PALMER, Darius. Born 10 Sept 1821 in Quinby, NY. Died 30 July 1887 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried
    in Dexter, MI. Son was Horton PALMER and daughters were Mrs. C. BENNETT, Mrs. T.


PALMER, Mrs. Darius. Died 2 May 1867 and buried in Dexter, MI

PALMER, Mrs. Harriett. Age 83, died 11 June 1895 in Mt. Pleasant, MI, buried in Hillsdale, MI.
    Son was John MULL

PALMER, Walter. Age 19, died 28 Jan 1888 near Averill, MI

PARKURST, Ed. Age 30, died 22 June 1890 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI

PARMENTER, Wallace W. Born in Vermont, died 7 May 1896 in Sherman City, MI. Came to the
    county in 1868. Was in Co. B, 14th Reg. IOWA.

PARRISH, William. Died 7 May 1896 in Clare, MI

PARSHALL (male). Died, age 11 yrs., on 1 May 1881 in Loomis, Isabella Co., MI
    (Father was W. W. PARSHALL)

PARSELL, Louisa. Born in Jefferson Co., NY. Never married. Died Aug 1898 at age 59 in
    Mt. Pleasant, buried in Riverside Cemetery, MI. Sister was Mrs. Delas ERVINS.

PARSONS, Horace. Age 70, died 8 Aug 1889 in Shepherd, MI

PARTRIDGE, Mrs. Mary E. Born 18 Nov 1856 in Howard, Steuben Co., NY. Married 28 June 1876
    in Avoca, NY to D. Scott PARTRIDGE. Died, age 29, on 3 May 1885 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Son was Robert PARTRIDGE and daughter was Fannie PARTRIDGE.

PATCH, A. F. Died 12 Jan 1894 in Shepherd, MI. Resident for 9 yrs.

PATCH, Mrs. A.F. Died 5 July 1897 in Shepherd, MI. (1 brother)

PATTERSON, Mrs. D. E. Died 11 May 1900 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

PATTERSON, David. Age 35, died 5 Apr 1897 in Isabella Co., MI. One child. Sisters were
    Mrs. Walter NEWBURY of Chicago, ILL and Mrs. H. M. McCORMICK of Bay City, MI

PATTERSON, Samuel. died 26 Apr 1894 in Shepherd, MI. Buried in Bay Co., MI

PEAKES, George. Born in 1828 in Summersetshire, England. Married 1827 (sic.) in Woolwich,
    England. Died 14 Oct 1888 in Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Wife was

Eliza GOODWIN. Resident of the county for 11 years - came to Canada, then NY in
    1864 and to MI in 1876.

PEASE, Henry. Born 16 Oct 1895 and died 23 Nov 1874. Wife was Nancy. (this is the way
    it is listed in the book - birth date is probably 1805 - not 1895!)

PEASE, Mrs. Nancy. Born 13 July 1812 in Wayne Co., NY. Died 12 Apr 1885 in Fremont twp.,
    Isabella Co., MI. Husband was Henry PEASE.

PECK, Mrs. Margaret. Age 85, died 15 May 1883 in Midland Co., MI

PEMBERTON, Simon E. Died 12 Mar 1892 in Isabella Co., MI

PEPLINSKI, Mrs. Died Mar 1897 near Bay City, MI.

PERHAM, M. L. Born in OHIO. Died, age 45, on 3 June 1892 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Riverside
    Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI

PERIGO, Mrs. Age 70, died 30 Aug 1880 in Portland, MI

PERRY, Mrs. Died 7 Aug 1884 in Midland Co., MI

PERRY, Mrs. Alanson. Died May/June 1897 in Bay City, MI. Buried in Caldwell, MI beside her

PERRY, Charlotte. Died 10 Mar 1893 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Father was Justus C. PERRY and
    mother was Eliza A. HERRICK. Brother was Theodore PERRY and sister was Mrs. R.P.

PERRY, Clarinda. Born in Canada. Died at age 43 on 8 Apr 1893 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Husband
    was Samuel MORRISON. Resident for 22 yrs.

