriage license Dec 1890. Intended was Eve HAGER of
Sherman twp.

EDMONDS, L. W. Age 25, married 21 Nov 1896 to Nora ILER of Dushville twp.

EDMONDS, Louise M. Age 16, married 7 Dec 1898 in Whiteville, MI to Frank W. MILLER of
Nottawa twp. (Father was W. E. EDMONDS of Whiteville, MI)

EDMONDS, Viola. Age 20, married 20 Apr 1898 in Whiteville, MI to William FUNNELL of
Isabella twp. (Father was John EDMONDS)

EDWARD, Hannah. Age 20, married 20 July 1891 to Robert MAXWELL of Wise twp.

EDWARDS, Arthur. Age 27, marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Lillian BURDICK of
Weidman, MI.

EGAN, Mary. Age 31, marriage license Jan 1895. Intended was James FREEMAN of Coe twp.

EGBERT, Peter. Age 24, marriage license July 1890. Intended was Julia PETERS of Deerfield twp.

EGGLESTON, Hiram. Age 49, marriage license May 1897. Intended was Mrs. E. BOODY of
Broomfield twp.

EGGLESTON, Lobina. Age 18, marriage license Feb 1897. Intended was Joseph COLLINS of
Isabella twp.

EGLESTON, Henry. Age 17, marriage license Sept 1892. Intended was Jennie ACKERMAN of
Deerfield twp.

ELDRED, Alice E. Age 19, married 25 Feb 1895 to John A. UEBELE of Fremont twp.

ELDRED, Bert A. Married 4 Sept 1890 to Alice E. DUSH of Broomfield twp.

EDLRED, Carney J. Age 29, marriage license Aug 1890. Intended was Rosa CAFFEE of Rolland twp

ELDRED, Florence. Age 20, marriage license Sept 1899. Intended was August STUTTING of
Fremont twp.

ELDRED, Frank E. Marriage license May 1897. Intended was Ida Belle MACKLIN of Broomfield twp.

ELDRED, Harry. Age 24, marriage license Oct 1896. Intended was Ollie HEMINGER of Mecosta
Co., MI.

ELDRED, Lucy. Married 8 Dec 1900 to Oscar DUSH of Fremont twp.

ELDRED, Nellie. Age 16, marriage license Aug 1900. Intended was Ralph SMITH of Broomfield twp.

ELISON, Agnes. Married 1853 to William "Billy" GRAHAM.

ELK, Dan. Age 32, marriage license Mar 1900. Intended was Martha Mow-gee-zhick of
Deerfield twp.

ELK, James. Age 60 - an Indian. Marriage license Oct 1898. Intended was Nancy SILES of
Leaton, MI.

ELLINGWOOD, Fred. Married 18 Nov 1889 in Maumee, OH to Daisy RATHBUN.

ELLIOT, Eliza. Married 23 Nov 1885 in Nottawa twp to William TWOMBLEY of East Saginaw, MI.

ELLIOT, Willaim H. Age 25, married 22 Mar 1892 in Sherman twp. to Alta WARNER of Sherman.

ELLIOTT, Annie. Age 18, marriage license May 1889. Intende was Milton RODGERS of Vernon twp.

ELLIOTT, Daniel W. Married 2 July 1887 in Isabella Co. to Mary Jane McGILLIAS of Union twp.

ELLIOTT, John J. Age 25, married 13 Nov 1890 to Minnie McSHAY of Isabella twp.

ELLIS, Albert. Age 40, marriage license Aug 1888. Intended was Lina WHALEY of Chippewa twp.

ELLIS, Grace. Age 17, marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Alfred ROOD of Mecosta Co., MI.

ELLIS, Mary. Age 18, marriage license Dec 1888. Intended was Wilson McQUEEN of Lincoln twp.

ELLISON, Bertha. Age 16, marriage license Oct 1887. Intended was George W. SIEL.

ELLSWORTH, Frances M. Age 23, married 21 Oct 1900 to Anna M. HUBSCHER of Blanchard, MI.

ELLSWORTH, Recellous D. Married 21 May 1883 to Mrs. Charlotte E. BALEY of Mt. Pleasant twp.

ELLSWORTH, William. Age 21, married 27 Nov 1893 to Nina E. CLINE of Summerton, MI.

ELMHURST, Anna E. Age 20, marriage license Apr 1888. Intended was Edward DELANEY of
Rochester, NY.

ELMONDORF, Cora. Age 22, marriage license Dec 1890. Intended was Robert H. PURTILL of
Deerfield twp.

ELY. A. T. Married 24 Oct 1899 in Reed City, MI to Ida HOOEY.

ELY, Kate F. Married Oct 1881 in MI. to George A. ROYCE of Lansing, MI (father was Ralph ELY)

EMBERG, Grace May. Age 16, marriage license Nov 1895. Intended was Chas. DORMAN of
Bundy, MI.

EMERY, Mrs. Eliza J. Age 42, married 13 Feb 1890 to Strong E. PATTEN of Lincoln twp.

EMMONS, Albert. Age 24, marriage license July 1895. Intended was Addie CAMPBELL of Wise twp

EMMONS, Carrie. Age 18, marriage license Nov 1892. Intended was John DENTON of Isabella Co.

