No. Date of Marriage Place of Name & Color of Residence Age of Birthplace Occupation Name & Official Witnesses Residence Date of
m/d/yr Marriage Bridegroom & Bride of Each Each (yrs) of Groom Station of Celebrant Record
221 01/01/73 Isabella, MI Phillip Grewett/I Isabella City 24 Gratiot Co., MI Merchant R.P. Sheldon Jacob Jackson Isabella Reserve. 01/24/73
Sarah Chatfield/I Bay Co., MI 20 Bay Co., MI Minister of the Gospel George Corban Isabella Reserve.
222 01/22/73 Isabella City John G. Utter/W Isabella City 25 Michigan Laborer G.F. Grinnell Mrs. R.A. Grinnell Isabella City 01/24/73
Clarinda Mosher/W Isabella City 19 Michigan Justice of the Peace Mrs. D. Hall Isabella City
223 01/23/73 Mt. Pleasant Jeremiah Haskell/W Winterfield, Clare Co., MI 49 Oneida Co., NY Mechanic G.W. Gosling John R. Johnston Mt. Pleasant 02/08/73
Naomi Jane Alger/W Mt. Pleasant, MI 34 Holmes Co., OH Minister of the Gospel Margaret A. Daugherty Lincoln
Naomi Jane Braden
224 01/21/73 Chippewa Isaac J. Bartlett/W Longwood, MI 26 Sidney, Canada Carpenter David Morse Mary L. Morse Chippewa 02/13/73
Eliza J. Masey Longwood, MI 26 Orleans Co., NY & Joiner Justice of the Peace Rosamond C. Morse Chippewa
226 02/07/73 Fremont, MI William Norton/W Lincoln, MI 50 New York Farmer William Tiffany William Fletcher Fremont, MI 03/13/73
Lorinda Sheldon/W Seville, Gratiot Co., MI 16 Michigan Justice of the Peace Sarah Fletcher Fremont, MI
227 03/19/73 Isabella, MI Arthur Burdett Caldwell/W Fremont, MI 25 Macomb Co., MI Farmer R.P. Sheldon W.E. Preston Lincoln 03/28/73
Mary Estella Preston/W Lincoln, MI 20 Wyoming Co., NY Minister of the Gospel Alice A. Preston Lincoln
228 03/30/73 Fremont, MI Charles Delo/W Fremont, MI 27 Germany Farmer Daniel Doxsie John Garner Fremont, MI 04/15/73
Charlotte Louisa Little/W Fremont, MI 18 Detroit, MI Justice of the Peace Arvilla Garner Fremont, MI
229 03/13/73 Coldwater David E. Harpper/W Coldwater 22 China, Wyoming Co., NY Farmer Samuel C. Colley James Tanner Coldwater 04/15/73
Margary E. Tanner/W Coldwater 15 Brant Co., Canada Justice of the Peace Sarah Tanner Coldwater
230 03/17/73 Mt. Pleasant Smith Arnold Haskell/W Clare Co., MI 44 Floyd, Oneida Co., NY Farmer G.W. Gosling J. Haskell Mt. Pleasant 04/19/73
Ann Rice/W Mt. Pleasant, MI 43 Cottingwith, England Minister of the Gospel Mrs. N.J. Haskell Mt. Pleasant
Ann Blackburn/W
231 05/11/73 Mt. Pleasant Fordyce W. Carr/W Mt. Pleasant, MI 24 Prairieville, Barry Co., MI Druggist G.W. Gosling George L. Granger? Mt. Pleasant 05/12/73
Vianna A. Hapner/W Mt. Pleasant, MI 19 Jackson, Kosciusko Co., IN Minister of the Gospel Sarah A. Marshall Mt. Pleasant
232 05/23/73 Mt. Pleasant Adolphus A. Merrill/W Union, Isabella Co., MI 24 Binghampton, NY Peddler G.W. Gosling Alfred M. Merrill Union 05/31/73
Jane Salome? Chase/W Union, Isabella Co., MI 17 Chenango Co., NY Minister of the Gospel Sarah Merrill Union
233 5//18/73 Mt. Pleasant Charles Dunn/W Clare, Clare Co., MI 24 Bethel Maine Teamster G.W. Gosling Henry C. Peck Big Rapids 05/31/73
Catherine McKenzie/W Clare, Clare Co., MI 22 Nova Scotia Minister of the Gospel Mrs. E.M. Gosling Mt. Pleasant
234 06/04/73 Salt River, MI Calvin A. Case/W Salt River, MI 28 Chagrin Falls, OH Physician & Luke Nolt Geo. P. Young Salt River 06/07/73
