No. Date of Marriage Place of Name & Color of Residence Age of Birthplace Occupation Name & Official Witnesses Residence Date of
m/d/yr Marriage Bridegroom & Bride of Each Each (yrs) of Groom Station of Celebrant Record
134 02/09/71 Salt River John P. Young Crystal, MI 28 Pennsylvania Doctor Cornelius Bennett Patrick Murtha Salt River 02/09/71
Sarah A. Murtha Salt River, MI 17 Michigan Justice of the Peace J.F. Fuller Salt River
135 02/09/71 Chippewa Henry Sweeting? Gratiot Co., MI 63 New York Farmer John Y. Robbins Charles Hall Chippewa 02/09/71
Catherine Hook Isabella Co. 52 Germany Justice of the Peace Franklin Hall Chippewa
138 02/27/71 Union, Isabella Co. John Bowen Mt. Pleasant State of Maine Lumberman George Bradley Sophia Bradley Isabella Co. 02/27/71
Mary Bennett Mt. Pleasant State of New York Minister Melinda Bradley Isabella Co.
140 02/05/71 Nibbesing Nah We/Ind Isabella, MI Minister? George Bradley John Irons Isabella Co. 02/27/71
Pe na se woh be quo/Ind Isabella, MI Minister Nancy Dinsmore? Greenville?
141 02/26/71 Wilcox? Myron Orton/W Cattaraugus Co., NY Canada Farmer George Bradley Augustus Litus? Lincoln 02/27/71
Susan Wilcox/W Lincoln, MI Chenango? Co., NY Minister Sophia Bradley Lincoln
143 01/09/71 Mt. Pleasant H----? Albright Isabella, Co., MI New York Farmer N. Bray M. Grinnell Mt. Pleasant, MI 03/06/71
Susan Ford Isabella, Co., MI New York Minister ME Church Eliza Grinnell Mt. Pleasant, MI
145 03/19/71 Mt. Pleasant Joseph Me sho? Sherman City New Brunswick Lumberman George Bradley Melinda Bradley Chippewa 03/13/71
Mary M. Sylvester Sherman City New York Minister of the Gospel Sophia Bradley Chippewa
147 03/21/71 Chippewa Jaseph Yaman? Tuscola Co., MI 21 Kingston?, Canada West Carpenter R.P. Sheldon Delivan? G. Howarth Chippewa 03/28/71
Mary A. Howarth Chippewa 16 Jackson, MI Minister of the Gospel Ellie Sheldon Chippewa
148 02/09/71 Rolland, MI Fayett Beardsley/W Rolland, MI 35 State of New York Mechanic John C. Spencer Mrs. E. Geer Rolland 05/04/71
Mary E. Adams?/W 19 Pennsylvania Justice of the Peace Mrs. William Bukley Rolland
149 03/06/71 Isabella Co., MI Joseph Williams/Ind Isabella, Co., MI Saginaw Co., MI Farmer John Irons Jacob Jackson Isabella Co. 05/06/71
Eliza Show Show ou obis?/Ind Isabella, Co., MI Saginaw Co., MI Minister of the Gospel Peter Alawash Isabella Co.
151 05/07/71 Vernon Thomas H. Maynard/W Vernon, MI 29 Wayne Co., OH Physician Lewis Piper Porter Randall Vernon 05/29/71
Isabella Co., MI Josephine Berry/W 19 Elmira?, NY Minister of the Gospel Nancy E Tirbush? Vernon
152 05/09/71 Union, Isabella Co. Dudley B. Merrill/W Union, Isabella Co. 21 New York Farmer James Ayling Marcelia Chadwick New York 05/31/71
Sarah S.H. Harshman/W 18 Indiana Justice of the Peace Daniel L. Edmonds Union, Isabella Co.
