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(Note from Eunice WAY: "This compilation was done to assist beginning genealogists in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area in completing their pedigree charts and family group sheets. The" Isabella County Enterprise" was a weekly publication. Sometimes it was difficult to know the month in which the event occurred. Users are encouraged to check both names given in the reference as some information, such as residence, appears only in one listing."

(NOTE - all marriages, marriage licenses and places of residence took place
in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan unless otherwise noted)


ABBOTT, George. Married 3 Sept. 1884, to Allie GOODSELL of Alma, formely of Mt. Pleasant twp.

ABBOTT, John H. Age 52, married 22 Feb 1892 in to Mrs. Emily CHANCELOR of Wise twp.

ABBOTT, Marilla J. Married 22 Feb 1877 in Coe twp., to Wilber E. PRESTON (note, Marrilla
    was the daughter of H. ABBOTT

ACKERMAN, Altie. Married 24 June 1894 in Isabella Co., MI to Allie GROVE.

ACKERMAN, George. Age 31, marriage license May 1892 - intended was Katie RUSS of Clare, MI

ACKERMAN, Isaac. Age 26, married 7 April 1895 in to Ina ORKETT, of Paris, Mecosta Co., MI.

ACKERMAN, Jennie. Age 19, marriage license in Sept. 1892 Intended was Henry EGLESTON of
    Deerfield twp.

ACKERMAN, Joseph. Age 27, marriage license in May 1892. Intended was Minnie PALMER of
    Isabella twp.

ACKERMAN, Kizzie. Age 24, marriage license in July 1890 . Intended was Elmer HURSH .

ACKERMAN, Lizzie. Married in July 1890 in South Deerfield to Robert HURSH of Mt. Pleasant,
    She was the daughter of Jacob ACKERMAN.

ACKERMAN, Luetta Pearl. Age 16, marriage license in Nov/Dec 1898. Intended was Addison HULSE.

ACKERMAN, Mary R. Age 21, married 1 Jan. 1895 in Shepherd William ARMSTRONG of Chippewa twp.

ACKLEY, Linnie. Age 19, marriage license Oct 1899 Intended was Charles SILVERTHORN of Ludington, MI.

ADAMS, Allie. Age 20, married 14 Sept. 1891 to Baya KNOT of Saginaw, MI.

ADAMS, Mrs. Allie. Age 26, marriage license Dec. 1900.Intended was William McKNIGHT of
    Calkinsville twp.

ADAMS, Angie. Married 10 Nov. 1881 in Isabella Co., MI to Pete SCHAFER.

ADAMS, Bert M. Age 25, marriage license Jan. 1899. Intended was Clara A. RICHARDSON of
    Lincoln twp.

ADAMS, Charles B. Age 21, marriage license July 1889. Intended wasMabel A. VANETTE of Vernon twp., .

ADAMS, Edgar J. Married 15 Mar 1888 to Alta M. HOOP of Alma, MI

ADAMS, Edith. Age 17, marriage license in Dec. 1888. Intended was Isaac STOUT of Blanchard, MI.

ADAMS, Elnora. Age 33, marriage license Aug. 1898 Intended was Willis C. DUNLOP of Vernon twp.

ADAMS, Frank W. Age 26, marriage license Oct 1897. Intended was Louisa MEIRNDORF of Webberville, MI.

ADAMS, George. Married 1 Mar. 1898 in Kilbourn City, WI to Edith J. FOX of
    Mt. Pleasant, MI.

ADAMS, Gideon. Age 41, married 26 Sept. 1891 to Mrs. Annie WEBB of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

ADAMS, James Franklin. Married 20 June 1900 in Chicago, IL to Mae McCLANE.

ADAMS, Jane. Age 18, marriage license July 1889 Intended was Thos. HART of Saginaw Co., MI.

ADAMS, Mrs. Sarah E. Married 9 June 1887 to Joseph HAWLEY of Waterloo, Jackson Co., MI.

ADAMS, Thomas E. Age 28, marriage license Oct. 1889. Intended was Nellie M. WALLACE of Isabella twp..

