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No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >18yrs age Names Recorded
1 09/06/94 No Name Rolfe F/White Single 0d Denver Twp. Not Known Michigan None B.H. Rolfe Denver Twp. 05/13/95
Rosana? Rolfe Michigan
2 02/06/94 Charlotte Rolfe F/White Married 87y/7m/4d Denver Twp. Old Age Michigan Housewife Benjamin Ogden? Dead 05/13/95
Unknown Dead
3 07/26/94 No Name Hovey? F/White Single 0d Denver Twp. Not Known Michigan None William Hovey? Denver Twp. 05/13/95
Anna Hovey? Michigan
4 09/12/94 William -rassing? M/White Married 74y Denver Twp. Old Age Ohio Taylor Unknown Dead 05/13/95
Unknown Dead
5 07/30/94 Michael Keller M/White Married 65y/10m/17d Denver Twp. Bright's Disease Germany Farmer Unknown Germany-dead 05/13/95
of Kidney Unknown Germany-dead
6 05/06/94 Moses Taylor M/White Single 40y Denver Twp. Consumption Canada Farmer Robert Taylor Dead 05/13/95
Ellen Taylor Michigan
7 03/28/94 John Taylor M/White Married 60y/1m/6d Denver Twp. Consumption Canada Farmer Robert Taylor Dead 05/13/95
Ellen Taylor Michigan
8 04/29/94 ---- Brafley? F/White Single 0d Denver Twp. Not Known Michigan None Welford Brafley? Denver Twp. 05/13/95
Elisabeth Brafley? Michigan
9 07/28/94 No Name Slatterly? M/White Single 0d Denver Twp. Not Known Michigan None William Slatterly? Denver Twp. 05/13/95
Margret? Slatterly? Michigan
10 09/23/94 Mary Clark F/White Single 4m/15d Wise Twp. Cholera Morbus Michigan None Stephen Clarke Wise Twp. 05/13/95
Lizzie Clarke Michigan
11 03/16/94 Lizzie Phillips F/White Married 27y Wise Twp. Inflamation of Canada Housekeeper James Martin Wise Twp. 05/13/95
the Womb Margret Martin Michigan
12 06/27/94 William Lansing M/White Married 62y Wise Twp. Consumption Canada Farmer James Lansing Canada - dead 05/13/95
Catharine Lansing Canada
13 03/31/94 Susan E. May? F/White Married 44y Wise Twp. Consumption Ohio Housekeeper George Walker Urichsville?, OH 05/13/95
Sarah Walker Urichsville?, OH
14 10/31/94 Peter Bassett M/White Married 65y Wise Twp. Chronic diarrhea France Laborer Frank Bassett France-dead 05/13/95
& rheumatism Jane Bassett France-dead
15 08/24/94 William Nixon M/Indian Married 55y Wise Twp. Killed by cars? Michigan Laborer George Nixon Michigan 05/13/95
Susan Nixon Michigan
16 05/14/94 Harriette Wolfe F/White Married 55y/9m/12d Broomfield Heart disease New Jersey Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 05/13/95
Unknown Unknown
17 11/06/94 Mary E. Myers? F/White Married 56y/5m/17d Broomfield Paralysis? Virginia Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 05/13/95
Unknown Unknown
18 01/09/94 Carrie Priest F/White Married 20y -----mills? Childbirth Indiana Housekeeper Josiah Nogles Broomfield 05/13/95
Betsy Noggles Michigan
19 05/26/94 No Name Herrington M/White Single 1d Sherman Twp. Unknown Sherman Twp. None Fred Herrington? Sherman 05/13/95
Delia Herrington Sherman
20 09/07/94 Maud Alice Cole F/White Single 1y/5m/19d Sherman Twp. Cholera infantum Sherman Twp. None Reby? Allen Cole Sherman Twp. 05/13/95
Lottie Cole Sherman Twp.
