No. Date of Marriage Place of Name & Color of Residence Age of Birthplace Occupation Name & Official Witnesses Residence Date of
m/d/yr Marriage Bridegroom & Bride of Each Each (yrs) of Groom Station of Celebrant Record
67 01/24/69 Isabella Nathaniel D. Millard/W Isabella 24 Ohio Farmer James Ayling George Schooley Isabella Co., MI 01/28/69
Lydia J. Taylor/W Isabella 18 New York Justice of the Peace Darius Williams Vermontville
70 02/28/69 Union Thomas Ball Union 28 Ohio Farmer R.P. Sheldon John I.A. Johnson Union 03/09/69
Mary Adelaid Johnson Union 24 Monroe Co., MI Minister of the Gospel Margaret Johnson Union
71 01/24/69 Union Adolph Newgishig/Ind. Isabella 24 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer E.G. Meipler Mary Crowley Union 03/24/69
Mary Pimoreque?/Ind. Isabella 20 Unknown Minister of the Gospel Caroline Meipler Union
72 01/24/69 Union Edmund Pinese/Ind. Isabella 22 Lapeer Co., MI Farmer E.G.H. Meussler Mary Crowley Union 03/24/69
Julia Sananasimoque/Ind. Isabella 18 Gratiot Co., MI Minister of the Gospel Caroline Meisser Union
74 01/31/69 Fremont James Daugherty/W Fremont 24 Wayne Co., Ohio Farmer John T. Coggshall Henry Grosbeck Fremont 04/13/69
Ellen Grosbeck/W Fremont 16 Clinton Co., MI Justice of the Peace George Kreigbanner? Fremont
75 04/24/69 Coe Douglass Hamilton Mt. Pleasant 28 Scotland Farmer Wm. R Robbins J.B. Smith Coe, Isabella Co 04/27/69
Nancy Parkinson Pine? River 19 Green Co., Pa Justice of the Peace Minerva Smith Coe, Isabella Co
76 03/07/69 Coe Henry Chadwick/W Lincoln 35 Monroe Co., N.Y. Farmer Walter McLam Calvin Bigelow Coe 05/01/69
Phebe Bigelow/W Lincoln 17 Delaware Co., N.Y. Justice of the Peace Harriett Bigelow Coe
77 05/06/69 Sherman Elijah Scott/W Sherman, Isabella Co., MI 23 Springwater, Livingston, NY Farmer George H. Abbey D.A. Flynn Sherman 05/20/69
Mary Hollister/W Sherman, Isabella Co., MI 16 Union Co., Ohio Justice of the Peace David Hollister Sherman
78 05/13/69 Lincoln Josiah Black/W Lincoln, MI 40 Bedford, Mass. Farmer Walter McLam Caroline McLam Lincoln 05/29/69
Catherine Smith Lincoln, MI 35 Hancock Co., Ohio Justice of the Peace Dwight Gibbs Lincoln
Catherine Guile--?
79 05/04/69 Fremont Isaac H. Wellman/W Fremont 27 Lorain Co., Ohio Farmer John T. Coggshall Sarah A. Coggshall Fremont 06/19/69
Angeline Wing/W Fremont 23 Chautaqua Co., NY Justice of the Peace
81 02/22/69 Union George W. Schooley/W Lincoln, MI 22 Calhoun Co., MI Farmer George Bradley David W. Williams Union 06/30/69
Etta A. Williams/W Union 15 Lenawee Co., MI Minister of the Gospel Louisa M. Williams Union
82 02/14/69 Chippewa David M. Fairfield/W Chippewa 25 Wood Co., Ohio Farmer George Bradley Mr. Hobbs Chippewa 06/30/69
Elizabeth E. Hobbs/W Chippewa 20 Richland Co., Ohio Minister of the Gospel Mrs. Hobbs Chippewa
83 06/13/69 Isabella George Brown/Ind. Isabella 24 Lapeer Co., MI Farmer R.P. Sheldon Jacob Jackson Isabella Co., MI 07/01/69
Nancy Tipsico/Ind Isabella 17 Lapeer Co., MI Minister of the Gospel Nancy Jackson Isabella Co., MI
84 06/27/69 Mt. Pleasant William H. Carpenter Mt. Pleasant 28 Erie Co., N.Y. Mason R.P. Sheldon N.P. Davis Mt. Pleasant 07/01/69
Louisa M. Davis Mt. Pleasant 20 Erie Co., N.Y. Minister of the Gospel Sophia Davis Mt. Pleasant
85 07/08/69 Isabella Mark Williams/Ind Isabella 22 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer R.P. Sheldon Jacob Jackson Isabella Co., MI 07/17/69
Pegga Cheke-se-nouse/Ind Isabella 17 Lapeer Co., MI Minister of the Gospel Susan Shelson Isabella Co., MI
86 07/04/69 Isabella John D. Hursh/W Union 26 New York Farmer R.P. Sheldon L.A. Hursh Isabella Co., MI 07/17/69
Emily Gulick/W Union 24 Seneca Co., OH Minister of the Gospel Mary Frazier Chippewa
87 09/14/69 Coe, Isabella Co. George W. Fouts?/W Coe, Isabella Co. 23 Carrollton, Ohio Mill Owner Wm. R Robbins Elin--? D. Ester Isabella Co., MI 09/14/69
Mary E. Ester/W Coe, Isabella Co. 18 Harmony, Chautaqua Co., NY (lumber dealer) Justice of the Peace Emma Knowlton Isabella Co., MI
