Taken from Funeral Home Memorials

in Possession of Rose Cohoon

Herbert L. Cohoon

Birth: January 19, 187F

Death: March 22, 1947

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Dr. William G. Young

Birth: September 30, 1872 --- Shepherd, Michigan


Death: October 14, 1936 ----- Alma, Michigan

               Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Mrs. Phoebe Salfier Brown

Born: June 14, 1858 --- Isabella Co., Michigan

Death: April 20, 1939--- Shepherd, Michigan

                         Interment: Riverside Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Alonzo B. Hann

Birth: June 14, 1869

Death: March 2, 1952

                         Interment: Lincoln Township Cemetery

John Roethlisberger

Birth: July 12, 1859

Death: May 20, 1950

               Interment: Salt River Cemetery

William Wesley Ardner

                         Birth March 1, 1886

Death: June 11, 1950

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Hazel V. Ardner

Birth: July 17, 1893

Death: May 7, 1952

          Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Mercy Rachel Priest

Birth January 19, 1901

Death: July 24, 1961

Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Nellie E. Garchow

Birth: June 6, l883
Death: May 22, 1959

                         Interment: Cherry Grove Cemetery, Clare, Michigan

William T. Switzer

Birth: February 15, 1875
Death: August 25, 1961

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Robert LaForest Divelbiss

Birth: May 9, 1882

Death: September 10, 1957

               Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Joseph F. Goulding

Birth: March 23, 1879

Death: September 26, 1957

               Interment: Chapel Memorial Cemetery, Birmingham, Michigan

Donald Girvin

Birth: January 29, l9O8
Death: July 7, 1958
Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Floyd G. Smock

Birth: August 5, 1885

Death: March 28, 1959

          Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Lena French

Birth: May 29, l869

Death: Jan. 29, 1955

          Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Ora Gertrude Parker

Birth: February 18, 1883

Death: October 9, 1957

Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Mable Hann Taedtey

Birth: May 26, 1896

Death: November 1, 1944

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Ransom M. Cohoon

Birth: October 16, 1871

Death: August 2, 1949

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Emma J. Ardner

Birth: December 26, 1859

Death: October 14, 1949

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Lydia G. White

Birth: April 27, 1874

Death: April 24, 1949

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Mrs. Zerua Tripp

Birth: July 29, 1879---Marion, Mich.

Death: August 9, 1944--Ann Arbor, Michigan

                    Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Mary Roethlisberger

Birth: September 16, 1864

Death: December 18, 1949

          Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Mayme Best

Birth; September 26, 1881
Death: November 21, 1949

          Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Nellie J. Robinson

Birth: October 17, 1882

Death: January 31, 1948

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Stanley C. Stahlman

Birth: June 16, l889

Death: January 15, 1949

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Mrs. Glenn Parsons

Birth: September 26, 1885-- Isabella Co., Michigan

Death: March 3, 1935 ---- Parsons Homestead, Coe Township


               Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Addie R. Childs

Birth: October 12, 1864
Death: December 20, 1948

          Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Hattie B. Young

Birth: December 17, 1874

Death: July 18, 1963

                    Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Milton Coe Hutchinson

Birth: August 30, 1888

Death: January 30, 1963

               Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Lee McKinley

Born: August 25, 1907 --- Isabella County
Death: November 8, 1962 --- Lansing, Michigan

                         Interment: Deepdale Cemetery

David Daniel Cohoon

Birth: December 27, 1912

Death: February 14, 1963

                         Interment: Riverside Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Cora E. McGarry

