RAMEY, Mrs. Mary Catherine. Died 2 Nov 1900 in Clare, MI. Husband was Samuel J. RAMEY.

RANDALL, Mr. Age 89, died 13 June 1900. Buried in Pinckney. Son was George RANDALL.

RANDALL, George W. Born 10 Nov 1843 in Ann Arbor, MI. Married 2 Apr 1879. Died 18 Feb
    1892 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Riverside Cemetery, Mt. P., MI. Resident for 5 yrs.
    Blacksmith. Daughter age 12 and sons ages 6 and 10. (see marriages, Mrs. George W.

RAYMAN, Mrs. Died 12 Oct 1895 in Dushville, MI. Buried in Log Church Cemetery.

REDFIELD, Mrs. Eliza A. Born in CT. Died, age 78, on 26 Apr 1891 in Deerfield twp. Came
    to MI from OH in 1879. Son was William E. REDFIELD.

REDFIELD, Floyd L. a twin, age 1 month and 4 days, died 20 May 1891 in Deerfield twp.
    Father was William E. REDFIELD.

REDFIELD, William Dean. a twin, age 4 years and 2 months, died 8 June 1895 in Deerfield twp.
    Father was William E. REDFIELD - brother died age 1 month, 4 days.

REED, Charley. Died 12 May 1885 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

REED, Harrison. Died 7 Aug 1889 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI.

REED, Lillian J. Age 2 yrs., 3 mos., died 29 July 1892 in Isabella Co., MI Father was George REED.

REED, Ned. Died 2 June 1884 in Clare Co., MI

REEF, Mrs. Samuel. Died 29 Nov 1900 in Denver twp., buried in Loomis, MI

REID, John. Age 19 yrs., 8 mos, 5 days died 10 Feb 1890 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Father was James

RENDER, Mrs. Frank. died 9 June 1883 in Clare Co., MI.

RENO, William. Died 4 May 1882 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

RETAN, Mrs. Jane. Died 11 Jan 1900 in Sherman City, MI. Husband was Melvin RETAN.

RENOLDS, Mr. Age 35, died 8 Feb 1885 near Bullock Creek, Midland Co., MI

REYNOLDS, Charles. Born 15 Sept 1821 in Wayne Co., NY. Married Laura CRAFT. Died
    3 Dec 1900 in Deerfield twp. Came to Isabella Co. in 1878. Sons were Oscar, Robert
    and Asa RENOLDS. Daughter Eva was Mrs. T. FORQUER.

REYNOLDS, Mrs. Mattie. Died Jan 1898 in Reading, MI. Father was Dewitt STEWART.

REYNOLDS, Paul S. Born 1835. Died Apr 1895. Buried 5 Apr 1895 in Caldwell, MI. Had been
    blind for 15 years. 1 brother. Was in Co D., 6th MI Artillery.

RHOADES, Jesse. Age 75, died 26 Aug 1898 in Isabella Co., MI Buried in Lansing, MI.
    Daughter was Mrs. SUTLIFF of Lansing, MI

RHOADS, Elizabeth. Age 90, died 11 Oct 1893, buried in Hudson, MI. Husband was Mr. HARRIS.
    Father was Jesse RHOADS.

RICE, Harvey. Age 81, died May 1888 in Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI

RICE, William. Age 70, died 1 July 1889 in Croton, MI

RICHARDS, Susie. Died 15 July 1899 in Ann Arbor, MI. Buried in Saginaw, MI.

RICHARDSON, Mrs. Age 92, Died Nov 1895 in Two Rivers, MI. Buried in Log Church
    Cemetery, Dushville, MI.

RICHARDSON, (female). Age 35, died 15 Dec 1891 in Fremont, MI. Husband was John SANDBROOK.
    father was Chas. RICHARDSON.

RICHARDSON, Mrs. C. Died 21 Sept 1893 in Dushville, MI

RICHARDSON, Charles G. Born in Maine. Died at age 74 on 26 Oct 1896 in Dushville, MI.
    Buried in Log Church Cemetery, Dushville. Resident of County for 31 years.
    6 children.

RICHARDSON, Mrs. Cynthia. Age 76, died 17 Mar 1890 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

RICHARDSON, Daniel. Age 82, died 10 Nov 1891 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried in Riverside
    Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant. Son was D. L. RICHARDSON.

RICHARDSON, Mrs. Eliza A. Died 1 Aug 1884 in Dushville, MI

RICHARDSON, Fannie. Died at age 25 on 11 Apr 1896 in Iowa, buried in Alma, MI. Married at age 21 on 25 June,     1892 in Caldwell, MI to George B. WHITNEY. Father was C.W. RICHARDSON.

