Jordan Rd.
Nottawa Twp.
Isabella Co., Michigan

Last Name         First Name                             Birth          Death

BEADERSTADT Friedrich                                                    1898
BEADERSTADT Marie                                                         1900

BERHARD G.Emest W Butah                     9Ju11908 15Aug1908

BOETTNER Clara                                    18Dec1885   2Jan1893

CREECH Benjamin                                             1917          1979
CREECH Betty Lou                                  19Apr1941  9Nov1941
CREECH Clara L                                                1917          1975
CREECH Pamela G                                                      23Jun1964
CREECH Patricia Ann                              16Mar1938 27Aug1938
CREECH Wayne                                      19Mar1949    6Ju11949

GEARR Johann                                           3Dec1884 14Nov1888

GRACE Carl William                                  9Mar1905 12Apr 1977      Pvt US Army WWII
GRACE Edwin C                                     17Nov1911  10Feb1975
GRACE Ida K                                                    1890            1987
GRACE Inf Girl                                                            26Apr1925
GRACE Laura K                                      21Apr1883   29Ju11961
GRACE Loyd C                                                 1889            1960
GRACE Melvin                                                             19Ju11923
GRACE Mildred R                                             1919            1921
GRACE Ralph                                                             12Nov1908
GRACE Thea W                                      17Aug1880   3May1952

HARTMAN Baby                                               Can't read

HUBER Esther                                           50ct1912   10Dec1917
HUBER George                                                1855             1937
HUBER Jennie                                                  1857             1937
HUBER William                                                1885             1921
HUMMEL Charles                                   270ct1873    3May1911

MUELLER Margaret                                        1871             1901           Wife A Mueller

PEKRUL John P                                              1911             1977

SCHERTEL Infant son                                                 10Sep1910           Anna & Andrew
SCHERTEL John P                                 18Ju11877  29May1909
SCHERTEL John Sr                                 2Feb1848    10Jun1909
SCHERTEL Lillie                                    23Aug1891    11Jun1903
SCHERTEL                                              4Aug1851    18Jun1915                 Mother
SCHERTEL Family Marker
SCHNELL Walter M                             15Nov1884    18Feb1895

TILLMAN Marvelyn                                                    22Mar1933

UNKNOWN                                                     Stone missing
UNKNOWN                                                     No headstone

ZIER Anna                                                        1874              1949                 Mother
ZIER Edwin J                                                    1901              1972
ZIER EmestJ                                                     1903              1973
ZIER John G                                                     1865              1930                 Father
ZIER Margaret Ann "Margie                              1943              1949
ZIER PaulJ                                                        1911              1932                 Son
ZIER Rosina M                                                 1908               1921

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