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by Barbara Lesser 4/1999

(Note from Eunice WAY: "This compilation was done to assist beginning genealogists in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area in completing their pedigree charts and family group sheets. The" Isabella County Enterprise" was a weekly publication. Sometimes it was difficult to know the month in which the event occurred. Users are encouraged to check both names given in the reference as some information, such as residence, appears only in one listing."

(NOTE - all marriages, marriage licenses and places of residence took place
in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan unless otherwise noted)

B's - 3

BROOMFIELD, Marshall W. Age 28, marriage license May/June 1892. Intended was Mary McWATERS
of Broomfield.

BROTHER, Jane N. Married 21 Apr 1875 in Sherman twp. to Phydelious BENNETT.

BROUGHTON, Amos. Married 4 Feb 1885 in Clare Co. to Mrs. Loula BARNES of Bay City, MI.

BROW, Bertha. AGe 28, marriage license Oct 1897. Intended was August ULRICH of Brinton, MI

BROWN, Alice May. Age 16, marriage license Mar/Apr 1895. Intended was Richard WINTER of
Gilmore twp.

BROWN, Ammon. Age 27, marriage license Apr/May 1900. Intended was Clara HAENKE of
Fremont twp.

BROWN, Bert. Age 21, marriage license Dec 1899. Intended was Carrie KRATZ of Isabella twp.

BROWN, Charles D. Age 23, married 17 Apr 1895 to Emma E. JOHNSON of Deerfield twp.

BROWN, Cora. Age 20, marriage license Aug 1892. Intended was John C HESS of Coldwater twp.

BROWN, Cora E. Age 20, married 17 Mar 1893 to John A. SMALLEY of Coldwater twp.

BROWN, Ebb. Age 48, married 26 Aug 1891 in Isabella Co. to Sarah M. TERRY of Sherman twp.

BROWN, Ebb. Age 49, marrige license Oct 1892. Intended was Sarh M. FERRY of Sherman twp.
(copied these two just as they appear in the book).

BROWN, Ebenezer. Married 26 Dec 1884 in MI. to Mrs. Carrie ROSE.

BROWN, Edna. Age 17, marriage license Oct/Nov 1897. Intended was Eddie BEAL of Brinton twp.

BROWN, Ella. AGe 16, married 16 Nov 1889 to Lewis LOSEY of Sherman twp.

BROWN, Frank. Age 23, marriage license Aug 1891. Intended was Belle SKYRING of Loomis twp.

BROWN, Fannie. Married 25 June 1884 in Ithaca, Gratiot Co, MI to Henry LEWIS.

BROWN, Fred. Married 21 May 1888 in Loomis twp. to Mary DAVIS of Clare Co., MI.

BROWN, George L. Married 28 Nov 1887 in Evart, MI to Eliza VINCON of Dushville twp.

BROWN, George W. Age 46, marriage license July 1891. Intended was Mrs. Effie MUZZY of
Cass City, MI.

BROWN, Jacob H. Married 20 Sept 1883 in Farwell, Clare Co., MI to Mary E. CONVERSE of
Vernon twp.

BROWN, James S. Age 29, married 1 Sept 1897 to Blanche E. BARBER of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BROWN, James W. Age 24, marriage license Feb 1892. Intended was Lydia E. MALCOM of
Vernon twp.

BROWN, John. Married 15 July 1896 in Dushville twp. to Claudie M. GULICK of Union twp.

BROWN, John G. Age 39, marriage license Mar 1890. Intended was Cornelia M. STEWART of
Rolland twp.

BROWN, John J. AGe 58, marriage license Dec 1891. Intended was Mrs. Eliza A. HITSMAN of
Coe twp.

BROWN, John R. Married 31 Mar 1886 in Clare, MI to Phebe S. ROBINSON.

BROWN, Joseph. Age 33, marriage license Mar 1897. Intended was Ida DUNBAR of Coe twp.

BROWN, Josephine. AGe 17, married 22 Apr 1895 to Sterling WINTER of Gilmore twp.

