Wednesday, June 15, 1881


The following is the population of the villages of the county:  Mount Pleasant 1,115;  Blanchard 271;  Salt River 194;  Loomis 215;  Dushville 102. 


Mt. Pleasant Union school report for month ending July 3, 1881:

            High school enrolled                             22

            Grammar department                            36

            Intermediate department                       57

            Primary department                              53

            Whole number enrolled           168

            Average attendance                            122


The salaries paid in the Union School in 1881:

            High school                                        $700

            Grammar grades                                 $400

            Intermediate room                              $344

            Primary                                              $221

            Janitor                                                $100



February 1882


Potatoes are very high, selling here for 20 and 25 cents a peck.


The firm of Fancher and Dodds Bros. has been dissolved.  The firm will hereafter be Dodds Bros.


The new Methodist Church will be built on lots near the residence of Cass Mosher and will cost about $10,000.


Mrs. R. A. Stilwell, formerly of Mt. Pleasant, has now become Mrs. R. A. Williamson and orders the enterprise sent to her at Titusville, New Jersey.


July 16, 1886


The U.S. Marshall has been here “murder will out”. 

            There is considerable excitement in town just now from the fact that U.S. Marshall Pennell of Detroit has been here and served papers in cases commenced against several prominent citizens for alleged trespasses consisting of several million of feet of timber taken from Indian reservation lands.  Indian agent Mark Stevens charges some of the prominent lumber dealers of this county with having for years robbed the Indians of Michigan and the government of extensive tracts of valuable timber lands.

August 13, 1886


Oats .28, eggs .12, wheat .69, butter .12, potatoes .50, clover seed $6.00.


It still continues hot and dry—no rain to speak of for several weeks.


The wedding of Miss Annetta Oberholtzer to Mell Angel took place August 1, at the home of a relative of the bride, Mrs. F. W. Carr.


August 23, 1886


The Bennett House has been operated for nearly a year by Messrs. Milton & Malette, who have not been able to agree very well of late, hence one of the proprietors sold to the other. Mr. Malette continues to run the house.


County drain commissioner, A. Brodie with W. D. Arnold, for engineer were laying out drains.


February 6, 1891


136 loads of logs were drawn to the basket factory yesterday. Still they come.


A bill appropriating $30,000.00 to the establishing of an Indian school in this city passed the senate yesterday.


 Marriage licenses:  Barrett N. Pragg of Mt. Pleasant and Mary Whaley of Chippewa;  George L. Granger and Emily Loomis, Mt. Pleasant;  A. A. Scoby and Mary Ward of Rolland.


January 29, 1892


Gorham Bros. have received at their mill over 600,000 feet of basswood and logs the past ten days.


The Business College is to move into a suite of rooms in the commercial block known as the South Hall.


July 6, 1881


On Saturday afternoon at about three o’clock, the corner stone of the new schoolhouse, which will be one of the handsomest buildings in town when completed, was laid at the northeast corner of the building in accordance with the usual custom.  There were no formal exercises, but a number of gentlemen and a few ladies were present to see the stone placed in position.  The stone, which was 12 x 20 inches, bore the following inscription: 

F. W. Hollister, architect

(Geo.) Lance and Whitney, builders

J. M. Shafer, mason

(Geo. H.), Mason and (J. W.) Fitzgerald, cut-stone work.





Margaret O’Brien, Wenatachee, Wash. 1916

John C. Wood, Newberry, Ore (from Deerfield twp.) 1912

Ernest Ford, Kern, Calif. 1905

T. W. Sanders, Cottage Hill, Escambia Co., Florida 1902

Mrs. Char. Collier (4 children; 2 boys & 2 girls), East End, Saskatchawan, Canada 1915

Mrs. Jennie Brodie, Punta Gorda, Florida

J. E. Coughlin, Ship Creek, Alaska, Alaska Engineering Commission.

Mrs. Frank Butler, Easton, Maryland (Father Sheldon’s daughter)



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