IOOF Cemetery
North side of Stevenson Lake Road,
     East of North Brinton Road, Coldwater Township

Last Name   First        Birth      Death      Other
RICHTER     George N      1869       1952
RICHTER     Virginia E    1878       No Date

HALSTED     Burnette      1861       1921

ESTES       Martha J      1850       1897      Mother
ESTES       Daniel        1835       1904      Father

SMITH       Mother        No Dates
SMITH       Sophia        No Dates
 Wife of Fredrick Smith
SMITH       Fredrick             7Dec1899      65y1m15d
 Husband of Sophia
SMITH       Father        No Dates

FIELD       Semantha            12Apr1898      55y6m19d

ALYSWORTH   Arivell             29Mar1899      10y10d
AYLSWORTH    ?            No Dates             Infant
 Daughter of Mary Aylsworth

BRUBAKER    Willie               3Jan1897      2m6d
 Son of J & E Brubaker

TEALL       Jennie A  2Feb1863  12Apr1913
 Wife of HV Teall
TEALL       HV       23Apr1858   4Jul1917
TEALL                                          Family Marker

HILL        Lucy J        1880       1905
HILL                                           Family Marker
HILL        Maranda       1852       1920
HILL        Spencer             14May1902      63y1m21d
 Loving Husband of Maranda Hill
HILL        Clara A       1889       1912
HILL        Ida M         1878       No Date
HILL        Walter E  9Sep1891  18Jan1951
 MI Pfc 6 Spruce Sq WWI

DALEY       Seth                20Apr1892      31y4m20d


COX         Unknown                  No Dates

ANDERSON    John C              20Nov1896      31y
ANDERSON    John C                   No Dates

FORBES      Lizzie   20May1872  19Feb1898
 Daughter of John Forbes

BEAL        Margaret A    1845       1919
BEAL        John P        1832       1918
BEAL        Charlie M     1874       1902
ESTES       Ida R         1867       1950      Mother
ESTES       William H     1863       1897      Father

HAMMOND     PJ            1859       1941
HAMMOND     SC            1854       1915

ALLEN       George H      1855       1911
ALLEN                                          Family Marker

FULLER      Hiram         1858       1921

UNKNOWN       ?                      No Dates

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