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(Note from Eunice WAY: "This compilation was done to assist beginning genealogists in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area in completing their pedigree charts and family group sheets. The" Isabella County Enterprise" was a weekly publication. Sometimes it was difficult to know the month in which the event occurred. Users are encouraged to check both names given in the reference as some information, such as residence, appears only in one listing."

(NOTE - all marriages, marriage licenses and places of residence took place
in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan unless otherwise noted)


BABCOCK, Jessie. Married 29 Nov. 1897 to William FULTON of Laingsburg, MI.

BABCOCK, Jessie. Age 17, marriage license Dec 1897. Intended was William FAULKNOR of Laingsburg, MI

BABCOCK, John C. Age 43, marriage license Jan 1890. Intended was Mrs. Pluma E. RITER of Blanchard, MI

BACHELDER, Dollie May. Age 18, married 14 June 1891 in Deerfield twp. to Willaim W. RARDEN of Deerfield twp.

BACHELDER, Floyd. Married Sept 1878 in Fremont twp. to Hattie DUSH.

BACHELDER, Newton P. Age 23, marriage license Feb 1899. Intended was Eva D. RUFFNER of Weidman, MI.

BACON, Martha P. Married 1851 to Frank S. ROBINSON.

BACON, Mary. Age 29, marriage license Oct 1896. Intended was Royal H. LANDON of Isabella twp.

BACON, Nelie. Married 26 Jan 1883 in Fremont twp. to Estie HAPNER of Lincoln twp.

BADER, Elizabeth. Age 22, marriage license Apr. 1893. Intended was Peter SHOEMAKER of Denver twp.

BADGLEY, Annie. Age 18, marriage license Dec. 1891. Intended was William VanDELINDER.

BADGLEY, Frank. Age 21, marriage license Mar. 1892. Intended was Phoebe GOODENOW of Clare, MI.

BADGLEY, George. Age 67, marriage license Dec/Jan 1901. Intended was Margaret COGAN of Winn.

BADGLEY, Nancy. Age 27, married 8 Apr. 1891 to Orlean PHILLIPS of Wise twp.

BAER, Aaron. Age 25, marriage license May/June 1897. Intended was Lizzie MASTERS of Dushville, MI.

BAHR, Emma. Age 18, marriage license Dec. 1898. Intended was Ora SINCLAIR of Deerfield twp.

BAILEY, Claud. Age 20, marriage license July 1900. Intended was Anna DUNLOP of Mecosta Co., MI.

BAILEY, Clifford. Age 27, marriage license Mar. 1893. Intended was Mamie ROE of Fremont twp.

BAILEY, Don D. Age 21, marriage license Feb. 1889. Intended was Alice HEWLETT of Remus, MI.

BAILEY, Effie. Age 18, marriage license Jan. 1894. Intended was Alonzo HANN of Lincoln twp.

BAILEY, Ethel. Age 18, marriage license July 1891. Intended was Squire WESSELS of Shepherd, MI.

BAILEY, Louisa Jane. Age 18, marriage license Sept. 1892. Intended was Bertie HAGERMAN of Gratiot Co., MI.

BAILEY, Maud. Age 17, marriage license Mar. 1896. Intended was Alonzo HANN of Lincoln twp.

BAILEY, Myrtie. Age 19, married 17 Mar. 1894 in Isabella Co. to James GUTHRIE of Lincoln twp.

BAKER, Miss. Married Mar/Apr. 1886 in Deerfield Center, to James A. JOHNSON.

BAKER, Almon J. Age 24, marriage license Sept. 1888. Intended was Emma JOHNSON of Blanchard, MI.

BAKER, Anna. Age 18, married 22 Dec. 1900 to Rudolph BURKHOLDER of Union twp.

BAKER, Charles A. Age 22, marriage license Nov. 1897. Intended was Lottie NICHOLAS of Coldwater twp.

BAKER, Charles E. Age 27, marriage license May 1889. Intended was Nora VRANKLIN of Shepherd, MI.

