Vernon Township
Isabella County, Michigan

Prepared by:
Harriet E. Morton
Member of the Historical Committee
Isabella Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Uploaded and retyped by Donna Hoff-Grambau
with permission of the Isabella DAR


Vernon Cemetery is one of the very oldest cemeteries in Isabella County. No written record of burials there has ever been kept, and for a great many years the Cemetery had no sexton. Probably, not more than fifty percent of the graves bear markers. Many of the earliest interments are unknown today so far as I have been able to discover to date. The compilation which I have attempted required a great many personal interviews and much correspondence with friends and descendants of persons buried in this Cemetery. It is as accurate as it can be made under those circumstances.


S.W. corner, Section 23, T. 16 N., R. 4 W.
Four miles south of Clare on Old Highway 27.


Thomas Render, died August 6, 1883
aged 51 years, 8 months

Baby, child of Mr. And Mrs. Ephra Brooks, buried about 1895

Joel L. Thayer, born November 8, 1820
died August 4, 1881
Mary B. Thayer, born November 3, 1820
died February 11, 1895
Roddie J. Thayers, son of O. B. and M. Thayer, born at Mason, Ingham County, Michigan, July 20, 1870, died February 15, 1881

Connie Pemberton, born an died September 2, 1906, son of George and Emily Pemberton

Roderick Smalley (Father) 1834-1911 Civil War Veteran
Eliza Jane Smalley (Mother) 1834-1905
Cora (daughter of R. and E.J.) 1869-1884
Byron (son of R. and E.J.) 1865-1890
Nellie (daughter of R. and E.J.) 1875-1898
Elizabeth (daughter of R. and E.J.) 1874-1897
Adelbert (son of R. and E.J.) 1871-1899

Elizabeth Buck, born Oakland County, Michigan in 1811
died in Vernon Township, Isabella County, 1886

Maxim Jerore 1820-1885
(Father of Mrs. Thomas Marshall)

Unmarked grave in Marshall plot:
Infant child of Mrs. Thomas Marshall, born and died March 7, 1889

Ernest Baker, born June 7 ????, died June 23, 1909

Angeline Hodgins, daughter of James and Eliza Hodgins, died
1886, aged 19 (drowned in Lake Stevenson)

Alfred Conrad, died August 6, 1893, aged 62 years

John Davis, died July 4, 1900, aged 75 years, 6 months, 10 days

Charles Bouchey born December 19, 1871
died July 19, 1904
Joseph Bouchey born January 14, 1893
died June 20, 1894
Margaret Adella Bouchey born November 25, 1883
died March 11, 1903
Florence Bouchey died November 26, 1904
89 years, 5 months, 4 days
Margaret Bouchey died August 10, 1896
5 months
daughter of John and Effie Bouchey

Information provided by Mrs. Mary Philp Hopkins

William Philp, son of John Hamilton Philp and wife, Harriet Huddleston. Born in Windsor, Ontario, March 25, 1835. Died on the homestead in Section 24, Vernon Township, September 5, 1882.

Sarah Ann Reader, wife of William Philp, daughter of Joseph Reader and wife, Cythia Thayer. Born in Cleveland, Ohio,
February 21, 1841. Died in Lake City, Missaukee, Michigan on December 23, 1923.

Charles Philp, born 1878 (Lived but a week).

William Philp, born April 1876, died July 1876

Lucy Lucinda Philp born 1878 (Lived but a week)

Leota Philp, born February 27, 1881 in Harrison, Clare, Michigan, died April 1881

Philp Family was from Fife, Scotland.

Margret M. Seiter (Mother) born 1834, died 1887
John D. Seiter (Father)
Mary Seiter (daughter) Truman, born February 19, 1872
died February 26, 1904

Doris, infant daughter of C.W. an D.E. Tice, 1939

Ezra Horning, died December 30, 1899, aged 58 years and
4 months and 16 days; U.S. Flag Marker on grave site
Catherine, wife of George B. Horning, died 21 July, 1890
aged 36 years, 11 months, and 17 days
Ulysses S. Horning, son of George and Catherine Horning,
died May 5, 1875, aged 2 years, 5 months
Arthur S. Horning, died September 21, 1931
Kathern Horning, born February 22, 1925, died January 14,
1934 (daughter of Arthur S.)
Interment of Arthur and Kathern by report of Mrs. Albert Fetters.