BROWN, Lucy. Age 50, married 22 Apr 1893 in Jerusalem, MI to Joshua LOUNSBERRY of
Gilmore twp.

BROWN, Lura A. Married 15 Oct 1890 to Herbert E. Wheaton.

BROWN, Mahlon F. AGe 25. Married 4 Apr 1891 to Della E. SWAN of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BROWN, Nellie J. Age 18, married 15 May 1890 to Frank W. HURSH of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BROWN, Otis Age 25, married 25 Dec 1892 in Vernon twp. to Nellie HORNING of Vernon twp.

BROWN, Phoebe E. Age 18, marriage license July 1896. Intended was Elmer CRUMPACKER of
Gladwin Co., MI.

BROWNING, Ella M. Age 20, marriage license Dec 1892. Intended was William J. FROST of
Coe twp.

BROWNRIDGE, Mrs. Agnes M. Married 19 Jan 1896 in Gratiot Co., MI to Levi A. CARMER of
Montcalm Co., MI.

BROWNRIDGE, Estella. Age 18, married 6 Dec 1896 in Lincoln twp. to Nelson R. HUNT of Lincoln twp.

BRUBACHER, Harry E. Age 20, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Lillie May AYLESWORTH
of Coldwater twp.

BRUBACKER, Elizabeth. Age 58, married Dec 1899 to James D. Vallence.

BRUCE, Dora. Age 19, Marriage license Apr 1889. Intended was Fred MILLER of Rolland twp.

BRUCE, Ervin. Age 20, marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Alice OMEN of Broomfield twp.

BRUCE, William J. Age 21, married Sept 1889 in Broomfield twp. to Cora FRANSISCO of
Deerfield twp.

BRYAN, S. D. Married 24 Sept 1894 in Isabella Co. to Dora SPICER of Dushville twp.

BUCH, Gracie. Age 18, marriage license Aug 1897. INtended was John PENNER of Broomfield twp.

BUCHARD, Belle. Age 22, marriage license Apr/May 1893,. Intended was John FIFIELD of Lincoln twp.

BUCK, John L. Age 19, marriage license June 1890. Intended was Laura Ettie BOWMAN of Coe twp.

BUCK, Ida. Age 17, marriage license July 1895. Intended was Lewis JOHNSON of Broomfield twp.

BUCK, Larina. Age 16, marriage license May 1891. Intended was Andrew HOLCOMB of Ottawa Co., MI

BUCK, Mary Jane. Age 17, marriage license Sept 1888. Intended was Nathan HUTCHINSON.

BUCKINS, Jno. S. Age 29, marriage license Feb 1888. Intended was Sadie GARDNER of Wise twp.

BUFFINGTON, Wilson J. Age 22, married 6 Feb 1890 to Mary May HUTCHIONS of Shepherd twp.

BUFFORD, James H. Age 21, marriage license Sept 1899. Intended was Alice M. WING of Union twp.

BUGESS, Louisa. Age 23, marrige license Dec 1887. Intended was James CLARK of Novi, MI.

BUHRER, Jacob. Age 25, marriage license Jan 1898. Intended was Gertrude ANSPAUGH of Rolland twp.

BUHRER, Lydia. Age 19, married 8 Apr 1895 to Arnold STUTTING of Fremont twp.

BULGER, Ellen. Age 43, marriage license Dec/Jan 1896. Intended was Hugh J. KELLY of Mt. Pleasant.

BUMGART, Frederick. Age 21, marriage license Aug 1895. Intended was Sarah E. MILLS of Mt.

BUMP, Ada. Age 23, marriage license Nov 1900. Intended was Arthur E. GOODENOUGH.

BUNDY, Anna. Age 19, marriage license Jan 1898. Intended was Fred HULSE of Fremont twp.

BUNDY, Cristie. Age 23, marriage license July 1893. Intended was Ida CARERON of Millbrook, MI.

BUNDY, Jacob. Age 23, marriage license Aug 1895. Intended was Linnie A. WOODRUFF of
Broomfield twp.

BUNDY, Lizzie. Age 21, marriage license Oct 1894. Intended was Dan L. DIBBIE of Union twp.