Sarah M. Young/W Salt River, MI 20 Armstrong Co., Pa. Surgeon Minister of the Gospel Jennie Young Salt River
235 03/04/73 Loomis, MI Patrick Holden/W Loomis, MI 23 Canada Saloonist Geo. M.Quick Edward Randall Loomis, MI 06/16/73
Alice Randall/W Loomis, MI 19 Michigan Justice of the Peace Cornelia Randall Loomis, MI
236 04/22/73 Loomis, MI Jacob A. Zuellig/W Loomis, MI 29 Switzerland Laborer Geo. M.Quick Henry Galtz Loomis, MI 06/16/73
Eva M. Galtz/W Loomis, MI 15 Germany Justice of the Peace Sarah M. Griffin Loomis, MI
237 05/24/73 Lincoln, MI Jacob Ludy/W Lincoln, MI 36 Switzerland Farmer J.G. Young Joel Drake Lincoln 06/17/73
Elisabeth Garber/W Lincoln, MI 24 Switzerland Minister of the Gospel Christian Guntner Lincoln
238 07/03/73 Isabella, MI Burton E. Calkins/W Isabella, MI 22 New York Merchant G.F. Grinnell Alexander R. Bush Isabella, MI 07/09/73
Augusta Gardner/W Gilmore, MI 16 Michigan Justice of the Peace Ella A. Bush Isabella, MI
239 07/17/73 Coe, MI Sylvester S. Hawley/W Coe, MI 22 New York Farmer R.P. Sheldon D.A. Drake Coe 07/18/73
Amanda Ann Gates/W Lincoln, MI 26 Pennsylvania Minister of the Gospel Mary J. Drake Coe
240 07/20/73 Mt. Pleasant George W. Allen/W Mt. Pleasant, MI 26 Huron Co., OH Blacksmith W. Theodore Darples? John A. Kehoe Mt. Pleasant 07/21/73
Catherine Roberts/W Mt. Pleasant, MI 18 Muir, MI Missionary Apostolic of Sag. Dist. Mary McDonald Mt. Pleasant
241 05/10/73 Salt River, MI Richard Krep/W Alma, Gratiot Co., MI 31 Jackson, MI Farmer Asa F. Swan H.H. Fuller Coe 08/09/73
Lillie Spink/W Alma, MI 21 Jackson, MI Minister of the Gospel Betsy Fuller Coe
242 06/09/73 Lincoln, MI Jacob F. Keyser/W Lincoln, MI 21 Wayne Co., OH Farmer Rupel Wilcox Isaac Kent Lincoln 08/09/73
Martha C. Boday/W Lincoln, MI 18 Dekalb Co., Indiana Minister of the Gospel Louisa Kent Lincoln
243 08/03/73 Union, MI Josiah Baker/W Fremont, MI 53 Maryland Farmer Edwin R. Coburn Elizabeth Coburn Union 08/11/73
Caroline Mayhew/W Fremont, MI 43 Maryland Minister of the Gospel Docia Wilder Lincoln
Caroline Brown
244 06/25/73 Mt. Pleasant Harvey Y. Tremper/W Brick Run 22 New York Farmer Rev. Luke Nott Myron A. Nott Mt. Pleasant 08/18/73
Elizabeth A. Nott Mt. Pleasant, MI 24 England Minister of the Gospel Rachel E. Nott Mt. Pleasant
245 08/15/73 Chippewa James Johnson/W Union, Isabella Co., MI 25 Ohio Moulder R.P. Sheldon Ella Sheldon Chippewa 08/29/73
Mary Gruet/W Union, Isabella Co., MI 18 Michigan Minister of the Gospel Susan Sheldon Chippewa
246 08/24/73 Union, MI Isaac N. Gulick/W Union, Isabella Co., MI 24 Seneca Co, OH Farmer R.P. Sheldon John D. Gulick Union 08/29/73
Susie M. Bates/W Union, Isabella Co., MI 19 Seneca Co, OH Minister of the Gospel Mary A. Gulick Union
247 08/11/73 Lincoln, MI James M. Leod/W Lincoln, MI 25 Ann Arbor, MI Farmer Samuel W. Titus A.C. Richardson Lincoln 08/30/73
Sarah E. Heatherington/W Fremont, MI 22 Saginaw Co., MI Justice of the Peace Grace Richardson Lincoln
248 09/10/73 Coe, MI Alfred Hoover/W Lincoln, MI 27 Seneca Co, OH Farmer Joel Drake Henry L. Drake Coe, MI 10/27/73
Lucy Ellen Handy/W Coe, MI 27 Tompkins Co., NY Justice of the Peace Louisa Drake Coe, MI
Lucy Ellen Bowker?