21 07/12/94 Fern? S. Carr M/White Single 2y/9m/13d Sherman Twp. Billious disentery Sherman Twp. None Selden Carr Sherman Twp. 05/13/95
Myrtle? Carr Sherman Twp.
22 12/20/94 Mary Mogg F/White Single 2y/4m Isabella Twp. Pneumonia of Isabella Twp. None Reuben Mogg Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Lungs Mary Mogg Isabella Twp.
23 11/09/94 Henry Hamel M/White Married 56y/2m/20d Isabella Twp. Paralysis? Canada Farmer Henry Hamel Dead 05/13/95
Bridget Hamel Dead
24 12/05/94 Robert Mindham? M/White Married 68y Isabella Twp. Bright's Disease England Farmer Unknown Dead 05/13/95
Unknown Dead
25 10/20/94 Minnie? Mussel F/White Single 8y Isabella Twp. Rheumatic Fever Isabella, MI None David Mussel Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Roxana Mussel Isabella Twp.
26 08/17/94 Nellie Johnson F/White Single 1y/7m/2d Isabella Twp. Cholera infantum Isabella Co., MI None Moses Johnson Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Ruth? Johnson Michigan
27 03/20/94 Mary Funnell? F/White Married 24y/5m/7d Isabella Twp. Childbirth Michigan Housewife William Funnell? Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Not known Michigan
28 07/04/94 Acy? Mallory M/White Single 19y Isabella Twp. Black erysifiles Isabella Twp. Farmer Samuel Mallory Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Michigan Lizzie Mallory Michigan
29 08/15/94 Moses Collins M/Indian Single 1m/25d Isabella Twp. Pneumonia of Isabella None Joseph Collins Isabella 05/13/95
Lungs Michigan Mary Collins Michigan
30 10/09/94 Martin M. Schutt M/White Married 52y Isabella Twp. Heart disease Michigan Farmer Martin Schutt Not known-dead 05/13/95
Mary Shutt Dead
31 11/24/94 John A. Whiting? M/White Single 20d Isabella Twp. Inflamation of Isabella None Nathaniel Whiting? Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Lungs Michigan Louisa Whiting? Michigan
32 07/24/94 Edward Bradley M/Indian Single 1m/3d Isabella Twp. Inflamation of Isabella Twp. None Joseph Bradley Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Lungs Michigan Mary Bradley Michigan
33 12/25/94 Spenser Carroll M/White Single 1m/25d Isabella Twp. Pneumonia of Isabella Twp. None Thomas Carroll Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Lungs Michigan Ordella? Carroll Michigan
34 06/07/94 Margrett McGuire? F/White Married 62y Isabella Enlarged liver Ireland Housewife Unknown Ireland-dead 05/13/95
Unknown Ireland-dead
35 03/16/94 Timothy Quinland M/White Widower 53y Isabella Twp. Pneumonia of Canada Farmer Unknown Dead 05/13/95
Lungs Unknown Dead
36 02/17/94 Thomas Fitzpatrick M/White Married 41y Isabella Twp. Cancer Canada Farmer Unknown Dead 05/13/95
Unknown Dead
37 04/28/94 Catherine Roy F/White Married 84y Isabella Twp. Old Age France Housewife Unknown Dead 05/13/95
Unknown Dead
38 10/30/94 Francis E. Stockholm F/White Single 2y/7m Isabella Twp. Membranous Isabella None Theodore Stockholm Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Croup Kate Stockholm Michigan
39 04/13/94 David Chiffenrey? M/Indian Single 16y Isabella Twp. Consumption Isabella Twp. John Chiffenrey? Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Michigan Mary Chiffenrey? Michigan