BUNDY, Nora. Age 18, marriage license Apr 1900. Intended was Samuel MASTERS of Fremont twp.

BUNDY, W. O. Marriage license Aug 1900. Intended was Margaret CAMERON of Millbrook, MI.

BUNDY, William. Age 23, married 24 Dec 1899 in Deerfield twp. to Anna HAMILTON of Deerfield twp.

BURCH, George. Married 15 Jan 1899 in Dlare, MI to Ida HOOK of Loomis twp.

BURCH, Lewis J. Age 23, married 19 Jan 1898 to Bessie May CARR of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BURDICK, Grace. Age 25, married 6 Dec 1900 to Frank P. DIEHL of Union twp.

BURDICK, Lillian. Age 20, marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Arthur EDWARDS of
Mecosta Co., MI.

BURDICK, Orton L. Age 31, marriage license June 1897. Intended was Lottie E. HIBBARD of
Shepherd twp.

BURGER, William. Married 16 Jan 1890 in Alma, MI to Hattie M. STOUTENBURGH.

BURGESS, Amy E. Age 16, married 14 Sept 1892 to Michael L. McALVEY of Gilmore twp.

BURGESS, Elnora. Age 16, marraige license Dec 1899. Intended was John T. DRAKE of Farwell, MI.

BURGESS, Mark A. Age 22, married 29 Feb 1896 to Jennie M. PITTS of Nottawa twp.

BURGESS, Mary A. Marriage license Jan 1889 in Gratiot Co., MI. Intended was Calvin ROOP of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

BURGESS, Maud. Age 18, marriage license Nov 1899. Intended was Thos. ARRAND of
Gilmore twp.

BURKHALTER, Ida. Age 17, marriage license Oct 1900. Intended was Winfield S. CROWLEY of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

BURKHART, Emma. Age 22, marriage license Mar 1889. Intended was William H. PEASE of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

BURKHOLDER, Betty. Age 26, marriage license Mar 1895. Intended was Frank WILKINS of
Rolland twp.

BURKHOLDER, Rudolph. Age 25, married 22 Dec 1900 to Anna BAKER of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BURLINGAME, James L. Married 14 July 1883 in St. Louis, MI to Nellie E. DAVIS of Coe twp.

BURNES, Zora E. Age 21, marriage license Feb 1888. Intended was Ulysses S. STRUBLE of
Chippewa twp.

BURNETT, Lola. Married 21 June 1894 in Mendon, MI to Josiah HORNING of Clare, MI.

BURNHAM, Edith. Age 19, marriage license Dec 1891. Intended was Henry C. SMITH of Wise twp.

BURNHAM, Henry D. Age 26, marriage license Dec 1896. Intended was Ethel EDGAR of Wise twp.

BURNS, Almon. Age 28, marriage license Mar 1900. Intended was Adaline NEWCOMB of Denver twp.

BURNS, James. Age 37, marriage license Mar 1895. Intended was Alice SHULBY of Coldwater twp.

BURNS, James S. Age 27, marriage license Sept 1897. Intended was Rosalie CARNEY of Loomis twp.

BURNS, Jeanie. Age 16, married 6 Aug 1893 to Simon PHILLIPS.

BURNS, John. Age 23, marriage license Nov 1888. Intended was Anna E. McKINLEY of Loomis twp.

BURNS, Katie. Age 23, marriage license Oct 1896. Intended was Lewis EBBERHART of Vernon twp.

BURNS, Rose. Age 18, married 25 Oct 1897 to Bert O. ISBELL of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BURNSIDE, Cora. Age 20, married 7 Sept 1889 in Dushville twp. to John RICHARDSON of Fremont twp.

BURNSIDE, Rosa E. Age 17, marriage license July 1889. Intended was John L. PRIEST of Dushville twp.

BURR, George. Age 24, married Dec 1900 in Calkinsville twp. to Allen FRAZER of Isabella twp.
(copied just as found in the book)

BURR, Zerah. Age 53, married 13 Nov 1888 in Lincoln twp. to Mrs. Helen J. LANEY of Dexter, MI.

