No. Date of Marriage Place of Name & Color of Residence Age of Birthplace Occupation Name & Official Witnesses Residence Date of
m/d/yr Marriage Bridegroom & Bride of Each Each (yrs) of Groom Station of Celebrant Record
20 01/16/68 Coe John W. Groves/W Coe 71 Montgomery Co., NY W.W. Leonard John Reynolds Coe 01/18/68
Sarah Miller/W Coe 52 Green Co., Pa Doctor Minister Lewis B. Miller Coe
Maiden Name Sarah Gray
22 01/26/68 Coe Wm. R. Robbins/W Coe 20 Washing Co., NY Farmer W.W. Leonard Randall Williams Coe 01/31/68
Elmira Williams/W Coe 15 Jackson Co., MI Minister Josephine Williams Coe
23 01/26/68 Vernon Charles H. Fishley/W Vernon 23 Werteniburg, Germany Carpenter Lewis Piper James Render Vernon 02/12/68
Chrisitiana Stine?/W Vernon 17 Tuscarawas Co., Ohio Minister Mary Render Vernon
25 03/12/68 Union Amos S. Boll/W Fremont 22 Canada Farmer R.P. Sheldon John N. Snider Fremont 03/25/68
Catherine V. Belles/W Fremont 24 Penn Minister Cyrus W. Richmond
26 03/23/68 Isabella Harvey J. Corns? Union 24 Ohio Farmer R.P. Sheldon Mary Ann Horning Union 03/25/68
Louisa B. Caldwell Lincoln 31 Malcolmb Co., MI Minister Minnie Hultz Union
27 04/16/68 Isabella Silas Pa Mo sa dou/In Isabella, MI 21 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer John Irons John Hinman Isabella MI 04/30/68
Nancy Wah se che wouqua? Isabella, MI 20 Saginaw Co., MI Minister Johnson? Hinman Isabella MI
28 01/07/68 Vernon James B. Loomis/W Union 22 Erie Co., Pa Farmer James Heller Elizabeth Wheaten Vernon 05/07/68
Elizabeth M. Reeves/W Union 15 Wan hiam, ILL Justice of the Peace Elza J. Wheaton Vernon
29 03/07/68 Union Harvey R.B. Francisco? Union 22 Coshocton, Steuben Co., NY Farmer Russel Wilcox Francis Francisco Union 05/22/68
Emiline Wooden? Lincoln 16 Lottsville, Pa. Minister Charlotte Francisco Union
30 05/16/68 Salt River Floyd S. Marvin Lincoln 27 Morrow Co., Ohio Farmer Wm. R Robbins Fletcher S. Marvin Lincoln 06/02/68
Fietta A. Gruber Coe 20 Red Bank, Pa. Justice of the Peace Lydia Robbins Coe
31 05/23/68 Mt. Pleasant Wallace J. M-------/W Chippewa 25 Richland Co., Ohio Farmer R.P. Sheldon Thomas Turnbull Mt. Pleasant 06/13/68
Ann Elizabeth Fogelsong/W Mt. Pleasant 19 Seneca? Co., Ohio Minister Anna Turnbull Mt. Pleasant
32 05/30/68 Isabella Andrew J. Campan/Ind Isabella City 30 Saginaw Merchant R.P. Sheldon Peter Baldwin Isabella 06/13/68
Jane Pashi me ru/Ind Isabella City 16 Lapeer Co., MI Minister Geo. Shap wah gau Isabella
33 07/04/68 Mt. Pleasant Richmond Fraser/W Chippewa 19 Jefferson Co., NY Farmer R.P. Sheldon A.C.H. Stanton Mt. Pleasant 07/09/68
Almira Genner?/W Union 18 Wayne Co., NY Minister M. Stanton Mt. Pleasant
34 07/05/68 Isabella John Andrew/Ind. Isabella 21 Lapeer Co., MI Farmer R.P. Sheldon John P. Williams Isabella 07/09/68
Eliza Maw je se yea no qua/Ind Isabella 18 Michigan Minister Susan Sheldon Isabella
35 06/08/68 Coe George M. Gould Coe 20 Ionia Co. Farmer Lewis Piper David Brickley Coe 07/11/68
Catherine Elizabeth Brickley Coe 16 Jackson Co., MI Minister Olive Brickley Coe
36 07/13/68 Lincoln George G. Stoddard/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 21 Shiawassee Co., MI Farmer David L. Green Geo. N. Stoddard Lincoln 07/13/68
Delilah Stedman/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 19 Williams Co., Ohio Justice of the Peace Lewis Green Lincoln
37 07/11/68 Isabella Charles M. Middaugh/W Coe 28 N.Y. Farmer R.P. Sheldon Orastus Lower? Isabella 07/16/68
Mary Ann Adams/W Coe 20 Canada East Minister Susan Sheldon Isabella
38 04/05/68 Mt. Pleasant Emory H. Bradley/W Isabella 25 Wheatland, MI Farmer T. J. Spencer F.C. Babbitt Isabella 08/07/68
Nellie Wilder/W Isabella 19 Indiana Minister Geo. Bradley Isabella
