McCABE, Willie. Buried 14 Aug 1896 in Dushville twp.

McCANDLESS, George J. Age 30, died 9 Mar 1893. Buried in Saginaw, MI

McCARTHY, Jerry. Died 8 Aug 1885 near Alma, MI

McCARTY, Mrs. Died "aged" on 13 Feb 1899 in Mt. Pleasant, (buried in Catholic Cemetery) MI

McCARTY, Father. Catholic Preist. Born 28 Dec 1854 in Pittsburg, PA. Died 22 June 1885 in
    Mt. Pleasant, MI

McCLELLAND, Jas. B. Died 8 Sept 1883 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI.

McCLOUD, Emma Bell. Born 28 Sept 1895 in Denver twp., died 25 Sept 1896 in Denver twp.
    Parents were John and Elizabeth McCLOUD.

McCLURE, David. Died 23 Aug 1891 in Rosebush, MI

McCORMACK, Henry. Of Coleman, MI Died 31 Dec 1883 near Midland, MI.
    Wife was Jane (?).

McCOY, John. Age 27, died 10 Nov 1893 in Brinton twp., buried in Conley Cemetery. Had
    3 brothers and 5 sisters.

McCUE, Thomas. Age 24, died 29 May 1886 in Isabella Co., MI

McCUE, Mrs. Thomas. Died 6 Oct 1894 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

McDERMOTT, Walter. Age 14, died Aug/Sept 1883 in Homer twp., Midland Co., MI.
    Father was Clem McDERMOTT.

McDOLE, William. Died 17 Aug 1900 in Caldwell, buried in Caldwell Cemetery, MI.

McDONALD "baby". Age 6 months. Died 15 Mar 1881 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Father was George McDONALD.

McDONALD, Alizander. Born 20 July 1802. Died Dec 1884 in MI.

McDONALD, Bessie. Age 9 yrs. Died 20 Dec 1898 in Isabella Co., MI
    Father was Lynn McDONALD.

McDONALD, Finland. Age 23, died 28 June 1890 in Isabella Co., MI

McDONALD, Isabella. Born in Perth, Scotland. Married 1st to Alden D. SUTTON, who died.
    Married 2nd to Henry SHULTERS in Apr 1866. Died 29 May 1886 in Kalamazoo, MI.
    Daughters were Mrs. Jared (Julia) H. DOUGHTY of Mt. Pleasant, MI and Nettie
    SUTTON. Sister was Mrs. Jeanette SUTTON.

McELLIGOTT, Mrs. Died 25 Feb 1885 in MI. Daughter was Nellie.

McFADDEN, Ed. Died 14 Oct 1892 near Lake George, MI. RR accident.

McFARLAND, Caddie. Died 27 Oct 1894 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Her baby died 3 months earlier.
    Married 1890 in Vernon twp., Shiawassee Co, MI to C. B. WINANS.

McFARLAND, Mrs. Sarah. Died Dec 1895 in Vernon twp., Shiawasee Co., MI. Buried 20 Dec
    1895 in Riverside Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI. Son was Cad WINANS.

McFARLANE, John. Died Mar 1886 in Gladwin Co., MI

McGIBBEN, Bertha. Age 1 yr., 5 mos., 15 days died Oct 1891 in Brinton, MI. Buried in Conley
    Cemetery. A TWIN Father was John McGIBBEN.

McGLONE, Lewis. Born 13 July 1842 in Huron Co., OH. Died, age 45, 11 Oct 1887 in Gilmore
    twp., Isabella Co., MI. Wife was Mary HUNTLEY. Parents were Edward and Charlotte

McGLONE. Left 2 sons and 1 daughter. Brothers were Adelbert McGLONE and
    Wilder McGLONE who died 10 Oct 1887 in Cleveland.

McGUIRE, Mrs. Died 3 Aug 1881 in Clare, MI. Sons were Michael and John McGUIRE of
    Clare Co., MI.

McGUIRE, Patrick. Age 17, died Aug 1888 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

McGUIRE, Mrs. Patrick. Died 7 June 1894 in Isabella twp., Isabella Co., MI

McHALE. Age 78, died 11 Nov 1887 in Fremont twp, Isabella Co., MI

McHENRY, G. W. Age 71, died 19 May 1884 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI

McJENNET, Aggie. Age 12, died Apr 1891 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Father was S. McJENNET.

McKAY, Mrs. Age 74, died 3 Sept 1900 in Isabella Co., buried in Calkinsville Cemetery,
    Clakinsville, MI.