Baby, born in 1895 or 1896, died at age of four months. Reported by Mrs. John Dunlap, Clare, Michigan.

James Durnin and his grand daughter were buried in Vernon Cemetery, but later disentered and removed to Clare Cemetery.
The following information is given by Charles Durnin, son of James Durnin, of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

James Durnin's remains were removed from Vernon Cemetery June 17, 1916 and taken to Clare, Michigan and buried in Cherry Grove Cemetery. He was born in County Vermana, Ireland, September 22, 1836. He came to Canada at the age of 10. He came to Michigan in 1871, and died in Vernon Township, on April 19, 1908.

Harold Grimison, born July 31, 1908,
died February 11, 1910
Son of Mr. And Mrs. J. T. Grimison

Mother Adella 1830-1908
Father William 1828-1913

Cornelia, wife of J. Depotty, died December 10, 1897
aged 53 years, 11 months
J. Depotty

John Stough, died April 25 , 1882, aged 42 years
Civil War Veteran
Elmer Ellsworth, son of J. & C. Stough, died October 10,
1880, aged 18 years and 16 days
Matilda, wife of J. M. Stough, died October 22, 1871
aged 58 years
Florence M., daughter of G.W. and E. A. Stough, died
November 5, 1897, aged 25 years and 5 months
George W. Stough (Father) husband of Mrs. Emma Stough,
1849-1915, U.S. Flag Marker
Baby Stough, son of John Stough 1911
James Stough, Husband of Matilda, April 4, 1820 - July 1898

John Loomis (brother of Emma Loomis Stough) July 1, 1846
February 2, 1895
Baby Loomis, son of John and Stella Loomis, January 8, 1891
Eliza Loomis, mother of Emma Loomis Stough, June 9, 1820
Justin Loomis, father of Emma Loomis Stough, April 11, 1793
1874; 81 or 82 years old at death
Marcus Loomis, son of E. & J. Loomis

Catherine, wife of Samuel Lieghti, died August 19, 1893
aged 28 years and 6 months
Frederick Lieghti, died October 8, 1899, aged 57 years,
5 months, 12 days

William Holtz, died 1887
Reported to have been the owner and operator of the old tavern known as the Quarter House, between Clare and Mt. Pleasant.

Elizabeth, wife of Edwarad Halstead 1884-1907


James Render, husband of Mary Render, died June, 1899
aged 64 years, 8 months, and 11 days
Mary Render, born February 4, 1857, at Devorr, Ohio,
died February 27, 1904, aged 57 years, 23 days
Oliver W. Render born May 4, 1869
died August 12, 1869
Ira M. Render born March 12, 1876
died June 8, 1876
John Render born September 29, 1884
died September 29, 1884
Warren D. Render born April 17, 1891
died May 13, 1891

Blanche J. Seeley, daughter of J.H. and M.A. Seeley, died
September 2, 1881, aged 2 years and 2 months

Sermenia Prudence Arrand, died November 15, 1906
aged 7 years, 1 month, 16 days
(Mother Janet Frye)
Martha Arrand, October 26, 1903, aged 4 years 1 month and 22
days, daughter of Charles Arrand and Janet Frye
Samuel Spencer Arrand, died October 26, 1913, aged 2 years,
6 months and 3 days

Fannie Esther Harris, died March 11, 1902, aged 6 months
8 days, daughter of William Harris and Mary Williamson

Carl Richard Seiter born January 7, 1940
died June 1, 1940

Kay Lynn Irwin born August 16, 1938
died August 19, 1938
Constance Lou Irwin born April 18, 1940
died April 20, 1940

Father of these interments: Andrew Irwin

Charles Stanley Sawyer February 2, 1892 - October 26, 1896

Father of Charles - Joseph Sawyer

Miney, daughter of W.F. and A. Loomis, died July 15, 1873

Jenny Arita, daughter of P. and E. Thomas, born August 12,
1879, died January 23, 1882
Harry E., son of E.W. and M.E. Wager, born February 26,
1876, died June 23, 1882
Ada O., daughter of E.W. and M.E. Wager, born May 1, 1878
died January 27, 1882