Birth: October 15, 1880

Death: October 5, 1962

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Mary Clifton Switzer

Birth: October 15, 1877

Death: February 27, 1965

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Elsie A. Neff

Birth: January 29, 1880

Death: June 12, 1950

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Hollis Clark

Birth: February 21, 1894

Death: July 21, 1950

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Della M. Black

Birth: August 22, l88l

Death: March 8, 1950

               Interment: Pine River Cemetery

Louella Belle Nance

Birth: February 15, l882

Death: October 15, 1961

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Forrest R. Hayes

Birth: November 5, 1900

Death: January 27, 1947

               Interment: Woodland Cemetery

Robert Lale Stalter

Birth: July 10, 1948

Death: December 15, 1948

               Interment: Salt River Cemetery

*Lale and Nelly's baby

Mrs. Nellie M. Allen

Birth: April 11, 1887--Pleasant Valley, Michigan

Death: June 8, 1952 --- Clare, Michigan

               Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Mamie Leota Travis

Birth: November 27, 1881

Death: January 9, 1952

                         Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Mr. John Wesley Anthony

Birth: May 6, 1853--- New York State

Death: April 12, 1938---Family Residence

Services: Pleasant Valley Methodist Church

               Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Arthur Wildon Shoe

Birth: June 19, 1878

Death: January 5, 1962

Interment: Salt River Cemetery

Historical Notes

Abstracted from Shepherd Papers by Rose Cohoon in

July 1979

Harry Brattin was born July 23, 1887 at Nashville, Mich.

died Dec. 25, 1961 in Shepherd

came to Shepherd in 1910

married Mabel Fields

Children: Harry Jr. "married Jeanette

Ch. of above

1. Barbara

2. Marla

3. Corbett

Clinton J. Boyles born Nov. 18, 187(?)in Seville twp. Gratiot Co.

died Aug. 22, 1959 in Owosso

Barbered with father William J. Boyles,

in Shepherd in 1894,

went to Ithaca 1899,

was in Saginaw 9 months,

and in Owosso in 1912. (62 years of barbering)

Parents: William J. and Frances (Oberlin) Boyles.

He married Alice Jeanette Hafer of

Ithaca on May 5, 1901. She died Nov. 29, 1952.

Mlary I. Boak Stilgenbauer died at Lansing on Aug. 13, 1959

at age 69. Married Floyd A.. Stilgenbauer in 1917.

Louis W. Perrine was born April 19, 1880 in Battle Creek

and died Aug. 24, 1959 at Veterans Hospital in Saginaw. He was a Spanish American War Vet. Married Blanch ______ . Children: Roland of Detroit, Austin of California, Vivian Darymple and Doris Betts of Alma, Stepsons John Timmer of Mt. Pleasant and Andrew Timmer of Grand Ledge. Brothers, Herbert of Shepherd and Ralph of Ann Arbor

Irene Hafer Goodman Died Aug. 13, 1959 in Dayton, Ohio.

Hafers were formerly proprieters of a restaurant ice cream parlor and bakery where Gould Drug’s is in 1910.

Mrs. Jake Switzer (Cora Ella Holton) was born in Siler Co.,

Illinois, Dec. 25, l88l, to Mr. and Mrs. John Holton. She was married to Jake July 13, 1902, and died Aug. 22, 1959. She came to Shepherd in 1909.

Children: Mrs. Doran Chapin and Mrs. Norman Packer of Stanton, Mrs. Hazel Love of Flint and Wesley of Shepherd.

Eva Dunbar (Eva Faunce McClellan) died Aug. 3, 1959. Her

father was Ellis Faunce and she was a grand daughter of Orrin Gates--an early preacher--of the Orchard Ave. Church of Christ. Husbands, Ed McClellan and Mr. Dunbar, preceded her in death as did her only child, Merle McClellan.

Clarence E. Struble died Dec. 14, 1928, in Lansing. He

had a sister, Ella Brown, and a brother,

Jay Struble.

Andrew Brickner born June 22, 1876, married June 16, 1898,

Nellie _________, born July 23, 1876. Married 65 years in 1963.

Children: William, John, Ray and Elsa (Ervans) Brickner of Mt. Pleasant, Lawrence, Elva (Tafford) of Mt. Morris, and Esther (Hazen) of Midland.

Irad Struble married Minnie 0. Lyon on Oct. 1, 1935-(Older residents)

Paul F. Binkley b. May 31, l895, married Mary_________________.

Children: Jean (LaVern Mayhew), two sons, Paul @l. of Alma, and 'Bruce L. of Remus--killed by train on M66 at Woodbury (south of Ionia) Sept. 1, 1966.

Barbara Ann Witmer Hutchinson born Apple Creek, Ohio,

June 20, 1848. Married Van Hutchinson, came to Shepherd July 2, 1882--farm one mile south of Shepherd at Kennedy's corners. Son Cleveland Hutchinson was born July 4, 1885; ten minutes after the first passenger train ran over newly laid Ann Arbor railroad trace; son Coe was born Aug. 31, 1888, and there were 6 more children.

