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by Barbara Lesser 4/1999

(Note from Eunice WAY: "This compilation was done to assist beginning genealogists in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area in completing their pedigree charts and family group sheets. The" Isabella County Enterprise" was a weekly publication. Sometimes it was difficult to know the month in which the event occurred. Users are encouraged to check both names given in the reference as some information, such as residence, appears only in one listing."

(NOTE - all marriages, marriage licenses and places of residence took place
in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan unless otherwise noted)

B's (cont.)

BIERSCHBACH, Samuel. Age 27, marriage license Nov. 1893 .Intended was Louesa YUNCKER of Nottawa twp.

BIGELOW, (?), Age 17, marriage license Nov. 1895. Intended was Edwin S. FROST of Shepherd, MI.

BIGELOW, C. Burdett. Married Minnie HOY. (Father was H. D. BIGELOW of Shepherd).

BIGELOW, Cornelia J. Age 21, marriage license June 1888. Intended was James P. CURTISS of Montcalm Co., MI.

BIGELOW, Frances E. Age 32, married 30 Aug 1888 in Shepherd to John D. McKENNA of Shepherd, MI.

BILCOX, James. Age 34, married 3 Oct 1894 to Mrs. Mary E. DIXON of Mt. Pleasant.

BILISTINE, Mabel. Age 16, married 28 May 1892 in Deerfield twp. to Oliver E. DENT of Mt. Pleasant, (Father was John Bilistine).

BILYEA (BELLIARD), James. Age 24, married 7 Sept 1891 to
Pearl HARPER of Brinton, MI.

BIRD, Thomas. Age 41, marriage license Jan. 1888. Intended was Ellen GARVIN of Mt. Pleasant.

BISHOP, Callie A. Age 20, marriage license Aug. 1890. Intended was Leonard THOMPSON of Blanchard, MI.

BISHOP, Clayton. Age 26, marriage license Oct. 1897. Intended was Marquerite KUNKLE of Blanchard.

BISHOP, Mabel I. Age 26, married 22 Sept 1897 in Leslie, MI to Ralph D. DOUGHTY of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

BISHOP, William A. Age 23, marriage license Aug. 1888. Intended was Susie A. FINLAYSON of Cadillac.

BISSELL, Anne. Age 22, marriage license Aug 1896. Intended was Fred MANN of Wise twp.

BISSELL, Belle. Age 20, marriage license Sept. 1899. Intended was Chas. E. CAZIER.

BISSELL, Nicholas. Age 30, married 29 Aug. 1899 to Fannie R. VREDENBURG of Sumner, MI.

BISSELL, Paul. Age 22, marriage license May 1896. Intended was Essie STRUBLE of Shepherd, MI.

BLACK, Della. Age 18, marriage license Dec/Jan 1896. Intended was Clinton CLARK of Shepherd, MI.

BLACK, Estella. Age 18, marriage license Feb 1898. Intended was Perry THOMPSON of Dushville, MI.

BLACK, James. Age 23, marriage license June 1896. Intended was Mabel LUCAS of Montcalm Co., MI.

BLACK, Jennie. Age 20, marriage license June 1889. Intended was John JOHNSON of Vestaburg, MI.

BLAINE, James G., Jr. Age 20, married Sept 1886 in MI. to Marie NEVINS.

BLAINE, William. Age 25, married 19 Mar 1899 in Isabella twp. to Louisa R. PERHAM of Isabella twp.

BLAKELY, Archie. Married 28 Apr. 1881 in Harrison, Clare, MI to Victoria HOISINGTON.

BLAKELY, Mae. Married 30 Oct 1894 in MI. to Bert HUNGERFORD.

BLESCH, Bertha. Age 20, marriage license Dec. 1897. Intended was William C. GIRARDIN of Brinton, MI.

BLIZZARD, Claude. Age 22, married 19 June 1895 to Mertie SOMERS of Fremont twp.

BLOCK, Henry. Age 30, married 24 Oct 1897 in Whiteville, MI to Adella MILLER of Isabella twp.

BLODGETT, Bertha. Age 18, married 18 Jan. 1889 in Chippewa twp. to George KEIF of Chippewa twp.

BLONDHEIM, John. Wife was Nettie McRAE.

BLONDHEIM, Rose. Age 21, married 7 Nov. 1897 in Isabella Co. to Francis BRINGARD of Mt. Pleasant.