RICHES, Mrs. W. W. Died 5 Jan 1897 in Shepherd, MI. Buried in Salt River Cemetery, Shepherd.
    3 children.

RICHMOND, Mr. Age 91, died Dec 1895 in Dushville, MI. Buried in Chippewa twp. Cemetery.

RICHMOND, (female). Born in Canada. Died, at age 55, on 24 Apr 1896 in Union twp. Husband
    was George LOWE. Father was Cyrus RICHMOND. 2 sons and 2 daughters, one of
    which was Mrs. Eli FERRIS.

RICHMOND, Charley. Died in Ann Arbor, MI, buried 28 May 1896 in Catholic Cemetery,
    Mt. Pleasant, MI. Father was William RICHMOND.

RICHMOND, Clara. Age 11, died 19 Mar 1882 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Father was Wm. RICHMOND.

RICHMOND, John. died 1867. Wife was Margaret HOY.

RICHMOND, Thomas A. Age 16 yrs., 24 days died 19 July 1894. Father was W. RICHMOND.
    Brother was John J. RICHMOND of Traverse City, MI

RIDER, Fred. Age 29, died 5 Feb 1887 in Midland Co., MI (not married)

RIGGLES, Mrs. Ransom. Buried 16 Nov 1898 in Fremont, MI.
    (see marriages, Ransom RIGGLES)

RIGGS, Mrs. Peter. Born about 1788. Died, age 87, in Jan 1875 in Silvan twp., Washtenaw Co., MI

ROBBINS, Noah. Age 68, died 20 Feb 1882 in Coe twp., Isabella Co., MI

ROBBINS, Prince. Age 70, died 26 Apr 1900 in riverside twp., buried in Gilmore twp., Isabella Co.
    MI. (quoted from the McBain newspaper)

ROBERTS, "Cordy". Age 45, died 19 May 1900 in Rolland twp.

ROBERTS, Patrick. Died 4 May 1890 in Coe twp., buried in Calvary Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Resident since 1865.

ROBINSON, Belle. Born in Fulton Co., OH. Married Daniel HARRYMAN on 23 Mar 1863.
    Died 21 Apr 1898 in Gilmore twp.

ROBINSON, David Gorton. Born 13 Dec 1842 in Summit Co., OH. Married Margaret MEYERS
    in Apr of 1868 in Chippewa twp. Died 31 May 1894 in Chippewa twp.
    2 sons and 2 daughters.

ROBINSON, Dennis. Died at age 73 on 25 Dec 1893 in East Coe, MI. Wife died Apr 1893.
    Son was Fred ROBINSON.

ROBINSON, Mrs. Eliza. Born about 1845. Died at age 31 on 18 Jan 1876 in Loomis, MI.
    Husband was Thomas ROBINSON.

ROBINSON, Mrs. Frank. Died 28 Apr 1888 in MI. Daughter was Mrs. H. H. GRAVES.

ROBINSON, Frank A. Born 6 Oct 1856 in Hillsdale Co., MI. Married Lavina WILLIAMSON on
    16 Jan 1875. Died 10 July 1895 in Fremont twp. (see marriages, ROBINSON/WILLIAMSON)
    7 children.

ROBINSON, Frank s. Born 15 Aug 1829 in Gallatin Co., KY. Married Martha P. BACON in 1851.
    Died 13 Feb 1886 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Riverside Cemetery. Daughter was Mrs.
    H. H. (Lulu B.) GRAVES. Sisters were Mrs. PEAK and Mrs. McGINNIS.

ROBINSON, Frankie. Age 4, died 15 Mar 1881 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

ROBINSON, Mrs. John D. Age 24, died 1 Aug 1890 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    (see marriage lic - for 2nd wife)

ROBINSON, Jennie. Age 11, died 26 July 1886 in MI. Father was Elias ROBINSON.

ROBINSON, Mrs. John R. Died Apr 1884 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried in Grand Rapids, Kent
    Co., MI.

ROBINSON, Mrs. M. F. Died 4 Mar 1889 in Gilmore twp.

ROBINSON, Nellie. Age 14, died Aug 20, 1883 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Father was D. G. ROBINSON.

ROBINSON, Richard. Of Vernon twp., died May 1883 in Clare Co., MI.

ROBINSON, Richard. Died May 1883 in Farwell, MI. Buried in Farwell Cemetery. both of the above
    entries were in the book.)

ROBINSON, Rix. Age 86, Died Jan 1875 in Oda, MI.

ROBINSON, Thomas A. (of Clare, MI) Died at age 64 on 10 Oct 1881 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI

ROBINSON, William (of Mt. Pleasant, MI), died 6 Jan 1895 in Weidman, MI

ROCKAFELLOW, Mrs. Julia. Died 10 Feb 1899 in Clare, MI. Buried in Grand Blanc. Husband
    was J. C. ROCKAFELLOW.