Clyde White was born at Battle Creek Aug. 30, 1881, and

died July 13, 1957. He married Carrie Birch. Children: Theron C. of Detroit, Forest of Shepherd, and Mrs. George Berkley of Shepherd.

William Clifford McKinley was born Jan. 6, l886 and died

Dec. 13, 1959. His wife was Henrietta Cohoon.


De Ann Klump (Dau of Ronald Klump) was born July 12, 1957

Rhonda Kay Barnes (Robt Barnes) born July 22, 1957

Debby Ann Marie Coomer (Vergil C.) born July 15, 1957

Agatha J. Cazier married Cecil Swenson Aug. 31, 1933.

Maria Ann Hopkins, born England July 22, 1828, came to U.S. at age 9, died in Ingham Co., Mich. March 10, 1898. She was a sister to Eliza Struble, mother of Albert.

Marriage license Nov. 5, 1931 Orrin E. White and Lydia Younng.

Nelson Haskin, son of Richard and Jane Haskin, was born in Prince Albert, Ont., Oct 20, 1819; married Ella L. Mosher Sept 11, 1872. He died Sept. 19, 1929, and she died May 7, 1928, He came to Shepherd in 1915, and had a dry goods business in "Oren" store. Grand daughter is Mrs. Clarence Parks. Children: Bernice May Blomfield of Springfield, Mass., Walter and Hugh of Detroit, David of Los Angeles and Alice T.Stiles of Southbury, Conn.

Mildred Nilson was born July 21, l9l9, at Shepherd, to Eskil and Edna Kelley Nilson. She married Bert Dailey, Jr., Sept 14, 1941. Died May 28, 1959. Children: Jeanette, Frank, John and William.

Sister, Faye M. Charles Gorham.

Struble Family

Recorded by Rose Cohoon

Shepherd, Michigan 1979

Henry Struble born __________ died ___________

married 1 ___________


1. Zillah A. married Julius C. Conkling

2. Nathaniel W.

2.l857 at Morenci, Mich. a school teacher, Eliza Wickham, daughter of James and Mary Ann Wickham, born, June 30, l834, in Yarmouth, Norfolk County, England. She came to America with her parents and a 3 year old sister, and died in Shepherd, Mich., Aug. 26, 1906.Henry and Eliza Struble had four children:

3. Sarah Marie born Nov. 14, 1858, in Williams county, Ohio, died Feb. 24, 1910at Mt. Pleasant, Mich., buried at Salt River cemetery, Shepherd. She married July 1, 1876 George Murtha, and they had four children:

a. Mabel never married. Schoolteacher

b. Winifred

c. Leslie

d. Zillah never married schoolteacher

4. Jason H. Struble born in West Unity,

Ohio, married Lola Upton on Jan. 2, 1888.

She was born Sept 6, 1866 and died

Sept. 4, 1911.

5. Albert Gerald born in West Unity,

Ohio, on Oct 1, 1864 and died June 21, 1936.

Married Jennie Eliza Morris in 1885.


a. Edna married Sigwald Hansen of Grayling, Mich., and had three children:

(1) Marion Esther married Anthony Siciliano and had John Mark and Karen.

John Siciiiano married Mary Wolfe in 1972, and they have John, Annie, Michael and another.

(2)Morris died in 1923

(3) John Hansen married Mary Long and they have twins--Paula and Jeffrey--and Christian.

b. Lenabelle Struble married first Donald Haskell born in Lincoln, Maine, and had three children:

(1) Margaret born Sept. 27, 1925- Married lst _________

Son James

2nd G. Simlik

(2) Albert born April 1930

who was married and divorced before he

married Vivian and had Linda and


(3) James

Lenabelle married second (a Greek)

Lenabelle married third


Lenabelle married fourth

Stockwell. All her children were by her first marriage. She is buried in Salt River cemetery as "Lenabelle Cortez"

6.Kenneth Struble born Nov. 17, 1867 at West Unity, Williams Co., Ohio, married in 1897 Coral C. Hibbard. No children. Kenneth C. Struble died 1920.