40 02/10/94 Jennie? Adams F/Indian Single 21y Isabella Twp. Pneumonia of Isabella Twp. None Thomas Adams Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Lungs Eliza Adams Michigan
41 07/30/94 Peter Adams M/Indian Single 9y Isabella Twp. Pneumonia of Isabella None Thomas Adams Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Lungs Eliza Adams Michigan
42 08/27/94 Sarah Adams F/Indian Single 15y Isabella Twp. Pneumonia of Isabella None Thomas Adams Isabella Twp. 05/13/95
Lungs Michigan Eliza Adams Michigan
43 11/20/94 Edwin Linnot M/White Married 53y/3m/5d Vernon Twp. Rheumatism Pennsylvania Farmer Unknown Dead 05/13/95
44 11/08/94 J.C. Cafe M/White Married 64y/9m/1d Vernon Twp. Dropsey Canada Minister David? Cafe Canada-dead 05/13/95
Amanda Cafe Canada-dead
45 06/20/94 Joseph Bouchey? M/White Married 62y/5m/6d Vernon Twp. Epilepsy Canada Bartender? Unknown Dead 05/13/95
Unknown Dead
46 02/24/94 Julia Bullen F/White Married 54y/5m/6d Vernon Twp. Consumption Ireland Housewife Unknown Dead 05/13/95
Unknown Dead
47 07/16/94 Florance? H. Robinson F/White Single 4y/11m/12d Vernon Twp. Sunstroke Michigan None James Robinson Vernon 05/13/95
Mary J. Robinson Michigan
48 11/21/94 Brooks M/White Single Vernon Twp. Stillborn Michigan None Ephiram? Brooks Vernon 05/13/95
Mary J. Brooks Michigan
49 04/03/94 Kate Rudy? F/White Single 22y/5m/21d Vernon Twp. Rheumatism? Canada None Bernard Rudy? Vernon 05/13/95
Mary Ann Rudy? Michigan
50 09/06/94 Nora B. McPhall F/White Single 1y/8m/26d Vernon Twp. Spinal Meningitis Michigan None James McPhall Vernon 05/13/95
June McPhall Michigan
51 11/02/94 Bradford Prestly M/White Widower 64y/18d Vernon Twp. Afaflexy? New York Farmer John Prestley Con-dead 05/13/95
Sarah Ann Prestly Dead
52 06/15/94 Linda Shulty F/White Married 38y/8m/5d Vernon Twp. Consumption Michigan Housewife McGregory Place Unknown 05/13/95
McGregory Michigan
53 11/08/94 Fredrick Fishley M/White Single 8m Vernon Twp. Inflamation of Michigan None Fredrick Fishley Vernon 05/13/95
the Bowels Ella Fishley Michigan
54 04/24/94 William Irwin M/White Widower Unknown Vernon Twp. Sunstroke Ireland Laborer Unknown Ireland-dead 05/13/95
Unknown Ireland-dead
55 11/15/94 Anna Northern F/White Married 25y/7m/28d Vernon Twp. Consumption Michigan Housewife Lansing Wing Vernon 05/13/95
Anna Wing Michigan
56 07/10/94 John McPharlan M/White Widower 88y Vernon Twp. Old Age Ireland Laborer Unknown Dead 05/13/95
Unknown Dead
57 07/26/94 Herbert Mosher M/White Single 16y/6m/6d Vernon Twp. Inflamation of Canada Laborer Patrick Mosher Vernon 05/13/95
the Bowels Mary Mosher Michigan
58 12/01/94 Willis McQueen M/White Single 3d Lincoln Twp. Unknown Lincoln Twp., MI None Sylvester McQueen Lincoln, MI 05/23/95
Electa McQueen Lincoln, MI
59 12/08/94 Phineas Jakeway M/White Married 82y/7m/16d Lincoln Twp. Heart disease New York Farmer Unknown New York-dead 05/23/95
Unknown New York-dead
60 05/22/94 Linue Thacker M/White Single 28y/10m/3d Lincoln Twp. Cancer of the Michigan Farmer Jad? Thacker Lincoln, MI 05/23/95
Stomach Henriette Thacker Dead
61 07/01/94 James M. Hill M/White Single 7y/10m/6d Lincoln Twp. Brain fever Michigan None Jageth? Hill Lincoln, MI 05/23/95
Cora Hill Lincoln, MI
