Register of Pastors
Rosebush Charge
Presbyterian Church

Rev W M Campbell Stated Supply from 1880 to 1882
Mr Reynolds a theological student, S. S. during Summer of 18 (the number is not finished in the document)
Rev F A Bissell Stated Supply from 1885 to 1887
Rev Albert Robinson Stated Supply six months to Nov 1887
Rev Wm Walker Stated Supply nine months to Aug 1888
Rev Jas A Griffes Stated Supply one year from Dec 1 1888
J. H. Philps Stated Supply Jan. 1 - May 1, 1890
Grant Stroh Theological Student May 10 - Sept 1, 1890
Rev Wm H Hoffman Stated Supply Dec 1890 - 1894, Nov 1
Rev. J. A. Shanton Jan 26, 1896 - Nov. 29, 1896
Rev. Knowles Alma Student From Dec. 13, 1896 to Dec. 27
Mr. M Alma Student Dec.
Rev. James W. Dallas Alma Student From Jan. 24 1897 to 6/16/1901
Rev Mr. Geo. A. Hill Alma Student From May 26 1901 to Sept 8th 1901
Rev Mr. W. J. Ewing Alma Student From Sept 15, 1901 To April 27 1902
Rev W. H. Simmons Mt. Pleasant From May 4, 1902 to Dec 7th 1902
Rev Mr. Kriebel Mt. Pleasant From May 3rd 1903 To May 31, 1903
Rev M. Grigsby Mt. Pleasant From Aug 2nd 1903 To Sept 25 1904
Rev J. A. Mc Graham Mt. Pleasant From Jun 4th 1905 to Dec 1st 1908
H. Foekett Alma College From Dec 1908 to June 1909
Mr. Edward Thompson From Alma College From April 10 1910 To June 5 1910
Rev Mr. Long From Mt. Pleasant From June 16, 1910 To Aug 1, 1910
Mr. E. A. Thompson From Alma College From Sept. 4, 1910 To Nov. 28, 1912
Mr. Frost From Alma College From Dec. 1, 1912 To June 30, 1913
Mr. Fleming S. S. 3-18-14
Mr. H. Flaver Alma College 1914
Mr. H. H. Anderson 1921
Mr. Bacon Alma College
Mr. Nims 1928 - 1929
Mr. R. O. Thomson S. S. 1-26-36 Retired Jan. 4, 1953
Mr. John K. Osborn Installed 1953
Amos Heberlline 1918
Ellis Pratt  

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