BAKER, George. Married 9 Mar. 1878 in Isabella Co. to Lydia GEARHART of Fremont, MI.

BAKER, Grace. Age 16, married 26 July 1892 to Alvin S. CLOSON of Isabella twp.

BAKER, Grace. Age 17, marriage license Feb/Mar 1894. Intended was Edward SHELDON of Gilmore twp.

BAKER, Gus. Age 30, married Jan. 1894 to Flora TOLAND of Clare Co., MI.

BAKER, Mrs. Hannah. Age 37, marriage license July 1893. Intended was John ONSTOTT of Mt. Pleasant.

BAKER, Jay. Age 24, marriage license Nov. 1896. Intended was Nellie MOORE of Rolland twp.

BAKER, Jennie Irene. Age 20, married Jan. 1894 in Shepherd to John C. WARNER of Mt. Pleasant.

BAKER, Maude. Age 17, married 17 Apr. 1897 to Langdon B. CAHOON of Union twp.

BAKER, Norman I. Age 21, marriage license Aug. 1896. Intended was Lydia BOWERMAN of Mt. Pleasant.

BAKER, Robert. Married 29 June 1884 to Mary CLETT of Canada.

BAKER, Sadie. Age 21, marriage license June 1890. Intended was John W. LOWE of Dushville, MI.

BALEY, Mrs. Charlotte E. Married 21 May 1883 to Recellous D. ELLSWORTH.

BALL, Clarence. Age 20, marriage license Nov. 1896. Intended was Anna RICHTER of Midland Co., MI.

BALL, Jesse M. Age 31, marriage license Apr. 1896. Intended was Annie Bertha SCHOOLEY of Mt. Pleasant.

BALL, Rose. Age 18, marriage license Aug. 1892. Intended was Amos PACKER of Rolland twp.

BALL, Rose. Age 18, marrige license Aug 1892. Intended was Gilbert JONES of Union twp.

BALL, Synthia. Age 16, marriage license Mar. 1888. Intended was Josiah SHUPE of Coldwater twp.

BALLARD, Mr. Married 21 Feb. 1882 to Jesse WOOD of Lansing, MI.

BALLARD, Bert. Age 20, marriage license Dec. 1894. Intended was Emily BUTTON of Deerfield twp.

BALLARD, Liddie L. Age 17, marriage license Aug. 1895. Intended was Benjamine E. CRAWLEY of Mt. Pleasant.

BALLARD, Mrs. Rose L. Married 8 Dec. 1894 to Henrey O. WHALEN of Deerfield twp.

BALLINGER, Frank H. Married 17 June 1896 in MI. to May BICKNELL of
Clare, MI.

BALMER, Sara Marguerite. Age 24, married 1 Jan. 1890 to Arwin Everett GORHAM of Mt. Pleasant. (note: her father was R. D. BALMER)

BAMBOROUGH, Mason. Married 26 Nov. 1896 in Chicago, IL to Leila LOWER
of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

BAMBOROUGH, Thomas. Married 18 Dec. 1897 in Ironton, MI to Amy

PRITCHARD of Ironton, MI.

BANCROFT, Olive. Age 18, marriage license Feb. 1894. Intended was Jay STRUBLE of Shepherd, MI.

BANNISTER, Annie. Age 16, marriage license Feb/Mar 1898. Intended was George HESS of Rolland twp.

BARAGAR, Rachel. Age 19, married Apr. 1894 in Coleman, MI to Enoch A. FISH of Denver twp.

BARBER, Addie. Age 20, marriage license Feb/Mar 1898. Intended was Newel HOTCHKISS of Blanchard, MI.

BARBER, Blanche E. Age 21, married 1 Sept. 1897 to James S. BROWN of Mt. Pleasant.

BARBER, Wallace. Age 30, marriage license Nov. 1891. Intended was Mrs. Alice BEAIR of Sherman twp.