McKAY, Annie. Age 1, died 4 Aug 1895 in Isabella Co., MI.
    Parents were Adison H. and Sarah E. McKAY.

McKAY, Anthony. Of Lincoln twp., Isabella Co., MI. Born in New Brunswick. Died 28 May
    1891 in Ann Arbor, MI

McKAY, Minnie. Age 2 mos 14 days. Died 3 Feb 1897 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Calkinsville
    Cemetery, Calkinsville, MI. Parents were Adison H and Sarah E. McKAY
    (4th child in family to be buried in Calkinsville Cemetery)

McKENZIE, Dan. Died 2 Dec 1887 in Scott's Camp, Clare Co., MI

McKENZIE, George. Died 3 Apr 1876 in Midland, MI.
    Father was James McKENZIE.

McKESSY, Thomas. Died 20 Nov 1897 near Harrietta, MI. Buried in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    1 child, 1 brother and 1 sister
    Wife's parents were Henry WHEELER of Union twp.

McKINNON, (daughter). Age 6, died 15 Sept. 1880 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Father was Charles McKINNON.

McKINNON, Mrs. Albert. Age 22, died 26 Feb 1889 in Vernon twp, buried in Cherry Grove
    Cemetery, Clare, MI.

McKINNON, Alexander. Died 13 Apr 1891 in Vernon twp., Isabella Co., MI

McKINNON, Mrs. Jane. Age 28, died May 1888 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Husband was Charles McKINNON.

McKINNON, Maggie. Age 17, died 7 May 1898 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

McLACHLIN, John. Born in Scotland. Died, age 80, on 2 Aug 1892 in Calkinsville, MI.
    Son was David McLACHLIN.

McLEAN, Minnie. Age 6, died Feb 1882 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Grandmother was Mrs. C. BROWN of Mt. Pleasant, MI

McLOUGHLIN, Catharine. Died 9 Nov 1888 in Isabella Co., MI.

McMAHON, Johnnie. Died 4 Dec 1885 near Meredith, MI. Buried in Catholic Cemetery,
    Mt. Pleasant, MI.

McMAHON, Michael. Age 78, died 4 Jan 1895 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Catholic Cemetery.
    Vet. of Mexican and Civil Wars.

McMAHON, Timothy. Died 6 Feb 1885 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Catholic Cemetery.

McMANN, Mr. Died Feb 1885 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Catholic Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI

McMANNIS, Edgar. Died 29 Oct 1883 in Loomis, MI, buried in Fulton Cemetery.
    Father was J. N. McMANNIS of Washington twp., Gratiot Co., MI

McMILLAN, Hugh. Died 4 July 1886 in Farwell, Clare Co., MI.
    Married 1st in Canada; married 2nd to Eliza Jane MAUVER on 31 Dec 1884 in Mt.
    Pleasant, MI. Sister was Mrs. Stephen HART.

McNAMERA, John. Age 39, died 8 Aug 1882 in Grand Rapids, MI. Brother was T. McNAMERA
    of Mt. Pleasant, MI

McNEIL, Mrs. Catharine. Age 76, died 3 Mar 1889 in Isabella Co., MI. Son was John McNEIL
    and daughter was Mrs. P. TRAINER.

McNUTT, Mr. Buried 7 Feb 1895 in Log Church Cemetery. Father and mother buried in
    Log Church Cemetery 3 years earlier.

McNUTT, Mary A. Age 82, died 28 Sept 1891 in Dushville, MI

McQUEEN, Mrs. J. V. Age 59, died 22 May 1896 in Dushville, MI

McQUEEN, Nelson. Age 15, died 10 Apr 1887 in MI.

McRAE, Nettie. Died Oct 1895 in Saginaw, MI. Buried in Catholic Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Husband was John BLONDHEIM.

McSHAY, (?). Died Apr 1880 in Isabella Co., MI

MACK, Leo. Age 4 yrs. Died 11 May 1881 in Clare Co., MI.
    Father was A. E. MACK.

MADDEN, Reuben D. Died 10 Sept 1881 in Bethany twp., Gratiot Co., MI

MAHON, Mary. Died 10 Mar 1900 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Catholic Cemetery, MI

MALES, George. Died 23 Nov 1900 in Rolland twp., Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Pine River
    Cemetery. 5 children.

