Surname Given Name Status Spouse Date of Birth/Age Birthplace Date of Death Father Mother Place of Burial Informant Residence
Delsmith Mary Married Robert 81 Yrs. 5 m. 27 ds. England January 15 1924 Broadhurst, England Unknown Fairview Cemetery, Weidman Meril Smith Mt. Pleasant
Burroughs Caroline Married James 65 yrs. 10 m. 29 ds. Jonesville, Michigan January 25 1924 John Christopher, Germany Marie Ettinger, Germany Weidman, Michigan Mrs. Tilla Cahill Weidman, Mi.
Gunckle Alvin Krst Single 3 yrs. 4 ds. Michigan January 28 1924 Harry Gunckle, Indiana Francis North, Ohio Stanton, Michigan Harry Gunckle Remus, Mi.
Smith Virgil W. M. Harrison Single October 14 1921 Michigan January 30 1924 Clayton Smith, Michigan Clara Haviland, Michigan Weidman, Michigan Clayton Smith Weidman, Mi.
Lewis Herman Single October 18 1837 Ohio Frebruary 9 1924 Frank Lewis, Ohio Prudence Paird Fowlerville, Michigan W.M. Lafener Remus, Mi.
Smith Asa A. Married Mary C. October 26 1857 Indiana February 26 1924 Ezra A. Smith, Ohio Harriet Sanders, Ohio Bennett Cemetery Mary Smith Weidman, Mi.
Kirvan Miranda Married William September 14 1884 Michigan March 26 1924 Clarence J. Paddock, Mi. Sophia Beatie, Mi. Forest Hill Cemetery William Herman Weidman, Mi.
Gardner Richard Henry Married Ester September 12 1849 Pennsylvania April 13 1924 John H. Gardner, Penn. Isabelle D. Graham, Penn. Tinker Cemetery (Forest Hill) Geo. Gardner Sears, Mi.
Hampton Dorothy Lou Single March 29 1924 Weidman, Michigan May 2 1924 T. C. Hampton, Michigan Edna Thompson, Michigan Clare, Michigan T.C. Hampton Weidman, Mi.
Kent Larena Ellen Single October 8 1915 Michigan June 5 1924 Burce Kent, Michigan Effie Leiter, Michigan Tinker Cemetery (Forest Hill) Bruce Kent
Blodgett Francis Lafette Married  Marriel February 17 1873 Michigan July 22 1924 Marion Blodgett, Indiana Unknown Barryton, Michigan Earl Blodgett Remus, Mi.
Thompson Mary Married John May 4 1850 Michigan November 12 1924 Marsh, Pennsylvania Unknown St. Johns, Michigan John Thompson
Reed Milo Berton Married Florence April 30 1876 Michigan December 1 1924 Charles M. Reed, Mi. Maryle Reed, Ohio Weidman, Michigan Florence Reed Weidman, Mi.
Gunckle Kenneth Harry Single January 5 1925 Michigan January 18 1925 Harry Gunckle, Indiana Francis North, Ohio Stanton, Michigan Harry Gunckle Remus, Mi.
Denslow Russell Jason Single August 14 1925 Michigan August 14 1925 Jay Denslow, Michigan Edith C. Amy, Michigan Forest Hill Cemetery Jay Denslow Weidman, Mi.
Denslow Edith Married Jay August 30 1899 Sherman Twp. August 14 1925 Bert Amy Barbara Catts Forest Hill Cemetery Jay Denslow Weidman, Mi.
Johnson Estella Married Tom 52 years Michigan December 14 1925 John Hyslop, Scotland Barie, Scotland Weidman, Michigan Tom Johnson Weidman, Mi.
Wilson Edgar Wesley Married Alice 57 yrs. 11 ds. Marlette, Michigan December 19 1925 Geo. D. Wilson, New York Eliza Rudd, Ireland Weidman, Michigan Alice Wilson Weidman, Mi.
Fessler Louis Married August 16 1876 Michigan March 12 1926 C. Fessler, Germany Rachel Esenstein, Germany Saginaw, Michigan Ethel Fessler Weidman, Mi.
