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No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >18yrs age Names Recorded
117 10//1/93 Delos Hewit M/White Married 81?y/11m/20d Vernon Twp. Congestion of New York Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/23/94
Liver Unknown Unknown
118 11/27/93 Thomas J. McNanaman M/White Single 2y/8m/8d Vernon Poisoned by eating Vernon, MI None Thomas McManaman Vernon, MI 05/23/94
sulpher off matches Bridget McManaman Vernon, MI
119 Aug. 1893 No Name Dodge M/White Single 0d Vernon Unknown Michigan None William Dodge Michigan 05/23/94
Caroline Dodge Michigan
120 Jan. 1893 Robt Grimason? M/White Widower 70y Vernon La Grippe Ireland Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/23/94
121 12/26/93 James Battes? M/White Married 64y/6m/28d Vernon Palpitation of Ireland Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/23/94
Heart Vernon, MI
122 04/01/93 Ada Maston F/White Single 15y/5m/10d Vernon Consumption of Michigan None William Maston Vernon, MI 05/23/94
Bowels Lyda Maston Vernon, MI
123 08/06/93 Alfred Counrod? M/White Married 63y/7m Vernon Ashtama? New York Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/23/94
124 03/19/93 Asa Wood M/White Single 1/2d Sherman Twp. Unknown Michigan James C. Wood Sherman Twp. 05/28/94
Emma Wood Isabella Co., MI
125 06/06/93 Mary Lawrence F/White Widow 74y/1m/19d Sherman Twp. Cancer New York Unknown Ohio 05/28/94
126 Unknown 1893 Hanson? Richison? M/White Married Unknown Sherman Twp. Unknown Unknown Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/28/94
127 Unknown 1893 Abigail Richison F/White Widow Unknown Sherman Twp. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 05/28/94
128 12/03/93 John Francis Kane M/White Single 6m Fremont Twp. Pleura Pneumonia Ohio Robert Kane Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/94
Kate Kane Toledo, OH
129 09/22/93 Caroline B. Richardson F/White Married 64y/8m/16d Fremont Consumption Maine Farming Asa Richardson Vermont 06/01/94
Jane Richardson Vermont
130 02/07/93 May Bell Taylor F/White Married 23y/9m/22d Fremont Insanity P. Partum Ohio Farming Abraham Smith Michigan 06/01/94
Jane Smith Michigan
131 10/19/93 Richard Rastus Denuffe? M/White Single 5m/26d Fremont Cholera Infantum Michigan Mitchell Denuffe? New York 06/01/94
Margret Isabel Denuffe? New York
132 06/30/93 Ruby A. Livingston F/White Married 25y/5m/23d Fremont Consumption Michigan Farming John V. Clark Unknown 06/01/94
Jennie L. Clark Unknown
133 08/22/93 Melissa E. Miller F/White Married 34y/4m Ontario Consumption Ontario Housekeeper Joseph Ramy Dead 05/26/94
Ellen Ramy Vernon, MI
134 04/21/93 Burton E. Crane M/White Single 17y Brinton?, MI Killed in saw mill Michigan Laborer George Crane Michigan 05/26/94
Alzina? Crane Isabella Twp.
135 09/03/93 Daniel Buckley M/White Single 2y/6m Isabella Twp. Cholera Infantum Isabella Twp. Daniel Buckley Michigan 05/26/94
Marie Buckley Isabella Twp.