EMMONS, Ward. Age 25, marriage license Dec/Jan 1892. Intended was Maude LOOMIS of
Sherman twp.

EMSLEY, Ornida. Age 23, marriage license June 1897. Intended was Perry FERRAL of Shepherd twp.

ENDRES, Jacob. Age 21, marriage license Jan 1891. Intended was Mary SMITH of Nottawa twp.

ENDRES, Lizzie. Age 24, marriage license 1891. Intended was Matt SCHAFER of Nottawa twp.

ENDRIES, Barbara. Age 16, marriage license Oct 1891. Intended was Peter J. SCHAFER of
Nottawa twp.

ENGLECAMP, Charles. Married 16 Nov. 1893 in Saginaw, MI to Mrs. Lena PORTERFIELD.

ENSIGN, Byron. Married Mar 1886 to Ida M. MEEKER of Wheatland, Mecosta Co., MI.

EPPLE, Malinda. Age 23, marriage license May/June 1892. Intended was Michael COUGHLIN
of Deerfield twp.

EPPLE, Mary. Married 17 Aug 1897 in Isabella Co. to John H. JONSON of Mt. Pleasant twp.

EPPLE, Matilda "Tillie". Married 20 Feb 1900 to Maurice KENNEDY of Mt. Pleasant twp.

ERKSON, Nels. Married 21 Dec 1884 in Midland Co., MI to Emma SEGERLAND.

ERVANS, Etta. Age 18, marriage license 1899. Intended was Joseph W. COLE of Lincoln twp.
(License suppressed, released Sept 1899)

ERVANS, Jennie. Age 21, married 1 May 1891 to Owen C. KEITH of Lincoln twp.

ERVANS, M. E. Married 15 Dec 1880 to Rose M. KEITH.

ERVEY, Andrew. Age 52, married 23 Mar 1899 to Clara PAULLIN of Mt. Pleasant twp.

ERVIN, Andrew J. Age 23, married 14 Nov 1900 in Vernon twp. to Laura M. SEITER of Vernon twp.

ERVIN, Ellen. Married 24 Dec 1879 to Ira F. DAVIS of Deerfield twp.

ERVIN, Jonah. Age 22, marriage license Dec 1888. Intended was Ellen PROUT of Isabella twp.

ERVIN, Lewis. Age 24, married 10 May 1892 in Rosebush, MI to Florence GIBBS of Isabella twp.

ERVIN, Mary. Married 25 Dec 1879 to Peter McLEOD.

ERVIN, Thomas. ;Married 25 Dec 1885 in MI. to Frank ALDERMAN of Sherman City, MI
(copied just the way it is listed in the book)

ERVINS, Fred. Age 19, marriage license Aug 1889. Intended was Ora M. DARROW of Lincoln twp.

ERWAY, Lotta. Age 22, marriage license Feb 1889. Intended was Nelson ROBBINS of Coe twp.

ESCH, Edward. Age 21, marriage license Oct 1896. Intended was Florence MEEKER of
Broomfield twp.

ESCH, Mary. Age 19, marriage license Dec 1890. Intended was Henry STEINMAN of Broomfield twp.

ESTEE, Free. Age 38, married 1 Jan 1895 in East Saginaw, MI to Mamie DORE of Saginaw, MI.
(see 'Deaths' - Free ESTEE)

ESTEE, L. D. Married 28 Mar 1886 in Salt River, MI to Nettie CAMPBELL of Coe twp.

ESTEE, Linus D. Spouse was Sadie MILLER.

ESTEE, Perry H., Jr. Age 21, marriage license May 1888. Intended was Ellen G. COFFMAN of
Coe twp.

ESTEES, Walter H. Age 23, marriage license Sept 1890. Intended was Della A. COHOON of
Coe twp.

ESTELLE, Isa. Age 17, marriage license July 1893. Intended was William M. MOOR.

ESTES, Anna. Age 18, marriage license Oct 1887. Intended was Chas. E. STERLING.

ESTES, Free. Married 28 Feb 1883 to Mary STIRLING.

ETTINGER, Mary A. Age 19, married 5 Oct 1892 to Edgar L. SALISBURY of Chippewa twp.

EVANS, Alice. Age 16, marriage license June 1900. Intended was William C. PRENTISS of
Fremont twp.

EVANS, Doyle. Age 24, marriage license Apr 1900. Intended was Erma CHURCH of Vernon twp.

EVANS, Edgar J. Married 11 Jan 1899 in Midland, MI to Mrs. Emma A. BENNETT.

EVANS, Fred E. Age 30, marriage license Apr 1892. Intended was Grace WILBUR of
Lakeview, MI.

EVANS, John. Age 35, marriage license June 1891. Intended was Catherine CARROL.

EVANSTON, Elizabeth J. Married 24 Oct 1883 to Henry S. RAUCH of Harrison, MI.

EVENS, William. Age 21, married 1 Nov 1891 to Bessie HALL of Mt. Pleasant twp.

EVERDEN, James. Age 20, marriage license Feb 1897. Intended was Eva McCONNELL of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

EVINS, Hugh. Age 27, married 18 Nov 1895 to Viola BATES of Bundy, MI.

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