Putman Hattie Widowed September 30 1855 Michigan April 1 1926 Samuel Williams Unknown Weidman, Michigan Ezra Putman Weidman, Mi.
Bell James Married Ida 66 yrs. 2 m. 16 ds. Macomb Co., Mi. May 1 1926 Unknown Olive Algate, Canada Weidman, Michigan Marie Smith Weidman, Mi.
Shook John Married Ida May 18 1857 Michigan July 19 1926 Jacob Shook, Pennsylvania Hanna Cooper, New Jersey Sherman City Cemetery Carl Shook Lake, Mi.
Merrihew Dale G. Single 3 m. 11 ds. Isabella Co., Mi. August 8 1926 Geo. Merrihew, Clinton Co. Effie Pennington, Isabella Co. Forest Hill Cemetery Effie Merrihew Weidman, Mi.
Russell John Leonard Married Calista Coon April 23 1851 Canada November 14 1926 Louis J. Russell, New York Elizabeth Cahoe, Canada Weidman, Michigan Calista Russell Weidman, Mi.
Woodin Charles Chauncey Married Rose February 16 1867 Sister Lakes, Mi. December 20 1926 Byron Woodin, Canada C.A. Evens, Canada Allegan, Michigan Rose Woodin Weidman, Mi.
Putman Melvin Clyde Single January 9 1927 Michigan January 9 1927 Ernest Ezra Putman Genevieve Irene Platt, Michigan Forest Hill Cemetery Ernest Ezra Putman Weidman, Mi.
North Elizabeth Widowed John North 77 yrs. 3 m. 21 ds. Indiana January 5 1927 John Emery, Indiana Catherine Sutton, Indiana Stanton, Michigan Frances Gunckel Remus, Mi.
Stahl Viola Frances Married John February 2 1863 Summit Canada Ohio March 10 1927 Henry W. Snyder, Ohio Rebecca Ludwig, Ohio Fairview Cemetery, Weidman Mrs. James Bell Weidman, Mi.
McGregor Everette Widowed Robert November 30 1848 Greenville May 24 1927 Campbell, Ohio Unknown Roberts Cemetery Wm Walch Barryton, Mi.
Abbott Adelbert Widowed Alice April 12 1850 Michigan August 2 1927 Wm. Abbott Unknown Forest Lawn Cemetery, Detroit Azro Abbott Weidman, Mi.
Leiter Max Single February 26 1926 Michigan September 13 1927 Howard Leiter Ruth Cornell, Michigan Weidman, Michigan Howard leiter Remus, Mi.
Doyle Thomas Married Jennie About 74 Ontario February 20 1928 Unknown Unknown Weidman, Michigan Mrs. May Wolf Weidman, Mi.
Dell Beatric Lucile Married Emory October 19 1903 Michigan February 20 1928 Frank Thompson Lillie Williams Weidman, Michigan Emory Dell Weidman, Mi.
Lawrence Andrew Laffette Married Cora Mesler October 20 1856 Michigan February 12 1928 Geo. Lawrence, New York Mary Kent, New York Weidman, Michigan James Lawrence Weidman, Mi.
Herman Harry Ervin Married Nellie September 19 1875 Branch Co., Michigan March 19 1928 Edgar Herman, New York Louisa Purdy, Michigan Forest Hill Cemetery, Evart, Mi. Nellie Herman Lake, Mi.
Meeker Julia Marie Widowed Edward Meeker 70 yrs. 8 m. 3 ds. March 25 1928 Not noted Not noted Rosebush, Michigan Frank Benn Weidman, Mi.
Beebe Jefferson D. Widowed May 19 1841 New York State March 11 1928 Unknown Unknown Bay City, Michigan Clarence Beebe Weidman, Mi.
Beutler Harmon Married Mary   November 3 1856 Michigan May 5 1928 John Beutler, Germany Caroline Fox, Germany Weidman, Michigan John Beutler Weidman, Mi.
Johnson Betty Elaine Single July 29 1928 Michigan July 29 1928 Percy S. Johnson, Mi. Daisy Fisher, Michigan Forest Hill Cemetery Percy S. Johnson Weidman, Mi.