Charlott A. Allen 1845-1921
A.C. Allen

Frank Jensen, died October 14, 1862, aged 76 years
9 months and 27 days

Lot owned by John Denton

Nancy Jane Seiter 1937-1938

Edwin McConnell, died June 21, 1884 aged 37 years, 10
months and 3 days

Julia M., daughter of J. and J. Gordon, died February 13,
1898, aged 17 days
John Gordon, died September 30, 1939, aged 80 years,
4 months (reported by Mrs. Ed. Bolen, Farwell)

Ernest 1921-1938

Virginia May Hughes 1917-1939
Plot Owners: Andrew Friz and John Hughes

Eliza, wife of James Denton, August 21, 1899
aged 49 years, 11 months and 11 days
Infant son of James and Eliza Denton
James Denton

Moses Priest, died September 29, 1903, aged 84 years

Margaret 1835-1923
Duncan 1830-1910
Isabell 1866-1887
Douglas 1859-1883
Archie 1856-1883

Arthur Smith, son of Henry and Edith Burnham Smith

The following Robbins, Brown and Long interments are the grandchildren of Robert Malcomb according to Mrs. Ann Harger of Clare, Michigan.

Mary Jeanette Robbins born December 24, 1899
died March 25, 1901
Clarence Avern Robbins born September 12, 1909
died July 8, 1910
Still born infant of Mr. And Mrs. Roy Robbins, May 25,

Dennis Grant Brown August 28, 1901-July 2, 1902

Mary Emily Long March 12, 1905-October 23, 1906

Irene Brown, born at Weston, Lenawee, County, October
28, 1900, died September 24, 1903 (Note: in 1941
the owner of the plot, Lewis Brown was living at
Marion, Michigan).

William John Archambault 1881-1900
Joseph Antione Archambault 1883-1900
Lawrence Henry Archambault 1901-1902

George M. Smith 1843-1889

Murdock McSwain, died 1866, aged 28 years

Lewis Hales, aged 84, died 1901
Richard Hales, aged about 75, died in 1933 or 1934
Elizabeth Hales, sister of Richard Hales, died in 1902 at
the age of about 5

Naomi Emily Northon (daughter of Mrs. Naomi Northon)
born January 14, 1914
died January 28, 1914
Bonnie Rose Northon (daughter of ________ Northon and
granddaughter of Mrs. Naomi Northon)
born September 1933
died December 6, 1933

Harry Denton died July 27, 1905, aged 2 years, 6 months,
5 days
Minnie Maude Denton, died September 9, 1916, aged 1 year
6 months, 6 days
(The above are the children of Alvis Denton and Sadie Peacock Denton).

Alfred Herring 1860-1930

Interments reported by Mrs. Albert Fetters

George Stine (Civil War Veteran)
Mary Stine, born in England, the daughter of Francis Bender
and Bessie Suttle. Wife of George Stine. Died
1901, aged 75 years, 7 months, 16 days
William Stine, son of M. and G. Stine

Interments reported by Mrs. Albert Fetters

Johnnie, son of A.L. and R. Horning, died February 5, 1887
aged 3 months
A.L. Horning, died April 12, 1917, aged 66 years
Rosa Horning, died January 14, 1929, aged 68 years (wife of
Ambrose Horning)


The following persons are reported to have been buried in Vernon Cemetery, but no information is available to identify the location of their graves.

BADER, JOHN  death certificate provided by his great-grand daughter, Sherry Jenkins,  lists his burial place as Vernon Cemetery, Isabella Co. He was born in August of 1847 and died June 22, 1918.

CALLAM - Mrs. Josephin Callam Murdock, of Clare, Michigan:
"There were people living in Vernon Township before we came to Clare in 1870. I was only four years old when we came here. I had a sister die in either January or February, 1871, who was aburied in Vernon Cemetery. The snow was very deep at the time so we were never able to find her grave then nor now. My sister's name was Syzania Callam."

LOOMIS, RHODA - Mrs. Emma Stough of Clare reports that her young sister in law, Rhoda Loomis, wife of Justin Loomis, Jr., died at Barnard's Camp, which must have been in the locality of the present village of Temple. She was brought to Vernon Cemetery for burial after which her husband returned to Pennsylvaia where he lived until his death.

MASTEN, ADA - Ada Masten, daughter of William Masten, born 1875, died 1890.

McCULLEY, STEVE - several people in the Vernon Township locality report that the first man buried in Vernon Cemetery was Steve McCulley who met death when a well in which he was working caved in on him.

STEARNS - Christian name of girl unknown. Lived on the farm where the Connant Family now lives.

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