BARBOR, Bessie. Married 15 Sept. 1890 in Coldwater twp to John N. FOSTER.

BARCEY, Frank. Married 1 Mar 1884 in Farwell, Clare Co., MI to Lena SESSIONS
of Farwell, MI.

BARCUME, Alonzo. Age 25, marriage license Nov. 1891. Intended was Margaret M. DULSE of Coe twp.

BARDON, Arthur H. Age 25, marriage license Nov. 1900. Intended was Mary Pearl McNUTT of Winn, MI.

BARKER, Carrie C. Married 23 May 1883 to H. J. TUGER of St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI.

BARKER, Esther M. Age 16, marriage license July 1892. Intended was Zephaniah F. PHENIX of Coldwater,

BARKER, Orpha. Age 23, marriage license Feb. 1888. Intended was G. M. GOULD of Coe twp.

BARKER, Tom. Age 28, marriage license Aug 1899. Intended was Libbie MOORE of Isabella Co.

BARKLEY, Andrew. Age 32, marriage license Jan. 1897. Intended was Jennie LIVINGSTON of Isabella twp.

BARNARD, Clara D. Age 18, marriage license Oct 1895. Intended was Edmund L. ASHWORTH of Shepherd, MI.

BARNARD, Melinda E. Age 25, marriage license Dec. 1889. Intended was Willard B. DARROW of Lewiston, Montana.

BARNES, Ed. W. Married Aug. 1889 in Duluth, MN to Mattie NEWTON.

BARNES, Emma. Age 35, married 31 Dec. 1891 in Shepherd, MI to Charles H.
WOOD of Alma, MI.

BARNES, Frank A. Age 23, marriage license Apr/May 1895. Intended was Adah A. CLICKNER of Coe twp.

BARNES, Ida May. Age 24, married 29 Nov. 1887 to Chas. M. THOMAS of Mt. Pleasant.

BARNES, Mrs. Loula. Married 4 Feb 1885 in Clare Co., MI to Amos BROUGHTON.

BARNHART, Herschal. Married 25 July 1878 in Vernon twp. to, Miss POTTER of Vernon twp.

BARNUM, Mrs. Estella. Age 24, married 9 Mar. 1891 to Luther McFALL. (note says they will reside in Ohio).

BARRETT, Ola Viola. Marriage license July 1900. Intended was Archie C. JOHNSON of Coldwater twp.

BARRETT, Lewis J. Age 22, marriage license May/June 1893. Intended was Myreda C. HARRISON of Leaton, MI.

BARRETTE, Bessie. Age 17, marriage license Dec. 1896. Intended was John W. ROSEBUSH of Coleman, MI.

BARRY, Clara. Married Nov. 1879 in MI. to John AYLING of Lincoln twp.

BARRY, John P. Age 54, married 26 Oct 1897 to Esther A. DUNLOP of Wise twp.

BARTLETT, Edna. Age 18, married 18 Nov. 1896 to Charles WHITNEY of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

BARTLETT, George. Age 21, married 1 July 1895 to Pauline GROSS of Beal City, MI.

BARTON, Huldah. Age 20, marriage license Den/Jan 1891. Intended was Alfred ORNEY of Shepherd, MI.

BARZ, William. Age 26, married 15 Nov. 1892 to Rose THERING of Isabella twp.

BASH, Thoams. Age 22, marriage license Oct. 1900. Intended was Francis L. DAVIS of Pleasant Valley, MI.

BASKEFIELD, R. A. Married 6 July 1884 in Coleman, Midland Co., MI to
Miss. SAXTON of Gladwin, MI.

BASKIN, Esther. Married 15 Mar 1885 in Midland Co., MI to Leander STARKS.

BATES, Florence. Age 19, marriage license Nov. 1898.. Intended was Eli WAGERMAN of Coldwater twp.

BATCHELDER, Elsie. Age 17, marriage license Dec. 1893 . Intended was Homer E. GEARHART of Fremont twp.