MALISH, John. Of Rolland twp. Died 13 May 1892 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

MALONEY, Mike. Died 8 Mar 1880 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

MANKIN, John W. Age 85, died 11 Jan 1896 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried in Fawn River, MI
    Daughters were Mrs. Henry HARRIS and Mrs. Jesse BELKNAP.

MANN, Mrs. Hattie. Died 14 June 1898 near Saginaw, MI.
    3 sisters and 1 brother.

MANNERS, Carrie. Born 1881 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Died 7 June 1896 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Father was William H. MANNERS.

MANNERS, Frank. Age 5 yrs., 7 mos., 8 days. Died Feb 1890 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Parents were William and Sarah MANNERS.

MANNING, William. Born in PA. Died, ate 76, on 12 Sept 1894 in Delwin, MI.

MARCEILS, Mary. Age 32, died 15 Dec 1887 in Vernon twp, Isabella Co., MI
    Husband was (?) TETAULT. Father was Anthony MARCEILS. Left 3 children.

MARKLEY, Mr. Died week of 26 Aug 1892 in Vernon twp., Isabella Co., MI

MARKLEY, John G. Of Clare, MI. Born in Germany. Died at age 75 on 5 Aug 1892.
    4 sons and 2 daughters.

MARSH, Charlie. Died 13 Feb 1892 near Mt. Pleasant, MI

MARTENDALE, Delilah. Died 21 Sept 1897 near Corunna, MI. Buried in Canada. Single.

MARTHEY, Frank. Age 12, died 20 Feb 1895 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Father was P.J. MARTHEY.

MARTIAN, Horald. Age 3, died 26 Oct 1892 in Leaton, MI.
    Father was Bert MARTIAN.

MARTIN, Mr. Died May 1890 in Pleasant Ridge, Midland Co., MI. Resident of Jasper twp.,
    Midland Co., MI for 28 yrs.

MARTIN, Andrew J. "Jack". Age 59, died 21 July 1893 in Jasper, Midland Co., MI.
    Resident for 30 years. 5 children.

MARTIN, David S. Died 21 Dec 1893 in Orosa, CA. Son was D. Ray MARTIN of Orose, CA.

MARTIN, Mrs. Emma L. Born in Oakland Co., MI. Married N. WARD of Montcalm Co., MI
    in 1867. He died in 1863 in Civil War. Married William MARTIN in 1861. He died
    in 1891. She died 30 Jan 1896 in Mt. Pleasant, MI, buried in Chippewa Cemetery, MI
    Resident for 30 years. Sons were A. N. WARD of Mt. Pleasant, MI and Bert MARTIN
    of Chicago, ILL

MARTIN, Mrs. Henry. Died 10 Jan 1884 in Jackson, MI. Daughter was Mrs. Will HENTON
    of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

MARTIN, Mrs. Henry. Died 6 Mar 1899 in Beal City, MI. 5 children.

MARTIN, Scott. Age 27, died 7 Oct 1889 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

MARTIN, William. Died 1891. Wife was Emma L (?)

MASON, George H. Died 7 Jan 1889 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

MATUREAN, Mrs. M. E. Died May 1888 in Saginaw, MI

MAXWELL, Mrs. Robert. Killed by train Aug 1896 at Herrick Crossing, MI. 2 year old
    daughter killed at same time.

MAXWELL, Mrs. William. Died 30 May 1891 in Lansing Siding, MI. Buried in M.E. Church-
    yard at Lansing Siding, MI

MAY, Mrs. Of Loomis twp. Died Mar 1894 in Isabella Co., MI

MAY, B.O. Died 12 Dec 1896 in Wise twp., Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Coleman, MI GAR

MAYVILLE, Mr. Died 12 Sept 1893 in Brinton, MI Buried in Conley Cemetery.
    Sons were Joe and Jim MAYVILLE.

MECUM, Minnie. Died 2 Apr 1891 in Ironweed, WI. Buried 7 Apr 1891. Husband was
    (?) MURPHY. Father was (?) MECUM of Sherman twp., Isabella Co., MI.
    Brother was Reuben MECUM of CA. Sister was Mrs. Dell MANSFIELD of Remus, MI

MEEKER, Abner. Age 100 yrs., 2 mos., 2 days. Died 18 Aug 1885 in Millbrook, Mecosta Co., MI

MEEKER, Nancy E. Age 60, died 18 Sept 1885 in Harrison, Clare Co., MI

MELERRY, John. Died Jan 1875 in Kent Co., MI

MESSINGER, Edward. Indian. Died at 15 in Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Brimley, MI

MEYER, Mrs. Jacob. Of Nottawa twp., Isabella Co., MI. Died 30 Aug 1893 in Isabella Co., MI.