BURRISON, Mabel. Age 17, marriage license Dec 1898. Intended was Horace WARNER of Weidman, MI

BURT, Clark. Married 24 July 1895 to Edith GATES of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BURT, Emma. Age 23, marriage license May 1897. Intended was Fred PHILLIPS of Alma, MI.

BURT, Kittie. Age 23, married 25 Oct 1891 to Simon PATRICK of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BURT, William. Married 11 Oct 1889 to Mrs. Christe WOOD of Clare, MI.

BURTON, Charles. Age 45, marriage license July 1899. Intended was Maggie ROSE of Isabella twp.

BURTON, Daniel. Age 21, marriage license July 1891. Intended was Lena RIEGLE of Clare Co., MI.

BUSBEY, Louisa. Age 16, marriage license Nov 1894. Intended was Albert MITCHELL of Vernon twp.

BUSH, Della. Age 19, marriage license Aug 1892. Intended was Chas. W. REEN of Nottawa twp.

BUSH, Fred. Married 29 Dec 1880 in Union twp. to Zylphia STILLWELL.

BUSH, Homer W. Age 20, marriage license Sept 1899. Intended was Lizzie ROSEBUSH of Detroit.

BUSH, John. Married 1 May 1886 to Mary HODGINS of Clare, MI.

BUSH, Kate. Age 32, marriage license May 1890. Intended was Thomas BOGAN of Vernon twp.

BUSH, Lena. Age 22, married 19 Oct 1892 to David ROBERT of Leaton, MI.

BUSH, Silas. Age 55, marriage license Feb 1896. Intended was Olive SIDLEY of Ionia Co., MI.

BUSH, Winnie. Age 44, marriage license Mar 1895. Intended was John H. DENTON of Midland Co, MI

BUSHAW, Mrs. Mary. Age 20, marriage license June 1889. Intended was Eugene SECOR of
Deerfield twp.

BUSHEY, Gilbert. Age 23, marriage license Jun/July 1896. Intended was Laura HORNING of Vernon twp

BUSHEY, John. Age 29, marriage license Apr 1895. Intended was Effie NIX of Isabella twp.

BUSS, James A. Married Sept 1885 in Harrison twp. to Emma THOMAS.

BUTAH, Edward. Age 29, marriage license Nov 1900. Intended was Alice SWINDLEHURST of
Isabella twp.

BUTAH, Lottie. Age 26, married 20 Jan 1900 to Albert B. ASHLEY of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BUTCHER, George. Married 31 Dec 1896 to Nellie LOOMIS.

BUTCHER, James I. Age 26, married 27 June 1900 to Mary A. CASSADY of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BUTCHER, John T. Age 23, married 29 Dec 1892 to Clara Belle HUNTER of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BUTLER, Abb. Age 21, marriage license Oct 1894. Intended was Sarah E. FOUST of Union twp.

BUTLER, Carrie B. Age 19, married 1 Jan 1896 to William T. GARDNER of Vernon twp.

BUTLER, Frank S. Age 27, marriage license Mar 1893. Intended was Allie SHELDON of Mt. Pleasant.

BUTLER, Mrs. Maggie. Age 32, married 11 Apr 1893 to William E. VanHORN of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BUTLER, Manley. Age 20, marriage license Aug 1898. Intended was Ella GRANT of Union twp.

BUTTE, Walter A. Age 23, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Adda C. MOREY of Brinton twp.

BUTTLES, Etta. Married 14 Feb 1882 in Pine Valley twp. to Edward WILLIS of Canada.

BUTTON, Emily. Age 18, marraige license Dec 1894. Intended was Bert BALLARD of Nottawa twp.

BUTTS, Minard. Age 27, married 27 June 1900 in Lansing, Ingham Co., MI to Catherine MULCAHY
of Mt. Pleasant twp.

BYROADS, Ray. Age 22, marriage license Feb 1899. Intended was Violet WELLMAN of Gilmore twp.

BYRON, James. Age 45, marriage license Aug 1889. Intended was Elenora LAROQUE of
Oswego, NY.


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