153 05/22/71 Coldwater, MI James Johnson/W Coldwater 33 Yorkshire, England Farmer Charles L. West James McKersil? Coldwater 07/01/71
Ebula A. Rothbum/W Fork Town, Mecosta 25 Monroe, Ashtabulah Co., OH Justice of the Peace Mariah McKersil? Coldwater
154 06/30/71 Coldwater, MI Edgar F. Roberts Coldwater 21 Pennsylvania Farmer Charles L. West Mary A. Bowes? Coldwater 07/07/71
Vernee? R. Lockman St---lose? 19 Brantford, Canada West Justice of the Peace Nancy Keen? Coldwater
155 07/04/71 Nebesing, MI John Sha-kah/Ind. Isabella, Co., MI 24 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer John Irons John P. Williams Isabella Co. 07/07/71
Nancy Hart/Ind. Isabella, Co., MI 16 Saginaw Co., MI Minister of the Gospel John Chatfield Isabella Co.
156 07/17/71 Mt. Pleasant Andrew James/Ind Isabella, Co., MI 23 Bay Co., MI Farmer C. Bennett Henry Griswold St. Johns 07/17/71
Mary Joshuway? Isabella, Co., MI 18 Bay Co., MI Justice of the Peace I.A. Fancher Mt. Pleasant, MI
157 07/18/71 Mt. Pleasant William Pero?/Ind Isabella, Co., MI 26 Bay Co., MI Farmer C. Bennett Charles E. Worden Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/18/71
Isabella Co., MI Shaw Ne ge zhe go quay? Isabella, Co., MI 15 Bay Co., MI Justice of the Peace Isaac A. Fancher Mt. Pleasant, MI
159 07/02/71 Chippewa William Wornoth? Chippewa 21 Calhoun Co., MI Farmer A. Rossman William Struble Chippewa 08/18/71
Isabella Co., MI Harriet Struble Chippewa 18 Fulton Co., OH Minister of the Gospel Mary Struble Chippewa
160 05/22/71 Fremont Thadius S. Beaumont? Fremont, MI 36 Erie Co., NY Farmer John T. Cogshall Wm. Dush Fremont 08/28/71
Isabella Co., MI Emaline Dougherty Fremont, MI 28 Ohio Justice of the Peace Sarah A. Cogshall Fremont
161 08/27/71 Fremont Malon Monty Fremont, MI 18 Pennsylvania Farmer Dean Newcomb Ann Baker Fremont 08/28/71
Isabella Co., MI Hannah Moor Fremont, MI 14 Ohio Justice of the Peace Margrett Monty Fremont
162 07/23/71 Fremont, MI George C. Hess Fremont, MI 24 Ohio Farmer Dean Newcomb Salvian? Dougherty Fremont 08/28/71
Lavinia C. Taylor Fremont, MI 18 New York Justice of the Peace Pamela C. Newcomb Fremont
163 09/03/71 Isabella Co., MI Daniel Mah kah ta kish go? Isabella, Co., MI 27 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer John Irons Koh she yah song Isabella Co. 09/16/71
Sosin wah bah se ko qua? Isabella, Co., MI 31 Saginaw Co., MI Minister of the Gospel Koh she quoh Isabella Co.
164 09/16/71 Isabella Co., MI John Riggles Isabella, Co., MI 20 Tuscarawas Co., OH Farmer John T. Cogshall Charles Riggles Isabella Co. 09/18/71
Adelaid Jenner? Isabella, Co., MI 16 New York Justice of the Peace Sarah A. Cogshall Isabella Co.
