BY Eunice E. Way

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And transcribed as searchable material on the internet

by Barbara Lesser 4/1999

(Note from Eunice WAY: "This compilation was done to assist beginning genealogists in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area in completing their pedigree charts and family group sheets. The" Isabella County Enterprise" was a weekly publication. Sometimes it was difficult to know the month in which the event occurred. Users are encouraged to check both names given in the reference as some information, such as residence, appears only in one listing."

(NOTE - all marriages, marriage licenses and places of residence took place
in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan unless otherwise noted)


CAHOON, Joseph L. Married 18 Mar 1877 in Union twp. to Emmas J. WRIGHT.

CAHOON, Langdon B. Age 21, married 17 Apr 1897 to Maude BAKER of Lincoln twp.

CAIN, Alice. Age 18, marriage license Oct 1899. Intended was Archie CLINE of Isabella twp.

CALDWELL, Elia. Age 22, marriage license Jan 1894. Intended was Cisco KINPE of Lincoln twp.

CALDWELL, Grace H. Married 1 Dec 1891 in Chicago, IL to L. T. VanWINKLE.

CALDWELL, J. P. Married 29 Feb 1884 in Two Rivers, MI to Mrs. Sarah GRISWOLD of Solon, OH.

CALDWELL, James C. Wife was Mrs. Harriet C. CALDWELL.

CALDWELL, James Q. Age 27, marriage license Dec 1893. Intended was Sarah E. MANLEY of
Fremont twp.

CALHOUN, Catherine. Age 19, married 1 Sept 1893 to James FITZGERALD of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CALKINS, George C. Age 31, marriage license Feb 1894. Intended was Alvina SWIFT of
Chicago, IL.

CALKINS, Maud. Age 17, married 29 Mar 1900 in Isabella Co. to George W. HOWE of Chippewa twp.

CALLUM, Christina. Age 59, marriage license June 1900. Intended was Albert LOCKWOOD of
Vernon twp.

CALOON, Nellie. Age 20, marriage license Oct 1892. Intended was Bert PRESTON of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CAMERON, Mrs. Alma. Age 18, marriage license May 1893. Intended was William KIMBLE of
Blanchard twp.

CAMERON, Ella. Age 22, married 2 Oct 1894 to Marion NOGGLES of Broomfield twp.

CAMERON, E. Temple. Age 31, marriage license Dec/Jan 1901. Intended was Mattie JOHNSON
of Sherman City.

CAMERON, Ethelinda. Married 24 Aug 1893 in Isabella twp. to Marvin J. FOLLETT of Harrison twp.
(Father was Alex. CAMERON)

CAMERON, Ida. Age 22, marriage license July 1893. Intended was Cristie BUNDY of Rolland twp.

CAMERON, Kate. Age 20, marriage license July 1890. Intended was William D. NOGGLE of
Broomfield twp.

CAMERON, Margaret. Marriage license Aug 1900. Intended was W. O. BUNDY of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CAMERON, Margaret Ann. Married 30 July 1879 in Calkinsville to William J. JOHNSON of
Isabella Co.

CAMERON, Mary E. Age 29, marriage license May 1898. Intended was James DUNN of Isabella twp.

CAMERON, Samuel T. Age 32, marriage license Feb/Mar 1888. Intended was Margaret DEWAR
of Isabella twp.

CAMFIELD, L. E. Married 18 Oct 1883 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co, MI (does not say who they married).

CAMPBELL, Addie. Age 18, marriage license July 1895. Intended was Albert EMMONS of Wise twp.

CAMPBELL, Anna L. Age 25, marriage license Jan 1889. Intended was Frank L. HAYNES.

CAMPBELL, Bessie. Age 25, marriage license 1891. Intended was William M. ALLEN.

CAMPBELL, Chas. M. Age 21, marriage license Feb 1889. Intended was Arna Josephine SUZOR of
Chippewa twp.

CAMPBELL, Daisy. Age 21, marriage license Oct 1894. Intended was Fred P. WRIGHT of Alma, MI.

CAMPBELL, Edna. Age 24, marriage license Dec 1892. Intended was Evan J. SIMMONS of
Fremont twp.

CAMPBELL, Effie. Marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Nathan UDELLE of Forest Hill, MI.

CAMPBELL, George F. Age 19, marriage license Apr 1894. Intended was Islanda E. GANNON of
Chippewa twp.

CAMPBELL, James. Age 23, marriage license Apr/May 1894. Intended was Maud CLARK of Coe twp.

