ENTERPRISE CLIPPINGS; Wednesday, February 9, 1881


The contract for building the new schoolhouse at this place was let Thursday last to George Lance and C. C. Whitney Co., of this city for $9,890.00.  There were three other bids submitted, one by Witt, Jeffords & Shafer & Mt. P. for $11,275.  The building is to be brick, 75 x 75 feet and Fred W. Holister of Saginaw is the architect.



Mt. Pleasant supports 17 lawyers, six doctors, four newspapers, and two bands.


The executive board of the Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Gratiot and Isabella counties has appointed as inspectors of steam threshers, E. S. Crowley of Union, and J. W. Doan of Forest Hill. 


March 30 a gentleman by the name of Sweeney Tallca is starting a grocery store here.


June 8—Mt. Pleasant has no vacant houses.


June 15—The Chippewa River is jammed full of logs from Mt. Pleasant to Midland.


The foundation for our new schoolhouse is up.


The undersigned at “California” Brown’s, on the 18th at 10 o’clock a.m., will let a job to construct a ditch along the highway in front of his residence of 200 rods. George Ferris.


The electric lights in the city of Grand Rapids on Canal and Monroe streets prove to be a success.


The third annual meeting of the Isabella County Pioneer Society held a session this month with P. H. Estee, president and I. E. Arnold, secretary.  A secretary’s book and autograph album were bought and the pioneers present signed their names and the dates whey they came into the county.


Population of the county:--12,158; males 6,105; females 5,554; natives 9,653; fireign 2,506; white 11,553; colored 606.


Number of area post offices in the county at present, Dushville having been closed.  Alembic, Blanchard, Calkinsville, Crawford, Delwin, Leaton, Loomis, Mt. Pleasant, Herrick, Rowland, Salt River, Sherman City, Strickland, and Vandecar.



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