Surname Given Name Status Ys. In Area Date of Birth/Age Birthplace Date of Death Father Mother Place of Burial Informant Residence
Garbet Walter Widowed 30 years April 14 1877 Canada August 16 1950 Unknown Unknown Forest Hill, Weidman, Mi. Eva Denslow Weidman, Mi.
Beebe Clarence Charles Widowed 65 years September 3 1877 Michigan November 30 1950 Loren J. Beebe Jurasha S. Beebe Bennett Cemetery Rena Carlisle Weidman, Mi.
Dodge Clyde E. Married 3 years October 15 1893 West Branch, Mi. February 23 1951 O.B. Dodge Vanetta Kettle Decker, Mecosta Co., Mi. Nellie E. Dodge
Sides Floyd E. Widowed Lifetime September 14 1882 Michigan April 26 1951 David Sides Ella Winnie Sherman City, Lake, Mi. Russell Sides Lake, Mi.
Martin Catherine Married 3 months May 23 1876 Michigan July 13 1951 John Pasch Annie Miller St. Philamenia, Beal City, Mi. Mamie Applegreen Weidman, Mi.
Spencer Mamie Jane Widowed 1 year March 28 1887 Michigan November 9 1951 Mahlon Manley Mary Caldwell Brinton, Coldwater Twp., Mi. Lillie Gross Mt. Pleasant
Ferguson Ida May Widowed April 30 1886 Ontario February 11 1952 Unknown Thressa Hilliker Forrest Hill, Weidman, Mi. Neva Nutt Weidman, Mi.
Failing Helen Wyona Married Lifetime February 12 1879 Michigan March 6 1952 Norman Rose Corrie Foss Bennett Cemetery Ernest Failing Weidman, Mi.
Darnell Charles Divorced November 22 1952 Elijah Darnell Unknown Forest Hill, Weidman, Mi. Cecil Darnell
Merrihew Elmer Married 1863 Michigan February 13 1953 Wm. Merrihew Almira Hollister Forest Hill, Weidman, Mi. Lucile Merrihew Weidman, Mi.
Pridgeon Samuel Melvin Married Lifetime June 6 1882 Michigan February 19 1953 Samuel Pridgeon Catherine M. Forest Hill, Weidman, Mi. Sidney Lawrence


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