62 08/07/94 Archie E. Hill M/White Single 6y/15d Lincoln Twp. Malarial fever Michigan None Jageth? Hill Lincoln, MI 05/23/95
Cora Hill Lincoln, MI
63 06/07/94 Andrew Gould M/White Married 61y/1m/17d Lincoln Twp. Disease of the New York Farmer Unknown Dead 05/23/95
Bowels Unknown Dead
64 10/20/94 Charles O. Shattuck M/White Single 5m/11d Lincoln Twp. Inflamation of Lincoln Twp., MI None Minard Shattuck Lincoln, MI 05/23/95
the Bowels Nettie Shattuck Lincoln, MI
65 10/14/94 Simion C. Brown M/White Widower 69y/5m Coe Twp. Neuralgia of the Ohio Physician Elisha Brown Iowa 05/23/95
Heart Not known
66 11/25/94 Daniel S. Peterson M/White Married 66y/4m/7d Coe Twp. Disease of the New York Merchant Simon Peterson Not known 05/23/95
Heart Eliza? Peterson Not known
67 05/12/94 Clarisa Freeman? F/White Married 26y Coe Twp. Unknown Michigan Housewife Samuel Hubbs Gratiot Co., MI 05/23/95
Sible? Hubbs
68 08/01/94 Jane D. Lenard F/White Widow 67y/2m/10d Coe Twp. Blood poison Pennsylvania Housewife John Dickerson Washington Co. 05/23/95
Sarah Dickerson Pennsylvania
69 10/21/94 Hamilton M/White Single 0d Coe Twp. Stillborn Michigan None Jake Hamilton Coe Twp. 05/23/95
Louise Hamilton Michigan
70 04/27/94 Charles O. Crafford M/White Married 63y Coe Twp. Afaflexy? Ohio Blacksmith William Crawford Medina 05/23/95
Salina? Crawford Ohio
71 07/24/94 Wonch M/White Single 1d Coe Twp. Unknown Michigan None Robert H. Wonch Coe Twp. 05/23/95
Melinda Wonch Michigan
72 12/10/94 Richard S. Stanley M/White Married 62y/4m/20d Gilmore Twp. Unknown Pennsylvania Farmer Thomas Stanley Pennsylvania 05/23/95
Anna Stanley Pennsylvania
73 09/10/94 Goldie Harper F/White Single 5m/?d Gilmore Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan None Thomas E. Harper Sanilac Co. 05/23/95
Sarah J. Harper Michigan
74 06/18/94 Sarah Jane Harper F/White Married 23y Gilmore Twp. Consumption Michigan Housewife James Fish Sanilac Co. 05/23/95
Sarah Jane Fish Michigan
75 10/08/94 Nelson L. Taylor M/White Single 1y/2m/3d Chippewa Whooping cough Michigan None Warren Taylor Chippewa 05/27/95
Laura Taylor Michigan
76 01/10/94 H.O. Norton M/White Single 4m/5d Chippewa Eczema? Michigan None Charles Norton Chippewa 05/27/95
Edith Norton Michigan
77 11/11/94 Sherman Bowns? M/White Single 1y/1m/12d Chippewa Membranous Michigan None Perry T. Bowns? Chippewa 05/27/95
Croup Winnie? Bowns? Michigan
78 05/17/94 Elliot Martin M/White Married 69y/2m Chippewa Lung fever Ohio Farmer Unknown Dead 05/27/95
79 08/09/94 Frankie Zairille? M/White Single 1y/7m/9d Chippewa Kidney disease Michigan None John Zairille? Chippewa 05/27/95
Lydia Zairille? Michigan
80 11/01/94 Carrie Armstrong F/White Married 25y/5m/14d Chippewa Consumption Michigan Housewife Hurzy? Francisco Chippewa 05/27/95
of Lungs Emalina Francisco Michigan
81 04/20/94 Rosy Craft? F/White Twin 3d Mt. Pleasant Not Known Michigan None Frank C. Craft? Not known 05/27/95
Bessie Craft? Michigan
82 04/23/94 Viola Craft? F/White Twin 6d Mt. Pleasant Convulsions Michigan None Frank C. Craft? Not known 05/27/95
Bessie Craft? Michigan
83 10/27/94 Daniel J. Cambell M/White Single 45y Mt. Pleasant Heart disease Canada Lumberman Daniel Campbell Dead 05/27/95
-------- Campbell Dead