PERRY, Gilbert E. Age about 60m, died 15 Mar 1886 near Loomis, Isabella Co., MI. Native
    of Groveland, Oakland Co., MI

PERRY, Justic C. Age 74, died 7 Jan 1900 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Civil War Vet.

PERRY, Mrs. T. W. Died 1 May 1899 in Mt. Pleasant, MI (5 children)

PETERSON, (female). Of Rolland twp., Isabella Co., MI. died at age 28 on 21 Oct 1880 in
    Kalamazoo, MI. Husband was Spencer BEARD. Father was Wm. M. PETERSON.

PETERSON, D. S. Over 65 yrs old. Died 25 Nov 1894 in Shepherd, MI. Buried in Jackson Co., MI

PETERSON, James. Died Apr 1890 in Caldwell, MI

PETTIT, John W. Died Apr 1892 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

PHILLIPS, Joseph. Of Isabella twp., Isabella Co., MI. Died Mar 1895 in Chicago, ILL. Buried
    in Mt. Pleasant, MI

PHILLIPS, Luther. Age 56, died 2 May 1897 in Mt. Pleasant, buried Riverside Cemetery, MI.

PHILLIPS, Oscar. Died 12 Mar 1886 near Averill, MI

PHILP, William. Union soldier. Born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Died at age 47 years, 5 mos.,
    and 11 days on 5 Sept 1882 in Vernon twp., Isabella Co., MI

PHIPPS, Mr. Died 3 Aug 1883 in Vernon twp., Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Gilmore Cemetery,
    Gilmore, MI. Daughter was Mrs. Robert MALCOLM.

PHRAMPTON, Richard. Died 25 Mar 1884 in Ithaca, Gratiot Co., MI

PICKARD, (?). Died 16 Oct 1880 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Sons were Thomas and Wm. PICKARD.

PICKARD, Baby boy. age 4 months, 10 days. Died 23 Aug 1875 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Parents
    were William and Lettie PICKARD.

PICKETT, Mrs. Thomas. Age 48, died 30 Apr 1893.

PIERCE, Mrs. Frank. Age 24, died 25 Mar 1899 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried in Broomfield
    Cemetery, Isabella Co., MI

PIERCE, Howard. Died 18 May 1899 in Weidman, MI. Buried in Altona, MI. Father was
    Charles PIERCE.

PIERCE, Mrs. John. Died 20 Jan 1893 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried in Riverside Cemetery.
    Resident for 5 months. Came from Little Brithin, Canada. Adopted daughter was
    Mrs. R. JEFFREY of Mt. Pleasant, MI

PIERSON, Sadie. Age about 30 yrs. Died 2 Oct 1899 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Buried in Riverside

PIKE, Oliver Reportedly buried in Fayette, OH. Body was mis-identified. Oliver PIKE was
    alive on 14 May 1897.

PITCHER, Charles. Of Clare, MI. Age 52, died Aug 1886 in Vernon twp., Isabella Co., MI

PLOEG, B. H. Born about 1794, died at age 81 in Jan 1875 in Holland City, MI

PLOWMAN, Arthur. Age 20, died 28 July 1890 in Rolland twp., Isabella Co., MI

PLOWMAN, George. Born 23 July 1846. Married to Julia FIFIELD on 1 July 1866 in Wood-
    bridge twp., Hillsdale Co, MI. Died 1 May 1900 and buried in Union twp. Cemetery, MI
    4 children.

POLLARD, Joseph. Age 21, died Apr 1893. Father was J. POLLARD.

PORTER, Anthony William. Born in Canada. Died at age 59 on 19 Dec 1899 in Union twp.,
    Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Ann Arbor, MI

PORTERFIELD, Thomas. Age 25, died 24 Dec 1887 in Mt. Pleasant, MI (1 child)

POWELL, Mrs. A. Died Nov 1896 in Whiteville, MI

PRECHERD, Martin. Age 18, died Jan/Feb 1897 in Whiteville, MI. Buried in Elwell, MI

PRESLEY, Bradford. Born 17 Oct 1830 in Jefferson Co., NY. Died 9 Nov 1894 , at age 64,
    in Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Vernon Cemetery.