Sheldon Florin Single May 22 1928 Sherman Twp. May 22 1928 John Sheldon, Michigan Carrie Trilll Kent, Michigan
Smith Leona Louilla Married Lincoln E. Sept 21 1872 Indiana September 9 1928 Silas Goodrich, Indiana Lorena Collins, Indiana Bennett Cemetery Lincoln E. Smith Weidman, Mi.
Whitsull Violet Virginia Single May 15 1928 Muskegon, Mi. October 4 1928 Earl Whitsull, Mi. Emily Waldo, Michigan Wheatland Township, Mecosta Earl Whitsull Remus, Mi.
Rathburn Chas. O. Married Mary August 4 1861 Ohio October 4 1928 Wm. Rathburn Lydia Winnie Altona Mary Rathburn Weidman, Mi.
Embrey John W. Married Sarrah R. January 10 1852 Indiana October 8 1928 John Embrey, Ohio Martha Hall, Ohio Fairview Cemetery, Weidman Sarah Embrey Weidman, Mi.
Kent Adelbert Sidney Married Lidia October 25 1852 Canada April 17 1929 John Kent, Canada Hannah Kent, Canada Weidman, Michigan Fred Kent Weidman, Mi.
Bellows Sarah Eva Single December 31 1928 Michigan May 13 1929 Grover Bellows, Michigan Mabel Cora Johnson, Michigan Sherman City Cemetery Grover Bellows Lake, Mi.
Gross Mary J. Married James Gross February 25 1854 Michigan April 30 1929 Robert Bernside, Virginia Polly Burnside, New York Fairview Cemetery, Weidman Husband Weidman, Mi.
Beutler Mary Elizabeth Widowed Herman Beutler December 28 1865 Michigan July 5 1929 Frank Mull, Michigan Sarah Bellinger, Indiana Weidman, Michigan
Wiley Albert J. Widowed Artie Burdick November 10 1855 Michigan August 8 1929 Nicholas Wiley, Ohio Martha David, Virginia Fork Township Mecosta Co. A. J. Wiley Weidman, Mi.
Burroughs Henry Widowed Lait Edwards 1860 Michigan August 10 1929 Nathan Burroughs, N.Y. Unknown Weidman, Michigan Jim Burroughs Weidman, Mi.
Chapman Ralph Adelbert Single July 17 1920 Michigan November 3 1929 H.W. Chapman, Michigan Emma May Walbrink, Mi. Sherman City Cemetery H.W. Chapman Remus, Mi.
Wagerman Levi Peter Widowed Eliza Jane Boger June 5 1852 Pennsylvania November 4 1929 Peter Wagerman, Penn. Unknown Weidman, Michigan Mrs. Howard Wood Weidman, Mi.
Beutler Eliza J. Married John Beutler 62 yrs. 2 m. 6 ds. Indiana November 26 1929 Wm. Brooks, Indiana Jane Brooks, Indiana Weidman, Michigan John Beutler Weidman, Mi.
Sherman Frank Married Cynthia Sherman May 25 1847 Michigan February 28 1930 Walter Sherman, Michigan Elnora Gage, Michigan Weidman, Michigan Wife Weidman, Mi.
Sherman Cynthia Widowed Frank Sherman December 31 1858 Michigan April 14 1930 J. Losey, Pennsylvania Alice Losey, Michigan Fairview Cemetery, Weidman Nora Gatehouse Weidman, Mi.
Gray Sarah E. Married Ernest Gray 56 yrs. 2 m. 20 ds. Michigan August 11 1930 George Elliott, New York Clara Goodrich, Michigan Weidman, Michigan Ernest Gray Lake, Mi.
Snook Addie May Married Casper Snook 1862 Unknown September 17 1930 Unknown Addie May Stanley, New York Weidman, Michigan Charles Doty Weidman, Mi.
Dell Sarah Married Geo. Dell May 19 1857 Canada November 24 1930 Unknown Sarah Ostrander, Canada Forest Hill Cemetery Pearl Dell Weidman, Mi.