249 10/10/73 Coe, MI John Neal/W Coe, MI 28 Eaton Co., MI Farmer Joel Drake Henry Southard Coe, MI 10/27/73
Susan Melifsa? Tillotson/W Coe, MI 19 Hillsdale Co., MI Justice of the Peace Emma Tillotson Coe, MI
250 10/26/73 Coe, MI William Davis Fuller/W Coe, MI 37 Washington Co., NY Farmer Joel Drake Wm. W. Farmer Pine River, MI 10/27/73
Rachel Malvina Farmer/W Pine River, MI 26 Canada Justice of the Peace Sarah E. Parker Pine River, MI
251 10/19/73 Vernon James M. Stough?/W Isabella, MI 52 Pennsylvania Farmer R.P. Sheldon Wm. L. Turbush Vernon, MI 11/24/73
Eliza Loomis/W Vernon, MI 53 Pennsylvania Minister of the Gospel N.G. Turbush Vernon, MI
Eliza Drake
252 11/06/73 Mt. Pleasant David Ford/W Isabella Co., MI 22 Berrien Co., MI Farmer C. Bennett John Hyslop Isabella Co., MI 12/16/73
Martha J. Hyslop/W Isabella Co., MI 16 Canada West Justice of the Peace Peter Ford Isabella Co., MI
254 09/30/73 Mt. Pleasant John Burch/W Midland, MI 38 England Carpenter G.W. Gosling Mrs. E.M. Gosling Mt. Pleasant 01/05/74
Nancy Jane Daugherty/W Union, Isabella Co., MI 26 Indiana Minister of the Gospel Emma Geer Mt. Pleasant
255 12/24/73 Union, MI Johnathan Dellivan Cotton/W Mt. Pleasant, MI 20 Pennsylvania Laborer G.W. Gosling Ancil F. Kibbe Union 01/05/74
Isabella Co, MI Josephine Dumas/W Union, Isabella Co., MI 21 New York Minister of the Gospel Adaline M. Kibbe Union
256 11/25/73 Wise Wesley Hay/W Midland, MI 55 New York Carpenter Seth Bowdish George Hogan Wise, MI 01/06/74
Isabella Co, MI Lucy Ann Summer/W Midland, MI 46 Pennsylvania Justice of the Peace Genna Hogan Wise, MI
Lucy Ann Boothe
257 08/14/73 Coe, MI Andrew J. Miller/W St. Louis, MI 20 Pennsylvania Farmer S.G. Leonard Albert Allen Andrew Co., Kans. 01/19/74
Emma Baker/W St. Louis, MI 17 Ohio Justice of the Peace Netta Allen Pine River, MI
258 12/07/73 Coldwater Willard W. Colley/W Coldwater 22 New York Farmer M.M. Ryerson J.J. Colley Coldwater 01/20/74
Charlotte Irene Chase/W Coldwater 16 New York Justice of the Peace Martin M. Ryerson Coldwater
262 08/01/72 Lincoln, MI Lewis B. Cole/W Lincoln, MI 24 Pennsylvania Farmer Russel Wilcox Rupel J. Wilcox Lincoln 02/18/74
Endora F. Jenner/W Union, Isabella Co., MI 16 Michigan Minister of the Gospel Emma Wilcox Lincoln
263 10/25/73 Lincoln, MI A.H. Hutchinson/W Salt River, MI 26 Ohio Farmer Rupel Wilcox George F. Gall Lincoln 02/18/74
Mary Knife?/W Lincoln, MI 19 Ohio Minister Malinda Gall Lincoln
265 12/25/73 Loomis, MI Sterling A. Hursh/W Loomis, MI 23 Syracuse, New York Merchant W.H. Sparling Mrs. Louise Tubbs Loomis, MI 02/28/74
Allie G. Tubbs/W Loomis, MI 20 Grand Blanc, MI Minister, M.E. Church Fletcher M. Tubbs Loomis, MI
269 06/06/72 Gilmore, MI Charles Robbins/W Gilmore, MI 25 Michigan Farmer Thos. J.R. Frye Wm. Phipps Gilmore, MI 03/11/74
Keziah Phipps/W Gilmore, MI 33 Ohio Justice of the Peace Alex. Robbins Gilmore, MI

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