ADAMS, William. Age 26, marriage license Apr. 1889.Intended was Lizzie CARRIER of Vernon twp.,

ADGATE, Perry T. Age 21, married 29 Nov. 1888 to JessieWHITMAN of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

AGLE, Daisy. Age 16, marriage license Mar. 1894. Intended was Harvey WILMARTH of Gilmore twp.,

AGLE, David H. Age 19, marriage license Dec. 1894. Intendedwas Maud WIGGINS of Gilmore twp.

AHRENS, Frederick W. Age 28, marriage license June/July 1889 Intended was Hattie Z. COOK.

AHRENS, Herman. Age 28, married 4 Sept. 1899 to Alvina HOFERT of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

ALBERT, Alexander. Age 63, marriage license Nov. 1892. Intended was Mrs. Mary Ellen AMSLEY of Coldwater     twp.

ALCANIZER, Conner. Age 28, married 25 Dec. 1893 to Phoebe HALL of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

ALDEN, Alma. Married 11 Nov. 1894 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. to Harris OLIVER.

ALDEN, Sarah L. Age 28, marriage license May 1888. Intended was Benjamen F. KRAMER of
    Vernon twp.

ALDER, Mrs. Mary. Married 4 Oct. 1881 to John R. WILKINS.

ALDERMAN, Edward. Age 21, married 23 Aug. 1891 to Ella DURIN of Clare, MI

ALDERMAN, Frank. Married 25 Dec. 1885 in MI to Thos. ERVIN of VanDecar, Isabella Co., MI

ALDRICH, Frank. Age 23, marriage license Mar. 1894. Intended was Hattie GIFFORD of
    Bloomfield twp.

ALDRICH, W. Married Nov. 1885 in Midland Co., MI to Harriet WOOD.

ALEXANDER, Alice C. Age 17, married Aug. 1888 in Coldwater twp. Jacob ROUNDTREE of Coldwater twp.,     Isabella Co., MI.

ALGER, Alvin. Age 29, marriage license Aug. 1896. Intende was Jessie WOODEN of Lincoln, twp.

ALGER, Orville J. Age 32, marriage license Sept. 1899. Intended was Alice Ada GAGE of Fremont twp.

ALBEAR, Catharine M. Age 20, marriage license Sept. 1889. Intended was Royden C. ROGERS of Sherman City

ALLDER, Emma L. Age 18, marriage license July 1895. Intended was William H. DAVIS of Clare Co., MI.

ALLEMAN, Henry J. Age 28, marriage license Dec. 1888. Intended was Hattie May JASON of Coe twp.,

ALLEN, Addie. Age 19, marriage license Feb. 1895. Intended was John C. SWICKS of Chippewa twp.,

ALLEN, Adelia. Age 21, marriage license June/July 1891. Intended was Chas. A. COON of Coe twp.

ALLEN, Avery. Age 22, married 17 Aug. 1889 in Brinton, MI to Sophronia BRADLEY
    of Lincoln twp.

ALLEN, Benj. Age 28, marriage license Oct. 1898. Intended was Mary Elma COURSER of Fremont twp

ALLEN, Cecil. Age 21, married 25 Jan. 1892 to Carrie WHITE of Coldwater twp.

ALLEN, Charles F. Age 26, married July 1895 in MI. to Annie J. WELCH of Union twp.

ALLEN, Claud W. Age 23, marriage license Sept. 1889. Intended was Addie a. TOMBS of Coldwater twp

ALLEN, Edgar. Married Nov. 1892 in Isabella Co., MI to L.E. McINTOSH
    of Coleman, MI.

ALLEN, E. Estelle. Married 10 July 1890 to James R. McGURK.

ALLEN, George H. Age 42, marriage license Jan. 1898. Intended was Maggie ANDERSON of Brinton, MI.

ALLEN, Hattie May. Age 16, marriage license May 1898. Intended was Wm. H. WAGER of Beaverton, MI.

ALLEN, Henry E. Age 28, marriage license Sept/Oct 1889. Intended was Rebecca E. DIBBLE of Union twp.

ALLEN, James P. Age 25, married 18 June 1900 in Whiteville, MI to Ida E. REID
    of Isabella twp., Isabella Co., MI.

ALLEN, John G. Age 21, marriage license May 1890. Intended was Marion A. WOOD of Rolland twp.,

ALLEN, Josiah. Age 23, marriage license Oct 1892. Intended was Jennie PECK, of Deerfield, MI.