ROCKWOOD, Mrs. U. M. Died Feb/Mar 1884 in Midland Co., MI

ROGERS, Carrie. Died June 1896 in Florida. Sister was Kate ROGERS.

ROGERS, Mrs. D. J. (of Pewamo, MI) Age 74, died 24 Dec 1897 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Son was S. W. ROGERS.

ROGERS, G. N. Died 15 June 1881 in Harrison, Clare Co., MI

ROGERS, H. B. Age 45, died 30 Sept 1893 in Peru, IN. Bureid 3 Oct 1893 in Butler, IN. Father was
    B. F. JONES. Sister was Mrs. I. R. GAVIN. Daughter was Kittie M. PARTRIDGE of
    Mt. Pleasant, MI

ROGERS, M. D. Died 13 Oct 1894 in Clare, MI

ROGERS, Orville. Age 60, died 6 May 1886 in Clare Co., MI. Son was Jay ROGERS.

ROHRING, Henry. Age 59, died 29 Dec 1889 in Fremont twp.

ROLFE, Mrs. Charlotte. Age 84, died Jan 1895. Husband was Orimel ROLFE.

ROLFE, Orimel. Died Mar 1895 in Ingham Co., MI. Wife was Charlotte who died in Jan 1895
    at age 84.

ROOT, Claudie. Age 8. Died 13 June 1886 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried in Riverside Cemetery.
    Father was T. J. ROOT.

ROOT, Mrs. Newton. Died 2 Dec 1890 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    (see marriage lic. 2nd wife Newton ROOT)

ROSE, Washington. Born 1821 in NY. Died 29 Feb 1892 in Sherman twp.

ROSE, Steven. Age 63, died 27 Mar 1898 in Isabella Co. Buried in Coldwater Cemetery.
    7 children.

ROSECRANCE, Mrs. Mina. Died 4 Mar 1888 in Dushville twp. Husband was Norman HULSE.
    1 child.

ROSENCRANTZ, Mrs. G. W. Died 26 Mar 1900 in Isabella Co, buried in Caldwell, MI. Sister
    was Mrs. RUSSELL of Mecosta, MI. Had a daughter by former husband.

ROUNTREA, Alice. Age 28, died Apr 1899 near Brinton twp., buried in Conley Cemetery.
    Husband was Jacob ROUNTREA. 2 children and 6 sisters.

ROUTLEY, Mrs. William. Died 13 July 1894 in Isabella Co. Brothers were F. J. and William
    McRAE, both of Mt. Pleasant, MI

RUKENBROD, Mrs. Mary. Age 81, died 27 Apr 1896 in Leaton, MI. Buried in Riverside
    Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI. Daughter was Mrs. James H. LLOYD.

RULAPAUGH, Mrs. Mary. Born in England. Died at age 67 in Dec of 1887 in Clare, MI.

RULAPAUGH, Mrs. Rebecca. Died 29 Apr 1884 nor of Clare, MI. Husband was John RULAPAUGH.

RUNYUN, Mrs. Wesley. Died 8 Dec 1885 in Harrison, Clare Co., MI.

RUSSELL, Isaac. Born in NY. Died at age 70 on 24 Aug 1898 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried in
    Sherman City, MI. Daughter was Mrs. Robert BROWN. Moved to MI in 1875.

RUTHRUFF, Uriah. Died 12 Oct 1899 in Rolland twp. 2 sons - daughter was Mrs. F.S. ARMITAGE.

RYAN, Fayette. Died 21 Feb 1898 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

RYAN, Mike. Died 22 Jan 1885 in Harrison Junction, Clare Co., MI

RYDER, Mrs. G. P. Died Jan 1882 in Lincoln twp.


SALISBURY, William. Died 21 Aug 1886 in Clare, MI

SALISBY, Mrs. Mary. Age 70. Died Feb 1885. Son was George SALISBY.

SANDERS, (?) . Died in Clare, MI Buried 14 Mar 1897 in Riverside Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Spouse was M.D. DAVIS. Father was John SANDERS. Formerly of Mt. Pleasant, MI

SANDERS. Oscar. Age about 45. Died 25 Mar 1900 in Lincoln twp., Isabella Co., MI

SAUNDERS, Dennis. Died 4 Sept 1883 in Isabella Co., MI Father was Thomas SAUNDERS

SAUNDERS, John. Age 7 yrs., 7 mos., 23 days. Died 1 Nov 1881 in Riverdale, MI
    Parents were George W. and Harriett SAUNDERS.

