1899 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
207 Aug 5, 1899 Patrick J. Ragan M Vernon Timothy J. Ragan Vernon Canada Farmer June 3, 1900
    Later chg: Regan     Mary Ragan   Canada    
208 June 2, 1899 George R. Kibbey M Mt. Pleasant Nelson Kibbey Mt. Pleasant Michigan Brick Maker June 3, 1900
          Mable Kibbey   Michigan    
209 Jan 27, 1899 Hazle May Bowen F Mt. Pleasant Thomas Bowers Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer June 3, 1900
          Emma Bowers   New York    
210 Jan 30, 1899 Allen N. Snyder M Mt. Pleasant Charles Snyder Mt. Pleasant Michigan Basket Maker June 3, 1900
          Mary Synder   Michigan    
211 July 13, 1899 Maggie Belk Knap F Mt. Pleasant Jared BellKnap Mt. Pleasant Canada Millman June 3, 1900
          Lydia Ann  Bell Knap   Michigan    
211 1/2 Apr 3, 1899 Charles J. Crippen M Mt. Pleasant Nelson Crippen Mt. Pleasant Not known Sawyer June 3, 1900
          Louella Courter   Ohio    
212 Apr 19, 1899 Anges Marshall Tiffney M Mt. Pleasant Luther Marshal Tiffney Mt. Pleasant Wisconsin Sae Mill June 5, 1900
    Later chg: Tiffany     Anna Elizabeth Buchelder "   Michigan    
213 Dec 29, 1899 Stephen Miller M Mt. Pleasant Thomas Miller Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer June 5, 1900
          Mary Miller   Canada    
214 Aug 9, 1899 Elva Burch F Mt. Pleasant Edward Burch Mt. Pleasant Canada Shingle June 5, 1900
    Later chg: Birch     Christina B. Knight Burch   Michigan    
215 Dec 15, 1899 Merle Bailey M Mt. Pleasant Clarence Bailey Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer June 5, 1900
          Grace Bailey   Michigan    
216 Jan 6, 1899 Prestont S. Tambling M Mt. Pleasant charles Tambling Mt. Pleasant Ohio School Teacher June 5, 1900
          Bessie Tambling   Michigan    
217 June 21, 1899 Anna Sampson F Mt. Pleasant Thomas Sampson Mt. Pleasant Canada   June 5, 1900
          Clara Sampson   Michigan    
218 May 1, 1899 John Delmater M Mt. Pleasant John Delmater Mt. Pleasant Michigan   June 5, 1900
          Addie Delmater   Michigan    
219 May 30, 1899 Helen C. Vowels F Mt. Pleasant Charles E. Vowels Mt. Pleasant Iowa Post Office June 5, 1900
          Hana M. Vowels   Canada Clerk  
220 Nov 4, 1899 Walter Warner M Mt. Pleasant Delos T. Warner Mt. Pleasant Ohio   June 5, 1900
          Hattie E. Warner   Michigan    
221 Oct 10, 1899 Elva M. Wilber F Mt. Pleasant William R. Wilber Mt. Pleasant Ohio   June 5, 1900
          Ida M. Wilber   New York    
222 Nov 15, 1899 Mary L. Bringard F Mt. Pleasant Frankd Bringard Mt. Pleasant Michigan   June 5, 1900
          Rose Bringard   Canada    
223 Sept 19, 1899 Anna May Dunlap F Mt. Pleasant Edwin C. Dunlap Mt. Pleasant Michigan   June 5, 1900
          Roda M. Dunlap   Michigan    
224 Aug 31, 1899 Catherine E. McNamara F Mt. Pleasant Frank McNamara Mt. Pleasant Michigan   June 5, 1900
          Anna McNamara   Michigan    
225 Nov 13, 1899 Charles Granger M Mt. Pleasant Elmer Granger Mt. Pleasant Michigan   June 5, 1900
          Flora Granger   Michigan    



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