PRESSLEY, Mrs. John. Died 14 June 1881 in Clare Co., MI.

PRESTON, Albert A. Born 16 Aug 1827 in Strafford twp., Orange Co, VT. Married Martha A.
    NICHOS Arp 1851 in Java twp., Wyoming Co., NY. Died 22 July 1885 in Mt. Pleasant,
    MI. Sons were Wilber E. and Wendall B. PRESTON. Daughters were Mary CALDWELL
    and Alice ATKINS.

PRESTON, Althea M. Born in NY. Died at age 60 on 13 Sept 1900 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Husband
    was Isaac A. FANCHER. Came to MI in 1863. Son was Preston S. FANCHER.
    Daughter was Mrs. C.F. TAMBLING. Brother was W.W. PRESTON of Mt. Pleasant.
    Sister was Ellen WOODWORTH of Petoskey, MI

PRESTON, Mrs. Mary. Age 82 yrs., 10 days. Died 10 Feb 1888 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Resident
    for 24 yrs. son was W. W. PRESTON of Mt. Pleasant - daughters were Mrs. S. WOODWORTH
    and Mrs. I. A. FANCHER.

PRESTON, William. Born 28 June 1803 in Stafford, Orange Co., VT Married 7 Sept 1824 in Stafford,
    Orange Co., VT. Died at age 74 yrs on 10 Nov 1881 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Sons were
    A.A. PRESTON and W. W. PRESTON. Daughters were Mrs. WOODWORTH and
    Mrs. FANCHER.

PRICE, Tom. Indian. Died 12 Nov 1896 in Wise twp., Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Indian
    Cemetery, Calkinsville, MI (11 children)

PRIDGEON, Susan. Age 31 yrs., 9 mos., 14 days. Died 11 June 1896 in Sherman twp., Isabella Co.,
    MI. Husband was F.L. KENT. (6 children)

PRIEST, Allie. Died 8 Apr 1894 in Dushville, MI. Buried in Vestaburg, MI

PRIEST, Mrs. Hiram. Died 10 June 1893 in Whiteville, MI

PRIESTLY, Mrs. Age 85, died Aug 1900 in Isabella Co., MI. Son was George PRIESTLY
    of Chippewa twp., Isabella co., MI.

PRIESTLY, Richard. Died 4 Feb 1893 in Shepherd, MI. Resident for 17 yrs. Came from Coe
    twp. Isabella Co., MI

PRIESTLEY, Martin. Born 10 June 1809 in NY. Died 25 Feb 1892 in Chippewa twp, Isabella Co., MI
    Buried in Riverside Cemetery.

PUCHERT, Charles. Age 21, died 16 Sept 1887 in Lincoln twp., Isabella Co., MI. Father was

PURCELL, Mrs. Nancy. Age 87, died 28 May 1896. Daughter was Mrs. Delos ERVINS.

PURDY, Mrs. Homer. died 24 Sept 1889 in Sherman twp., Isabella Co., MI

PURDY, James. Age 29, died 2 Dec 1897 in Sherman twp., Isabella Co., MI

PUTNAM, Cora E. Born 1875 in Clinton Co., MI. died 4 Mar 1898 near Horr, MI. Buried in
    Forest Hills Cemetery. Father was H. PUTNAM of St. Louis, MI. 4 sisters - 2 brothers.


QUICK, Effie. died 12 Aug 1897 in Loomis, Isabella Co., MI. Father was George M. QUICK.

QUINLAIN, Michael. Born in Canada. Died 28 Aug 1898 in Whiteville, MI. 3 sons- 3 daughters.

QUINLAN, Mrs. Died "at great age" in Canada. Sons were John, Mike, and William QUILAN.
    Daughter was Mrs. DEVLIN.

QUILAN, Mrs. John. Age 80, died 5 Oct 1886 in Whiteville, MI.

QUINLAN, Lulu. Infant. Died Apr 1894. Father was William QUINLAN.


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