U and V Male Nottawa Voting Registration List

February 4, 1919UlrichJohnSec 35 R 
February 4, 1919VogelJosephSec 11 D 
February 4, 1919VogelAndrewSec 8 
 ViusubHermanSec 22 R 
October 14, 1920VoisinLouisSec 8 R 
March 22, 1924Van OmmersonHowardSec 18 D 
November 4, 1924VinzentJosephSec 5 
March 14, 1925VogelJ AnthonySec 11 
August 21, 1926VoisinGeorgeSec 22 
March 17, 1928VogelPeterSec 10 
August 25, 1928VeniverjaAndrewSec 30Age 33, Birthplace Holland Date of Nat. June 20th 1918


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