No. Date of Marriage Place of Name & Color of Residence Age of Birthplace Occupation Name & Official Witnesses Residence Date of
m/d/yr Marriage Bridegroom & Bride of Each Each (yrs) of Groom Station of Celebrant Record
1 09/28/67 Isabella City Alonzo D. Holland/W Lincoln Twp 25 Fairfield Co., OH Farmer R.P. Sheldon Susan Sheldon Isabella City 10/29/67
Abigail Alice Misa/W Coe Twp. 24 Canada West Minister Elen A. Sheldon Isabella City
2 10/06/67 Lincoln Twp George F. Gall?/W Williams Co., OH 23 Williams Co., OH Farmer Walter McLan ? Daniel Berdick Lincoln 10/10/67
Malinda Knipe/W Lincoln Twp 16 Williams Co., OH Justice of the Peace John Maxswell Lincoln
3 09/15/67 Roland (Isabella Co.) Edwin J. Royce/W Montcalm Co., MI 24 New York Farmer Stephen E. Chapman Lewis Grifith Union 10/12/67
Sarah S. Woolcot/W Montcalm Co., MI 16 Penn Justice of the Peace John Martin Rowland
4 10/31/67 Lincoln (Isabella Co) Charles C. Knowlton/W Coe 23 Eton Co., MI Farmer R.P. Sheldon Jacob Gnipe Lincoln 10/31/67
Celia E. Ives/W Lincoln 21 Lincoln, MI Minister Linas Ester Coe
5 11/12/67 Isabella City, MI Sheldon Y. Miller/W Union 21 Jefferson Co., NY Farmer R.P. Sheldon J.C. Davis Isabella City 11/13/67
Anie Stilwell/W Union 16 Midland Co., MI Minister Elen Davis Isabella City
6 11/20/67 Isabella City, MI Charles Froggett/W Chippewa 19 Orange Co., NY Farmer R.P. Sheldon John Landon Chippewa 11/23/67
Rachel Anders/W Chippewa 18 C.W. Minister Susan Sheldon Isabella City
7 11/17/67 Nip-Sing, MI Daniel Shaw kah/Ind Nibsing 37 Laper Co., MI Farmer Geo. Bradley John Collins Nibsing 11/26/67
Julia Shaw/Ind Nibsing 34 Nibsing, Laper Co., MI Missionary R.P. Sheldon Isabella City
8 08/31/67 On camp ground Benjamin Sha na ne be/Ind Isabella Twp 29 Saginaw Co., MI Hunter & Geo. Bradley John Irons Isabella Twp 11/26/67
Isabella Co., MI Mary Wa sa no ana/Ind Isabella Twp 21 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer Missionary Mrs. I.E. Arnold Isabella Twp
9 08/31/67 On camp ground Orrin Whitman/Ind Isabella Co. 23 Saginaw Co., MI Hunter & Geo. Bradley John Collins Nipsing, MI 11/26/67
Isabella Co., MI Elizabeth Ge she go gua/Ind Isabella Co. 18 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer Missionary Mrs. I.E. Arnold Nipsing, MI
10 11/05/67 Lincoln Edward Joslin/W Sirvill, Gratiot Co., MI 22 Wayne Co., MI Farmer David L. Green Lafayette P. Demming Lincoln 11/27/67
Claracy Rupel/W Lincoln 16 GrandLedge, MI Justice of the Peace Ida C. Demming Lincoln
11 10/16/67 Lincoln William D. Demming/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 24 Liverpool, OH Farmer David L. Green Lewis Green Lincoln 11/27/67
Lovina Dodge/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 24 Amboy, OH Justice of the Peace ?iang Green Lincoln
12 11/02/67 Coe William Kelley/W Coe, Twp., Isabella Co 25 Canada West Farmer Thomas Campbell William Addams? Coe 12/06/67
Luetta Jane Lamphare/W Coe, Twp., Isabella Co 16 Penn Justice of the Peace Mary Addams? Coe
13 10/27/67 Lincoln Edwin L. Crowley/W Union, Isabella Co. 30 N.Y. Farmer E.G.H. Mupler David Caswell Lincoln 12/14/67
Emilia P. Crowley?/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 21 Ohio Minister Amanda Caswell Lincoln
14 12/20/67 Isabella City, MI Joseph Struble/W Chippewa 21 Orleans Co., N.Y. Farmer R.P. Sheldon Thos. Buckley Isabella City 12/31/67
Lucretia Grinnell/W Chippewa 25 Ohio Minister Sarah J. Buckley Isabella City
15 08/12/67 Fremont Allen Richmond/W Lincoln 37 Canada Farmer John Cogshall Ida C. Richmond Fremont 01/15/68
Pesinelia Turney?/W Chippewa 22 Canada Justice of the Peace Geo. C. Low Fremont
16 10/18/67 Fremont Francis M. Sanderson/W Fremont 22 N.Y. Farmer John L. Cogeshall Frederic M. Sanderson Fremont 01/13/68
Esther A. Hungerford?/W Fremont 20 Hillsdale Co., MI Justice of the Peace A.D. Matison Lincoln
17 09/07/67 Coe George Wood/W Coe 26 Green Co., Pa Farmer W.W. Leonard M. Leonard Coe 01/18/68
Nancy M. Eagan?/W Coe 17 Green Co., Pa Minister L.A. Eagan Coe
18 09/22/67 Coe Asa Leonard/W Township of Coe 23 Green Co., Pa Farmer W.W. Leonard Andrew Childs Coe 01/18/68
Adelia Reynolds/W Township of Coe 18 Lucas Co., Ohio Minister John Reynolds Coe
19 09/25/67 Coe Joseph Atkin/W Coe 21 Notingham Shire, Eng Farmer W.W. Leonard David Packer Gratiot Co., MI 01/18/68
Hortensa E. Norton/W Coe 21 Jefferson Co., NY Minister Wm. R. Williams Isabella Co., MI
21 11/17/67 Mt. Pleasant Charles C. Whitney/W Isabella, MI 24 Ontario Co., NY Mechanic T.J. Spencer T.C. Babbitt Isabella MI 01/18/68
Dara Horak?/W Isabella, MI 18 Hanse? Twp., NY Minister Abigail Babbitt Isabella MI
24 10/11/67? Roland Adam Sonles/W Town 15 North Raugele? 66 N.Y. Farmer S.E. Chapman Esra Hamilton Decator 03/20/68
Elizabeth Flinn?/W Town 15 North Raugele? 52 N.Y. Justice of the Peace Sarah S. Chapman Roland

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