SAUNDERS, John B. Born 17 May 1809 in MA. Died 17 June 1898 in Isabella Co., MI.
    Wife died 11 yrs ago. Came to County 43 yrs. ago. 9 children.

SAUNDERS, Lois A. Age 10 mos., 1 day. Died 22 Aug 1888 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Parents
    were T. W. and A. F. SAUNDERS.

SAUNDERS, Myra. Died Sept 1883 in Isabella Co., MI Father was Thomas SAUNDERS.

SAUNDERS, Ruth E. Age 3 mos., 5 days. Died 15 Aug 1880 in St. Louis, MI. Parents were
    T.W. and A. F. SAUNDERS

SAWYER, T. W. Age 81 yrs., 6 mos. Died 15 May 1883 in Farwell, Clare Co., MI

SAXTON, A.W. Died 10 Feb 1900 in Jackson, MI

SAXTON, Sylvia. Died 26 Nov 1887 in Coleman, MI. Father was W. H. SAXTON.

SCHAFER, Mrs. Age 38. Died Oct 1896 in Brinton, MI. Buried in Conley Cemetery 21 Oct,
    1896. 6 Children.

SCHAFER, Michael. Died 17 Apr 1896 in Nottawa twp., Isabella Co., MI

SCHILLING, (?). Age 24, Died 14 Jan 1896 in Brinton, MI. Husband was William HOSKINS.
    Parents were Solomon and Margaret SCHILLING. 1 sister, 2 brothers. 1 child living and
    1 child dead.

SCHILLING, Alfred. Age 19, Died 18 Feb 1894 in Isabella Co. Buried in Conley Cemetery.
    2 brothers - 6 sisters.

SCHOFIELD, Maud. Age 9. Died 19 Sept 1891 in Gilmore, Isabella Co. Father was Jas.

SCHRADER, Mrs. Louis. Died 9 Oct 1889 in Dushville, MI

SCHULTZ, August. Died 19 Nov 1888 near Harrison, Clare Co., MI

SCHULTZ, Isaac A. Age 43. Died 9 Jan 1895 in Isabella Co., buried in Conley Cemetery.
    2 daughters.

SCHUPBACH, Mr. Died Feb 1889 in Nottawa, Isabella Co., MI

SCHUPBACH, Mrs. Fred. Died 17 Nov 1899 in Isabella Co., buried in Mt. Pleasant, MI

SCHWAUB, Mrs. Age 83. Died Aug 1895, buried in Cherry Hill Cemetery, Clare, MI
    1st husband was Mr. DURLING. 2nd husband was Mr. SCHWAUB. Son was
    Henry DURLING. 4 children from 1st marriage.

SCOTT, Charles. Died Jan 1900 in Isabella Co., MI

SCOTT, Mrs. Chas. Died May/June 1898 in Isabella Co., MI 2 daughters.

SCOTT, Edward M. Age 19, died 20 Jan 1887 in Isabella Co., MI Parents were Joseph
    and Mary SCOTT.

SEARS, Mrs. Teresa C. Age 33 yrs., 5 mos. Died 15 May 1884 in Harrison, Clare Co., MI
    Husband was Chauncy C. SEARS.

SECOR, H. J. Age 78. Died 19 Jan 1894 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Caldwell Cemetery, MI

SELLINGER, Mrs. Died May/June 1887 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Father was (?) WILBUR.

SERVOSS, Alonzo D. Age 18. Died 2 Aug 1886 in Chippewa, Isabella Co.

SEWELL, Joseph. Died 3 Nov 1899 in Grayling, MI Son was Lorenzo SEWELL.

SHAFFER, Casper. Of Nottawa twp., Isabella Co. Age 82, died 1893, buried 13 Sept 1893.

SHAPPE, Mrs. M. G. Died 27 Oct 1888 in Lincoln twp.

SHAPPEE, Maxwell G. Age 57, died 29 Dec 1894 in Shepherd twp.

SHARP, Mrs. Died Aug 1900 in Sherman twp., buried 30 Aug 1900. 3 children.

SHARP, Mary Louisa. Age 14 yrs., 5 mos. Died 17 Sept 1882 in Sherman City, MI.
    Father was John SHARP.

SHAW, Alexander. Age 14. Died 29 June 1899 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

SHAW, J. E. Died 21 May 1899 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

SHEARER, Eugene H. Age 15, died 28 July 1883 in Evart, MI

SHELDON, Emma. Died 29 July 1888 in Sumner, Gratiot Co., MI

SHELDON, Frank T. Died Mar 1897 on train returning from Colorado Springs, CO.