39 04/25/68 Isabella David G. Robinson/W Isabella 25 Ohio Farmer T. J. Spencer Mary Myres Isabella 08/07/68
Margaret Myres/W Isabella 19 Ohio Minister David Clinton Isabella
40 04/01/68 Isabella Daniel N. Clinton/W Isabella 23 Ohio Farmer T. J. Spencer Mary Myres Isabella 08/07/68
Sarah Myres/W Isabella 16 Ohio Minister Caroline Spencer Isabella
41 07/19/68 Isabella Jacob Foglesong/W Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 22 Seneca Co., Ohio Farmer R.P. Sheldon Samuel Bowers Isabella Co., MI 08/07/68
Sarah Jane Robertson/W Gratiot Co., MI 21 Jackson Co., MI Minister Nelly Lydick Mt. Pleasant
42 08/05/68 Isabella Robertson Simpson/W Coe, Isabella Co., MI 45 England Farmer R.P. Sheldon I.N. Shepherd Isabella Co., MI 08/07/68
Almira M. Young/W Coe, Isabella Co., MI 34 Ontario Co., NY Minister Catherine Shepherd Isabella Co., MI
43 07/05/68 Fremont Jerrome? Fox/W Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 23 Shiawassee Co., MI Farmer Russel Wilcox Arthur B. Caldwell Fremont 08/15/68
Irma V. Caldwell/W Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 18 Oakland Co., MI Minister Mary H. Bachelder Fremont
44 07/02/68 Lincoln Harvey D. Wardwell?/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 28 Seneca Co., NY Farmer Russel Wilcox Warren Wardwell Lincoln 08/11/68
Mary S. Heson/W Union 21 Broomfield? Minister Mary E. Wardwell Lincoln
45 05/24/68 Fremont George P. Cullimore?/W Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 41 Frederick Co., Maryland Farmer John T. Cogshall John Garner Fremont 08/29/68
Martha E. Garner/W Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 17 Howard Co., Indiana Justice of the Peace Henry Garner Fremont
46 08/23/68 Fremont John Garner/W Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 21 Cascasca? Co., Indiana Farmer John T. Cogshall George P. Cullimore Fremont 08/29/68
Diavilla Little/W Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 16 Adrian, MI Justice of the Peace Rulson? Bowers Fremont
47 08/21/68 Isabella Ah pe twa se go/Ind Isabella 23 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer R.P. Sheldon James Cloud Isabella 09/03/68
Mary Ann Tipseca/Ind Isabella 19 Kent Co., MI Minister John P. Williams Isabella
48 08/21/68 Isabella Johnson Tipseca/Ind Isabella 19 Malcomb Co., MI Farmer R.P. Sheldon E.H. Bradley Isabella 09/03/68
Julia Black Elk/Ind Isabella 17 Shiawassee Co., MI Minister Jacob Jackson Isabella
49 09/27/68 Lincoln Luke Hall/W Coe, Isabella Co., MI 73 Somers, State of Ct Farmer Wm. R Robbins W.S. Fowler Coe 09/29/68
Bridget McLaughlin/W Lincoln, Isabella Co., MI 49 Kings Co., Indiana Justice of the Peace Phebe Fowler Lincoln
50 09/27/68 Chippewa Orrin W. Johnson/W Chippewa 33 Crawford Co., Penn Farmer R.P. Sheldon Stephen Humphrey Chippewa 09/30/68
Sarah Stoyers/W Chippewa 38 Green Co., Pa Minister Sarah A. Humphrey Chippewa
51 09/29/68 Lincoln Benjamin G. Smith Lincoln 56 Jefferson Co., NY Carpenter David L. Green Euella Norton Lincoln
Betsy Swiger Lincoln 41 Chautaqua Co., NY Justice of the Peace Louisa McKay Serville, 09/30/68
(Cranfield) Gratiot Co., MI
52 06/29/68 Coe John W. Wilson Pierce Run?, Gatiot Co., MI 28 Green Co., Pa Farmer W.W. Leonard Sarah Leonard Coe 10/05/68
Clarrie? J/ Watson Coe, Isabella Co., MI 21 Seneca Co., Ohio Minister Wm. A. Leonard Coe
53 10/31/68 Isabella Co. Isaac Grant Clinton Co., MI 22 Clinton Co., MI Farmer R.P. Sheldon Loring Grant Clinton Co 10/31/68
Daney Clark Isabella Co., MI 18 Franklin Co., NY Minister Lucy Sawyer Isabella Co., MI
54 10/31/68 Isabella Joseph Naugqashwas/Ind Isabella Co., MI 80 Saginaw Co., MI Farmer R.P. Sheldon Jacob Jackson Isabella Co., MI 10/31/68