MIDDLESWORTH, Infant son. Died 3 Mar 1894 in Isabella Co., MI.
    Father was George MIDDLESWORTH.

MILES, Eva. Born 28 Dec 1860 in Woodslee, Ontario, Canada. Married 31 Dec 1879 to
    James CRAWFORD. Died 12 Jan 1901 in Calkinsville, MI. 3 sons and 2 daughters.

MILES, Mrs. Laura A. Of Chippewa twp., died 18 Oct 1881 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Husband was William MILES.

MILLES, William. Age 45, died 2 Aug 1893 in Isabella Co., MI. Son is 8 yrs. old.

MILLEN, John. Died Mar 1897 in Muskegon, MI

MILLER, Mrs. Archie. Born in Metcalf, Ontario, Canada. Resident of Calkinsville, MI.
    Died at age 38 on 23 Aug 1893 in Cairngorham, Ontario, Canada. Buried in Calkinsville, MI
    4 children.

MILLER, Benjamin. Age 80, died 15 May 1889 in Loomis, MI

MILLER, Bessie. Of Ithaca, MI. Died 28 May 1899 in Crystal Lake, MI

MILLER, Billy. Born in Canada. Died at age 50 on 30 Apr 1889 in Loomis, MI. Buried Loomis.

MILLER, Mrs. John. Indian. Age 96, died 20 Jan 1899 near Beal City, MI

MILLER, Lizzie. Age 16, died 19 Jan 1885 in Deerfield, MI.
    Father was John MILLER.

MILLER, Lud. Died 14 July 1890 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI

MILLER, Otis. W. age 9 yrs., 4 mos. Died Oct 1879 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Father was Dr. J. MILLER

MILLER, Sadie. Born 25 June 1851 in Lockport, Erie Co, PA. died 12 Jan 1885 in Lockport, PA.
    Husband was Linus D. ESTEE.

MILLS, Mrs. William. Died 20 June 1889 in Vandecar, MI

MILNER, (male). Age 9, died Aug 1881 in Larkin, MI.
    Father was John MILNER.

MINACKA, Mrs. Abe. Died Dec 1897 in Isabella Co., MI.
    Father was James CONRAD

MINER, Joseph. Died 3 May 1899 Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Coldwater Cemetery. 5 children.

MINISCH, Jake. Died 8 Mar 1891 - 1 mile East of Shepherd, MI.

MITCHELL, Mr. Died 28 Jan 1899 near Millbrook, MI

MITZNER, Christian. Age 78, died 5 Nov 1889 in Chippewa twp., Isabella Co. buried in
    Mt.  Pleasant Cemetery, MI

MOGG, Katie. Born 5 May 1896 Denver twp., Isabella Co., MI. died 25 Sept 1896 in Denver twp.
    Parents were Henry and Amanda MOGG.

MOGG, Mrs. Mac. Died 14 May 1899 in Denver twp., Isabella Co., MI.

MOLOY, Michael. Age 60, died 21 Dec 1890 in Hatton, MI

MONGAR, Clay. Died 1 May 1900 near Evart, MI. Buried in Horr, MI.

MONROE, Mr. Died 22 Nov 1881 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

MONROE, Rev. Died 15 June 1886 in Chippewa twp., Isabella Co., MI

MONTIGEL, Mrs. Anna B. Age 59, died 3 Sept 1885 in Alma, MI
    Husband was J. M. MONTIGEL

MOODY, Mrs. Mary. Died 3 Mar 1893 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Husband was Chas. MOODY.

MOOR, Alice. Died 16 July 1894 in Pompeii, MI
    Husband was Samuel PATTERSON. Father was Frank MOOR.

MOORE, William F. Age 85, died 2 Oct 1891 in Shepherd, MI. Former resident of St. Johns, MI
    Daughter was Martha TAYLOR.

MOREHOUSE, Horace L. died 27 Jan 1898 in Isabella Co., buried in Deerfield twp. Cemetery, MI

MOREY, J. A. Of Riverdale, MI. died 20 May 1896 in Cadillac, MI. Buried in Riverside Cemetery,
    Mt. Pleasant, MI

MORRISON, Harrison Allen. Age 1 yr., 10 mos. died 26 Jan 1876 in Loomis, MI.
    Parents were Joseph and Ellen MORRISON.