SHELINE, David. Born 4 July 1813 in Washington Co., PA. Married Cassandra ARAN
    on 27 May 1851. Died 7 Mar 1894 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Riverside Cemetery.
    Resident for 6 yrs. Daughter was Elizabeth REUGSEGGER of Mt. Pleasant and
    son was Eli SHELINE of Edgerton, OH.

SHEPHERD, Frankie. Age 14. Died June 1883. Father was I. N. SHEPHERD.

SHEPHERD, L. F. Of Weidman, MI Died 29 Nov 1896 in Brinton, buried in Conley Cemetery.
    4 children.

SHILLING, Solomon. Died 18 Feb 1895 in Isabella Co., buried in Conley Cemetery beside
    2 sons and 1 daughter. Resident for 26 years. 2 sons and 6 daughters.

SHIRES, Godfrey. Age 60. Died Apr 1897 in Isabella Co., buried 11 Apr 1897 in Coldwater
    Cemetery. Resident for 22 yrs.

SHOEY, Daniel. Born 1824 in Deffin Co., PA. Died 21 May 1886 in Salt River, MI

SHOURDS, Benjamin J. Born 6 Mar 1838 in Mecedon, NY. Married Sarah D. LAPHAM
    12 Apr 1866. Died 2 Apr 1900 in Horr, MI. Buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.

SHULTS, H. Age 61. Died 24 Feb 1888 in Coldwater, Isabella Co., MI GAR

SHULTS, James. Age 85, died Apr 1895 in Avoca, NY. Daughter was Mrs. B. L. PARKHILL
    of Mt. Pleasant, MI

SHULTS, Mrs. John. Died Sept 1888 in Isabella twp., buried 27 Sept 1888.

SIAS, Ray. Age 18. Died 3 Nov 1895 near Coe, MI

SICKLES, John. Died 13 June 1898 near Dushville, MI

SICKLES, Mrs. John. Died 12 May 1899. Buried in Pine River Cemetery. Husband died
    11 months ago. Children were Carl, Blanch, Roy and Mrs. Nate BELLINDER.

SIEGFRIED, William. Of Saginaw, MI. Age 47, died 23 Mar 1889 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Buried in Waterloo, MI. Brother was H. F. SIEGFRIED of Mt. Pleasant.

SIFTON, John. Age 4 mos., 29 days. Died 23 Feb 1897 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Parents were
    Charles M. and Mary SIFTON.

SIMON, S. E. Robert. Age 12. Died 23 Oct 1887 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Father was Eugene SIMON.

SIMONS, Charles William Royal. Age 2 months, 11 days. Died 15 Mar 1886 in Isabella Co.
    Parents were Eugene and Uretta Jane SIMONS.

SIMPSON, Z. Age ;70. Died 6 May 1895 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Civil War Vet

SINCLAIR, Mrs. of Ithaca, MI Died 14 June 1877. Sister was Mrs. Thomas PICKARD
    of Mt. Pleasant, MI

SINNOTT, Edwin M. Born 24 Mar 1842 in Crawford Co., PA. Died 20 Nov 1894 in Vernon twp
    Isabella Co. Buried in Cherry Grove Cemetery, Clare, MI

SKYRING, John F. Died 21 Feb 1900 in Clare, MI Sons were Frank and Charles SKYRING.
    Daughters were Mrs. W. R. WILLIAMS of Cadillac and Mrs. Belle BROWN of
    Seattle, WA.

SLATER, Mary Emmeline. Born 1849 in Caledonia, Canada. Married John MAXWELL
    23 Dec 1879. Died 12 Oct 1887 in Isabella Co., MI

SLATER, Walter. Age 25. Died July 1884 in MI. Father was William SLATER. Brother
    was Chas. SLATER. Sister was Mrs. John MAXWELL.

SLATER, William. Died 25 Dec 1883 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Son was C. SLATER and
    daughter was Mrs. MAXWELL.

SLATER, William A. Age 32. Died 13 Dec 1881 in Indianapolis, IN. Father was William
    SLATER of Isabella Co., MI

SLOCUM, Mrs. Violet. Died 14 Aug 1896 in Andersonville, MI, buried in Loomis, MI.

SMALL, Elias. Age 24. Died 27 Dec 1882 in Mecosta Co., MI

SMALLEY, Albert. Died 31 Dec 1888 in Dushville, MI

SMALLEY, Byron. Born in Vernon twp., Isabella Co., died 18 Apr 1890 in Isabella Co., MI

SMALLEY, John F. Died 24 Aug 1895. Buried in McBain Cemetery. 3 children. Brother
    was David SMALLEY of Loomis, MI Sister was Mrs. A. O. McDONALD of Loomis.

