1898 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
339 Nov 26, 1898 Bernice E. Maurer F Mt. Pleasant David H. Maurer Mt. Pleasant Ohio Farmer June 27, 1899
          Abbie C. Maurer   Michigan    
340 May 8, 1898 Leo Marion Hill M Mt. Pleasant Marion Hill Mt. Pleasant New York Laborer June 27, 1899
          Jennie Mogg Hill   New York    
341 Aug 20, 1898 Dwight Frank Adams M Mt. Pleasant Frank W. Adams Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer June 27, 1899
          Louisa Adams   Germany    
342 Nov 29, 1898 Alexander D. Cline M Mt. Pleasant William Cline Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer June 27, 1899
          Nellie Cline   Michigan    
343 Apr 24, 1898 Thomas A. Rush M Mt. Pleasant Charles Rush Mt. Pleasant New York Saloonist June 27, 1899
          Mary E. Rush   Canada    
344 June 31, 1898 Elizabeth D. Humphrey F Mt. Pleasant Hamilton H. Humphrey Mt. Pleasant Michigan Carpenter June 27, 1899
          May V. Humphrey   Michigan    
345 Oct 19, 1898 Irene Garoin F Mt. Pleasant Michael Garoin Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer June 27, 1899
          Maggie Garoin   Canada    
345 1/2 Oct 17, 1898 Bert Richard Nestell M Mt. Pleasant Edward L. Nestell Two Rivers Michigan Farmer 6-Mar-40
          Annie L. Wilson   Canada    
346 Aug 22, 1898 Mary E. Johnson F Mt. Pleasant James E. Johnson Mt. Pleasant Canada Merchant June 27, 1899
          Maggie Johnson   Canada    
347 June 8, 1898 Earl Jank F Mt. Pleasant John Edward Jank Mt. Pleasant Germany Merchant June 27, 1899
          Mary Jank   Denmark Taylor  
348 Dec 27, 1898 Mary Margarter Miller F Mt. Pleasant Anthony Miller Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer June 27, 1899
          Katherine Miller   Michigan    
349 May 5, 1898 Ray Geisler M Coldwater George Geisler Coldwater Pennsylvania Farmer June 27, 1899
          Emma Geisler   Pennsylvania    
350 Oct 30, 1898 Howard Jones M Coldwater Willaim Jaones Coldwater Michigan Farmer June 27, 1899
          Eva Jones   Michigan    
351 Dec 13, 1898 Elsie Niefert F Coldwater John Niefert Coldwater Germany Farmer June 27, 1899
          Minnie Neifert   Germany    
352 Feb 20, 1898 Margaret Jane Shults F Coldwater Edmond Shults Coldwater Ohio Farmer June 27, 1899
          Loey Shults   Ohio    
353 Oct 19, 1898 Etha Harkins F Coldwater Willialm Harkins Coldwater Michigan Farmer June 27, 1899
          Calista Harkins   Michigan    
354 Apr 30, 1898 Lillie Ellen Gilbert F Coldwater George Gilbert Coldwater Michigan Farmer June 27, 1899
          Nina Gilbert   Michigan    
355 Apr 18, 1898 Allen W. Labor M Coldwater William Labor Coldwater Canada Farmer June 27, 1899
          Olive Labor   Kansas    
356 June 5, 1898 Harold Clark M Coldwater Herbert Clark Coldwater Michigan Farmer June 27, 1899
          Birtha Clark   Michigan    
357 Mar 22, 1898 Herbert Les Forbes M   William Herbert Forbes Coldwater Michigan Farmer June 27, 1899
          Tresah Zules Sowle Forbes   Michigan    


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