BATCHELDER, Minard. Age 26, married 30 June 1895 to Bertha HILLYARD of Fremont, MI.

BATCHELDER, Orel. Age 21, marriage license Feb. 1899. Intended was Melvin RUTHRUFF of Rolland t wp.

BATES, Viola. Married 18 Nov. 1895 to Hugh EVINS of Bundy, MI.

BATEY, R. Bruce. Married 18 Sept. 1898 in Wooley, WA to Mille WALKER.

BATTIN, Clark. Marriage license Nov. 1897. Intended was Eva NICHOLS of Mecosta Co., MI.

BATTIN, James M. Age 37, marrige license Oct. 1895. Intended was Mary L. RAIERDON of Mt. Pleasant.

BATTLE, Anna. Age 18, marriage license Oct 1894 . Intended was Jos. McCONNELL of Vernon twp.

BATTLE, Frank. Age 25, marriage license Oct. 1895. Intended was Ola CONRAD of Vernon twp.

BATTLE, Frank. Age 29, marriage license Nov. 1895. Intended was Bessie McCONNELL of Vernon twp.

BATTLE, Kate. Married 3 July 1883 to William DWYER of Clare, MI.

BATTLE, Lizzie. Age 22, marriage license Apr. 1898. Intended was Henry HOFFMAN of Gratiot Co., MI.

BATTLE, Lulu. Age 17, marriage license Sept. 1891. Intended was Patrick KENNEY of Lincoln twp.

BATTLE, Mrs. Nancy. Married Apr. 1883 in Vernon twp. to Mr. LINNOOT.

BATTLES, Kate. Age 24, married 30 Apr. 1889 to Daniel WALKER of Vermont twp.

BAUDER, Erwin. Age 28, marriage license Aug. 1896. Intended was Mary HORNING of Vernon twp.

BAWKY, James C. Age 26, marriage license July 1897. Intended was Adalaide YOEUMANS of Gilmore twp.

BAWKEY, Lydia. Age 20, marriage license Aug. 1897. Intended was John W. WINTER of Gilmore twp.

BAYER, Lewis. Married 4 July 1893 to Cora DELLING of Gratiot Co., MI.

BAYLIS, Geo. M. AGe 32, married 15 Nov. 1899 to Mae WHEELER of Marion, MI.

BEACH, John. Age 25, marriage license Dec. 1890. Intended was Retta HILL of Mt. Pleasant.

BEACH, Mary C. Age 16, marriage license Jan. 1891. Intended was William McBRIDE of Union twp.

BEADGSLEY, Isaiah. Age 51, married July 1900 to Anna E. LANE of Midland, MI.

BEAIR, Mrs. Alice. Age 34, marriage license Nov. 1891. Intended was Wallace BARBER of Sherman twp.

BEAL, Eddie. Age 21, marrige license Oct/Nov. 1897. Intended was Edna BROWN of Brinton, MI.

BEARD, Lillie E. Age 19, marrige license Jan. 1895. Intended was William McINTYRE of Rolland twp.

BEARDSLEY, Zylpha. Age 33, marriage license Apr. 1894. Intended was Isaac N. HIGGINS.

BEATTIE, Lena. Married 21 Dec. 1884 in Midland Co., MI to Durenca SHELTON.

BEAUMONT, Rebecca. Age 18, marriage license June 1890. Intended was John DOUGHERTY of Fremont,

BECHTEL, John W. Married 25 Feb. 1858 to Mrs. Allen DOUGLAS BECHTEL.

BECHTEL, Mary Ella. Age 33, married 14 Feb. 1893 to Watts A. CHATTERTON of Mt. Pleasant.

BECK, Abbie Ann. Age 17, marriage license Oct. 1891. Intended was Benj. HOLCOMB of Spring Lake, MI.

BECK, Carl. Age 25, married 25 Dec. 1890 to Nancy HOLLIBAUGH of Mt. Pleasant.

BECK, Catharine. Age 40, married 21 Apr. 1888 to Thomas CONLEY of Coldwater twp.