SMITH, Mrs. Born 1816 in NY. Died 15 Nov 1896 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried in Chippewa
    Cemetery, MI. Son-in-law was C. M. FORBES.

SMITH, Charles B. Born 14 Mar 1870 in Hubbardston, Ionia Co., MI. Married Sadie REYNOLDS
    of Grand Rapids, MI on 14 Dec 1892 in Grand Rapids. Died 13 Mar 1893 in Mt.
    Pleasant, MI, buried in Riverside Cemetery. Father was Paul SMITH.

SMITH, Clarence Eugene. Age 23 yrs., 4 mos., 1 day. Died June 1893, buried in Conley
    Cemetery, Brinton, MI. Parents were Levi and Fanny SMITH. 5 brothers of which
    2 are dead - 2 sisters of which one is dead.

SMITH, Edney. Age 2. Died 12 Sept 1884 in Sherman twp. Parents were Henry and Lucy

SMITH, Elias W. Died Jan 1883 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI

SMITH, Elihu. Age 92, died 16 Sept 1887 in Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI

SMITH, Ervin. Died 4 May 1884 in Two Rivers, MI. Father was George SMITH.

SMITH, Mrs. Fannie. Age 44 yrs., 8 mos., 15 days. Died 5 Feb 1887 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

SMITH, Florence. Died 21 July 1900 in Nottawa twp. Husband was Ralph BELLOWS.
    Father was Levi SMITH. 5 children - 3 brothers.

SMITH, Fred. Age 65. Died 7 Dec 1899 in Brinton, MI 1 son and 1 daughter.

SMITH, Jacob. Age 57. Died 31 Jan 1890 in Dushville, MI

SMITH, Lillian. Schoolteacher. Age 20, died 27 Sept 1882 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Father was
    R. K. SMITH of Hubbardston, MI

SMITH, Luther C. Died Aug 1879 near Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI

SMITH, Mrs. Robert. Died 23 Apr 1887 in Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI.

SMITH, Seth. Age 64. Died 29 Mar 1891 in Broomfield, MI. Buried in Riverside Cemetery
    Mt. Pleasant, MI

SMITH, Mrs. Sophia Clara. Born in Boston, MA. Married J. R. SMITH. Died at age 65 on
    15 Nov 1877 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

SMITH, T. P. Died 3 Apr 1891 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried 5 Apr 1891 in Mt. Pleasant.
    Brother was C. H. SMITH.

SMITH, Mrs. William. Died 5 Aug 1900 in Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI - buried in Mt. Pleasant, MI

SMITHERS, William. Age 79. Died 24 Aug 1891 in Whiteville, MI. Wife died in Apr 1891. Came
    from Canada last January. Son was Ed SMITHERS of Whiteville, MI

SNEER, Chas. Age 17. Died Oct 1883 in Clare Co., MI

SNOW, E. (male) Died 8 Apr 1883 in Vernon twp., Isabella Co.

SNYDER, Helen. Died 25 Nov 1900 in Leaton, MI. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Husband was Thomas TONKIN.

SNYDER, J. C. Died 13 Feb 1888 in Mason, MI. Daughters were Mrs. Jno. PARKER; Mrs.
    Chas. LEA; and Mrs. Horace STEVENS.

SODEKSON, Mamie. Died 10 Mar 1890 in Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI Single.

SOOVY, Mrs. Sarah. Age 66. Died 19 Oct 1887 in Fulton, MI

SOUTHARD, Thomas. Died 27 Oct 1896 in Nottawa twp., buried in Nottawa twp. Cemetery, MI
    2 sons & 1 daughter

SPAYD, (male). Age 90+. Died 5 July 1881 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI

SPENCER, Miss. Died 11 Mar 1884 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Brother was Frank SPENCER.

SPITLER, Gary. Age 21. Died 26 Oct 1894, buried in Lincoln Cemetery, MI. Brother was

STANALAND, Anna. Died 18 July 1895 in Frelighsburg, Quebec, Canada. Husband was
    Col. D. WESTOVER.

STANLEY, Richard S. Age 62. Died 10 Dec 1894 in Gilmore, MI

STANTON, Mrs. A. C. H. Died Sept 1895 in Owosso, MI. Formerly of Mt. Pleasant, MI

STANTON, Erastus. Died May 1886 in Ionia, MI. Sons were Charles H. and E. J. STANTON
    both of Isabella Co., MI

STEAD, George. Died Aug 1882 in Isabella Co., MI

STEADMAN, Mrs. Eva. Age 26 yrs., 6 mos. Died 8 May 1894 in Scotts, Kalamazoo Co., MI
    Husband was George STEADMAN. Sister was Mrs. Emanuel CROTSER of
    Calkinsville, MI

STEEL, N. M. Of Harrison, MI. Died 17 May 1890 in Clare, MI

STEERS, Richard. Died 12 May 1892 in Midland, MI

STELL, Jacob. Age 70. Died 25 Nov 1898 in Shepherd, MI

STEPHENS, R. B. Died Mar 1886 in Evart, MI

STEPHENSON, Warren. Died 7 Mar 1885 in Midland Co., MI

STERLING, Mrs. Peter. Age 50. Died 21 Aug 1888 in Brinton, MI. Buried in Scottville,
    near Ludington, MI.