BLONDHEIM, Walter M. Age 30, marriage license Aug. 1892. Intended was Mary KIRKEY of Denver twp.

BLOOM, John. Age 30, marriage license Oct 1898. Intended was Matilda MONROE of Leaton, MI.

BLOUNT, Mary. Age 28, married 10 Aug 1893 to John D. HOUSTON of Marshall, MI.

BLOXOM, Eva. Age 43, marriage license Aug. 1891. Intended was Samuel ROBERT of Blanchard.

BLUE, Arthur. Age 19, married 4 Jan. 1893 to Lillie M. PATRICK of Mt. Pleasant.

BLY, Winfield. Age 52, marriage license Sept 1896. Intended was Carrie RICHARDSON of Mt. Pleasant.

BOADY, Rena. Age 18, married 6 June 1896 to William McGUIRE of Broomfield twp.

BOATHAM, Mabel. Age 20, marriage license Dec 1896. Intended was Nelson KIBBY of Mt. Pleasant.

BODFISH, John W. Age 24, married 20 June 1900 in North Bradley. to Metta C. WHITEHEAD of North Bradley.

BODGE, Flora. Age 21, marriage license Dec. 1895. Intended was Warren PHILLIPS of Gilmore twp.

BOGAN, Thomas. Age 33, marriage license May 1890. Intended was Kate BUSH of Vernon twp.

BOGEMAN, William. Age 32, married 1 Nov 1899 in Beal City, MI. to Anna "Lizzie" COOK of Lansing, MI.

BOGUE, Carrie Della. Age 23, marriage license June 1888. Intended was Sumner E. HOWE of Mt. Pleasant.

BOGUE, Hattie. Age 20, marriage license July 1891. Intended was Andrew DEBOIS of Vernon twp.

BOGUE, Jennie E. Age 20, marriage license Mar 1890. Intended was Walter E. MONROE of Isabella twp.

BOGUE, Mabel N. Age 21, marriage license Apr. 1899. Intended was Oscar J. BRIGHT of Vernon twp.

BOILANNON, Lucy. Married 9 June 1880 to William D. GIBBS.

BOLAND, Emily. Married 7 July 1884 in Coleman, Midland Co., MI to Henry WARD.

BOLAND, Hannah. Married 27 Oct 1880 to George LABELL of Mt. Pleasant.

BOLAND, William. Age 27, married 4 Sept 1899 to Catherine McMAHON of Deerfield twp.

BOLEN, David. Age 21, marriage license Mar 1900. Intended was Stella COUCH of Vernon twp.

BOLEN, Mary. Age 16, marriage license Oct. 1893. Intended was Hiram PHELPS of Brinton, MI.

BOLEN, William. Age 24, marriage license June 1898. Intended was Gertie RODGERS of Farwell, MI.

BOLLEN, George. Age 25, marriage license Mar 1893. Intended was Cassie FINLAYSON of Manistee, MI.

BOLLEN, Henry. Age 25, married 21 Aug 1894 to Jennie LOOMIS of Vernon twp.

BOLLING, Mrs. Flora. Age 47, marriage license Feb. 1893. Intended was Hoffman WILSEY of Coe twp.

BOLTON, William H. Age 20, marriage license Aug 1892. Intended was Alma J. FISHER of Blanchard, MI.

BOMAN, Bert. Age 20, marriage license May/June 1893. Intended was Viola CONRAD of Vernon twp.

BOODY, Mrs. E. Marriage license May 1897. Intended was Hiram EGGLESTON of Broomfield twp.

BOODY, Maud. Age 18, marriage license Sept. 1900. Intended was Harry KIMBALL of Rolland twp.

BOODY, Pearl. Age 16, marriage license June 1897. Intended was Wilson MAXON of Broomfield twp.

BOOKER, Cora. Age 20, marriage license Nov 1898. Intended was Ezra TUCKER of Rolland twp.

BOOSE, Mary Wa. Age 19, marriage license Mar 1899. Intended was James PONTIAC of Wise twp.

BORDER, Alice. Age 23, married 26 Sept. 1894 to Daniel LOCKWOOD of Vernon twp.

BORDER, John. Age 23, married 24 Aug 1898 to Alice HORNBY of Vernon twp.