84 11/01/94 William Winke M/White Single 1y/5m/5d Mt. Pleasant Dysentery Michigan None Joseph Winkie Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Josephine Winke Mt. Pleasant
85 07/13/94 Flora Rantly? F/White Married 31y/1m/13d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada Housewife Colin McRae Dead 05/27/95
Margret McRae Canada
86 11/13/94 Lucinda Johnson F/White Married 38y/11m/13d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada Housewife John Connor Canada 05/27/95
Mary Connor Dead
87 12/15/94 Charles Condon M/White Single 19y/2m/26d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada Clerk in Daniel Condon Dead 05/27/95
store Sarah Condon -neling?
88 10/12/94 Charles S. Reed M/White Single 10m/14d Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Michigan None George? Reed Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Elvie Reed Michigan
89 11/20/94 Henry Crapo M/White Single 10y/8m/9d Mt. Pleasant Drowned by New York None Henry Crapo Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
accident Lois Crapo Michigan
90 03/24/94 Strong E. Pattin M/White Married 57y/4m/2d Mt. Pleasant Dropsey New York Farmer Not known Dead 05/27/95
Eliza Pattin? Dead
90 1/2 10/25/94 Catherine Harris F/White Married 44y/7m/6d Mt. Pleasant Accidental Michigan Housewife George Holinden? Dead 05/27/95
poisoning Hester Holinden? Dead
91 10/19/94 William Dougherty M/White Widower 86y/1m/12d Mt. Pleasant La Grippe Pennsylvania Carpenter Not known Dead 05/27/95
Not known Dead
92 05/27/94 James H. Mason M/White Single 1y/3m Mt. Pleasant Brain trouble Michigan None Robert Mason Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Zina? Mason Michigan
93 02/28/94 William I. Dodds M/White Married 40y/5m/2d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Michigan Attorney John Dodds Michigan 05/27/95
Catherine Dodds Michigan
94 08/06/94 Marcus F. Fasquelle? M/White Married 54y/10m/12d Mt. Pleasant Diabetes Michigan Physician Louis Fasquelle? Michigan 05/27/95
Grace Fasquelle? Michigan
95 01/10/94 Margrett Stapleton F/White Single 10m Mt. Pleasant Unknown Michigan None Patrick Stapleton Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Anna Stapleton Michigan
96 06/21/94 William Battle M/White Single 4y/7m Mt. Pleasant Membranous Michigan None Timothy Battle Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Croup Bridget Battle Michigan
97 10/08/94 Beulah Myers F/White Single 5m/14d Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Michigan None John Myers Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Matilda Myers Michigan
98 12/07/94 Margret Kiser F/White Single 4m Mt. Pleasant Lung fever Michigan None F. Kiser Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Anna Kiser Michigan
99 07/19/94 Thomas A. Richmond M/White Single 16y/5m/24d Mt. Pleasant Inflamation of Michigan At school William Richmond Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Bowels Maria Richmond Michigan
100 05/31/94 David G.? Robinson M/White Married 51y/5m/18d Mt. Pleasant Diabetes Ohio D---man? John Robinson Dead 05/27/95
Unknown Dead
101 06/25/94 Norton H. Dodds M/White Single 15d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Michigan None Francis H. Dodds Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Hattie A. Dodds Michigan