Annis and Morris Families

Recorded by Rose Cohoon

Shepherd, Michigan 1979

Jacob Annis (Continental Army) had a son

Jacob Annis who married Deborah St. John (Cousin of Lafayette). They had a son Morris

Morris Annis born May 30, 1822 in Livonia, Livingston County, New York, had a son

Augustus Annis who married Phoebe ______ (?) Augustus is buried in brickyard cemetery. They had l2 children, 8 boys and 4 girls.

Mary Jane Annis, born in Livonia, Livingston County, New York, July 9, l836 was the last of the twelve to die. Her death occurred in Shepherd Feb. 17, 1913-In August of 1862, she married Franklin B. Morris, in Livonia. He died Sept 16, 1897. Children:

1. George died 1866 at 9 months

2. Jennie E. born Jan 11, 1868,

died Feb. 1, 1960

3. Carrie Y. born Sept 30, l87l died Oct. 14, 1938.

Franklin and Mary Jane Morris - moved to Leslie

in 1863, where they were on a farm for 5 yrs., then to a farm in Shepherd (where Larry Kniffen

now lives) 3 miles west and 1 mile north of town. The Morris log cabin burned, and he built a home on the same place. This was later moved to Shepherd and is the house just east of the Chevrolet garage.

July 1979--some of these dates are questionable, but more research is being done by Mrs. Cohoon, who will correct all errors at a later date.


Carrie Morris, sister to Jennie Morris Struble, married

Vernon Shilling. They had a daughter

Ruth, born Nov. 22, 1875- She married (?) who died of tuberculosis, and she married second Gib Hutchins. They had three children:

1. Lyle born May 21, 1925 (Due to an injury at birth he resides in Traverse City, Mich.)

2. Max Hutchins born Feb. 2, 1927 married Bernice Agnes Walker

Children of Max and Bernice Agnes

a. Dianna Lee born July 22, 1953 married Ronald James McDonald who was born April 16, 1951. They have Brian Christopher born Feb. 10, 1971, Amy Marie born December 1973, and Kevin Eric born Jan. 3, 1974.

b. Linda Lou born Sept. 2, 1954 married Robert Lanney who was born June 19, 1951

c. Michael born Feb. 6, 1957 married Cora Kathleen McDonald born Oct. 12, 1957-

3. Morris born Jan 19, 1930, married Dorothy Whitener born in 1932. Children:

a. Lee Andrew born Nov. 30, 1952, married Judy Scutt born April 14, 1955, and had Toney Anthony born March 27, 1971, and Craig Allen born July 11, 1972

b. Mark born Oct. 2, 1957 married Christina

(?) born Aug. 10, 1956

c. Denise born April 9, 1959 married Gary Scutt born April 1, 1953

d. Jake born Dec. 9, 1966

Carrie married second Lon Stalter--no children.

Annis, Struble, Morris, Shilling Notes

by Rose Cohoon July 1979

Pearl Struble Rowland and sister, Floy, were children of Nathaniel, half brother of Albert.

Jason Struble married Lla L. Upton on Jan 2, 1888. Lola born Sept 6, l866 and died Sept. 4, l9ll.

Kenneth C. Struble born Nov. 17, l867 at West Unity, Wi1liams

County, Ohio, married l897 Coral C. Hibbard. No children. Died 1920.

Eliza Wlickham taught school, married Henry Struble in 1857 at Morenci, Mich. Moved to Unity, Ohio and on June 1, l868 moved to Shepherd.

From Isabella County Republican unless otherwise stated. To be filed with Rose Cohoon papers.

Miscellaneous News

March 21, 1895

Maria Ann Hopkins born July 22, 1828, in England, came to U,S.

at 9 years of age, married April 10, 1850, at Churchville, New York, to Charles W. Hopkins, came immediately to Michigan to Medina township, Lenawee county for 33 years. Her last 12 years were spent in Shepherd. She died March 10, 1895, and is buried in Salt River cemetery. She was a sister to Eliza Struble--no children.

