Civil War Encampments
in Isabella County

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Shepherd Civil War Encampment

                              In front: Mr. and Mrs. Philetus Howe, 2nd on right, E.A. Howe, 3rd and
                              4th on right, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Frost, 5th on right is Mrs. Cora Swix, 2nd
                              on left behind Howe's - Mrs. Josie Gould.  Behind Frosts', Mr. and Mrs.
                              John Swix.  Towering in the back is Curt Howe, brother of E.A. Howe.
                              Note the tents in the background.

Daguerrotype courtesy of the
Shepherd Area Historical Society

© 1999 - 2012 by Donna Hoff-Grambau