Denslow Rosaline Single December 4 1930 Michigan December 4 1930 Earl J. Denslow Sarah Ann Tice Sherman City Cemetery Earl J. Denslow Lake, Mi.
Russell William Howard Single September 12 1930 Michigan November 26 1930 Wm. E. Russell Jr., Mi. Alleen E. Loomis, Mich. Weidman Cemetery Wm. E. Russell Weidman, Mi.
Cole Lusius Edward Single June 24 1913 Isabella Co., Mi. December 7 1930 Lucius Cole, Canada Florence White, New York Denver Cemetery Lucius Cole Leaton, Mi.
Pridgeon Audre Loreen Single 3 ds. Michigan February 2 1931 Stanley Ivan Pridgeon, MI. Tessie Elizabeth Sisco, Mi. Forest Hill Cemetery Stanley Pridgeon Remus, Mi.
Burd William Henry Widowed Susan Burd March 1 1848 Indiana February 20 1931 John Henry Burd, Penn. Susanna Cline, Ohio Remus, Michigan Jennie Doyle Weidman, Mi.
Jackson Eudora Marie Married Charles August 11 1862 Ohio March 27 1931 Jacob Henninger, Penn. Louisa Underwood, Ohio Fairview Cemetery, Weidman Fred Jackson Weidman, Mi.
Straub Solon Harris Widowed Emma Parsons January 8 1856 Indiana March 30 1931 Henry Straub, Penn. Mary Wooltsy, New York Riverside Cemetery, Dowagiac Mrs. A. Fleming Lake, Mi.
Davis Walter Married Vera 40 yrs. 2 m. 20 ds. Missouri April 23 1931 Allen Davis Maggie Macknally, Mo. Weidman Mrs. Walter Davis Remus, Mi.
Ryckman Cornelius Charney Married Henrita 80 yrs. 1 m. 3 ds. Canada July 21 1931 Joshia Rickman, Canada Catherine Rickman, Canada Tinker Cemetery (Forest Hill) Wife Weidman, Mi.
Balinger Ruby P. Single   February 17 1906 Michigan July 23 1931 Geo. Balinger, Virginia Alice Gotts, Michigan Weidman Geo. Balinger Weidman, Mi.
Latham Chalston Married Harriette July 27 1869 Michigan August 5 1931 Eugene Latham, Michigan Jane Tupper, Michigan Forest Hill Cemetery Wife Remus, Mi.
Perkins Frank W. Married Marcia February 25 1861 Michigan August 26 1931 Orin Perkins, Michigan Caroline Emmons, Ohio Forest Hill Marcia Perkins Weidman, Mi.
Bellows Sarah Jane Widowed Chas. Julius October 10 1851 Canada October 24 1931 Thomas Conley, Ireland Catherine O'Neil Ireland Sherman City Cemetery Grover Bellows Lake, Mi.
Johnson Thomas Widowed Stella September 11 1865 Canada January 6 1932 Wm. Johnson, England Mary A. Foster, England Weidman Dave Johnson Barryton, Mi.
Denslow William Lee Married Ella M. August 8 1863 New York State March 22 1932 Jerome Denslow, N. Y. Acenith Savage, N.Y. Forest Hill O. L. Denslow Indiana
LeRoy Olive E. Widowed Levi E. September 12 1854 Michigan May 15 1932 Edward Hawley, New York Elizabeth Johnson, N.Y. Dr. J. Gillett Weidman, Mi.
Frantz Emma Jane Married Asa June 20 1855 Ohio May 24 1932 Unknown Lucrettia Bowen Sheridan Twp. Asa Frantz Weidman, Mi.
Harper Raymond Dewitt Widowed April 5 1891 Michigan June 14 1932 Sherman Harper, Mi. Minnie Harper, N.Y. Weidman, Michigan Sherman Harper Lake, Mi.
Leiter Bessie Bulah Married Emory October 27 1888 Michigan June 13 1932 Elijah Halsted Anna Woodin, N.Y. Emory Leiter Weidman, Mi.
Denslow Lillian Married Ed 62 yrs. 4 m. 11 ds. Pennsylvania May 29 1932 Jesse Thompson, Penn. Unknown Forest Hill Cemetery Otis Denslow Weidman, Mi.