102 03/19/94 Mary L. Castella F/White Single 20y?/1m/29d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Michigan Typewriter Thomas Costella Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Sarah Costella Michigan
103 10/26/94 Guy Spilter? M/White Single 21y/9m/15d Mt. Pleasant Typhoid fever Indiana Basket Oscar Spilter? Indiana 05/27/95
maker Sarah Spilter? Indiana
104 12/30/94 John C. Leaton M/White Married 46y/3m/12d Mt. Pleasant Heart disease Canada Attorney John T. Leaton Michigan 05/27/95
Elisabeth Leaton Michigan
105 08/24/94 Not Named F/White Single 3m/4d Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Michigan None John S. Westfall Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Nina? Westfall Michigan
106 08/21/94 John H. Davis M/White Single 4m/21d Mt. Pleasant Inflamation of Michigan None James S. Davis Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Stomach Mary S. Davis Michigan
107 03/07/94 David Sheline? M/White Married 80y/7m/3d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Pennsylvania Farmer Unknown Pennsylvania-dead 05/27/95
Unknown Pennsylvania-dead
108 12/13/94 Catherine Kennedy F/White Single 43y/2m Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada Housekeeper John Kennedy Michigan 05/27/95
May Kennedy Michigan
109 07/27/94 Hazel Winians? F/White Single 3m/3d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Michigan None Cad? B. Winans? Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Adda C. Winans? Michigan
110 10/28/94 Adda C. Winans? F/White Married 28y/5m Mt. Pleasant Consumption Michigan Housewife George? M. Farland Unknown 05/27/95
Sarah Farland Unknown
111 07/27/94 Isabella Davison? F/White Married 64y Mt. Pleasant Pneumonia of Canada Housewife Not known Dead 05/27/95
Lungs Not known Dead
112 02/25/94 Norman Petersen M/White Single 4m Mt. Pleasant Spinal Meningitis Michigan None Hans Petersen Denmark 05/27/95
Margrett Petersen Michigan
113 03/03/94 Grace Mudge F/White Single 15y/2m Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Michigan School? G. Mudge Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Sarah Mudge Michigan
114 11/09/94 William Bowns? M/White Single 7y/2m Mt. Pleasant Membranous Michigan None Perry T. Bowns? Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Croup Minnie M. Bowns? Michigan
115 12/16/94 Mary Kinney? F/White Single 21d Mt. Pleasant Whooping cough Michigan James Rinney? Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Mary Kinney? Michigan
116 08/20/94 William J. Miller M/White Single 2y Mt. Pleasant Lung fever Michigan William Miller Mt. Pleasant 05/27/95
Julia Miller Michigan
117 06/02/94 Clara? Beatner? F/White Single 8y/9m/15d Deerfield Twp. Croup Michigan None John Beatner? Deerfield Twp. 05/29/95
Christine Beatner? Michigan
118 01/06/94 Hazel? Nichols M/White Single 25y/9m/12d Cape Horn? Drowned Michigan Fisherman Daniel Nickols Deerfield Twp. 05/29/95
Washington Louisa Nickols Michigan
119 07/17/94 Don Hangsinger? M/White Single 6y/7m/13d Deerfield Twp. Hemorrhage of Michigan None Thomas L. Hangsinger? Deerfield Twp. 05/29/95
Lungs Julia Hangsinger?
