No. Date of Marriage Place of Name & Color of Residence Age of Birthplace Occupation Name & Official Witnesses Residence Date of
  m/d/yr Marriage Bridegroom & Bride of Each Each (yrs)   of Groom Station of Celebrant     Record
101 01/02/70 Fremont Charles W. Travise Fremont 22 Willsborough, Tioga Co., Pa Farmer John T. Coggshall Charles D. Richardson Fremont 01/04/70
      Lucretia V. Richardson Fremont 22 Franklin Co., Maine   Justice of the Peace John Delo Fremont
104 01/18/70 Union, Isabella Co. Levi D. Koble Union, Isabella Co. 20 Williams Co., OH Farmer Russell Wilcox C.L. Brown Union 01/26/70
      Marian A. Brown Union, Isabella Co. 20 Ionia Co., MI   Minister of the Gospel S.A. Wilcox Lincoln
105 01/03/70 Union, Isabella Co. Lorenzo Ford Isabella Co. 24 New York Farmer William Mavity Albert S. Crippen? Lincoln 02/04/70
      Hariet? Daugherty Isabella Co. 15 Indiana   Minister of the Gospel Sarah Crippen? Lincoln
105A 06/02/70 Coe John E. Gruber Salt River 24 Clarion Co., Pa Farmer S. L Brown J.J. Strieble
      Sarah M. Fry Coe, Isabella Co. 22 Green Co., Pa   Justice of the Peace F. Digman
106 01/31/70 Mt. Pleasant William Chatfield/Ind Isabella Co. 27 Saginaw Co., MI Lumberman Cornelius Bennett Mary Bennett Mt. Pleasant, MI 02/08/70
      Roxie Smith/W Isabella Co. 18 Saginaw Co., MI   Justice of the Peace Moses Brown Mt. Pleasant, MI
107 02/13/70 Isabella Joseph Pa-me-sam-oh-No-gnah? Isabella Co. 22 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer John Fronz? Jacob Jackson Isabella 02/16/70
      Nancy Pe-na-se-wah-woh-guoh? Isabella Co. 16 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer Minister of the Gospel Sol pen sow chug? Isabella
109 03/20/70 Mt. Pleasant Thomas Adam/Ind Isabella, Isabella Co. 24 Lapeer, MI Lumberman Cornelius Bennett John Himman? Isabella Co. 03/21/70
      Eliza Petus/Ind Isabella, Isabella Co. 16 St. Louis   Justice of the Peace Nelson Mosher
110 04/03/70 Coe Twp Charles W. Sawyer Isabella Co. 28 St. Lawrence Co., NY Farmer William R. Robbins Reuben Wellman Coe, Isabella Co. 04/07/70
    Isabella Co., MI Louisa C. Hoy Isabella Co. 19 Colchester?, Vermont   Justice of the Peace Almira Wellman Coe, Isabella Co.
111 04/06/70 Mt. Pleasant George W. Parks Coe, Isabella Co. 32 Franklin Co., NY Farmer E. Westlake Carrie A. Westlake Mt. Pleasant, MI 04/07/70
      Nancy J. Thomas Coe, Isabella Co. 37 Orleans Co., N.Y.   Minister of the Gospel Clora Patterson Mt. Pleasant, MI
112 04/06/70 Mt. Pleasant Cicero Kimboll Pleasant, Isabella Co. 25 Erie Co., NY Butcher E. Westlake William H. Carpenter Mt. Pleasant, MI 04/07/70
      Adelia Jackson Pleasant, Isabella Co. 18 Erie Co., NY   Minister of the Gospel Louisa M. Carpenter Mt. Pleasant, MI
113 04/06/70 Coldwater Twp. Sidwell Daugherty Coldwater Twp 39 Holmes Co., Ohio Farmer H.A. Brubaker Jackson Alexander Coldwater 04/12/70
    Isabella Co., MI Hellen T. Ashley Coldwater Twp 28 Coldwater Co., MI   Justice of the Peace Sourro? Jackson Coldwater
114 04/06/70 Coldwater Twp. Francis Bone/W Coldwater Twp 23 Ireland Farmer H.A. Brubaker Wm. Boker Coldwater 04/12/70
    Isabella Co., MI Sophronia Boker/W Coldwater Twp 16 M---?, Lenawee Co., MI   Justice of the Peace Edward Delaney Coldwater
115 02/03/70 Chippewa Chancey Kyes/W Coe, Isabella Co. 43 New York Farmer Wm. M. Struble May Struble Chippewa 04/13/70
    Isabella Co., MI Catherine Jane Oathout? Coe, Isabella Co. 35 New York   Justice of the Peace J.B. Struble Chippewa
      Catherine Jane Truax?