136 02/03/93 Mariah Cretsinger F/White Married 45y Isabella Twp. Heart disease New York Housekeeper 05/26/94
137 12/01/93 Lovina Olliver? F/White Single 3y Isabella Twp. Croup Michigan George Olliver Isabella Twp. 05/26/94
Dell? Olliver Michigan
138 06/10/93 Margaret Priest F/White Married 45y Isabella Twp. Consumption Indiana Housekeeper Alonza Lockwood Michigan 05/26/94
Eliza Lockwood Michigan
139 04/17/93 Joseph Pollard M/White Single 21y Clare Co., MI Killed by a tree Ontario Laborer James Pollard Michigan 05/26/94
Ellen Pollard Michigan
140 08/05/93 Eliza Irvin F/White Married 68y/1m/8d Isabella Twp. Chronic diarrhea Ireland Housekeeper 05/26/94
141 10/15/93 Isaac N. Kennedy M/White Married 45y Isabella Twp. Consumption Ohio Saw mill 05/26/94
142 01/30/93 Florence Devina Mussell F/White Single 28d Isabella Twp. Croup Michigan David Mussell Michigan 05/25/94
Roxey Mussell Michigan
143 12/20/93 Nancy Nite-wash F/Indian Married 57y Isabella Twp. Consumption Michigan Housekeeper 05/26/94
144 10/25/93 Harry? Rodd M/Indian Single 3y Isabella Twp. Cholera Infantum Michigan David Rodd Michigan 05/26/94
Mary Rodd Michigan
145 03/30/93 Lazarus Way-me-quance M/Indian Single 24y Isabella Twp. Consumption Michigan Laborer Thomas Way-me-quance Michigan 05/26/94
Mary Way-me-quance Michigan
146 08/30/93 Chauncy J. Adams M/White Married 22y/1m/17d Gilmore Twp. Cancer of the Vermont Farmer Charles Adams Michigan 05/31/94
Kidney Amanda S. Adams Michigan
147 05/31/93 Ethel A. Adams F/White Single 5y/16d Gilmore Twp. Brain disease Ohio Chauncy J. Adams Michigan 05/31/94
Elnora N.? Adams Michigan
148 03/16/93 Ola M. Griffith F/White Single 4y Gilmore Twp. By fire Michigan Frank Griffith Michigan 05/31/94
Jennie Griffith Michigan
149 March 1893 John Reid M/White Single Unknown Gilmore Twp. Scotland Shingle maker 05/31/94
150 10/17/93 No Name M/White Single Deerfield Twp. None Michigan Herbert J. Nicholson Michigan 06/05/94
Nellie C. Nicholson Michigan
151 07/15/93 Richard Hall M/White Married 49y/3m/15d Deerfield Twp. Tumor on right side Atlantic Farmer Alexander Hall Michigan 06/05/94
Ocean Margaret Hall Michigan
152 04/25/93 Polly Williams F/White Single 10y/6m/18d Deerfield Twp. Burned to death Michigan John L. Williams Michigan 06/05/94
Louisa Williams Michigan
153 10/29/93 John Donahue M/White Single 12d Deerfield Twp. Unknown Michigan William Donahue Michigan 06/05/94
Margaret Donahue Michigan
154 04/20/93 Emma Strong F/White Widow 37y/8m/15d Minesota Consumption Michigan Housewife George Harding Michigan 06/05/94
Esther Harding Michigan
155 09/27/93 Thomas Elmer Leash M/White Single 5m/27d Wise Twp. Cholera Infantum Michigan William Leash Michigan 06/01/94
Celestia Leash Michigan
156 11/11/93 Maud E. Anderson F/White Single 14y/8m/7d Wise Twp. Consumption Michigan James Anderson Michigan 06/01/94
Margaret Anderson Michigan
157 08/01/93 Catherine Leight F/White Married 26y Wise Twp. Dropsey Germany Housekeeper 06/01/94
158 09/09/93 Myrtle Dasling? F/White Single 4d Wise Twp. Spasms Michigan Father not known Michigan 06/01/94
Effie Dasling? Michigan