ALLEN, Lillian A. Age 18, marriage license Nov. 1895. Intended was Edwin F. PACKER of Coe twp

ALLEN, Lulu. Age 18, marriage license Oct 1893. Intended was Edwin REYNOLDS of Brinton, MI.

ALLEN, Nettie B. Age 18, marriage license Aug 1897. Intended was Lewis LITTLE of Chippewa twp.

ALLEN, Minnie. Age 18, married 14 Nov. 1900 in Vernon twp. to Jacob F. SEITER of Vernon twp.

ALLEN, Rosa. Age 18, married 31 July 1899 to Elias WONSEY of Lincoln twp.

ALLEN, Tessa. Age 20, marriage license Nov. 1897.Intended.was Thomas COPPING of Charlevoix, MI.

ALLEN, Vernon. Age 23, marriage license July 1896. Intended was Lavina WALTON of Coe twp.

ALLEN, William F. Age 34, marriage license Feb. 1897. Intended was Flora E. JASON, of Coe twp.

ALLEN, William J. Age 22, marriage license May 1895. Intended was Clara WING of Chippewa twp.

ALLEN, William M. Age 28, marriage license 1891. Intended was Bessie CAMPBELL of Lincoln twp.

ALLENBAUGH, Amanda. Married 30 May 1899 in South Bend, IN. to Charles
    S. MOORE of Bay City, MI.

ALLENBAUGH, Andrew J. Age 21, marriage license Dec 1889. Intended was Carrie F. COON, of Mt. Pleasant,     MI.

ALLENBAUGH, Eli S. Age 26, married 3 May 1892 to Nettie MOORE of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

ALLENBAUGH, Powers G. Age 28, married 25 Dec 1888 to Nettie LOOMIS of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

ALLENBAUGH, Schuyler. Married 6 Mar. 1883 in Leaton to Alice RUMMER of Leaton, MI.

ALLENBAUGH, W. W. Married 3 May 1892 in Kingsley, MI to Salome KEEFER.

ALEXANDER, Jackson. Age 65, marriage license Dec. 1893. Intended was Mrs. M. PUFFINBACH of Coldwater     twp.

ALEXANDER, Mrs. Louisa. Age 53, married Mar. 1893 in Isabella Co., MI to Lester H.
    VanKAUGHNETT (second husband - 1st was Jackson ALEXANDER - divorced).

ALGUIRE, Nora D. Married 21 Sept. 1894 in Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI to F. C. WESSELS.

ALLISON, Truman. Age 39, marriage license Apr. 1890. Intended was Frances FOLAND of Vernon twp.

ALLSPAUGH, Cora. Married 15 May 1892 to Chas. E. MARTIN of Jasper twp., Midland Co., MI.

ALVERSON, Jan. Married 11 Aug 1885 in Isabella Co., MI to Allie McLAREN of Alma, Gratiot Co., MI.

AMSLEY, Mrs. Mary Ellen. Age 62, marriage license Nov. 1892. Intended was Alexander ALBERT of Coldwater twp.

ANDEE, Peter. Marriage license Apr/May 1895. Intended was Anna M. MARHAPET of Nottawa, MI.

ANDERSON, Geo. A. Age 27, marriage license Apr 1899. Intended was Elizabeth RAYMOND of Wise twp.

ANDERSON, Gilbert F. Married 12 July 1885 in Isabella Co., MI to Clara D. WARE of Andover, MI.

ANDERSON, John C. Age 49, marriage license Apr. 1895. Intended was Maggie DORNAN of Ontario, Canada.

ANDERSON, Josie. Age 19, married 16 Mar. 1895 in Denver twp. to Robert J. LONG of Denver twp

ANDERSON, Maggie. Age 30, marriage license Jan. 1898. Intended was George H. ALLEN of Brinton, MI.

ANDERSON, Maggie May. Age 17, marriage license July 1890. Intended was Edwin N. CROSS of Isabella twp.

ANDERSON, Martha E. Age 16, marriage license Nov. 1892. Intended was Joseph W. SNIDER of Wise twp

ANDERSON, Mary. Marriage license Jan. 1901 in Midland Co., MI. Intended was Arthur BOWERS of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

ANDERSON, Minnie. Age 25, married 19 Nov. 1895. to Walter WILSON of Isabella twp

ANN, Margarette. Age 21, marriage license Sept. 1888. Intended was Joseph H. CARSON of Shepherd, MI.