116 04/12/70 Lincoln Benjamin T. Dougherty/W Lincoln, Isabella Co.   Clear Creek, Huntington Co., IN Farmer Russell Wilcox Solomon Dougherty Lincoln 04/21/70
    Isabella Co., MI Margaret A. Johnson Lincoln, Isabella Co.   Wayne Co., OH   Minister of the Gospel Naomi J. Alger Lincoln
117 01/21/70 Fremont Charles Disbro/W Eaton Rapids, MI 19 Loraine Co, OH Farmer John T. Coggshall Geo. Kraghbaum Fremont 05/10/70
    Isabella Co., MI Lydia Taylor/W Fremont 18 Oswego, NY   Justice of the Peace Sarah A. Coggshall Fremont
118 05/07/70 Coldwater Benjamin Harper Coldwater 26 State of New York Farmer Charles L. West Josiah Colley Coldwater 05/10/70
    Isabella Co., MI Delila Clare Coldwater 16 State of New York   Justice of the Peace J.J. Colley Coldwater
119 04/24/70 Fremont John Baker/W Fremont   Germany Farmer Dean Newcomb Thomas J. Williamson Fremont 05/23/70
    Isabella Co., MI Ann Moore Fremont   Ohio   Justice of the Peace Clara Williamson Fremont
120 05/12/70 Fremont James Moore Fremont   Pennsylvania Farmer Dean Newcomb John Rigles Fremont 05/23/70
    Isabella Co., MI Elizabeth Riggles Fremont   Ohio   Justice of the Peace Mary Moore Fremont
121 05/26/70 Union, Isabella Co. Cornelius Darrow Lincoln, Isabella Co. 60   Farmer Cornelius Bennett Thomas Thompson Union 05/26/70
      Mary Bush Union, Isabella Co. 50     Justice of the Peace Elen Thompson Union
122 05/09/70 Isabella Co., MI Simon Pa-mo-sah-dong Isabella Co.   Saginaw Co., MI Farmer John Irons Joseph Pa sah ah Isabella Co. 05/27/70
      Hellen Wa-dah-nah-quah Isabella Co.   Saginaw Co., MI   Minister of the Gospel Margaret Irons Isabella Co.
123 04/05/70 Coe Nathaniel Barber St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI   Summit Co., OH Carpenter W.W. Leonard J.W. Kemp Coe, Isabella Co. 05/28/70
    Isabella Co., MI Elizabeth A. Kemp Coe, Isabella Co.   Crawford Co., OH   Minister of the Gospel George Kemp Coe, Isabella Co.
124 03/06/70 Lincoln John S. Edwards Isabella Co.   Ohio Farmer James Ayling P.J. Jakeway Isabella Co. 05/28/70
    Isabella Co., MI Mary C. Thorn Isabella Co.   New York   Justice of the Peace Harriet E. Thorn Isabella Co.
125 04/11/70 Lincoln Samuel Motes/W Isabella Co. 22 Ohio Farmer James Ayling Stephen Locy? Isabella Co. 05/28/70
    Isabella Co., MI Elizabeth Losey/W Isabella Co. 16 Michigan   James Ayling Ronyan? Kilbourn Isabella Co.
126 06/15/70 Coe Joel C. Graves Isabella City, MI   Stuben Co., NY Lumberman William R. Robbins Yennis? Swart? Isabella Co. 06/16/70
    Isabella Co., MI Permilia? Annis Isabella City, MI   Maple Rapids?, MI   Justice of the Peace Lydia Robbins Isabella Co.