CAMPBELL, James. Married 4 May 1897 in St. Paul, MN to Mary MILLER of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CAMPBELL, Jennie. Age 21, married 20 Feb 1895 in Fremont twp. to Delvin GREEN of Harrison, MI.

CAMPBELL, Jennie. Married 29 Nov 1900 to Arthur ASH of Union twp.

CAMPBELL, John. Age 35, marriage license Sept/Oct 1891. Intended was Mrs. Levina McKAY of
Coleman, MI.

CAMPBELL, Kate. Married Mar 1888 in Gratiot Co., MI to Erastus DOANE of Forest Hill, MI.

CAMPBELL, Miss L. Married 23 Sept 1883 in Salt River, MI to D. WILLIAMS.

CAMPBELL, Lillian E. Married 23 Sept 1883 in Salt River, MI to David O. WILLIAMS of Salt River.

CAMPBELL, Loftus. Age 21, married 15 Nov 1899 in Deerfield twp. to Cora FORAKER of Deerfield twp.

CAMPBELL, Millie. Married 4 Jan 1899 in Isabella Co. to Frank SHEFFIELD of Isabella Co.
(Father was Hugh CAMPBELL)

CAMPBELL, Nellie. Married 25 May 1895 to Burt SIMONDS of Fremont twp.

CAMPBELL, Nettie. Married 28 Mar 1895 in Salt River, MI to L. E. ESTEE of Coe twp.

CAMPBELL, Will. Marriage license Sept 1899. INtended was Maude LOCKWOOD of Nottawa twp.

CAMPBELL, William. Age 45, married 24 Dec 1894 to Mrs. Sarah J. SHUM of Nottawa twp.

CAMPBELL, William. Age 68, married 28 Jan 1895 to Mrs. Louisa BOWERMAN of Denver twp.

CAMPBELL, William B. Age 29, marriage license Oct 1895. Intended was Sarah ROSE of Isabella twp.

CANADA, Alexander. Age 40, marriage license Dec/Jan 1899. Intended was Alice LEACH of
Deerfield twp.

CANCADE, Eliza. Married 29 Oct 1877 in Vernon twp. to Thomas HOLLINGER of Vernon twp.

CANFIELD, Finnie. Age 25, marriage license Oct 1895. Intended was Albert HARRIS of Wise twp.

CANFIELD, Herbert. Age 24, married 9 Apr 1890 to Jennie E. FULLER of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CANFIELD, Mrs. Phoebe. Age 16, marriage license Nov. 1891. Intended was Edward POWER of
Coldwater twp.

CANNIFF, Jennie. Age 25, marriage license Dec 1887. Intended was William Henry MAXWELL of
Wise twp.

CANNON, Warren B. Married 25 Aug 1897 in Vicksburg, MI to Aurilla NORTON.

CANUTE, George W. Age 19, marriage license May 1895. Intended was Mary D. SMITH of Coe twp.

CAPLE, Peter. Married 27 Sept 1859 to Mrs. Elizabeth DEMING.

CAREY, Dennis. Age 24, married 25 June 1889 to Maggie LOGAN of Deerfield twp.

CAREY, John. Married 21 Apr 1885 to Nellie WHALEN.

CAREY, Mary. Age 23, married 26 Oct 1898 in Isabella Co. to John GIMMEY of Gratiot Co. MI.
(Father was John M. CAREY)

CAREY, Patrick. Married 7 Jan 1886 to Mary McDONALD.

CAREY, Sarah. Age 21, married 22 Apr 1890 to Alexander PLUNKETT of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CARIS, Philip. Age 28, marriage license May 1900. Intended was LSarah HAWKEY of Gilmore twp.

CARMER, Levi A. Married 19 Jan 1896 in Gratiot Co., MI to Mrs. Agnes M. BROWNRIDGE of Seville,
Gratiot Co., MI.

CARMICHAEL, Daniel. Age 34, married 24 Aug 1898 in Harrison twp. to Anna CUNNINGHAM of
Clare Co., MI.

CARMICHAEL, Mary. Age 24, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was H. F. BRIEF of Union twp.

CARMONY, F. D. Age 30, marriage license May/June 1899. Intended was Estella FLEMMING of
West Windsor, MI.

CARNAHAN, Charles A. Age 24, married 24 Nov 1891 to Princie B. PEAK of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CARNATHON, W. H. Married 26 Oct 1880 in Fork twp., Mecosta Co., MI to M. M. LEEK of same.

CARNES, E. H. Married 31 Dec 1891 in Onandage, Jackson Co., MI to Flora STONE.

CARNEY, Rosalie. Age 24, marriage license Sept 1897. Intended was James S. BURNS of Loomis twp.