MORSE, David. Died 21 July 1896 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

MORSE, Thomas J. Age 56, died Feb 1888 in Fulton, MI 7 children.

MOSIER, Mrs. Homer. Died 8 May 1884 in Deerfield Center, MI

MOSS, Mrs. D. L. Died 26 Sept 1877 in Rowland twp., Isabella Co., MI
    Daughter was Ella MOSS

MOSS, Rev. Z.F. Age 68, died 3 Sept 1881 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI

MOSTELLER, William H. Age 38, died 20 May 1888 in Clare Co., MI

MOUNT, Mr. Died Sept 1892 in Dushville, MI

MOWRY, Walter. Died 6 Aug 1895 in Fremont twp., Isabella Co., MI
    Parents were Nathaniel and Rebecca MOWRY.

MULL, Frank. Died 14 Apr 1885 in Deerfield Center, MI

MULLEN, Kirk. Died Jan 1896 in Farwell, MI. Buried in Gilmore twp. Cemetery, Isabella Co., MI

MURPHY, Mr. Died 13 Oct 1884 in Midland Co., MI. Buried in Edenville, MI
    Brother was Frank MURPHY

MURPHY, James. Age 60, died 28 Oct 1889 near Delwin, MI

MURPHY, John. Age 12, died Aug 1889 in Mt. Pleasant, buried in Catholic Cemetery, Mt. P., MI
    Father was George B. MURPHY

MURPHY, Maudie. Age 10 months. Died 21 Feb 1882 in Sherman City, MI

MURRAY, Mrs. C. J. Died 6 Aug 1893 in University Hospital.
    Daughter was D. Belle MURRAY.

MURRAY, Chester J. Born Washtenaw Co., MI Died, age 55, on 8 Jan 1896 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Buried in Homer, MI. Capt. in Civil War. Resident for 2 yrs. Son was B.R. MURRAY;
    daughter was D. Belle MURRAY, both of Mt. Pleasant, MI

MURRAY, Elizabeth. Age 14, died June 1881 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI.
    Father was William MURRAY

MURRAY, Willie. Age 18, died 14 May 1896 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Mother was Jennie MURRAY

MURTHA, Michael. Born in Portland, Ionia co., MI. Married Sarah MERRILL on 23 Oct 1872.
    Died at age 44, in June of 1888 in Shepherd, MI. Buried in Riverside Cem., Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Brother was S. P. MURTHA. 3 children.

MYERS, Mrs. Abraham. Died 15 Nov 1899 in Isabella Co., buried in Lincoln twp. Cemetery, MI

MYERS, Agnes. Age 18, died 9 Oct 1899 in Rolland twp., Isabella Co., MI

MYERS, Albert. Died 12 Sept 1900 in Lincoln twp., Isabella Co., MI.
    Civil War Vet.

MYERS, Anna. Age 21, died 31 Aug 1883 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

MYERS, George W. Age 83, died 7 Feb 1897 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Co. A., 23rd OHIO INF.

MYERS, Lottie. Died 15 Sept 1900 in Shepherd, MI
    Father was Joseph MYERS.

MYERS, William. Died Jun/July 1896 in Shepherd, MI. Resident for 41 years.
    2 children, 1 brother and 1 sister.


NEAZOR, Mrs. George. Born 1855 Ontario, Kent Co., MI. Died at age 35 yrs., 4 mos, 12 days on
    22 July 1890 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Brothers were William and Robert CAMPBELL

NEEBES, Daisy. Age 18 yrs 11 mos., died 19 May 1892 in Isabella Co., MI
    Father was John NEEBES.

NEFF, Joseph. Age 15, died 24 Nov 1889 in Colorado. Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Father was John NEFF of McBride, MI

NEILSON, Adelaide. Died Aug 1880 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

NELSON, Douglas Fitch. Age 6 yrs., 10 mos died 23 Nov 1875 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Parents were D. H. and Nellie NELSON.

NELSON, Nellie Leroy. Age 7 mos, 19 days died 6 Aug 1876 in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
    Parents were D.H. and Nellie NELSON
    (note states Douglas H. NELSON and wife Nellie BABBITT)

NEVINS, Charles. Of Saginaw, MI. Died 25 Mar 1891 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried in Saginaw.

NEWAM, C. H. Died July 1880 near Jasper, Midland Co., MI

NEWBERRY, John S. Born 19 Nov 1826 in Waterville, Oneida Co., NY. Died 2 Jan 1887 in
    Detroit, MI. Was a resident of Detroit.

