Introduction:  In the year 2009, there are 14 generations of the Galgoczy-Galgoczi families originating from Menfocsanak and Gyor, Hungary, with dates and names verified by Mrs. Karolyn Galgoczi and graciously posted to the internet site in Hungary by Antal Galgoczi at  The pictorial story begins with Istvan (“Stephanus or Steve”) Galgoczi, father of Balint Galgoczi, who immigrated to the US, first to East Chicago, IN., then to Rosebush, Isabella, Michigan (Balint changed his given name to Walter in the United States).

An outline of the generations preceding Istvan are as follows (space cannot allow displaying all the descendents to each generation).

Balint (15.08.1885.)
father - Istvan Galgoczi (02.08.1842, Csanakhegy)
mother - Rozalia Horvath (Koronco)
marriage: 1877. Csanakhegy (its part of Gyor)

Istvan (02.08.1842)
father - Jozsef Galgoczi (13.08.1813. - 1846)
mother - Juli Nemes (1823. - 14.08.1850.)
marriage: 10.01.1841. Csanakhegy

Jozsef (13.08.1813. - 1846)
father - Jozsef Galgoczi (1783? - 1820)
mother - Elisabetha Pinter (Nagybarathegy)
marriage: 03.05.1807. (Nagybarat)

Jozsef (1783? - 1820)
father - Janos Galgoczi (1750 – 1804, Kisbarathegy)
mother - Katalin Szentgyorgyi (1760 -1789, Csanakhegy)

Janos (1750 – 1804)
father - Janos Galgoczi 173? – 1807)
mother -

Janos (173? – 1807)
father - Janos Galgoczi (02.02.1714, Gyor – 1773 Csanakhegy)
mother - Helen ???

Janos (02.02.1714. – 1773.)
father - Gyorgy Galgoczy !!! (1689., Gyor)
mother - Elisabeth Varga

Gyorgy (1689.)
father - Andras Galgoczy
mother - Zsuzsanna Vass
marriage: 1673

From Antal Galgoczi:  It seems you find your Hungarian roots with some armalises. Armalis: coats of arms or letters patent without a royal donation of estate to those nobles, who together with their coats of arms, did not receive an estate from the king. These were therefore practically landless and are referred to as nobles with armalis” in Hungarian historiography (as opposed to the landed gentry).

The following picture taken in Csanakhegy, Hungary, depicts Walter Galgoczi’s father, Istvan Galgoczi and his wife, Rozalia Horvath from Csanakhegy, Gyor, Hungary.  The little boy standing between his parents is Walter Galgoczi.  His brother, Aladar (Andrew) Galgoczi, who also immigrated to the US, is in the second row, with his hands on his mother’s shoulder.  Istvan (Steve) Galgoczi, elder son, is standing in the back row.  The girls’ names might be Etelka (Ethel) and Francis.

Submitted by Nadine Hardin