Dec. 20, 1928

Clarence E. Struble, 61, killed (run over by a car) in Lansing Dec. 14, 1928 Sister was Mrs. Ella Brown. Brother Jay. Buried in Salt River cemetery. These attended the funeral: Bayerd, Willis, Hilda, Bruce, Rex, Leland and Donald Struble, Allen Struble of Rochester, N.Y. and son of Clarence.

Isabella County News Dec. 21, 1928

A marriage license was issued to Joseph O'Brien and Rosalie Fox,

A marriage license issued Nov. 8, 1931, to Orin E. White and Lydia G. Young.

July 4, 1931

William Nichol born March 20, 1853, in Malahide township, Elgin County, Ontario, married Mary E. Koyl of Springfield, Ontario, Sept. 1, 1875, came to Shepherd 1894, died March 20, 1929. Two sisters, Mrs. R.C. Koyl of Shepherd, and Mrs. William W. Webber of Bear Lake, Minn.

James Powers born near Howell, Mich., March 15, 1869, died Shepherd, June 26, 1929, came to Shepherd at age of 30, not married, buried in Calvary cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Brother Patrick. Adopted brother Vincent. Nieces Mrs. J. E. Epple of Leaton and Mrs. Otto Vaughn of Shepherd, three nephews: Cecil p of Lansing, Steven P. of Chippewa township, John P. of Toledo.

Sept. 26, 1929

Burdette O'Connor married Blanche Lyon of Mt. Pleasant, Sept 17, 1929.

Nelson Haskins born Prince Albert, Ontario, Oct. 30, 1849, married Ella L. Mosher, Sept 11, 1872. She died May 7, 1928. Lived in Imlay City 40 years, came to Shepherd in 1915. Services at a grand daughter's, Mrs. Clarence Parks. Buried in Imlay City. Children ( 2 died before) Bernice May Blomfield of Springfield, Mass, and Walter and Hugh of Detroit, David of Los Angeles, Alice H. Stiles of Southbury, Conn.

Sept. 7, 1933

Agatha Marguerite Cazier married Cecil Swenson Aug. 31, 1933. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cazier and Mrs. Joanna Swenson of Holton Michigan. Attended by her sister, Mrs. Clarence Parks.

Sept. 7, 1933

Sarah J. Mault born Oct. 2, 1850, Shelby county, Ohio,

married John Caszaat in 1890. Died Sept. 2, 1933, age 83 years and 11 months, Stepson William Cazat of Middleton. Buried in Salt River cemetery.

Three grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

Carrie M. Searles died March 20, 1933, 58 years old, married to William Thomas (died 1917) married Albert Searles (died about 1925). Son L.B. Thomas, daughters: Mrs. R. M. Crawford of Lansing, Mrs. Otto Massuch of Pontiac and Mrs. John Clemens of Charlotte,

April 4, 1935

Mrs. Otto Yarnell, 47 years old, died March 28, 1935, buried in

Salt River cemetery. Born Melva Wagner Yarnell near Columbus Grove, Ohio, March 8, 1838, daughter of John W. and Mary Ellen Wagner, moved to Shepherd in 1903, married Otto, Nov. 20, 1910, sons George W. born 1924 and Dean W. born 1929, Sisters: Mrs. Cora Rummell of Cairo, Ohio, Mrs. Jessie Post of Shepherd, Mrs. Jennie Tomlinson of St. Louis and Mrs. Frances Divilbiss of Columbus Grove, Ohio.

Oct. 10, 1935

Minnie Lyon and Irad Struble married Oct. 1.

Feb. 69 1947

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Herb Jones (Hope Salisbury).

July 2-5, 1957

Clyde White died July 13, 1957. He was born Aug, 30, 1881,

near Battle Creek, wife Carrie Birsh, sons: Theron C. of Detroit, and

Forest of Shepherd; Daughters Mrs. George Berkley of Shepherd. Sisters: Mable Atkinson of Detroit and five grandchildren and four great grand-children.

De Ann born July 12, 1957 to Ronald and Louise Cline Klump Rhonda Kay born July 2Z, 1957 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnes,

July 18, 1957

Debby Ann Marie born July 15, 1957, to Mr. and Mrs. Vergil Coomer.