159 08/25/93 Frederick W. Doerr M/White Single 2m Nottawa Twp Lung trouble Michigan John Doerr Michigan 06/09/94
Amelia Doerr
160 02/08/93 John H. Cober M/White Single 4y/5d Nottawa Twp Unknown Michigan Daniel Cober Michigan 06/09/94
Mary Cober
161 10/17/93 Joseph A. Cober M/White Single 1m/2d Nottawa Twp Spinal? Michigan Daniel Cober Michigan 06/09/94
Mary Cober
162 05/06/93 Wa-ba-gay-gah M/Indian Married 26y/2m/10d Nottawa Twp Consumption Michigan Farmer Unknown 06/09/94
163 06/25/93 Willie Grabenstine M/White Single 18y/1m Nottawa Twp Drowned Michigan Justine Grabenstine Michigan 06/09/94
164 08/18/93 Andrew Shoefelt M/White Single 5m Union Twp. Unknown Michigan Ambrose Shoefelt Michigan 06/09/94
Elizabeth Shoefelt
165 07/06/93 Ambrose Shoefelt M/White Married 57y/1m/17d Union Twp. Dropsey Pennsylvania Mason 06/09/94
166 09/10/93 Joseph Shafer M/White Widower 82y/7m/8d Nottawa Twp Dropsey Germany Mason 06/09/94
167 07/08/93 Carrie Vandecar? F/White Married 38y/6m/2d Nottawa Twp Childbirth York State Housekeeper 06/09/94
168 05/06/93 Joseph Schabach M/Indian Single 50y Nottawa Twp Consumption Michigan Hunter 06/09/94
169 11/10/93 Julia Schabach F/Indian Married 26y Nottawa Twp Consumption Michigan Housekeeper 06/09/94
170 06/09/93 Frank M. Shafer M/White Single 1m/19d Nottawa Twp Fits Michigan Mathias Shafer Michigan 06/09/94
171 12/10/93 Theresa Endres F/White Single 6y/5m/10d Nottawa Twp Typhoid Fever Michigan Anthon Endres Michigan 06/09/94
Lizzie Endres
172 09/10/93 Catherine Marz? F/White Married 48y/8m/5d Nottawa Twp Dropsey Indiana Housekeeper 06/09/94
173 04/10/93 John Bennett M/Indian Single 20d Nottawa Twp Fits Michigan David Bennett Michigan 06/09/94
Betsy Bennett
174 01/24/93 Amos Babcock M/White Married 80y Rolland Twp. Old age New York Teacher Unknown 6//11/94
175 04/18/93 Stephen Chapman M/White Married 63y Rolland Twp. Consumption Indiana Farmer 06/11/94
176 01/01/93 Thomas Porter M/White Married 80y Rolland Twp. La Grippe Ohio Farmer 06/11/94
177 05/15/93 Jennie Mull F/White Married 17y Rolland Twp. Childbirth Ohio Housekeeper Joseph Kiser Michigan 06/11/94
Lucy Kiser
178 03/13/93 Mary J. Moody F/White Married 32y Rolland Twp. Consumption Germany Housekeeper John Delo Michigan 06/11/94
Catherine Delo
179 05/24/93 Nellie Warner? F/White Married 26y Rolland Twp. Childbirth Michigan Housekeeper Unknown 06/11/94
180 05/15/93 No Name F/White Single Rolland Twp. Still born Michigan Daniel Samped? Michigan 06/11/94
Lena Samped? Michigan
181 05/08/93 No Name M/White Single Rolland Twp. Still born Michigan Frank Mull Michigan 06/11/94
Jennie Mull Michigan
182 01/20/93 William Burkholder M/White Single 23y Michigan Killed by a tree in Michigan Laborer Eli Burkholder Michigan 06/11/94
lumber woods Hannah Burkholder Michigan
183 08/04/93 Elizabeth Tatu F/White Married 47y/6m Lincoln Twp Childbirth Germany Housekeeper Matthew Hocksdel? Germany 05/22/94
Lena Hocksdel? Germany
184 04/22/93 Dugen F/White Single Lincoln Twp Still born Michigan Michael Dugan Michigan 05/22/94
Hannah Dugan Michigan