165 10/01/71 Mt. Pleasant John B. Struble Chippewa, MI 25 Knox Co., OH Farmer C. Bennett Joseph Oberlin Mt. Pleasant, MI 10/04/71
Mary Oberlin Mt. Pleasant 17 Dekalb Co., Indiana Justice of the Peace William W. Struble Chippewa
166 07/12/71 Coe William D. Leonard/W Coe, Isabella Co., MI 19 Green Co., Penn. Farmer Soloman G. Leonard Lewis Ingersill Coe 10/09/71
Isabella Co., MI Amanda Ingersill Coe, Isabella Co., MI 20 Ostego Co., MI Justice of the Peace Isaac Ingersill Coe
167 09/16/71 Coe Samuel W. Leonard St. Louis, MI 24 Ohio Hostler Wm. R. Robbins Jessie Hutchinson Coe
Isabella Co., MI Sharlott E. Martin St. Louis, MI 24 Somerset, NY Justice of the Peace Eliza Hutchinson Coe
168 07/09/71 Sherman Richard Amsbery Isabella, Co., MI 62 Onondaga Co., NY Mechanic? Illegible John T. Cohoon Sherman 10/02/71
Isabella Co., MI Loderna? Murtha Mecosta Co., MI 35 Chautauqua Co., NY Justice of the Peace Jannett Cohoon Sherman
169 10/10/71 Mt. Pleasant William G. Harris Mt. Pleasant 28 Province of Ontario Farmer Cornelius Bennett Mary Bunnell Mt. Pleasant, MI 10/11/71
Mary Schooley Mt. Pleasant 24 State of Michigan Justice of the Peace Henry Lay Mt. Pleasant, MI
170 10/29/71 Isabella Co., MI Chester Cartright Red Creek, Wayne Co., NY 29 Red Creek, NY Egg dealer Lewis Piper Frank Dougherty Mt. Pleasant, MI 11/02/71
Ellen Lay Isabella, Co., MI 23 Mastville?, NY Minister of the Gospel Henryett lay Mt. Pleasant, MI
171 09/20/71 Vernon Smith Haskall Vernon, Isabella Co., MI 42 New York Farmer Elam Robbins E. Horning Vernon 11/22/71
Isabella Co., MI Catherine Ellsworth Vernon, Isabella Co., MI 27 Stark Co., OH Justice of the Peace William Horning Vernon
172 12/16/71 Mt. Pleasant Francis Doughty Mt. Pleasant 25 New York Merchant N. Bray Wilkinson Doughty Mt. Pleasant, MI 12/17/71
Isabella Co., MI Henryette Lay Mt. Pleasant 19 Minister of the Gospel Mary T. Doughty Mt. Pleasant, MI
172 1/2 11/25/71? Union, Isabella Co. Pethnel Stilwell Union, Isabella Co. 56 New York Farmer R.P. Sheldon Myron Stilwell Union, Isabella Co. 12/04/71
Anna Chase Union, Isabella Co. 41 New York Minister of the Gospel Ella Stilwell Union, Isabella Co.
173 12/24/71 Coe George Freeman Coe, Isabella Co., MI 19 Canada Farmer Wm. R. Robbins Joseph Evens Coe 12/24/71
Isabella Co., MI Mary E. Hutchinson Coe, Isabella Co., MI 19 Ohio Justice of the Peace Thedocia Evens Coe
174 12/16/71 Charles L-----? Res. Isaac Anders Shilts Coldwater 20 Ohio Farmer Charles L. West Phidelia M. West Coldwater 12/24/71
Elen may Watkins Coldwater 16 Michigan Justice of the Peace Leroy West Coldwater
175 12/17/71 Henry Stilts home Eli T. Parker? Coldwater 23 Ohio Farmer Charles L. West Henry Shilts Coldwater 12/28/71
Hellen Konlia ? Shilts Coldwater 15 Ohio Justice of the Peace Mary Jane Shilts Coldwater
176 12/24/71 Wheat Land Ithel? Potter Eldred Broomfield 23 Hillsdale Co., MI Farmer William Rich William H. Burney Wheat Land 01/02/72
Mecosta Co. Mary Ranot? Broomfield 24 Sowell, MI Justice of the Peace Elijah Cole Broomfield
177 11/12/71 Union, Isabella Co. Edwin S. Booth Union, Isabella Co. 23 Pennsylvania Farmer Rufus? Wilcox Joseph Koble Union, Isabella Co. 01/06/72
Elizabeth M. Brown Union, Isabella Co. 16 Montcalm Co., MI Minister of the Gospel Ann Jeanette Koble Union, Isabella Co.
181 12/25/71 Rolland, MI Norval Spencer Rolland, MI 21 Hamilton C.W. Broom maker Daniel Doxie Sylvester Spencer Rolland 03/05/72
Laura Annlis? Geer Rolland, MI 16 York, Fulton Co., OH Justice of the Peace Angie Doxie Rolland
184 12/25/71 Lincoln, MI Michael Welch/W Lincoln, MI 22 Canada West Farmer R.P. Sheldon Elizabeth Corbus Lincoln 03/18/72
Lydia B. Corbus?/W Lincoln, MI 16 Indiana Minister of the Gospel E.W. Corbus Lincoln

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