1898 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
320 June 21, 1898 Carl Hilton M Mt. Pleasant McCurdy Hilton Mt. Pleasant Pennsylvania Engineer June 21, 1899
    Mulatto     Jennie Hilton   Ohio    
321 Apr 10, 1898 Irene McGillis F Mt. Pleasant James McGillis Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer June 21, 1899
          Jennie McGillis   Canada    
322 May 18, 1898 Helen Myers F Mt. Pleasant John N. Myers Mt. Pleasant Switzerland Laborer June 21, 1899
          Lillie Myers   Ohio    
323 Aug 20, 1898 Ray B. Garvey M Mt. Pleasant Philip H. Garvey Mt. Pleasant England Livery June 21, 1899
      Twin   Etta Garvey   New York    
324 Aug 20, 1898 Fay B. Garvey M Mt. Pleasant Philip H. Garvey Mt. Pleasant England Livery June 21, 1899
      Twin   Etta Garvey   New York    
325 Aug 27, 1898 Arthur W. Braucher M Mt. Pleasant Jesse E. Braucher Mt. Pleasant Pennsylvania Laborer June 21, 1899
          Idella Braucher   Ohio    
326 Sept 26, 1898 Zenith Kibby F Mt. Pleasant Ansel F. Kibby Mt. Pleasant Pennsylvania Millman June 27, 1899
    Zella Kibby Twins   Sarah Kibby   Michigan    
327 May 5, 1898 Dorris Ketchum F Mt. Pleasant not known Mt. Pleasant unknown not known June 27, 1899
328 Dec 15, 1898 Franklin H. Bailey M Mt. Pleasant Clarence Bailey Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer June 27, 1899
          Grace Bailey   Michigan    
329 Oct 16, 1898 Earl Daugherty M Mt. Pleasant Saul Daugherty Mt. Pleasant Indiana Laborer June 27, 1899
          Sarah Dougherty   Michigan    
330 June 3, 1898 R. D. Fredenburg M Mt. Pleasant Jason B. Fredenburg Mt. Pleasant Michigan Miller June 27, 1899
    Later chg: Fraidenburg     Ida May Knkley Fredinburg   Michigan    
330 1/2 Sept 4, 1898 Dewey Eber Hutchins M Blanchard Silas Ross Hutchins Blanchard Ohio Farmer 19-May-40
          Laura Minerva Rush   Michigan    
331 June 22, 1898 Walter Dewey Crummel M Mt. Pleasant Arthur A. Crummel Mt. Pleasant Ohio Laborer June 27, 1899
          Lucy D. C. Flansburg Crummel   Michigan    
332 June 12, 1898 Pearl Helin Johnson F Mt. Pleasant Sam Johnson Mt. Pleasant Canada Miller June 27, 1899
    Later chg: JOHNSTON     Lettie Johnson   Michigan    
333 Feb 27, 1898 George W. Bamber M Mt. Pleasant William Bamber Mt. Pleasant Canada Miller June 27, 1899
          Debby Bamber   Michigan    
334 Aug 22, 1898 Francis Ryan F Mt. Pleasant J. F. Ryan Mt. Pleasant Canada Money Loaner June 27, 1899
          Fannie E. Ryan   Michigan    
335 Dec 24, 1898 Stella L. Kinch F Mt. Pleasant James Kirch Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laundry Man June 27, 1899
          Helen Kirch   New York    
336 Apr 13, 1898 Ruth L. Axford F Mt. Pleasant Bert Asford Mt. Pleasant Michigan Telegraph June 27, 1899
          Gertie Axford   Michigan Operator  
337 Nov 28, 1898 Amanda Ann Burch F Mt. Pleasant Lewis J. Burch Mt. Pleasant Michigan Doctor June 27, 1899
          Bessie May Burch   Michigan    
338 Aug 19, 1898 Bernice Whitney F Mt. Pleasant Irvin E. Whitney Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer June 27, 1899
          Nettie Whitney   Michigan    


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