Dell George Lenow Widowed Sarah February 11 1846 Canada June 20 1932 Bassanette Dell, Canada Chloe Ostrander, Canada Forest Hill Cemetery Lawrence Dell Weidman, Mi.
Harris Ambrose Hanabel Widowed October 15 1841 New York State August 10 1932 Unknown Unknown Union Cemetery Frank Benn Weidman, Mi.
Carr Sheldon Nathaniel Married Myrtle Bell February 4 1862 New York State October 6 1932 David Carr, New York Louise Shertliff, New York Bennett Cemetery Wife Weidman, Mi.
Scott Susanah Maxcroft Widowed James Scott September 1 1853 Unknown November 30 1932 Unknown Unknown Levit Sayer Barryton, Mi.
Bradley Franklin Clyde Married Beulah September 23 1877 Clare, Michigan December 17 1932 Peter Bradley, New York Harriett Olds, Pennsylvania Floyd Sides Barryton, Mi.
Kent Fred L. Widowed Susan  73 yrs. 3 m. 3 ds. Canada February 22 1933 John Kent, Canada Hannah Kent, Canada Forest Hill Cemetery S. Darcey Kent Grand Rapids
Ferguson Adell D. Widowed April 27 1851 Michigan February 16 1933 William Hader Unknown Forest Hill, Weidman, Michigan Leslie Ferguson Weidman, Mi.
Gross Roy Wayne Single   October 13 1928 Weidman, Michigan February 27 1933 Delbert Gross, Mi. Laura Smith, Mi. Weidman, Michigan Bert Gross Weidman, Mi.
Gross Robert Leslie Single August 15 1924 Weidman, Michigan February 27 1933 Delbert Gross, Mi. Laura Smith, Mi. Weidman, Michigan Bert Gross Weidman, Mi.
Burroughs James E. Widowed Carrie October 11 1853 Michigan March 29 1933 Mathew Burroughs, Mi. Margarett Vanscatter Weidman Mrs. Wm. Cahill Weidman, Mi.
Faling Cornelius  A. Married Letta 77 yrs. 28 ds. New York State May 20 1933 James Faling, N.Y. Mary Fuller, N.Y. Weidman Letta Faling Weidman, Mi.
Kirvan Arnold Single 23 yrs. 10 m. 7 ds. Michigan May 15 1933 Will Kirvan, Canada Muranda Padock, Mi. Weidman Will Kirvan Weidman, Mi.
Hatcher Susinna Lawrie Married William 60 yrs. 7 m. 22 ds. Michigan June 22 1933 Thomas McKeag, Ireland Margaret Mullens, Ireland Sherman Cemetery Wm. Hatcher Lake, Mi.
Loomis Millard Ranson Single 1 m. 4 ds. Michigan July 7 1933 Andrew B. Loomis, MI. Florence Edna Allen, Mi. Andrew B. Loomis Lake, Mi.
Wilson Unnamed Single 5 minutes Michigan July 23 1933 Russell Wilson, MI. Gladys Funnell, Mi. Weidman Russell Wilson Weidman, Mi.
Jackson Milford Single 64 yrs. Michigan July 2 1933 Wm. Jackson, England Mary Dutcher, New York Alosky, Michigan Ed Jackson Caldonia, Mi.
Ohls Thomas H. Widowed Emma  February 2 1850 Indiana August 6 1933 William Ohls, Germany Unknown Pine River Cemetery Wm. Ohls Weidman, Mi.
Hatcher Harry   Single October 23 1892 Michigan August 21 1933 William Hatcher, England Susinna McKeag, Michigan Sherman City Cemetery Ethel Hatcher Lake, Mi.
Terwilliger James Widowed October 22 1852 Michigan September 7 1933 Harry Terwilliger, Mi. Unknown Maple Rapids, Michigan Harry Terwilliger Lake, Mi.
Chapman Hiram Willard Married Emma June 29 1872 Michigan December 17 1933 Edwin Willard Chapman, NY Igenia Perry Sherman Mrs. W. Chapman Remus, Mi.


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