Civil War Veterans Buried in Isabella County


Bennett Cemetery

Gatehouse, Cpl. J.   1841 1936 Co. B 44th Illinois Infantry
Waight, George W. 1843 - 1906 Co. H 161st N. Y. Volunteers

Blanchard Cemetery

Bishop, Francis A.  (Medal of Honor Recipient)  1840-1937  57th PA Infantry, Company C
Both, Jacob
Gerred, M. P. 10th PA Infantry, Company C
Hyde, Franklin W.  1837 - 1915 1st Michigan Light Artillery, Company F
Irwin, James W.  1836 - 1901  119th PA Volunteers, Company E
Mallery, Charles H.  1841 - 1918  6th New York Heavy Artillery, Company D
Murry, J. H. 119th Ohio Infantry, Company D
Sanders, Robert

Broomfield Cemetery

Burnside, William 19 Jul 1842 27 July 1919 Cpl Co. C, 12th Indiana Cavalry
Steele, George 1846 1927 Lt. Co F 2nd NY Cavalry
McArthur, John H.  3rd Michigan Infantry, Company E


Cavalry Cemetery - Sacred Heart
Bogan, Cornelius  7th Michigan Cavalry, Company E
No record of burial at Sacred Heart Parish Office, information obtained from the Sons of Union Veterans, Wa Bu No Post
Bourgeois, F.  98th New York Infantry, Company E
Brandstetter, Joseph  3rd New York Cavalry, Company A
Jourdain, Julius  1844 -  October 7, 1914  1st new York Light Artillery, Company I,
Block 36, Lot 6
Lopendahl, Nicholas  107th Ohio Infantry, Company G
Marz, John  5th Michigan Infantry, Company K
Meaz, Peter  5th Michigan Infantry, Company L
Quinlan, Charles Sr.  not a GAR stone, GAR Civil War marker, 1845 - 1926
Richmond, John, Jr.  1843 - 1904  142nd New York Infantry, Company C
Riley, W. M.  29th Michigan Infantry, Company G


Chippewa Cemetery

Van Wie, Garrett F., 1847-1935 Co. G 30th Michigan Infantry
Griffith, Stephen W. No Dates Sgt. Co. G 29th Ohio Infantry
Hall, Charles died: September 18, 1894, Co. I 23rd Michigan Infantry
Vining, James Co I, 9th Michigan Infantry
Offill, Benjamin Died Dec. 2, 1901 Pvt. 54th Ohio Infantry
Masey, A.C. No Dates Co. B, 8th Michigan Division
Foutch, David No Dates Co. G, 14th Michigan Infantry
Johnson, Oren W. 1836-1916 Co. L, 8th Michigan Cavalry


Coe Cemetery

Leonard, Silas, 1840 1917 , Veterans Flag
Stahl, Emanias  1846 - 1924
Stephenson, David  1845 - 1899


Conley Cemetery

Brown, George W.  1829 -    31st Ohio Infantry, Company A
Forbes, William B.  10th Michigan Infantry, Company A
Steed, G. W.,  59th Indiana Infantry, Company C
McKibben, John W.  1835 - 1912
Alexander, Jackson  1827 - 1895  74th Indiana Infantry, Company G
Ryerson, Martin M.  1833 -      88th Ohio Infantry, Company H
Letson, Serel A.  1842 - 1919  14th Michigan Battery
Shelts, Henry  102nd Ohio Infantry, Company G
Walker, Thomas  1833 - 1896
Watkins, Darius  1816 - 1888
Wooley, Albert  1812 - 1885

Denver Township Cemetery

Halliwill, Absalom O. Co H. 177th OVI
Slocum, Ervin L.  1847 - 1926
Williams, J. F.  1837 - 1905  8th Michigan Cavalry, Company F


Fairview Cemetery

Vandecar, Wallace
Wright, Silas  22nd New York Cavalry, Company K
Dillenbeck, Joshua  15th Michigan Infantry, Company H
Wa-ba-no, John, Co. K, 1st Michigan Sharp Shooters


Forest Hill Cemetery

Bradley, Peter F. 27th N.Y. Light Artillery
Doyle, John H. Co F 30th US Infantry
Holton, James, Co. I 193rd N.Y. Infantry
Manley, William D. Co. D, 188th PA Inf.
Pridgeon, Samuel 1837-1919 GAR Marker
Bly, Winfield  A. Co I, 8th Michigan Cavalry
Holstead, Elijah  1838 - 1914  16th Michigan Infantry, 1st Division Corps, Company D


