1898 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
376 Feb 3, 1898 Dean Forbes M Chippewa A. D. Forbes Chippewa Michigan Farmer July 5, 1899
          Josie Forbes   Michigan    
377 Sept 11, 1898 Maynard R. Salisbury M Chippewa E. B. Salisbury Chippewa Michigan Farmer July 5, 1899
          Ida Salisbury   Michigan    
378 July 21, 1898 M. S. Gilmore M Chippewa A. M. Gilmore Chippewa Ohio Farmer July 5, 1899
          Maggie Gilmore   Michigan    
379 Nov 3, 1898 I. M. Keith F Chippewa Grant Keith Chippewa Ohio Farmer July 5, 1899
380 Aug 20, 1898 H. E. Brown M Chippewa Charles D. Brown Chippewa Illinois Farmer July 5, 1899
          Emma J. Brown   Canada    
381 Dec 22, 1898 C. C. Cox F Chippewa Alfred Cox Chippewa Ohio Well Digger July 5, 1899
          Inez Cox   Ohio    
382 Aug 17, 1898 Flossie F. Goffnett F Chippewa Jacob Goffnett Chippewa New York Farmer July 5, 1899
          Malinda Goffnett   ind    
383 Sept 23, 1898 Little F Chippewa Lewis Little Chippewa Michigan Farmer July 5, 1899
      Stillborn   Nettie Little   Michigan    
384 Sept 19, 1898 Lloyd Kelly M Chippewa Henry Kelly Chippewa Michigan Farmer July 5, 1899
          Mary Kelly   Michigan    
385 Jan 26, 1898 Charles H. Gardner M Gratiot Co., MI Albert Gardner Chippewa Michigan Farmer July 5, 1899
          Sarah Gardner   Michigan    
386 Sept 9, 1898 Lester C. Johnson M Chippewa George W. Johnson Chippewa England Farmer July 5, 1899
          Elizabeth Cook Johnson   England    
387 Oct 15, 1898 Howard H. Griffin M Chippewa William Griffin Chippewa Ohio Farmer July 5, 1899
          Nettie Griffin   Michigan    
388 July 6, 1898 Bruce M Chippewa William Bruce Chippewa Michigan Farmer July 5, 1899
      Stillborn   Cora Bruce   Michigan    
389 Dec 18, 1898 Clarence T. Keenan M Mt. Pleasant Frank Keenan Mt. Pleasant Canada Retail Meats Nov. 7, 1936
          Helen Gertrude Doherty   Canada    
390 Apr 21, 1898 Leo Wane Nohl M Winn Alexander Nohl Winn Ohio Blacksmith 27-Jul-37
          Emiley Sophia Vroman   Michigan    
391 July 27, 1898 Thomas Bickerton. Ramey M Vernon Eli Ramey Vernon Canada Farmer 20-May-39
          Mary Bickerton   Canada    


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