Daily Times News
July 28, 1905

Local News

Carl Faulkner is the new messenger boy at the P.M. Depot.

W. C. Vowles is building a tow story stone house on his farm near Caldwell.

Miss Anna Peak has won another prize from the firm for which she is taking orders.

Caleb Bundy was granted a divorce from Sarah Bundy; cause desertion.

John Swanson, after three times trying, has secured a flowing well on his farm at a depth of a hundred feet.

Mrs. Jonah Archer is suffering from a fall down the cellar stairs, which broke some ribs and otherwise bruised her body.

Mrs. Emily Orcutt died the 24th at Kalamazoo.  Her sister, Mrs. E. M. Wightman of this place was with her at the last.

Osceola county is going after the violations of the Sunday closing law and has five saloonists arraigned for next circuit court.

O. H. Huey has been in the city this week and shipped his household goods to Durand, where he has been for the past year in the employ of the Grand Trunk road.

The St. Louis sugar factory is being enlarged from a 350 ton to a 600 ton factory.  Six thousand acres have been planted to beets under contract to this prosperous concern.

Miss Bertha Olmstead for over five years a faithful and diligent employee of this office has severed her connection therewith and will seek for a position in more profitable fields.

Little Ruth Hardy was bitten by a neighbor's dog Monday and is under a doctor's care.  The city is over run with dogs which are a menace to the public and ought to be attended to.

Midland citizens are up in arms because after waiting for two years for a depot to replace one burned, the Pere Marquette company are about to give them a dinky little wooden structure, which they think not worth a place in the city limits.

Ed. Dubois and Robert Bleis were committed to the Traverse City asylum Monday, and taken by an officer on the noon train.

M. A. Burgess has so far recovered from the five wounds given him by a tramp at Caro as to return to his home in Gilmore.  He is able to be about but is still suffering from his injuries.

The school board met Monday evening ad organized by the election of I. A. Fancher, as president; Frank McNamara, secretary; Chas. T. Russell, treasurer.  The board have considered the applications of many who would fill the vacancies in their corps of teachers.

Miss Mary Sullivan will be wedded on August 16 to Harry Tobin of Owosso.  She received a shower at the home of Dan Shanahan on Andre avenue last night by her friends and the Sacred Heart Alumnae.  Miss Sullivan is an estimable young woman who will soon leave this community for a home of her own at Owosso.  The best wishes of her many friends are extended to her.

Sheriff Bailey used good judgment and did the correct thing Saturday night when he gave Harry Webber and his Indian partner a dressing down with his fists and sent them about their business instead of arresting them ad putting them in jail as he has so often been done.  A bed ad board is just what this gentry has been longing for and they have had too much at the public expense.

Jedson Miner secumbed to an attack of pneumonia Sunday afternoon, leaving a wife and baby daughter.  Mr. Miner was proprietor of a blacksmith shop on Franklin street ad enjoying a prosperous business when the fatal illness overtook him.  Mrs. Miner went with the body of her husband to Jeddo, Tuesday for burial, and will sell her property here and return to their former home to live.

William Wickwire was sentenced Tuesday by Judge Dodds to not less than one or more than five years at Jackson, with a recommendation that it be not less than three years.  The crime is horse stealing.  Wickwire lays all his misbehavior to drink and promises the court that upon his release he will forever abstain from the use of intoxicating liquors and make a strong effort to lead a correct life.

Personal News

Miss Mary Conrad is visiting in Howell.

Ralph Dusenbury is visiting in Chicago.

John Alt returned Monday from a couple of weeks vacation.

A. W. Bahlke and Roscoe have returned from a pleasure trip.

John Kane is spending the week at the Purcell cottage at Crystal.

Mrs. I. A. Fancher is visiting Mrs. Mary Smith at Traverse City.

Miss Alice Small of Saginaw is the guest of Miss Florence Dains.

Mrs. A. A. Borden and Mrs. Eugene Collins are visiting in Jackson.

F. S. Rice has bought a house on East Broadway of J. E. Chatterton.

R. H. Ackerman of Lansing has joined his wife at I. R. Jameson's.

Bird Preston and C. F. Marsh attended the Detroit races this week.