120 07/14/94 Chancy J. Reardon M/White Married 48y/4m/20d Deerfield Twp. Cancer of the Ohio Carpenter William Reardon Deerfield Twp. 05/29/95
Stomach Sarah Reardon Michigan
121 06/18/94 Hiram Secar? M/White Married 78y/3m/19d Deerfield Twp. Softening? of the New York Farmer Unknown 05/29/95
122 02/25/94 William Collins M/White Single 85y/4m/2d Deerfield Twp. Old Age Vermont Farmer Lymen Collins Dead 05/29/95
Ruth Collins Dead
123 11/22/94 Clara Gilpin F/White Single 27y/3m/8d Union Consumption Michigan Laborer Richard Gilpin Union 05/29/95
Ann Gilpin Michigan
124 07/19/94 Mabel Spalsbury F/White Single 1d Union Want of care of Michigan None Thomas Spalsbury Union 05/29/95
mother Ida Spalsbury Michigan
125 05/21/94 Eber E. Griffith M/White Single 22y/2m/10d Bravo Not Known Michigan Laborer David H. Griffith Union 05/29/95
Allegan Co., MI Mary A. Griffith Michigan
126 09/06/94 Gerome Whitney M/White Single 3m/4d Union Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan None Nicolas Whitney Union 05/29/95
Anora Whitney Michigan
127 11/05/94 Ralph Johnson M/White Single 2m/6d Union Twp. Inflamation of Michigan None Franklin Johnson Union 05/29/95
Lungs Olive Johnson Michigan
128 02/25/94 Ohare? M/White Single 1d Union Twp. Unknown Michigan None Patrick Ohare? Union 05/29/95
Mary Ohare? Michigan
129 06/09/94 Oliver A. Wilson M/White Single 10m/9d Union Twp.
130 08/18/94 Erastus Wyman M/White Married 63y/4m/15d Union Twp. Bright's Disease New York Farmer John Wyman Dead 05/29/95
of the Kidneys Sarah Wyman Dead
131 08/21/94 Muriel A. Chamberlin F/White Single 11m/5d Deerfield Twp. Diphtheria Michigan None John P. Chamberlin Union 05/29/95
Addella Chamberlin Michigan
132 08/29/94 Howard W. Chamberlin M/White Single 10y/2m/5d Deerfield Twp. Diphtheria Michigan None John P. Chamberlin Union 05/29/95
Addella Chamberlin Michigan
133 11/07/94 Edward F. Ferigan? M/White Married 27y/2m/21d Union Twp. Hemorrhage of Canada? Clerk? John Ferigan? Union 05/29/95
Lungs Mary Ferigan?
134 02/18/94 Florence E. Whitehead F/White Single 7m/10m/25d Union Twp. Membranous Michigan None George W. Whitehead Union 05/29/95
Croup Florence Whitehead
135 08/29/94 Mylo Courter? M/White Single 1y/11m/8d Union Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan None John Courter? Union 05/29/95
Hannah Courter? Michigan
136 03/20/94 Nancy A. Pear? F/White Married 86y/1m/8d Union Twp. Old Age New York Tailoress? Mary Tabor New York 05/29/95
P---- Tabor? New York
137 09/15/94 Goldy May Shults F/White Single 1y Coldwater Twp. Bowel Complaint Coldwater, MI None Edward Shults Coldwater 05/31/95
Tacie Shults Michigan
138 11/12/94 Calvin Watkins M/White Married 44y Coldwater Twp. Bright's Disease Ohio Farmer -------- Watkins Coldwater 05/31/95
Lucy A. Watkins Michigan
139 06/26/94 Calvin Fl---? M/White Widower 67y Coldwater Twp. Heart disease Indiana Laborer Unknown 05/31/95
140 02/18/94 Solomon Schilling M/White Married 59y Coldwater Twp. Heart disease Ohio Farmer Unknown 05/31/95
141 08/10/94 Cornelius D. Daer M/White Single 2y/7m Nottawa Cholera infantum Michigan None John Daer Nottawa 06/10/95
Emily Daer Michigan
142 08/02/94 Francis McGuirk M/White Single 2y/9m Nottawa Summer complaint Michigan None James McGuirk Nottawa 06/10/95
