Lookup Help for Isabella County 

We need YOUR help!  Do you have any resources at home that you'd be willing to do some minor research in for those looking for ancestors in Isabella County? Would you be willing to donate your time to lookup obituaries or vital records or take photos of tombstones?  The more lookup resources we have, the better off we all are!!  If you are interested in helping other genealogical researchers find their roots, write me, Donna Hoff-Grambau and let me know! 

*Please note, the researcher should not be expected to bear the expense of photocopying or mailing the information.  Please negotiate this with the lookup volunteer.

Shelley A. Crawley  -  is willing to look up information in death records, birth record, tax records ect.

Katy O'Bryan - 1900, 1910, 1920 Census CD Lookup

Cindy Smith  -  obituary lookups in local newspapers

Shawn Spickerman -  Has offered to do still photos of tombstones and Public Records lookups and copying. Local newspaper obits lookups and copying.

Stephanie -  has the book "Faces and Places Familiar - Mt. Pleasant, Michigan" to do lookups in

Mike Voisin - has offered to do lookups in the "Beal City Michigan Area Centennial, 1875-1975" by Ben Weber.

Carol Szelogowski - is willing to do lookups in "Isabella County, Michigan Families and History 2003", newly published by The Isabella County Genealogical Society.



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