Miss Zella Crabtree of Ithaca is visiting her sister, Mrs. Frank Stilwell.

Miss Jessie Mead has gone to Pennsylvania for the rest of the vacation.

Kirk Hildreth of St. Louis visited at the home of C. D. Bowen over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. William McKay from Vernon have been visiting relatives in the city.

Mrs. F. C. Crego and Miss Ida are visiting at North Adams and vicinity for a month.

Miss Hazel Livingston has gone to Traverse City for a few weeks visit with cousins.

Mrs. Fisher of Alma, with her little daughter, is visiting her father, Lewis Cole, at Leaton.

Misses Beatrice and Aline Winans from Durand are paying a visit to their uncle, T. A. Winans.

Mr. ad Mrs. Frank Brownell and two children from Toledo are visitors at George Jackson's.

Mrs. Courtney Morgan went to Chicago this week after spending several weeks with her sisters here.

The Misses Nell and Louise Bennett and M. Devereaux are taking a trip down the St. Lawrence river.

Mrs. Warren Taylor, Miss Ethel Taylor, and Miss Vera Bergy are visiting R. C. Herbinson's family at Ludington.

Rev McGreaham and Dr. Richardson have been fishing on the little Manistee this week.  They are accompanied by Rev. W. W. Taylor.

Professor S. D. Brooks, wife and children from Boston are at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Brooks on a visit.

Mrs. A. H. Ryder of Shepherd returned home this week after spending some time, the guest of her sister, Mrs. L. D. COle, Normal avenue.

Dr. Clyde Sheline spent last week very pleasantly at Frankfort and in Menominee, at the latter place in attending the Chautauqua assembly in session there.

Gordon McBain, from McBain was in the city over Sunday, making farewell calls, before leaving Michigan for a new home in the west to which the family go in a few days.

Mrs. Howard of Farwell attended the association meeting of Eastern Star chapters here last week and also paid a visit to her great aunt, Mrs. L. P. Riley's mother, who is here from Ohio on a visit to the Riley farm south of town.

Fred Whitney is in town from Boyne.

Mrs. Ed Johnson is visiting in Detroit.

Mrs. "Ad" McRae is visiting friends at Clare.

E. F. Miller Paid Saginaw friends a visit Sunday.

Ed Dittmann was in Detroit the first of the week.

Miss May Reen from Cadillac is visiting at A. W. Bush's.

N. C. Mason of Blanchard was a county seat visitor Tuesday.

Mrs. John Quinn of Saginaw has been a guest at Mrs. C. M. Downey's.

Mrs. Car Dean and child of Bay City are visiting M. F. Dean's family.

Rev. Edward McDonald from Cadillac has been in the city this week.

Miss Louise Smith of Ann Arbor has been visiting friends here this week.

Mrs. C. Law left Tuesday for a three weeks' trip in the northern part of the state.

Mrs. C. E. Vowles chaperoned a party of young lady campers up the Chippewa last Friday and Saturday.

Miss Elizabeth Daniels has returned home after teaching an eleven months term in Grand Traverse county.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robinson of Beaverton spent Sunday in this city the guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Hunter.

P.C. Taylor returned from a trip to Detroit and Lansing Friday night bringing Mrs. Tayor and Aletha with im.

Rev. Joseph Dutton is expected to be back from a months visit to Canada before Sunday and preach as usual in the M.E. church.

Dr. Loomis and A. T. Dusenbury have returned to Battle Creek after a week's outing at Coldwater Lake.  Mrs. Loomis and daughter returned home yesterday.

J. E. Chatterton, Henry Chatterton, F. W. Ellis and their wives have returned from an outing on the Middle Branch at the Club house of the Pere Marquette Trout Club near Nirvania.  They report fair catches of trout.

Mrs. C. E. Vowles, Mrs. C. A. Carnaham, Miss Anna Peak, Aura Sanford and Elizabeth Bennett were guests of George H. Wright's family at Port Huron Wednesday and hospitably entertained by the best that the city afforded.

Among the excursionists on the Port Huron Sunday school trip Wednesday was Tisico, an Indian aged 100.  Tipsico is of the type of aborigines, now about extinct.  In his youth he was a famous runner and a strong man in his tribe and until late years was self support. 


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