BECKER, Anna. Age 24, marriage license Oct/Nov. 1888. Intended was John WHITE of Mt. Pleasant.

BECKLEY, Albert. Married 17 Apr. 1878 in Dushville, MI to Florence STANLEY.

BECKMAN, Frank A. Age 21, married 25 Aug. 1892 to Isabella CASNER of Wood Co., OH.

BECKWITH, Eva. Age 24, married 6 June 1896 to Frank PROPER of Chippewa twp.

BELL, William J. Age 21, marriage license Aug/Sept 1898. Intended was Della M. SNYDER of Weidman,

BELLIARD, (Bilyea) James. Age 24, married 7 Sept. 1891 to Pearl HARPER of Brinton, MI.

BELLINGER, Adelbert. Age 28, married 5 Oct. 1892 to Nellie GILBERT of Vernon twp.

BELLINGER, Adelbert. Age 22, marriage license Oct. 1895. Intended was Ida PIERCE of Rolland twp.

BELLINGER, Amy A. Age 22, marriage license Dec. 1889. Intended was Edward L. GERARD of Mt. Pleasant.

BELLINGER, Cora. Age 18, married 17 Mar 1892 in Lincoln twp. to Warner S. COLE of Lincoln twp.

BELLINGER, Edna. Age 23, married 21 Nov. 1900 to Ellery P. HUTCHINSON of Grand Rapids, MI. (note: father was Edward Bellinger).

BELLINGER, Edward. Age 43, married 29 Dec 1887 to Olivia DAVIS of Dushville, MI.

BELLINGER, Fred. Married 21 June 1893 in Lincoln twp. to Ruth MERRITT.

BELLINGER, Henry. Age 28, marrige license Mar. 1888. Intended was Augusta MOODY of Fremont twp.

BELLINGER, John. Married May 1885 in Gladwin, MI to Mrs. N. ROSSEAU.

BELLINGER, Lillian. Age 17, married 28 June 1891 to Earnest DeHART of Lincoln twp.

BELLINGER, Nathan. Age 25, marriage license Dec. 1895. Intended was Bertha Alice SICKLES of Fremont twp.

BELLINGER, Phineas. Age 33, marrige license Aug. 1899. Intended was Lenora ROSEBERRY of Deerfield, MI.

BELLINGER, Scott. Age 23, married 24 Dec. 1898 to Etta CARR of Sherman twp.

BELLIS, Alta. Age 16, marriage license Dec. 1899. Intended was Glen SMITH of Sherman twp.

BELLIS, Henry J. Age 21, married 22 July 1899 to Martha CARR of Sherman twp.

BELLIS, Ida R. Age 19, marriage license May 1899. Intended was Albert H. HUNT of Winn, MI.

BELLIS, James S. Age 24, married 5 Oct 1898 to Mary A. HICKS of Mt. Pleasant.

BELLOWS, Bertha A. Age 23, marriage license Dec. 1899. Intended was George E. BROOKS of Sherman twp.

BELLOWS, Julia E. Age 24, married 2 Apr. 1897 in Coleman, MI to Harry STEVENS, of Wise twp.

BEMROSE, Mabel. Age 20, married 6 July 1900 (note: the book does not say who she married, but gives her father as Samuel BEMROSE and twin brother as William BEMROSE).

BEMROSE, Margaret. Age 18, married 17 Apr. 1894 to Henry L. MANAUSAU of Union twp.

BEMROSE, Samuel. Married 13 Mar. 1894 to Anna FOX.

BENCE, Francis M. Age 22, married 3 July 1889 to Lillian J. FREIDENBURG of Mt. Pleasant.

BENCE, Francis M. Age 24, marriage license Dec. 1891. Intended was Lanna M. HUNTINGTON of Detroit,

BENJAMIN, Nellie Roby. Age 18, married 24 Feb. 1900 to M. F. BOWERS of Mt. Pleasant.

