1899 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
226 Aug 9, 1899 Lawrence M. Shanahan M Lincoln Daniel Shanahan Mt. Pleasant Canada   June 5, 1900
          Mary Shanahan   Michigan    
226 1/2 July 8, 1899 Ray Lee Martin M Nottawa Conrad K. Maring Beal City Michigan Farmer June 5, 1900
          Catherin Bierschback        
227 Oct 3, 1899 Eugene Timothy Fitzgerald M Mt. Pleasant Timothy Fitzgerald Mt. Pleasant Canada Farmer June 5, 1900
          Mary Fitzgerald   Scotland    
228 Mar 28, 1899 Ward Butcher M Mt. Pleasant George Butcher Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer June 5, 1900
          Nellie L. Butcher   Michigan Housewife  
229 Ovt 4, 1899 William Henry Slaffey M Mt. Pleasant Henry T. Claffey Mt. Pleasant New York Farmer June 5, 1900
          Anna Mable Claffey   New York Housewife  
230 Aug 1, 1899 Helen L. Gravenstine F Mt. Pleasant Frank Gravenstine Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer June 5, 1900
          Emma A. Gravenstine   Michigan Housewife  
231 Sept 18, 1899 Frances R. McCarthy F Mt. Pleasant Patrick J. McCarhty Mt. Pleasant Canada Farmer June 5, 1900
          Louisa McCarthey   Canada Housewife  
232 Feb 18, 1899 Jefferson Franklin Brimingstool M Coe G. W. Brimingstool Coe Indiana Farmer June 5, 1900
          Marhta Brimingstool   Michigan Housewife  
233 May 17, 1899 Mina Maurer F Coe Jacob Maurer Coe Germany Farmer June 5, 1900
          Amelia Maurer   Germany Housewife  
234 Oct 27, 1899 George M. Corcan M Coe James Corcan Coe Canada Farmer June 5, 1900
          Ellen Corcan   Canada Housewife  
235 Sept 23, 1899 Forest Shong M Coe M. J. Shong Coe Ohio Farmer June 5, 1900
          Nora Shong   Michigan Housewife  
236 May 9, 1899 Ethel A. Drake F Coe Ward Drake Coe Michigan Farmer June 5, 1900
          Jessie Drake   Michigan Housewife  
237 Feb 10, 1899 Mable Wonch F Coe Levi Wonch Coe Michigan Farmer June 5, 1900
          Etta Wonch   Michigan Housewife  
238 Nov 29, 1899 Harley Estee M Coe P. H. Estee Coe Michigan Farmer June 5, 1900
          Ellen G. Estee   Pennsylvania Housewife  
239 Nov 1, 1899 Wendell Alton Thompson M Coe J. Alton Thompson Coe Michigan Teacher June 5, 1900
          Rose Anna Thomspn   Michigan Teacher  
240 Aug 9, 1899 Foster Girvin M Coe Thomas Girvin Coe Michigan Farmer June 5, 1900
          Maud Girvin   Michigan Housewife  
241 Dec 27, 1899 Marie Annalee Struble F Coe Jacob Struble Coe Michigan Laborer June 5, 1900
          Bertha May Ancompaugh "   Michigan Housewife  
241 1/2 May 13, 1899 John William French M Deerfield David George French Deerfield Michigan Farmer Feb. 15, 1941
          Sarah Barbara Peffer   Michigan    

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