BORDER, Maggie. Age 18, marriage license Dec 1894. Intended was David FUNNELL of Isabella twp.

BORDMAN, Julia. Age 23, marriage license Nov 1895. Intended was Chas. FERNER of Bundy, MI.

BORLAND, Hester J. Age 23, marriage license May 1892. Intended was John D. ROBINSON of Mt. Pleasant.

BORTON, William. Age 21, marriage license Nov. 1893. Intended was Mary SIMMONS of Vernon twp.

BOSTWICK, Caroline. Age 50, marriage license Nov. 1888. Intended was William J. CRAIG of Union twp.

BOSTWICK, Caroline M. Age 53, marriage license Nov 1891. Intended was Salyer HORTON of Midland Co., MI.

BOSTWICK, Mary. Age 34, marriage license June 1900. Intended was Uriah McMACKEN of Council Bluffs, MI.

BOUCHEY, Edward. Marriage license June 1899. Intended was Mary Ann SHUEFELT of Vernon twp.

BOUCHEY, Henry. Married 24 Dec. 1900 to Wilda WILLIS of Vernon twp.

BOUND, Jennie. Age 21, married 20 Mar 1893 to George SMITH of Loomis, MI.

BOUTON, Minnie E. Married 20 Apr 1876 to P. F. DODDS. (Note: Parents were Henry S. and Cornelia A. Bouton.)

BOWEN, Addison. Age 69, marriage license Apr 1896. Intended was Carrie WILBUR of Clare, MI.

BOWEN, Clayton D. Age 30, marriage license Oct. 1900. Intended was Nellie HOWLAND of Gratiot Co., MI.

BOWEN, Henry. Married 16 June 1896 in Isabella twp. to Mary E. LOOMIS of Isabella twp.

BOWEN, Ida. Age 34, marriage license May 1893. Intended was John B. McKINLEY of Clare, MI.

BOWEN, Jennie. Age 23, marriage license June 1898. Intended was James PHILLIPS of Union twp.

BOWEN, Mrs. Julia A. Age 76, married 12 July 1879 in Clare Co., MI to Rev. Richard WILLIAMS.

BOWEN, Mary. Age 16, marriage license July 1898. Intended was George PHELP of Missaukee Co., MI.

BOWEN, Oscar. Age 21, marriage license Oct 1887. Intended was Nettie LOCKEY (note by transcriber - this should be LACKEY)

BOWEN, Peter. Age 24, married 28 Mar 1895 to Clara LACKEY of Wise twp.

BOWEN, William. Age 23, marriage license Sept 1900. Intended was Gertie COVEY of Sherman City, MI.

BOWER, Madgalena. Age 20, marriage license Nov. 1890. Intended was James E. TRIPP of Denver twp.

BOWERMAN, Cornelia May. Age 16, marriage license July/Aug 1889. Intended was Charlie TRIPP of Delwin, MI.

BOWERMAN, Mrs. Louisa. Age 54, married 28 Jan. 1895 to William CAMPBELL of Denver twp.

BOWERMAN, Lydia. Age 20, marriage license Aug 1896. Intended was Norman I. BAKER of Dushville.

BOWERS, Charles. Age 32, marriage license Sept 1895. Intended was Clarissa E. DURLING of Wise twp.

BOWERS, Cora. Age 22, marriage license Nov 1894. Intended was Bert LOOMIS of Union twp.

BOWERS, Ervin. Age 28, marriage license Sept 1894. Intended was Nellie WYMAN of Union twp.

BOWERS, M. F. Age 21, married 24 Feb 1900 to Nellie Roby BENJAMINE of Mt. Pleasant.

BOWERS, Minnie. Age 18, marriage license Apr 1892. Intended was Harvery HUNT of Lincoln twp.

BOWERS, Muro. Married 27 Nov 1895 to Mina LEONARD of Gilmore twp., Isabella Co.

BOWERS, Nettie. Married 8 Feb 1896 to Irvin E. WHITNEY.

BOWERS, Rilla. Age 18, married 21 Apr 1889 to Melvin ROOP of Mt. Pleasant.

BOWERS, Thomas. Age 21, marriage license Nov 1896. Intended was Emma VAUGHT of Mt. Pleasant..

BOWERS, Willis. Age 23, marriage license Dec 1896. Intended was Ora PARKS of Isabella twp.