127 07/03/70 Chippewa Volores J. Cope Isabella City, MI 29 Barry Co., N.Y. Farmer Eli Westlake O.P. Conoser? Chippewa 07/11/70
    Isabella Co., MI Margaret A. Parrish Isabella City, MI 25 Lyons, Wayne Co., MI   Minister of the Gospel Catherine Conoser? Chippewa
128 07/19/70 Mt. Pleasant Lazell Curtise? Sherman, Isabella Co 38 New York Farmer C. Bennett T.E. Berry csn? Sherman 07/20/70
      Mary E.F. Flynn Sherman, Isabella Co 25 New York   Justice of the Peace Marry Flynn Sherman
129 09/05/70 Union, Isabella Co. George Horning Isabella Co., MI 23 Allegany Co., NY Farmer Elam Robbins A.N. Horning Vernon 09/05/70
      Catherine Puggingbough Isabella Co., MI 17 Canada West   Justice of the Peace A. Horning Vernon
130 10/02/70 Lincoln Francis Gordon Lincoln, Isabella Co. 22 Corroll, NY Farmer Russell Wilcox Russell P. Wilcox Lincoln 10/05/70
    Isabella Co., MI Anna A. Dodge Lincoln, Isabella Co. 20 Hillsdale Co., MI   Minister of the Gospel Emma A. Wilcox Lincoln
131 10/20/70 Lincoln Samuel H. McDowell? Lincoln, Isabella Co. 71 New Jersey Physician James Ayling Stephen Losey Lincoln 12/24/70
    Isabella Co., MI Rebecca Schooley Lincoln, Isabella Co. 49 New York   Justice of the Peace Almira Losey Lincoln
132 11/14/70 Mt. Pleasant George Corbin/Ind. Isabella Twp. 36 Saginaw Farmer C. Bennett A.J. Campor? Isabella Co. 11/14/70
    Isabella Co., MI Margret Chamberlin/Ind Isabella Twp. 24 Lapeer   Justice of the Peace Linnis? W. Sevart? Union
133 11/26/70 Mt. Pleasant Marcus Grinnell? Isabella City 54 State of New York Blacksmith N. Bray I.E. Arnold Mt. Pleasant, MI 01/04/71
      Eliza Cooper Mt. Pleasant 54 State of New York   Minister ME Church S.E. Arnold
136 12/25/70 Coe Twp Joseph M. Daniels/W Mt. Pleasant   Pennsylvania Blacksmith R.P. Sheldon A.J. Conden Coe 02/21/71
    Isabella Co., MI Rhica Hawk/W Mt. Pleasant   Jefferson Co., NY   Minister of the Gospel I.A. Conden Coe
137 12/24/70 Nibbesing George Wilcox/W Lincoln, Isabella Co.   Niagara Co., NY Farmer R.P. Sheldon Mrs. McGillis Isabella Co. 02/21/71
    Isabella Co., MI Amanda Coswell/W Isabella   State of New York   Minister of the Gospel Mrs. Bradley Isabella Co.
139 12/11/70 At the Church Wen Wa nu gu Onci/Ind Isabella Twp.   Saginaw Co., MI   George Bradley John Irons Isabella Co. 02/27/71
      Mary Be ha se wah be guoh/Ind Isabella Twp.   Saginaw Co., MI   Minister Thomas Chatfield Isabella Co.
142 void, same as 131
144 11/19/70 Chippewa Enoch Robbins/W Isabella, Co., MI   Kosciusko Co., Indiana Farmer John Y. Robbins Melinda Robbins Chippewa 03/13/71
      Rebbeca Fantch/W Isabella, Co., MI   Ohio   Justice of the Peace Mimi Fantch Chippewa
146 11/27/70 Gratiot Co., MI Jeremiah Myres Washington Co., Pa 23 Pennsylvania Farmer W. W. Leonard Archibald Eyan? Isabella Co. 03/23/71
      Lavilla Packer Gratiot Co., MI 17 Michigan   Minister of the Gospel George Packer Gratiot Co.
150 10/09/70 Rolland, MI David Carter Rolland, MI   New York Carpenter William Beakley Fay Beardsley Rolland 05/26/71
      Myrion Stares? Rolland, MI   Canada   Justice of the Peace James Moore Rolland
158 07/23/70 Mt. Pleasant Hiram M. Gilman/W Mt. Pleasant 26 New York Merchant E. Westlake Douglas H. Nelson Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/13/70
      Lavinia Nelson/W Mt. Pleasant 26 Michigan   Minister of the Gospel Nelie Nelson Mt. Pleasant, MI

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