Minnie McGuirk Michigan
143 12/19/94 Frank Jackson M/Indian Married 52y Nottawa Consumption Michigan Laborer May Way Jackson Nottawa 06/10/95
May Wan Jacskon Michigan
144 Aug. 1894 Anna Jackson F/Indian Single 15y Nottawa Consumption Michigan None William Jackson Nottawa 06/10/95
Rosa Jackson Michigan
145 05/26/94 Elisabeth E. Leach F/White Married 53y/11m/10d Nottawa Piles & ulcers of Michigan Housewife Peter Coon Dead 06/10/95
the womb Unknown Dead
146 10/14/94 Harriet Nickols F/White Married 68y Nottawa Cancer Michigan Housewife J. Speery? Dead 06/10/95
Ruth Speery? Dead
147 06/04/94 Hellen Irene G--der? F/White Married 24y/2m/19d Fremont Paralysis? Michigan Housewife Sylvester Johnson Michigan 06/15/95
Jenett Johnson Michigan
148 04/03/94 Edward Fox M/White Married 42y/11m/21d Fremont Consumption Michigan Farmer Geo. W. Fox Michigan 06/15/95
Betsy Fox Michigan
149 09/26/94 Vern Moor M/White Single 1m/20d Fremont Quick Michigan None John Moor Fremont 06/15/95
Consumption Nevada Moor Michigan
150 10/30/94 Cogan M/White Single Stillborn Fremont Stillborn Michigan None Phillip Cogan Michigan 06/15/95
Rhoda Cogan Fremont
151 07/10/94 Nina Belles F/White Infant 10d Fremont Thrush Michigan None Winfield Belles Fremont 06/15/95
Twin Sarah Belles Michigan
152 07/12/94 Nancy Belles F/White Single 12d Fremont Thrush Michigan None Winfield Belles Fremont 06/15/95
Twin Sarah Belles Michigan
153 05/19/94 Margret Ma-ly? F/White Married 57y/7m/10d Fremont Heart disease Michigan Housewife Unknown Dead 06/15/95
Unknown Dead
154 10/03/94 Mary D. Brayton? F/White Single 28d Fremont Cholera infantum Michigan None Henry H. Brayton? Fremont 06/15/95
Lucinda Brayton? Michigan
155 05/25/94 Hellen Anderson F/White Single 83y/7m/25d Rolland Old Age Sweden Housekeeper And---? Anderson Dead 06/24/95
156 06/08/94 James Pumfry M/White Married 61y/5m/8d Rolland Bowel Complaint Ohio Farmer J. Pumfry Dead 06/24/95
--------? Pumfry Dead
157 09/18/94 Chapin? Meyers M/Mulatto Single 16y/8m/18d Rolland Spinal complaint Ohio None Cal Meyers Rolland 06/24/95
Mary Meyers Michigan
158 07/25/94 Desire Moody F/White Married 78y/6m/25d Rolland Paralysis New York Housewife Unknown Dead 06/24/95
Unknown Dead
159 01/07/94 Daniel Doxie? M/White Married 51y/7m/1d Rolland Consumption Canada Farmer Unknown Dead 06/24/95
Unknown Dead
160 11/01/94 Robert Sanders M/White Married 71y Rolland Paralysis New York Farmer Unknown Dead 06/24/95
Unknown Dead
161 01/10/94 Annie Gilspin? F/White Married 37y/1m/10d Rolland La Grippe Ohio Housewife Unknown 06/24/95
162 12/23/94 Betsy Tate F/Black Single 5m Rolland Not Known Michigan None Roswell Tate Rolland 06/24/95
Emma Tate Michigan
163 10/12/94 Jane Mossman F/Black Married 51y/9m/16d Rolland Paralysis Ohio Housewife Not known Dead 06/24/95
Not known Dead
164 10/05/94 Ralph Guy M/Mulatto Single 10d Rolland Cholera infantum Michigan None John Guy Rolland 06/24/95
Alice Guy Michigan
165 06/30/94 ----- Edwards M/White Single 1d Rolland Unknown Michigan None Carmine? Edwards Rolland 06/24/95
Rose Edwards Michigan
166 06/06/94 John Painter M/White Single 3d Rolland Unknown Michigan None John Painter Rolland 06/24/95
Mary Painter Michigan

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