88 09/12/69 Mt. Pleasant Harrison B. Hapner Union 26 Indiana Farmer R.P. Sheldon Luther C. Newcomb Mt. Pleasant 09/23/69
Mary Meyers Union 23 Ohio Minister of the Gospel Lydia A. Meyers Mt. Pleasant
89 09/12/69 Isabella, MI George A. Goodsell Union 19 Mass Farmer R.P. Sheldon J.D. Gulick Union 09/23/69
Eba J. Dunton Union 14 Yeats Co., N.Y. Minister of the Gospel Mary A. Allen Union
90 May 1869 Union Alexander Chadwick Union 22 Dover, Athens Co., OH Farmer Russell Wilcox Dudley Merrill Union 10/20/69
Marcelia Merrill/W Union 25 Broome Co., NY Minister Salana Bellinger Lincoln
91 Lincoln Russel J. Wicox/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 22 Lewiston, Niagra Co., NY Farmer Russell Wilcox Frank Graham Lincoln 10/20/69
Emma A. Huggins/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 14 Argyle, Washington Co., NY Minister Libbie M. Graham Lincoln
92 05/09/69 Lincoln George D. Shattuck/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 17 Noble, Oakland Co., Ind. Farmer Russell Wilcox Jedidiah Darrow Lincoln 10/20/69
Sarah A. Kyser/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 25 Chippewa, Wayne Co., Ohio Minister Matilda A. Darrow Lincoln
93 09/26/69 Three Lakes, Clare Co. Albert Ludlum/W Clare Co. 27 New York Farmer Jas. E. Green Eliza Green Three Lakes 11/01/69
Anna J. Crawford/W Clare Co. 23 Ireland Justice of the Peace John Mcala---? Three Lakes
94 10/10/69 Three Lakes, Clare Co. James Warner?/W Clare Co. 30 New York Farmer Jas. E. Green Solomon Olds Clare Co. 11/01/69
Abigail Showers/W Clare Co. 15 New York Justice of the Peace Maria Olds Clare Co.
95 10/10/69 Lincoln Thomas Thompson/W Coe, Isabella Co. 35 Yorkshire, England Farmer Walter McLam Benjamin Kunipe Williams Co., Ohio 11/06/69
Mariah M. Strever/W Coe, Isabella Co. 34 Williams, Co., Ohio Justice of the Peace William Tomlinson Champlain, NY
nee Mariah M. Guthery
96 12/04/69 Salt River, MI Shattuck, Elisah B./W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 40 Essex Co., NY Carpenter & Wm. R Robbins David L. Green Lincoln 12/10/69
White, Elizabeth L./W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 42 Seneca Co., NY Joiner Justice of the Peace Lydia Robbins Coe
Elizabeth L. Green
97 11/16/69 Residence of Bride's Albert W. Wilder/W Isabella Co. 20 Jefferson Co., NY Farmer John A. Mavity Solomon Dougherty Isabella Co., MI 12/16/69
Father Theodocia Dougherty/W Isabella Co. 16 Huntington Co., Ind. Minister of the Gospel B.L. Dougherty Isabella Co., MI
98 10/26/69 Chippewa Ezra N. Horning/W Vernon, MI 28 Jefferson Co., NY Farmer R.P. Sheldon George Gray Not Given 12/20/69
Diana Stine/W Vernon, MI 17 Ohio Minister of the Gospel Richard Robinson Not Given
99 11/07/69 Lincoln Ludman? Heustead/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 28 Genesee Co., NY Farmer J. Byron Waite James McLeod Lincoln 12/28/69
Mary E. McLeod/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 24 Cayuga Co., NY Justice of the Peace Grace McLeod Lincoln
100 10/28/69 Fremont Richard S. Stanly Fremont 36 Philadelphia, Pa Farmer John T. Coggshall George East Fremont 01/04/70
Hannah Marilla Smith Sandusky Co., Ohio 26 Sandusky Co., Ohio Justice of the Peace Margaret M. East Fremont
102 11/19/69 Coldwater, Isabella Co. Andrew Steed? Coldwater, Isabella Co. 18 Warren Co., Va Farmer Samuel C. Colby Henry Shilts Coldwater 01/04/70
Delila Alvira Shilts Coldwater, Isabella Co. 17 Oxford, Holmes Co., Ohio Justice of the Peace Mary Jane Shilts Coldwater
103 10/10/69 Coe Micajah Wood Coe, Isabella Co. 21 Green Co., Pa Farmer Solomon G. Leonard Hiram C. Wood Coe, Isabella Co 01/14/70
Rosetta Vanderbeck? Pine River, Gratiot Co., MI 16 Allegheny Co., NY Justice of the Peace Wm. D. Leonard Coe, Isabella Co
108 12/20/69 Union, Isabella Co. Albert Bowker/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 46 Lansing, NY Farmer George Bradley Henry C. Peek? Big Rapids, MI 03/19/70
Eunice Lucretia Ballard/W Mt. Pleasant 28 Sparta, Monroe Co., OH Minister of the Gospel Sophia Bradley Mt. Pleasant

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