Gilmore Cemetery

Buskard, Ezra Co G, US Infantry, 1842 1912
Bradshaw, H.S., Co. I, US Cavalry
Brasington, Seymour G. 1831-1913 Co. M, Michigan Cavalry
Glass, Herbert, Co. K. 10th Michigan Cavalry 1845 1924
Johnson, James Harvey 10 Oct. 1845 11 June 1939; Ohio Warrant Officer
Malcom, Mahlon H. died 27 Dec. 1879, Co. F 34th Indiana Infantry
McIntire, George Co. E 179th Ohio Infantry
McNeil, Samuel, No Dates, Co. H. 9th Michigan Infantry
Phipps, David M. 1840-1915 Co. I, 101st Indiana Infantry
Powers, Eben A. No Dates, Co. I 185th N.Y. Infantry
Putnam, Perry 1837 1904  GAR Marker
Seylendt, K. M. Co. F, 20th Michigan Infantry
Spencer, Almon,Co. B, 14th Michigan Infantry
Stanley, R.S. Co. H, 19th US Infantry
Teachout, Wolcott 14 April 1847 -2 March 1911; Co. I, 1st Michigan Cavalry

Green Cemetery

Benchley, E. A.  Co. F, 189th N.Y. Infantry
Ford, Orrin E.  Co. B, 1st Michigan Regiment
Kemmerer, Geo.  Co. I, 147th Ohio Infantry
Caszatt, Elba

Titus, Samuel W., Musician, 8th New York Heavy Artillery

Isabella Township Cemetery

Bainbridge, Daniel  1856 - 1939  77th United States Infantry, Company D

Lincoln Township Cemetery
Brown, S.D., Co. G, 18th Michigan Infantry

Nottawa Indian or Red Man Cemetery
Samuel Fish, 10th Calvary, Company F, Private, American Indian


North Brinton Cemetery

Field, James H.  10th Michigan Regimental Cavalry, Company E
Jones, William P.  1845 - 1923  8th Michigan Cavalry, Company C
Moyers, John D.  1843 - 1914  102nd Ohio Infantry, Company K
Sisco, Joseph  1833 - 1918  3rd Maryland Infantry, Company B


Pine River Cemetery

Beatham, Robert  1st Maine Cavalry, Company E
Green, Irvin  1841 - 1920
Jenks, Dallas E.  1839 - 1908
Heckart, George 1840 - 1918
Moody, William H.  1839 - 1928
Taylor, D.
Pumfrey, S.N.  1845 - 1920
Powers, Ivan G. 1845 - 1925  11th Michigan Cavalry, Company E
Wellhalf, Joseph  1823 - 1900


Riverside Cemetary - City of Mt. Pleasant


Salt River Cemetery - Coe Township


Sherman City Cemetery

Bryant, Casper W.  9th Michigan Cavalry, Company A
Cheadle, Nathan R.  14th Ohio Infantry, Company H
Johnson, James  15th Michigan Infantry, Company C
Johnson, William  27th Michigan Infantry, Company F
Lake, James H. 1st Michigan Light Artillery, Company A
Mason, Josephus  40th Iowa Infantry, Company F
Robinson, Sabina Co B, 2nd US Artillery
Scott, Alanson 1 36th new York Infantry, Company A


St. Joseph the Worker Cemetery

Mead, Lyman F.  10th Michigan Cavalry, Company G

Taylor Cemetery
Davis, Aaron, Sixth Ohio Volunteer Sharpshooters
Dush, Elzy,
Co. E, 14th Ohio Vol. Infantry
Caldwell, Arthur B., Co. E, 8th Michigan Calvary


Two Rivers Cemetery

Baker, Samuel  142nd Indiana Infantry, Company E
Benn, Elias  144th Ohio N. G., Company B
Drew, John A.  1833 - 1928  29th Michigan Infantry, Company E
Edmonds, George  10th New York Infantry, Company B
Frees, Abraham  55th Ohio Infantry, Company F
McDole, William  20th Michigan Infantry, Company F
Rosencrantz, George W.  100th Ohio Infantry, Company A
Whelan, Henry O.  3rd Michigan Cavalry, Company K
Wicks, Samuel Z.  60th Ohio Infantry, Company G
Winesburgh, Henry  1837 - 1913  15th West Virginia Infantry, Company H

Union Cemetery
Beach, Theodore Co. E, 8th Michigan Cavalry
Brayton, Henry A. Co. H. 91st New York Infantry
Daugherty, James Company P, 47th Indiana Infantry
Dougherty, George W. Co. H. 129th Indiana Infantry
Fraser, Benjamin Private and Corporal Co. A.3, Mich. Vol. Inf.
Hall, B. A. Co. E., 21st Pa. Cav.
Harris, Ambrose
Copr. Co. h., 67th N.Y. Infantry
Jenner, Timothy L.New York Inf. Co. F, 90th BN NY Inf. Civil War
Manley, Jos. Co. H. 1st PA. L.A.
Mitchell, Robert W. Co. D. I, O. Regt. Heavy Art'y
Sampsell, John Co. G. 80th Ohio Infantry
Williamson, Thomas G. Co. D. 127th Reg. Pa. Vol

Vernon Township Cemetery

Siel, Henry P.  5th Michigan Infantry, Company D  Drummer
Stough, John S.  52nd Ohio Infantry, Company D


Wise Township Cemetery

Bassett, Peter  12th Indiana Cavalry, Company I


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