BOWERS, William D. Age 25, marriage license May 1889. Intended was Cora WATERHOUSE of Lincoln twp.

BOWLIN, Susan. Age 18, marriage license Nov 1898. Intended was Loyd SMITH of Vernon twp.

BOWMAN, Eber. Age 20, marriage license Dec/Jan 1896. Intended was Mabel GALE of Grant, Newago Co., MI.

BOWMAN, Warren G. Age 22, marriage license July 1894. Intended was Josie FULLER of Coleman, MI.

BOWMAN, Laura Ettie. Marriage license June 1890. Intended was John L. BUCK of Gratiot Co., MI.

BOWMEN, Elmer. Age 21, married 31 Oct 1893 to Kate LEOSH of Wise twp.

BOWNS, Mabel. Marriage license Sept 1897. Intended was Leroy TAYLOR of Mt. Pleasant.

BOWNS, Myrtle. Age 20, married 29 July 1900 to Fred McCONNELL of Mt. Pleasant.

BOYD, Hattie I. Married 21 Aug 1889 in Ann Arbor, MI to J. L. SKINNER.

BOYLES, Mattie. Age 30, marriage license July/Aug 1899. Intended was Thomas PETHTEL.

BOZER, Charles B. Age 22, married 20 Dec 1899 in Isabella Co. to Anna J. JOHNSTON of Deerfield twp. (note: says sister was Elfie Bozer).

BRADFORD, Jennie. Age 23, marriage license July 1888. Intended was Joseph F. WHEELER of Mt. Pleasant.

BRADLEY, Franklin. Age 19, marriage license Aug/Sept 1896. Intended was Zilla SIDES of Sheridan, MI.

BRADLEY, Fremont E. Married 19 June 1880 to Minnie E. CUNNINGHAM of Clare, MI.

BRADLEY, James E. Age 25, marriage license May 1900. Intended was Alla W. ROSSETTE of Loomis.

BRADLEY, Sophronia. Age 16, married 17 Aug 1889 in Brinton to Avery ALLEN of Lincoln twp.

BRADLEY, Viona. Age 28, marriage license Dec 1897. Intended was Alfred VANNOLLER of Sherman twp.

BRADLY, Benjamin C. Age 42, marriage license Oct 1900. Intended was Eva WALER of Remus, MI.

BRADWAY, Charles. Age 52, married 14 Oct 1897 to Louis PRONENCHENLIN of Vernon twp.

BRADY, David C. Age 22, married 25 Apr 1893 to Mertie PACKER of Rolland twp.

BRADY, Nettie. Married 9 Feb 1887 to James WARREN.

BRADY, William James. Age 28, marriage license July 1888. Intended was Isabella MORRIS of Mt. Pleasant.

BRAGG, Barrett N. Age 38, marriage license Feb 1891. Intended was Mary Knapp WHALEY of Chippewa twp.

BRAILEY, Alvin. Age 25, marriage license Dec 1897. Intended was Annie HARPER of Coldwater twp.

BRAINARD, Henry. Married 21 Arp 1878 in Fremont twp. to Josephine Adelaide FORD of Fremont twp.

BRAKER, Mary. Age 18, marriage license Dec 1896. Intended was James B. ROBERT of Blanchard, MI.

BRALEY, Carry G. Age 16, marriage license June 1891. Intended was George W. TANNER.

BRALEY, Otto Ephraim. Age 21, marrige license Jan 1888. Intended was Anna PHILLIPS of Isabella twp.

BRAND, Truman J. Age 24, marriage license May 1895. Intended was Orvilla M. KIRVIN of Sherman twp.

BRANDON, Elizabeth Early. Age 23, married 22 Dec 1898 to Meade Ervin DUTT of Coe twp.

BRANDSTETTER, John. Age 25, marriage license June/July 1897. Intended was Nellie WARNER of Mt. Pleasant.

BRANDT, John Henry. Age 48, married 5 July 1893 to Catharine L. KILE of Deerfield, MI.

BRASINGTON, Jesse B. Age 22, marriage license Aug/Sept 1892 Intended was Eliza M. GRAHAM of Gilmore twp.

BRASINGTON, Judson. Age 21, marriage license Jan 1895. Intended was Irene B. LONG of Gilmore twp.

BRASINGTON, Melvin. Age 21, marriage license July 1889. Intended was Elsie OWENS of Union twp.

