Isabella County Poor Farm

Chippewa Township
Shepherd, Michigan

Surveyed by Jane Cowles, Phillip Cowles, and Melva Wilbur on April 13, 1979.

This unnamed cemetery is located on the old County Poor Farm land, now owned by Miles Conroy.  It
is very close to the southwest corner of a barn about 1/3 mile east from Shepherd Road -- 3 and 1/2 miles north of Shepherd on the east side of the road.  A lane goes back to the barn, starting north of Gould Drug Warehouse and running east, intersected by a creek with an iron railed bridge.  Deer, pheasant, coon and dog tracks, cedar wax wings, one butterfly, fish and a crab in the creek, were evident on the walk to the cemetery.

The cemetery is enclosed by a wire fence, in good condition, with a gate.  There is a heavy cover of grass and sod -- this site does not appear to have been mowed for years, and there are rose briers throughout the lot.

The stones are small, but nicely lettered, some very sunken.  There is no sign of vandalism or litter.
We suspect that there are other graves for which no stones were erected.

Beginning at the east end of the burial ground, corner nearest the gate:

1st row, reading south to north --

                    1. Louis Kovac - February 2, 1934
                    2. Frank Davis - December 26, 1933
                    3. Etel Carr - May 14, 1934
                    4. Frank Hagerman - July 12, 1934
                    5. Larry Belicke - October 27, 1934
                    6. Baby Allen - December 28, 1935
                    7. Julian (no other name) - July 11, 1935
                    8. John Richie - November 30, 1935
                    9. George Carson - November 29, 1935, stone fallen over

2nd row, reading south to north --

                    10. Baby Kennedy - April 23, 1936
                    11. Harry Copey - May 8, 1936, stone sunken
                    12. H.R. Norris - May 5, 1936, stone sunken
                    13. Joseph Nogac - June 8, 1936, stone sunken
                    14. Julian Mendocs - November 7, 1936  The day ---7--- is hard to read. Stone sunken.
                    15. Jay Omans - December 20, 1938, rosebushes and faded plastic roses near the stone.
                    16. Zeferina Hermasioez - March 16, 1937
                    17. Victor Coronodo - April 21, 1937, stone sunken

3rd row, south to north, extreme west row --

                    18. Corenzo Boody - January 11, 1938
                    19. Rueben Torres - August 21, 1940
                    20. Braulin Hontecinas - November 17, 1939
                    21. Anthony Torres - August 4, 1940
                    22. Steve Ferkes - August 7, 1939
                    23. Mike Toval - July 31, 1941
                    24. William Gage - July 18, 1941
                    25. Bill Butler - July 17, 1941

Somewhat isolated, south side of cemetery --

                    26. Baby DuBois - January 8, 1941

We were told by various people in our efforts to locate the official records of burial at the the "County Poor Farm" that the records are lost, but that indigent transients who became ill were taken there, and that sometimes the person was unable to tell his name or designate relatives, or did not speak English.  Therefore, if the person died it would have been impossible to record his or her name.  During that period there were many migrant workers during harvest season in the area -- fruit pickers, pickle pickers, beet workers etc.  Perhaps some day the records will be found.

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