NEWTON, John. Age 80, died Sept 1881 in Bloomville, OH.
    Son was J.F. NEWTON of St. Louis, MI

NIARA, Mrs. Died early Sept 1893 in Nottawa twp., Isabella Co., MI

NICHOLS, Martha A. Born 16 Apr 1833 in Keene, NH. Married Albert A. PRESTON in 1851 in NY.
    Died 25 Feb 1900 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Came to MI in 1862. Sons were W.E. and W.B.
    PRESTON, both of Mt. Pleasant. Daughters were Mrs. Mary CALDWELL of CA, and
    Mrs. Alice ATKINS of Coe twp., Isabella Co., MI.

NOBLES, Jonah. Born in NY. Died at age 70+ in Jan 1896 in Novi, Oakland Co., MI.
    Farmer in Loomis, Isabella Co., MI. NO children.

NORTHRUP, Henry E. Born 5 Oct 1856 in Hartford, Washington Co., NY. Died 8 July 1888 in
    Isabella Co., MI

NOTT, Luke. Born in England. Died at age 78 on 12 Aug 1893 in Birch Run, MI. Came to US
    in 1851. Wife died 1865 in NY.

NOTT, Myron A. Age 29, died 7 May 1885 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Buried in Birch Run, Saginaw, MI
    Sister was Mrs. TREMPER.

NOUGHER, John. Died 2 Mar 1881 near Harrison, Clare Co., MI. Railroad accident.


OATHOUDT, Mrs. Lurancy. Born 14 Oct 1809 in North Bergen, Genesee Co., NY. Died 5 Oct 1888
    in Chippewa twp., Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Hillside Cemetery. Resident of the county
    for 24 yrs.

O'BRIAN, Mrs. Catherine. Age 65. Died 20 July 1895 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
    5 sons and 2 daughters.

O'BRIEN, David. Age 84, died 18 June 1887 in Calkinsville, MI

O'BRIEN, Michael. Age 72, died 11 Nov 1889 in Vernon twp., Isabella Co., MI.

OFFIL. Mr. Died 23 Dec 1900 in Chippewa twp., Isabella Co., MI

O'HARA, Frank. Age about 45. Died 21 May 1900 in Mt. Pleasant, MI Buried in Catholic
    Cemetery. 5 children.

OKEMOS, John. Indian. Age 110. Died Mar 1899 in Isabella Co., MI

OLDS, Ashel. Died 3 Aug 1877 in Shepherd, MI.

OLMSTED, Mrs. Frederick. Age 29, died 19 Nov 1883 in Chippewa twp., Isabella Co., MI.

OMEY, Mrs. A. Died 5 Nov 1887 in Salt River, MI

ORCUTT, Mrs. Anna Blanch. Age 23 yrs, 3 mos. died 6 June 1899 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

ORIENT, James. Born is Washington Co., NY. Died at age 79 yrs, 3 mos on 8 Oct 1891 in MI.
    Buried in Taylor Cemetery, Fremont, MI Came to MI 30 yrs ago. Son was Henry

ORIENT of Mecosta, MI Daughter was Mrs. Lon JOHNSON of Mt. Pleasant, MI

ORR, Iva Emma. Born 16 Mar 1885, died at age 8 yrs. on 16 Mar 1893 in Saginaw, MI
    Formerly of Mt. Pleasant, MI

ORWIG, Mrs. Daniel. Died 18 Mar 1885 in Coe twp., Isabella Co., MI. Son was J. H. ORWIG
    of Forest Hill, MI

OSBORN, William A. Age about 60, died 12 Feb 1900 in Isabella Co., MI

OWEN, Joseph. Age 61, died 17 Sept 1889 in Vernon twp., Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Clare
    Cemetery, Clare, MI

OWENS, Edna. Died 26 Sept 1899 in Denver twp., Isabella Co., MI. Buried in Loomis, MI
    Father was Jas. OWENS.

OWENS, Ollie (female). Age 14, died 6 Aug 1884 in Mt. Pleasant, MI

OWENS, Thomas. Died 16 Dec 1898 in North Denver, Isabella Co., MI. Resident 15 yrs.
    4 sons and 1 daughter.

OWENS, Mrs. Thomas. Age 70+. Died 2 Nov 1900 in Denver twp., Isabella Co., buried in
    Loomis, MI
    4 sons and 1 daughter

OXFORD, Dorothy. Infant. Died 11 Oct 1900 in Shepherd, MI
    Father was B.A. OXFORD.

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