BRASINGTON, Melvin. Married Apr 1892 in MI. to Elsie OWENS.

BRASINTON, Carrie. Married 23 Jan 1884 in Clare Co. to Clarence FREEMAN of Gilmore twp.

BRAUCHER, Jesse E. Age 25, marriage license Feb 1888. Intended was Idelia COURTER of Deerfield twp.

BRAZEE, Kate. Age 22, married 14 Dec 1889 to Albert TONKIN of Mt. Pleasant. (note: Father was J. BRAZEE).

BRAZEE, Addie. Married 28 May 1890 to Charles LAPAUGH of Sumner, MI.

BREED, Ed. Age 22, married Jan 1889 in Isabella Hattie HEWER.

BREES, Anna. Age 20, marriage license Dec/Jan 1899. Intended was Charles KNIGHT of Lenawee Co., MI.

BREIDENSTEIN, Henry. Age 35, married 20 Feb 1900 in St. Johns, MI to Laura NAUMES of St. Johns, MI.

BREWER, Jessie V. Age 34, marriage license July 1893. Intended was Alonzo LIBBY of Dundee, MI.

BREWER, Nellie. Age 24, marriage license Mar 1895. Intended was Walter WHITE of Coldwater twp.

BRICKLEY, Carrie M. Married 31 Oct 1880 to Chas SUMNER, farmer of OH.

BRIEF, H.F. Age 31, marriage license (no date listed). Intended was Mary CARMICHAEL of Vernon twp.

BRIEN, Katie E. Age 23, married 21 Dec 1898 to Arthur SUTTON of Union twp.

BRIEVE, Anna M. Married 5 Apr 1893 to Walter DIXON of Vernon twp.

BRIGGS, George. Age 22, marriage license Feb 1894. Intended was Ida MILLER of Sherman twp.

BRIGGS, Louella M. Married 1 Sept 1887 to Judson F. COLE.

BRIGGS, Olie B. Age 18, marriage license Feb 1896. Intended was William H. SHEPHERD of Weidman.

BRIGHT, Melvin J. Married 10 Feb 1897 in Isabella Co. to Fanny LEONARD.

BRIGHT, Oscar J. Age 27, marriage license Apr 1899. Intended was Mabel N. BOGUE of Vernon twp.

BRINGARD, Francis. Age 28, married 7 Nov 1897 in Isabella Co. to Rose BLONDHEIM of Leaton, MI.

BRITTIN, Clara D. Age 35, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was John NUTTLE of Denver twp.

BRODICK, W. Fred. Age 27, marriage license Jan 1900 . Intended was Alice M. WONCH of Shepherd.

BRODIE, Alex C. Was married to Mrs. Martha E. BRODIE.

BRODIE, Mrs. Martha E. Married 5 Dec 1885 in Clare, MI to Alex C. BRODIE.

BROOKENS, Ina. Marriage license Jan 1896 in Midland, MI to Lewis E. PRICE of Coleman, MI.

BROOKS, Angie. Age 21, married 27 Jan 1892 in Coe twp to Conrad V. RIESS of Coe twp.

BROOKS, Charles H. Age 28, marriage license Feb 1895. Intended was Jessie O. GILMORE of Chippewa twp.

BROOKS, Eliza. Married 5 May 1886 in Sherman twp. to John BENTLER.

BROOKS, Eva. Age 19, married 25 Apr 1893 in MI. to William P. WALKER of
Coldwater twp.

BROOKS, George E. AGe 36, marriage license Dec 1899. Intended was Bertha A. BELLOWS of Coldwater twp.

BROOKS, James A. Age 26, marriage license May 1892. Intended was Maggie M. KENT of Allegan Co., MI.

BROOKS, Leon W. Age 34, marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Alvira MILLER of Farwell, MI.

BROOKS, Mrs. May. Age 29, marriage license Nov 1892. Intended was Alfred D. LAUER of Vernon City, MI.

BROOKS, Nellie. Married 13 Sept 1893 to Anson FOWLER of Mt. Pleasant.

BROOKS, Rhoda. Age 25, marriage license Feb 1897. Intended was William H. ANDREWS of Weidman, MI.

BROOKS, Stratton D. Married 3 Sept 1890 in Port Hope, MI to Marca STUART. (note: says moved to Danville, IL.)

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