Ora A. Johnson born Nov. 17, 1887 to John W. and Ida Smith Johnson.

Died July 14, 1957, at Gratiot Community Hospital. Lived in Union

township, Mt. Pleasant last 8 years. Wife Alice Long Johnson.

Buried in Lincoln township cemetery. Children Ida Brooks of Vestaburg, Blaine Kundy of Riverdale, Clare, Route 2, Shepherd, Lawrence at home.

Aug. 27, 1959

Louis W. Perrine born Battle Creek April 19, 1880. Served in Spanish American War 1898--1899. Shepherd in 1931. Died Aug. 24, 1959, wife Blanch, Sons, Roland of Detroit, Austin, of Calif, daughters, Vivian Darymple and Doris Betts, Stepsons, John Timmer of Mt. Pleasant and Andrew Timmer of Grand Ledge. Brothers, Herbert of Shepherd, and Ralph of Ann Arbor.

William Hungerford, 60, died Aug. 23, 1959. (Headline said he died--not so in article).

Irene Hafer Goodman died Aug. 13, 1959 at Dayton, Ohio. Hafers owned a restaurant and ice cream parlor 50 years ago (where Gould Drug is now).

Aug, 27, 1959

Eva Faunce McClellan Dunbar died in Jacksonville, Fla., Aug. 3, 1959, daughter of Ellis Faunce and grand daughter of Orrin Gates, early Church of Christ minister. Two husbands preceded her in death. Son Merle McClellan died several years before.

Mrs. Jake Switzer born Dec. 25, 1881, to Mr. and Mrs. John Holton of Siler county, Ill. (Cora Etta Holton) married Jake July 13, 1902. Came to Michigan about 1909. Died Aug. 22, 1959 at Gratiot Community Hospital. Son Wesley. Daughters, Mrs. Doran Chapin and Mrs. Norman Packer of Stanton and Mrs. Hazel Love of Flint.

Jennie M. Post and Mrs. Catherine Gimmey Miller died probably in August. (Cards of thanks.)

Sept 21, 1959

John (Spikehorn) A. Meyer born July 15, 1870, in Stark county, Ohio,

came to Shepherd in 1876, died 89 years of age, Sept 16 or 17. Buried in Salt River cemetery Sept. 19.

Jan. 3, 1962 The Shepherd Argus

Harry Brattin born July 23, 1887, in Nashville, Mich. Came to

Shepherd in 1910. Married Mabel (Fields) Son, Harry Jr. Grandchildren,

Barbara, Marla, Corby, Brothers, Carl of Sydney, Montana, and Ployd of

Grosse Point Park. Died Dec. 25, 1961

Sept 7, 1966

Paul F. Binkley 71, killed by train, Sept 1, 1966 on M. 66 at Woodbury, south of Ionia. Wife Mary. Born at Crystal, Mich., May 31, 1895, to Isabella county about 1927. Daughter Mrs. LaVern (jean) Mayhew of Mt. Pleasant. Sons Paul M. of Alma and Bruce L. of Remus. Buried in Memorial Gardens, Mt. Pleasant.

Mary Kay Beltnick, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Eugene Beltnick, married to Richard John Maas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Turnwald.

Jamie Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wilson, married Grant, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Hoover.

Argus June 15, 1963

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brickner (Nellie) married June 16, 1898, observed 65 years. Andrew was born June 22, 1876 and Nellie was born July 23, 1876. Children William of Shepherd, John of Lansing, Ray and Mrs. Elsa Ervans of Mt. Pleasant, Laurence of St. Louis, Mrs. Elva Tufford of Mt. Morris and Esther Hazen of Midland.

Marjorie Shouey 51, boon June 15, 1920 at Detroit, died March 25,, 1972 at Central Mich Community Hospital in Mt. Pleasant. Husband Prank. Daughter, Sandra Luedtke of North Carolina. Mother Mrs. Helen Van Norman of Shepherd. Buried at Salt River cemetery. Member Chippewa Church of Christ.

Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hetherinton of Shepherd at Carson City Hospital March 20. 1972

Girl Tracy Leigh born to Mr. and Mrs. Gary VanLiew at Mt. Pleasant,

March 22, 1972. Has sister Amy.

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