Charles Sheldon


Charles Taylor was the first Justice-of-the-Peace in the county and his first official act was to marry a couple who had been waiting for some time.  They were Eli HAMILTON and Elizabeth SUTIS (Betsey SUTOUN) and the ceremony took place in April 1856. The second marriage by Mr. Taylor was of Eli CLARK and Martha MYERS.  The third marriage ceremony was by John Q. A. JOHNSON in 1857, the parties being William F.  PAYNE and Rosana LANDON.




The marriage of Eli HAMILTON and Betsey SUTOUN was a “shot-gun” wedding and their child, a son, Byron, was listed as one year of age in the 1860 census.  However, that may have been an older child who died or went with the father when this couple parted.  Betsey and Byron were living with her father’s family in 1860.  Father’s name was Solomon SUTOUN.


Martha MYERS is listed in the 1860 census of Chippewa Township.  She was not married at that time. 


Ida PAYNE, daughter of William T. and Rosann (Landon) PAYNE, was listed as four years of age in the 1860 census so her parents must have been married in 1855 and were probably the first couple to be married in Isabella county.

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