BENN, Frank. Age 21, marriage license Aug. 1888. Intended was Eva V. ROBINSON of Isabella Co.

BENNETT, A.W. Married 25 May 1881 to Susie ATKINS.

BENNETT, Blanche L. Age 18, marriage license Dec. 1888. Intended was Ansel L. MOODY of Rolland twp.

BENNETT, Clarence. Age 28, marriage license Nov. 1899. Intended was Nellie VREDENBURG of Shepherd, MI.

BENNETT, Cora. Age 17, married Sept 1899 to William PITMORE of CO. (note: her parents were Wm. & Emma BENNETT).

BENNETT, David. Age 25, marriage license June 1892. Intended was Betsey SMITH of Isabella Co.

BENNETT, Emerson E. Marriage license Nov/Dec 1897. Intended was Em,ma J. ROCKWELL of Mt. Pleasant.

BENNETT, Mrs. Emma A. Married 11 Jan 1899 in Midland, MI to Edgar J. EVANS.

BENNETT, James. Age 25, marriage license Aug. 1889 in Gratiot Co., MI. Intended was Hattie HILL of Mt. Pleasant.

BENNETT, Mary A. Age 45, marriage license Feb. 1894. Intended was Cornelius McCARTY.

BENNETT, Phydelious. Married 21 Apr. 1875 in Sherman twp. to Jane N. BROTHER.

BENNETT, Shered. Age 20, married 3 Juily 1893 to Millie LEACH of Broomfield twp.

BENT, Agnes A. Age 18, marriage license Sept. 1894. Intended was Free L. FOUTS of Shepherd, MI.

BENTLER, John. Married 5 May 1886 in Sherman twp. to Eliza BROOKS.

BENTLER, John. Married 7 Aug. 1892 to Sarah MULL of Sherman twp.

BENTLEY, Briggs. Age 22, marriage license Feb. 1894. Intended was Mary W. DOUGLAS of Brinton, MI.

BENTLEY, Caleb. Married 5 Oct. 1881 to Sarah E.CRUM.

BENTLEY, Minnie. Age 17, marriage license Dec 1897. Intended was Luther McQUEEN of Lincoln twp.

BERRY, Isaac, Jr. Age 28, marriage license Nov. 1890. Intended was Gertrude I. HART of Coldwater twp.

BERRY, Leland. Age 18, marriage license Apr. 1899. Intended was Charles A. COMES of Blanchard, MI

BERRY, Minnie. Age 25, marriage license May 1895. Intended was Josiah SAUNDERS of Branch Co., MI.

BERRYHILL, William E. Age 20, marriage license Jan. 1890. Intended was Maudie M. FIFIELD of Fremont twp.

BERRYO, Nina Maud. Age 19, married 11 July 1895 to Jno. C. SEARLS of Union twp.

BERTRAM, Matilda. Age 26, marriage license Apr. 1899.. Intended was Joseph POHL of Nottawa twp.

BESS, Arthur. Age 30, married 31 Dec. 1891 in Shepherd, MI to Mary HAWLEY
of Shepherd, MI.

BEUTEA, Bertha. Married Dec. 1900 in Cleveland, OH to A. P. NEFF of Mt.
Pleasant, MI.

BEUTLER, John. Age 69, marriage license Aug. 1892. Intended was Mrs. Sarah MULL of Deerfield twp.

BEYARGEON, Casamire. Age 67, marriage license Feb. 1898. Intended was Caroline ARCHAMBOLT of Vernon twp.

BEYER, Myrtle M. Age 18, married 17 Nov. 1899 in Isabella Co. to Floyd McCLENATHAN of Weidman

BICKNELL, May. Married 17 June 1896 in MI to Frank H. BALLINGER.

BIDWELL, Goerge W. Age 58, marriage license Nov/Dec 1891. Intended was Lucy A. TUTTLE of Coe twp.

BIERSCHBACH, Regine. Age 21, marriage license Apr. 1891. Intended was Audlin WRIGHT of Union twp.

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