STERNS, Mr. Died 20 Feb 1899 in Isabella Co., MI

STEVENSON, Mrs. Mary Ann. Age 65. Died 26 Jan 1893 in Bay City, MI. Husband was
    Alex. STEVENSON. 2 sons.

STEWARD, Charles. Age 23. Died 28 Apr 1888 in Isabella Co., MI

STEWART, Dewitt. Died Mar 1900 in WA. 5 children. Resident of Mt. Pleasant for 22 yrs.

STEWART, Parley L. Age 80. Died 7 June 1888 in Shepherd, MI. Sister was Mrs. W. B. BOWEN.

STICKEL, Warren Walker. Age 7. Died 10 Jan 1888 in Mt. Pleasant. Parents were Harrison
    and Lucy STICKEL.

STILES, Ora B. Age 2 yrs., 6 mos., 6 days. Died 18 Feb 1895 in Millbrook, MI.
    Parents were F. A. and Stella STILES.

STIRLING, Charles. Born 13 July 1833 in Midlothian Parish, Scotland. Married 2 July 1861.
    Died, at age 51 yrs., 9 mos., 6 days on 19 Apr 1885 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Sons were
    James, David, and Charles STIRLING. Daughters were Mary (Mrs. Free ESTES),
    Nellie and Christina.

STIRLING, Helen "Nellie". Born 27 Sept 1866 in Lynn, St. Clair Co., MI. Married 25 Aug
    1892 to Wilbur P. BOWEN. Died 25 Aug 1892 in Ypsilanti, MI. Buried in Riverside
    Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant. Parents were Charles and Naomi STIRLING. Son was
    Stirling BOWEN. 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

STONE, Farman C. Died 4 Dec 1893 in Isabella Co., MI

STONE, Frank. Died Nov/Dec 1881 in Clare Co., MI

STONE, Jay. Age 10. Died 31 July 1884 in Alma, Gratiot Co., MI

STONEMAN, Mrs. Age 73, Died 17 Nov 1892 in Denver twp., Isabella Co. Daughter was
    Mrs. George BUTLER. Also had one other daughter.

STONEMAN, William. Buried 24 May 1892 in Coleman, MI. Daughter was Mrs. George
    BUTLER of Denver twp.

STRICKLAND, Miss. Died 26 July 1896 in Gilmore, MI Buried in Hillsdale, MI. Sister was
    Mrs. RUSSELL of Gilmore twp., Isabella Co., MI

STRINGER, Mrs. Lewis. Died 30 July 1880 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Husband was Lewis STRINGER.

STRONG, Mrs. Emma. Died Apr/May 1893 in MN. Buried in Mt Pleasant, MI. Husband was
    Otis W. STRONG. Son was Bert STRONG of MN.

STRONG, O. W. Age 55. Died 16 Aug 1889 in Gilmore, MI. Buried in Riverside Cemetery,
    Mt. Pleasant, MI

STRUBLE, Allen J. Born 14 Apr 1853 in Fulton Co., OH. Married 1 Jan 1875 in Alma, Gratiot
    Co., MI to Annie A. HOY. Died 18 Dec 1893 - buried 20 Dec 1893. Parents were

J. J. STRUBLE and Harriet F. OSBORNE. Daughters were Nellie and Grace.

STRUBLE, Mrs. Anna. Died 22 Apr 1897 in Isabella Co., MI. Father was Richard HOY.
    1 brother and 2 daughters.

STRUBLE, Charlie Elmer. Born 29 Mar 1880 in Coe twp., died 21 Sept 1899 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Parents were James and Mary STRUBLE.

STRUBLE, Clark E. Age 27, Died May 1891 in Shepherd, MI. Left wife and 2 children.

STRUBLE, Elmer E. Born Oct in Fulton Co., OH. Died, age 37, on 21 Aug 1897 in Mt.
    Pleasant, MI. Came to MI in 1864.

STRUBLE, Rachel. Born 23 Apr 1861 in Fulton Co., OH. Married to Simon PATRICK in 1882.
    Died 23 Aug 1888 in Mt. Pleasant, MI, buried in Chippewa Cemetery. Father was
    W. W. STRUBLE. Brother was Elmer E. STRUBLE of Shepherd, MI.
    2 children.

