1898 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
301 Feb 16, 1898 Dewitt F. Denslow M Sherman Isaac Denslow Sherman Michigan Farmer June 6, 1899
          Laura Denslow   Michigan    
302 May 14, 1898 Ivan M. Brooks F Sherman James Brooks Sherman Indiana Farmer June 6, 1899
          Maggie Brooks   Michigan    
303 Feb 19, 1898 Harriet S. Smith F Sherman Asa A. Smith Sherman Indiana Farmer June 6, 1899
          Mary C. Smith   Indiana    
304 July 25, 1898 Blance E. Denslow F Sherman W. J. Denslow Sherman Michigan Laborer June 6, 1899
          Jennie L. Denslow   Michigan    
305 Aug 10, 1898 Earl N. Woodworth M Sherman Charles H. Woodworth Sherman Indiana Harness Maker June 6, 1899
          Maud Woodworth   Michigan    
306 Apr 4, 1898 Jay D. Phelps M Nottawa James Phelps Nottawa Canada Farmer June 6, 1899
          Sarah Phelps   Canada    
307 Apr 6, 1898 Dewey Clark M Sherman Eugene Clark Sherman Massachusetts Farmer June 12, 1899
          Ella Clark   Michigan    
308 May 1, 1898 Herbert Dewett M Millbrook Jay Dewitt Millbrook New York Farmer June 12, 1899
          Flora Dewitt   Michigan    
309 Oct 1, 1898 Charles A. B. Thompson F Sherman Joseph Thompson Sherman Michigan Farmer June 12, 1899
          Maud Thompson   Ohio    
310 June 18, 1898 Lucile M. Johnson F Mt. Pleasant John H. Johnson Mt. Pleasant Canada Merchant June 21, 1899
          Mary S. Johnson   Ohio    
311 Aug 1, 1898 James E. Kennedy M Mt. Pleasant Timothy J. Kennedy Mt. Pleasant Canada Merchant June 21, 1899
          Matilda Kennedy   Canada    
312 Jan 19, 1898 Clara B. Huber F Mt. Pleasant John Huber Mt. Pleasant Illinois Laborer June 21, 1899
          Flora Morse Huber   Michigan    
313 June 6,1898 Noel Arnold Hitchcock M Mt. Pleasant James W. Hitchcock Mt. Pleasant England Miller June 21, 1899
          Mary E. Hitchcock   Indiana    
314 Sept 20, 1898 Veronica E. Judge F Mt. Pleasant Thomas Judge Mt. Pleasant Canada Farmer June 21, 1899
          Sophia Judge   Canada    
315 July 29, 1898 Catherine Stapleton F Mt. Pleasant Patrick J. Stapleton Mt. Pleasant Canada Blacksmith June 21, 1899
          Anna Stapleton   Canada    
315 1/2 Feb 2, 1898 George Leonard Herdlein M Mt. Pleasant George Leonard Herdlein Mt. Pleasant New York Farmer Mar. 31, 1940
          Elizabeth Widenbeck   New York    
316 June 19, 1898 Daniel P. Gallagher M Mt. Pleasant Hugh Gallagher Mt. Pleasant Ireland Blacksmith June 21, 1899
          Anna Gallagher   Canada    
317 May 22, 1898 Angelina V. Toban F Mt. Pleasant Thomas Toban Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer June 21, 1899
          Sarah Toban   Iowa    
318 Feb 14, 1898 Clifford R. Sheldon M Mt. Pleasant Jesse F. Sheldon Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer June 21, 1899
          Lottie Sheldon   Ohio    
319 June 12, 1898 John Francis Tobin M Mt. Pleasant Michael Tobin Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer June 21, 1899
          Laura Gorman Tobin   Canada    


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