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by Barbara Lesser 4/1999

(Note from Eunice WAY: "This compilation was done to assist beginning genealogists in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area in completing their pedigree charts and family group sheets. The" Isabella County Enterprise" was a weekly publication. Sometimes it was difficult to know the month in which the event occurred. Users are encouraged to check both names given in the reference as some information, such as residence, appears only in one listing."

(NOTE - all marriages, marriage licenses and places of residence took place
in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan unless otherwise noted)

C's - 2

CASEY, Edward. Age 25, marriage license NOv 1894. Intended was Anna FOLEY of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CASEY, Ellen. Married 25 Jan 1892 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI to Lewis F. NIXON of Pine River,
Gratiot Co., MI.

CASLER, Anna B. Age 21, marriage license Aug 1888. Intended was Chas. E. GOING of St. Louis,
Gratiot Co., MI.

CASLER, Frank. Married 30 Sept 1892 to Nettie WILSON of Dushville twp.

CASNER, Isabella. Age 19, married 25 Aug 1892 to Frank A. BECKMAN of Wood Co., OH.

CASNER, Mirtie. Age 19, marriage license Mar 1900. Intended was Robert CARRICK of Coe twp.

CASSADY, Mary A. Age 22, married 27 June 1900 to James I. BUTCHER of Mt. Pleasant twp.
(Father was Charles CASSADY)

CASSADY, Myrtle. Married Feb 1900 to Fred McKINNON of Vernon twp.

CASSELMAN, Jennie. Age 20, married 11 Oct 1900 to Finley WALLINGTON of Broomfiled twp.

CATON, Edward. Age 37, marriage license May 1900. Intended was May ULAM of Weidman, MI.

Caw-ga-yash, Mary. Age 21, married 22 Apr 1892 to Abraham Silas Pa-me-saw-cung of Denver twp.

CAZATT, Henry B. Age 42, marriage license Sept 1897. Intended was Jennie RODGERS of
Coopersville, MI.

CAZIER, Chas. E. Age 20, marriage license Sept 1899. Intended was Belle BISSELL of Shepherd twp.

CAZLER, Nettie. Age 21, marriage license Aug 1900. Intended was Oliver WYANT of Fremont tpw.

CHAFFEE, Clarisa. Age 18, married 20 Aug 1898 to William A. STEVENSON of Rolland twp.

CHAFFEE, Rose. Age 18, marriage license Aug 1890. Intended was Carney J. ELDRED of Rolland twp.

CHAFFEE, Sarah. Age 21, marriage license Apr 1892. Intended was Wilson KELLEY of Rolland twp.

CHAFFIN, Mary. Age 24, marriage license Nov 1900. Intended was Fred ROBINSON of Shepherd twp.

CHAMBERLAIN, Adelbert. Married 28 Mar 1885 in Nottawa twp. to Eva HANES of Deerfield twp.

CHAMBERLAIN, Lulu. Age 20, marriage license Oct 1897. Intended was Fred WRIGHT of Mt.
Pleasant twp.

CHAMBERLAIN, Mary A. Age 55, married 9 Dec 1890 to Braddock D. SEARLER of Union twp.

CHAMBERS, Eva. Married 20 Dec 1893 in Coleman, MI to Theo PHINISEY.

CHAMBERS, George F. Age 21, married 29 Nov 1893 in Loomis twp. to Clara COON of Wise twp.

CHAMPLIN, Charles. Age 22, marriage license Feb 1894. Intended was Satie THOMAS of Sherman twp.

CHAMPLIN, Jennie M. Age 16, marriage license June 1895. Intended was William H. PRIDGEON
of Sherman twp.

CHANSELOR, Mrs. Emily. Age 39, married 22 Feb 1892 to John H. ABBOTT of Wise twp.

CHAPMAN, Amella. Age 34, married 29 Mar 1899 to William GRAHAM of Isabella twp.

CHAPMAN, Bert. Age 24, marriage license Dec/Jan 1895. Intended was Lena DENSMORE of
Rolland twp.

CHAPMAN, Catherine. Age 66, married 24 Dec 1900 to Charles COLE of Denver twp.

CHAPMAN, Hettie. Married 2 Oct 1889 in MI. to Robert SMITH. (Father was Judge CHAPMAN).

CHAPMAN, James W. Age 22, married 19 June 1890 to Nellie STRINGER of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CHAPMAN, Maude. Age 20, marriage license June 1892. Intended was


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