Elizabeth Pashau/Ind Isabella Co., MI 30 Lapeer Co., MI Minister James Shaw Isabella Co., MI
55 11/03/68 Union Lewellyn Woodin Isabella Co., MI 21 Warren Co., Penn Farmer Charles L. Brown Hiram Brown Isabella Co., MI 11/03/68
Hulda S. Schooley Isabella Co., MI 16 Justice of the Peace George Schooley Isabella Co., MI
56 09/28/68 Rolland John McDonald Mill Brook, Mecosta Co 22 C.W. Lumberman Stephen E. Chapman John H. Chapman Mecosta Co., MI 11/10/68
Kiffie S. Spencer Rolland, Isabella Co. 18 Carrel, MI Justice of the Peace Samantha Chapman Isabella Co., MI
57 08/23/68 Coe Ransom Lamphere Coe, Isabella Co., MI 30 Erie Co., Penn Shoemaker S.G. Leonard Archibald Leonard Coe, Isabella Co 11/12/68
Rebecca David Coe, Isabella Co., MI 20 Steuben Co., N.Y. Justice of the Peace William Williams Coe, Isabella Co
58 11/08/68 Vernon James Henry Tobbs Vernon 27 Niagra Co., N.Y. Farmer E.G.H. Mupler Mr. & Mrs. Wheaton Vernon 11/19/68
Emily Jane Shroff Vernon 17 Noble Co., Ind. Minister & Missionary Mr. & Mrs. Bunlser? Vernon
59 11/19/68 Coe Julius C. Conkling Medinah, MI 29 Seneca Falls, N.Y. Farmer Wm. R Robbins S.C. Brown Coe, Isabella Co 11/25/68
Zillah Ann Struble Coe, Isabella Co., MI 18 Coe, MI Justice of the Peace Margaret Brown Coe, Isabella Co
60 10/19/68 Fremont Jacob Smith Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 36 York Co., Penn Farmer Wm. Tiffany Cornelius Wolfgang Fremont 12/03/68
Jane Spooner Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 36 Cattaraugus, N.Y. Justice of the Peace Caroline Wolfgang Fremont
61 10/11/68 Fremont Samuel Crum? Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 22 Indiana Farmer Wm. Tiffany Jacob Crum Fremont 12/30/68
Sea--ah? J. Smith Fremont, Isabella Co., MI 19 Ohio Justice of the Peace Wm. R. Moore Fremont
62 11/01/68 Union Samuel W. Barr/W Union 23 Pennsylvania Carpenter Rev. Geo. Bradley J.T. Welfor Union 01/04/69
Bella Smith/W Union 26 Indiana Minister of the Gospel Annie Welfor Union
63 12/13/68 Union John H. Neebes/W Union 25 Chicago, Ill Farmer E.G.H. Meissler Caroline Meissler Union 01/13/69
Marian Hanzy/W Union 17 Switzerland Minister of the Gospel Mary Crowley Union
64 10/29/68 Chippewa Elbert Smith/W Chippewa 52 New York State Farmer Charles Taylor Ephiram A. Salisbury Chippewa 01/21/69
Eunice Hodge/W Chippewa 39 Canada Justice of the Peace Sophronia Taylor Chippewa
nee Eunice Spencer
65 12/27/68 Union Oscar F. Condin/W Coe, Isabella Co., MI 26 New York Carpenter R.P. Sheldon Samuel Leonard Coe, Isabella Co 01/23/69
Dorcas Stilwill/W Union 21 Michigan Minister of the Gospel Louisa Leonard Coe, Isabella Co
66 08/20/68 Isabella William B. Hoag/W Isabella Co., MI 31 New York Farmer James Ayling Nelson Mosher Union 01/28/69
Henrietta J. Chapman/W Isabella Co., MI 18 Ohio Justice of the Peace Phineas Jakeway Isabella Co., MI
68 12/25/68 Sherman Greene Pinkson Sherman 32 Madison Co., KY Farmer George H. Abbey George B. Kibbee? Sherman 02/16/69
Lucy Jane Livret? Sherman 20 Kosciusko, Ind Justice of the Peace Benjamin Kibbee? Sherman
Lucy Jane Kibbee?
69 12/13/68 Coe Rhuben Ripple/W Coe 57 Portage Co., Ohio Farmer L.G. Leonard Robert Martin Jasper, Midland Co. 02/23/69
Elizabeth Lamphere/W Coe 39 Steuben Co., N.Y. Justice of the Peace Tracey Depin Jasper, Midland Co.
73 12/25/68 Rolland Julius Aldrich/W Mill Brook 18 Michigan Farmer Judson Eldrid Edwin Dopp Rolland 03/26/69
Florence J. Eldrid/W Rolland 14 Reading, MI Justice of the Peace Francis Dopp Rolland
80 03/29/68 Coe Jacob Best/W Coe 40 Pennsylvania Farmer Thomas Campbell George Gruber Coe 06/28/69
Mary Jane Gallaugher/W Pine River, Gratiot Co., MI 26 Ohio Minister of the Gospel Mary Matilda Gruber Coe

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