STRYKER, Amelia. Born 22 Aug 1825 in Bethany, Wayne Co., PA. Married Dwight MAY
    on 4 Sept 1846 in Sherwood, MI. Died 11 Jan 1893 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in
    Kalamazoo, MI. Parents were Martin STRYKER and Elizabeth KELLOGG. Daughters
    were Nettie, Ada and Minnie (Mrs. Wm. N. BROWN of Mt. Pleasant).

STUCKEY, Nona. Died Apr 1886 in Union twp., Isabella Co., MI Buried in Lincoln twp. Cemetery., St
    George, MI Married Mr. CONKLIN on 13 May 1884 in Mt. Pleasant. Father was

STUCKEY, Samuel. Age 59. Died 27 Apr 1894 in S. Union, Isabella Co., MI. 2 daughters

STUTTING, Gracie May. Died 1 Mar 1897 in S. Deerfield, MI. Buried in Dushville, MI.
    Parents were Arnold and Lydia STUTTING.

SULEBY, Edwin. Age 46. Died 13 Mar 1896 in Isabella Co., MI. Blacksmith - single.

SULLIVAN, Mrs. Mary. Died 27 May 1898 in Fremont, Isabella Co., MI
    1 son - 2 daughters.

SULLIVAN, Mrs. P. Died 26 Feb 1885 in Isabella Co., MI Married 14 months ago.

SULLIVAN, Wain. Infant. Died 11 Oct 1895 in Dushville, MI. Buried at Log Church Cemetery.
    Parents were John and Jennie SULLIVAN. Grandfather was John HUNT.

SUTHARD, Ambrose. Age 33. Died 4 Nov 1891 in Vernon, MI

SUTHERLAND, Eli. Born 5 Oct 1799 in Haverstraw, Rockland Co., NY. Died 11 July 1888 in
    Union twp., Isabella Co., MI, buried in Mt. Pleasant. Came to MI in 1843.

SUTHERLAND, Margaret. Born 1826 in Hector, Tompkins Co., NY. Married John Q.A.
    JOHNSON in 1844 in Dundee, MI. Died 19 Mar 1890 in Isabella Co., MI. Came to
    the county in 1855. Had 10 children.

SUTLIFF, Ransley. Born 12 Aug 1796 in CT. Married at age 28 in NY to C. BARNHEART.
    Died 29 July 1888 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. 3 sons and 2 daughters. GAR

SUTLIFF, S. J. Died 27 Apr 1893 in Mt. Pleasant, MI, buried in Salt River Cemetery,
    Shepherd, MI

SUTLIFF, Mrs. Susan A. died Apr 1886 in Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI. Son was N.G. SUTLIFF.

SUTTON, Julia M. Born 28 Aug 1846. Married 29 Sept 1869 to Jared H. DOUGHTY in
    Antwerp, MI. Died 11 Dec 1888 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Riverside Cemetery.

SWAN, Mrs. Died 25 May 1896 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Daughter was Mrs. Fred BROWN.

SWAN, Emily. Born in Georgetown, NY. Died at age 39 on 9 Jan 1893 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Husband was Porter LOOMIS. Father was R. N. SWAN.

SWAN, Eva. Age 18, died 29 July 1880 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

SWAN, Mrs. John. Died 2 Oct 1897 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Father was Lewis SPINKS of
    Jackson, MI

SWAN, R. N. Died 29 Sept 1888 in Isabella Co., MI

SWAN, Robbie. Age 1 yr., 3 mos. Died 28 Feb 1885 in Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI. Father was
    E. A. SWAN.

SWANSTON, Mimmie. Age 12. Died 19 June 1890 in Mt. Pleasant - buried in Loomis, MI

SWARTOUT, Mrs. Abram. Died 3 Feb 1899 in Owosso, MI., Buried in Shepherd, MI
    Father was Edmund ASHWORTH.

SWAYZE, Eli. Age 75. Died 6 Aug 1887 in Clare, MI

SWEATLAND, Mrs. L. Died 22 Feb 1898 in Shepherd, MI. Son was Dr. SWEATLAND.

SWENSBURG, C. G. Died Oct 1897 in Grand Rapids, MI

SWIFT, John H. Died 9 Jan 1900 in Isabella Co., MI Resident for 2 yrs.

SWINDLEHURST, Thomas. Of Calkinsville, MI. Died 10 Oct 1900 in Ann Arbor, MI.
    Sister was Mrs. Alex BURK.

SWITZER, Daisy Deen. Age 1 yr., 8 mos., 17 days. Died 31 Oct 1882 in mt. Pleasant, MI


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