CARPENTER, Mrs. Alice. Age 29, marriage license Aug 1893. Intended was Robert LABELL of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

CARPENTER, Allen. Age 21, marriage license Apr 1897. Intended was Augusta RANKIN of Dorr, MI.

CARPENTER, Edwin L. Age 23, marriage license July 1892. Intended was Pheobe JACOBS of Wise twp.

CARPENTER, Ettie. Age 20, married 14 Mar 1900 to Eli HAMLIN of Shepherd twp.

CARPENTER, Frances. Age 22, married 11 July 1891 to Earnest L. WRIGHT of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CARPENTER, Ida N. Marriage license Nov. 1899. Intended was Geroge SAMPSON of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CARPENTER, Mabel. Age 18, marriage license Jan 1900. Intended was William R. HUNTER of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

CARPENTER, Mary O. Age 17, married 1 Feb 1892 to John NUNEMAKER of Union twp.

CARPENTER, Walter. Age 23, married 7 Oct 1896 to Josie QUINLAN of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CARPENTER, William. Married 26 Dec 1883 in Farwell, Clare Co., MI to Harriet WOODRUFF of same.

CARR, Bessie May. Age 21, married 19 Jan 1898 (does not say who she married but gives father's
name as F. W. CARR)

CARR, Ella. Age 18, marriage license Sept 1896. Intended was Clyde GREEN of Mecosta Co., MI.

CARR, Etta. Age 18, Married 24 Dec 1898 to Scott BELLINGER of Deerfield twp.

CARR, George. Age 35, marriage license May 1897. Intended was Sarah CARR of Wise twp.

CARR, Martha. Age 17, married 22 July 1899 to Henry J. BELLIS of Sherman twp.

CARR, Patrick S. Age 27, marriage license Mar 1889. Intended was Nellie M. DROWN of Mt. Pleasant.

CARR, Sarah. Age 30, marriage license May 1897. Intended was George CARR of Mt. Pleasant.

CARR, Sarah. Age 23. Marriage license July 1899. Intended was John W. PARKS of Sherman twp.

CARRICK, Alonzo. Age 42, marriage license Oct/Nov 1897. Intended was Delila EARICK of Chippewa.

CARRICK, Esther. Age 18, married 29 Mar 1900 in Isabella Co. to Geroge A. HOWARD of Chippewa twp.

CARRICK, Robert. Age 23, marriage license Mar 1900. Intended was Mirtie CASNER of Chippewa twp.

CARRIER, Lizzie. Age 18, marriage license Apr 1889. Intended was William ADAMS of Vernon twp.

CARROL, Catherine. Age 34, marriage license Jan 1891. Intended was John EVANS.

CARROLL, Anna. Age 23, marriage license Feb 1891. Intended was Patrick STAPLETON of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

CARROLL, Sibbie M. Married 22 Nov 1883 to Pat SULLIVAN.

CARSON, Joseph H. Age 23, marriage license Sept 1888. Intended was Margarett Ann of Mt.
Pleasant (no last name given, unless it is ANN)

CARSON, Joseph. Age 28, marriage license 1893. Intended was Mrs. Ida B. HOHENBECK of
Shepherd twp.

CARTER, Clara. Age 17, marriage license Feb 1897. Intended was George CARTER of Coe twp.

CARTER, George. Age 21, marriage license Feb 1897. Intended was Clara CARTER of Seville twp.,
Gratiot Co., MI.

CASE, Mrs. Married 12 Mar 1894 to William WHITNEY of Mt. Pleasant twp.

CASE, Ada. Age 17, marriage license Apr 1888. Intended was Chas. UTLEY of Coldwater twp.

CASE, Anna. Married 21 Dec 1885 in Isabella Co. to A. W. WRIGHT.

CASE, Chas. F. Age 22, marriage license Dec 1890. Intended was Laura G. LUCE of Gilmore twp.

CASE, Mrs. E. H. Married 6 Apr 1875 in Union twp. to Malcolm D. DAVIS of Clare, MI.

CASE, Emma E. Age 17, marriage license Sept/Oct 1889. Intended was Louis MANNANSAU of
Sherman City.

CASE, Mollie. Married 3 July 1883 to George PIPER of Clare, MI.

CASE, Rena. Married 27 Dec 1898 to Gale CHRISTOPHER of Lansing, MI.
(Mother was Mrs. Wm. T. WHITNEY.)

CASE, Walter. Age 23, Married 23 Feb 1899 in Chippewa twp. to Tillie TATU of Chippewa twp.

CASE, William. Age 23, marriage license Sept 1898. Intended was Jane McQWINN of Lincoln twp.


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