Shepherd Area Historical Society Holdings

Family Histories
Wilsey-Johnson  - one page
David Harrigan
Ferrall- Cook
Kelley of Greendale Township, Midland County, Michigan
Billins- Walton
Balch Clark with Philander Harnes connection
Adams with Shepherd and Salisbury, connection Stump Curtiss (not Winn)
Samuel Kennedy (Dale Kennedy)
Taylor (Jacob and Susan)
I.N. Shepherd
Abraham Mizer, Mizenery-Frye- Crotser-DeCroix (of Santa Anna, Calif.)
Abraham Hawkins (Burton-Elwood)
John R. and Lucy A. Robinson
Fowler  Townsend
Struble (with Bissell connection)
Thomas Carlyle Gallgher (5 pages) South County line
Frost with Swix, McClintic, Faunce, Gould, Townsend, Soper, Russell, Howe
Allen (Perry)
Solomon Wolfe with Wilcox connection
Wilbur-Wood (needs more work)
Lilly (not there but will be)
Cohoon (not there but will be)
Condensed Transcripts of Obituaries by Jane Cowles, Paul and Melva Wilbur
E. Evelyn Fuller 2 books, one hand copied obituaries of Winn area
Cemeteries: Chippewa, County Farm Graveyard, Chippewa, Pleasant Ridge,
St. Vincent de Paul, Salt River of Shepherd Up to 1981
Irish Town Church History and Lincoln school
Shepherd Methodist Church History, Church of Christ (Shepherd) Centennial
Registers of Death 4/17/1904-- 5/8/1907
                             6/2/1918- 10/6/1924
Registers of Birth 7/14/ 1908 - 8/11/1911
                           2/14/1914- 9/18/1916
Many scrapbooks most indexed or partly indexed  covering 1880's to 1930's some others up to near modern times.
A large group of obituaries arranged alphabetically, mostly recent times.
Taylor-Packer Cohoon connections
Shepherd Methodist Church History
Church of Christ (Shepherd) Centennial
Budge Family (Lee, Maine to Coleman, Mich.) and Gratiot Co.

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