ANNIS, Jas. Lee. Age 30, married 19 Aug. 1893 to Mary FINNERTY of Nottawa twp.

ANSPAUGH, Gertrude. Age 18, marriage license Jan. 1898. Intended was Jacob BUHRER of Rolland twp.

ARCHAMBOLT, Caroline. Age 64, marriage license Feb. 1898. Intended was Casamire BEYARGEON of Vernon twp.

ARCHAMBOULT, William. Age 41, marriage license Aug. 1898. Intended was Martha MIMCA of Clare, MI

ARCHER, Albert J. Age 26, married 28 Aug. 1900 in Whiteville, MI to Hannah
    M. REID of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

ARCHER, William J. Age 26, married 16 Apr. 1895 near Calkinsville, Isabella Co.,
    MI to Mary L. JOHNSON of Isabella twp.

ARCHEY, Albert. Age 19, marriage license Dec. 1893 Intended was Ellen INGALLS of Sherman twp

ARCHEY, Ella. Age 16, married 2 July 1898 to Bert LOSEY of Sherman twp.

ARCHEY, Lafayette "Lefey". Age 24, married 24 Dec. 1892 to Eulla "Lalie" LOSEY of Wooden Mills, MI (Sherman twp.)

ARCHY, Lizzie. Married 4 July 1883 in Ionia, MI to James HAKES.

ARENTS, Gertie. Marriage license Oct. 1899. Intended was Joseph MARTIN of Nottawa twp.

ARMEN, John. Age 27, marriage license May/June 1898. Intended was Bessie DUNLOP of Chippewa twp

ARMSTRONG, Albert J. Married 25 Sept 1893 in Chicago, IL. to Ora M. STANFORD.

ARMSTRONG, Charles. Married 24 Oct. 1886 in Chippewa twp. to Rose SWEET of Isabella twp.

ARMSTRONG, Edna M. Age 17, marriage license May 1895. Intended was Lewis D. RICHARDSON of Union twp.

ARMSTRONG, Frank. Age 25, marriage license Nov. 1899. Intended was Marvilla A. TAGGERT of Chippewa twp.

ARMSTRONG, Grant. Age 21, marriage license Apr. 1890. Intended was Maggie LYONS of Chippewa twp.

ARMSTRONG, James. Married 24 Oct 1886 in Chippewa twp. to Carrie E. FRANCISCO of Dushville, MI.

ARMSTRONG, James. Age 31 marriage license Mar. 1897. Intended was Ellie MALONE of Isabella twp.

ARMSTRONG, Mary Ellen. Married 9 Nov. 1880 in Chippewa twp. to Geo. W. MAYBEE.

ARMSTRONG, Myrtle. Age 16, marriage license Apr. 1889. Intended was Henry A. DICKSON.

ARMSTRONG, Nora. Marriage license Aug. 1891. Intended was Lorance FERRELL of Blanchard, MI.

ARMSTRONG, William. Age 27, married 1 Jan. 1895 in Shepherd, MI to Mary R. ACKERMAN of Union twp.

ARNOLD, Dexter F. Married 10 Apr. 1885. to Clara H. DEUEL.

ARNOLD, May. Married 11 Nov. 1885 to Fred E. PRINCE (she the dau. of A.R. Arnold)

ARNOLD, Nellie. Married 24 Sept 1884 to W.W. ROLLER.

ARRAND, Mary. Age 19, married 13 Nov. 1899 to R. M. McGUIRE of Gilmore twp.

ARRAND, Thos. Age 22, marriage license Nov. 1899. Intended was Maud BURGESS of Gilmore twp.

ARRAND, Tillman. Age 24, marriage license Apr. 1896. Intended was Delia RUSSELL of Gilmore twp.

ASH, Arthur. Married 29 Nov. 1800 to Jennie CAMPBELL of Denver twp.

ASH, Edith. Age 18, marriage license Sept. 1892. Intended was William A. DAWSON of Mt. Pleasant.

ASH, Joseph. Age 29, marriage license Apr. 1900. Intended was Rose ZUCKER of Nottawa twp.

ASH, Mary. Age 24, marriage license Nov. 1899. Intended was Peter J. THEISEN of Mt. Pleasant.

ASHLEY, Albert B. Age 25, married 20 Jan. 1900 to Lottie BUTAH of Mt. Pleasant.

ASHMORE, Martha. Age 18, marriage license Nov. 1890. Intended was David MOSES of Isabella twp.

ASHWORTH, Edmund L. Age 24, marriage license Oct. 1895. Intended was Clara D. BARNARD of Shepherd, MI.

ASHWORTH, Rose H. Age 22, marriage license Jan. 1890 . Intended was Abram F. SWARTOUT of Shepherd, MI.

ATKIN, William. Married 13 Oct, 1880 in Mt. Pleasant to Alice PRESTON.

ATKINS, Susie. Married 25 May 1881 in Mt. Pleasant to A.W. BENNETT.

ATKINSON, Robert C. Age 32, marriage license Jun/July 1892. Intended was Violet A. ROBINSON of Wise twp.

ATWATER, Corles E. Age 22, marriage license Apr/May 1888. Intended was Emma J. WOOD of Gratiot Co., MI.

AUDLIN, Alberteen B. Age 24, marriage license Mar. 1888. Intended was Norton B. WHEELER of Union twp.

AUDLIN, Alvina. Married 24 Oct. 1885 in Mt. Pleasant to John WESTFALL.

AUDLIN, Hattie. Married 21 June 1898 to Samuel FULLER.

AUGAR, Vina. Married 20 Oct. 1893 in Shepherd, MI to Lewis STRUBLE of

AUSTERBERG, Harvey. Age 22, married 17 Mar. 1898 to Carrie McCLINTOCK of Union twp.

AUSTIN, Flora. Age 18, marriage license Jan. 1898. Intended was Joseph WELLHALF of Rolland twp.

AUSTIN, George. Age 36, marriage license Jan. 1898. Intended was Mary MORRIS of Lincoln twp.

AUSTIN, Lillie M. Age 17, marriage license Dec. 1895. Intended was Perry L. MICKLE of Mt.. Pleasant.

AUSTIN, Marion. Age 18, marriage license Aug. 1900. Intended was Charles GUTHRIE of Montcalm Co., MI.

AUSTIN, Phoebe A. Age 18, married 18 Oct 1889 to John M. TINNEY of Mt. Pleasant.

AU-YAU-BE, Isaac. Age 28, marriage license Mar. 1891. Intended was Nancy MOSES of Deerfield twp.

AVERILL, Chas. F. Age 28, married 20 May 1890 to Nellie E. YALE of Mt. Pleasant.

AVERILL, George. Married 25 Oct. 1887 in Isabella Co., MI. to Mary M. YALE.

AXFORD, Bert L. Age 21, married 5 May 1896 to N. Gertrue CONLOGUE of Mt. Pleasant..

AXTELL, Manly E. Age 27, married 1 Aug. 1900 to Mabel NORTHRUP of Mt. Pleasant.

AYERS, Ruth. Age 18, marriage license June 1896. Intended was Hiram LOCY.

AYLESWORTH, Geo. H. Age 20, marriage license Sept. 1888. Intended was Helen RYERSON of Coldwater twp.

AYLESWORTH, Lillie May. Age 17, marriage license Dec. 1895. Intended was Harry E. BRUBACHER of Coldwater twp.

AYLESWORTH, Peter. Age 39, marriage license Aug. 1896. intended was Frances FITCH of Weidman, MI.

AYLESWORTH, Robert. Age 22, married Mar. 1893 in Brinton, to Lizzie FORBES Brinton, MI.

AYLESWORTH, Sarah. Age 21, married 24 Dec 1893 to John BEECHLER of Mt. Pleasant.

AYLING, Florence G. Age 21, married 30 July 1900 in Riverdale, MI to Thos. F.

AYLING, Henry. Age 38, marriage license Mar/Apr 1897.Intended was Addie ACKER of Lincoln twp.

AYLING, Henry H. Married 28 Aug 1890 to Nora Belle LaMUNYON.

AYLING, Herman J. Married 1 Jan 1881 in Hinton, Mecosta Co., MI to
    Delia WILSON.

AYLING, John. Married Nov. 1879 in MI to Clara BARRY of Lincoln twp.,
    Isabella Co.

AYLING, Thad. Age 24, marriage license Apr 1893 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Intended was Nellie MULL of Lincoln twp., Isabella


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