185 03/18/93 Clarrie Campbell F/White Single 17y/2m/28d Lincoln Twp Consumption Michigan Thomas Campbell Michigan 05/22/94
Elisa Canpbell Michigan
186 03/18/93 Samuel Brenner M/White Widower 76y Lincoln Twp Old age Ohio Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/22/94
187 10/21/93 Johnson M/White 1d Lincoln Twp Unknown Michigan Briton Johnson Michigan 05/22/94
Emma Johnson
188 10/01/93 Ada L. Johnston F/White 2y/3m/5d Lincoln Twp Unknown Michigan John A. Johnson Sweden? 05/22/94
Jenette W. Johnson New York
189 01/07/93 Henry Caszatt? M/White Widower 84y Lincoln Twp Old age Virginia Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/22/94
190 01/18/93 Lucinda Caszatt? F/White Single 80y Lincoln Twp Old age Virginia Weaver Unknown Unknown 05/22/94
191 06/23/93 Loyal Stockdill M/White Single 1d Coldwater Twp. Unknown Michigan William Stockdill Michigan 05/18/94
Bertha Stockdill Michigan
192 07/03/93 Robert Alexander Winkworth M/White 2y Mecosta Co., MI Lung fever Michigan George Winkworth Michigan 05/18/94
Harriet Winkworth Michigan
193 06/13/93 Betsy Scherer F/White Married 63y Coldwater Twp. Cancer New York Housewife Salatial Taylor Dead 05/18/94
------- Taylor
194 02/11/93 Mary S. Ganner? F/White Widow 69y/8m/20d Coldwater Twp. Dropsey New York Housewife James Ganner? Dead 05/18/94
Rebekah Ganner?
195 07/20/93 James Dingman M/White Widower 49y Coldwater Twp. Killed by a tree Canada Laborer Samuel Dingman Dead 05/18/94
Fanny Dingman
196 11/18/93 Harry J. Colley M/White Single 21y/11d Coldwater Twp. Suicide Michigan Laborer Joseph J. Colley Michigan 05/18/94
Martha Colley
197 09/19/93 Elmer Cyr M/White Single 4y Coldwater Twp. Typhoid Fever Michigan Paul Cyr Michigan 05/18/94
Gertrude Cyr
198 11/18/93 Emma J. White F/White Married 44y Coldwater Twp. Typhoid Fever New York Housewife Cornelias Quick 05/18/94
Liddie Quick Dead
199 05/28/93 Clarence E. Smith M/White Single 23y/5m Coldwater Twp. Diabetes Michigan Laborer Lewis Smith Michigan 05/18/94
Fanny Smith Michigan
200 11/20/93 William John McCoy M/White Single 26y/3m Coldwater Twp. Typhoid Fever Canada Laborer William McCoy Michigan 05/18/94
Sarah McCoy Michigan
201 05/13/93 Mary C. Heim F/White Single 6y/9m/4d Denver Twp. Brain Fever Michigan Adam Heim Michigan 04/28/94
Mary Heim Michigan
202 05/11/93 No Name F/White Stillborn Denver Twp. Unknown Michigan Louis Ervin Michigan 04/28/94
Florence Ervin Michigan
203 02/18/93 Christina Lackie? F/White Married 78y Denver Twp. Old age Scotland Housewife Archibald Ferguson Dead 04/28/94
Catherine Ferguson Dead
204 06/03/93 Alex Lackie M/White Married 79y Denver Twp. Blood poison Scotland Cooper Alex Lackie Dead 04/28/94
Margaret Lackie Dead
205 06/03/93 Charles Kirkey M/White Married 67y/28d Denver Twp. Heart disease Scotland Farmer Joseph Kirkey Dead 04/28/94
Mary J. Kirkey Dead
206 03/09/93 Martin Carroll M/White Single 31y/2m/20d Union Twp. Consumption Canada Farmer Martin Carroll Dead 05/12/94
Sibbia? Carroll Dead
207 10/11/93 Joseph Roy Wittie M/White Single 1y/7m/28d Union Twp. Spinal fever Michigan Nickolas Wittie Michigan 05/12/94
Annie Wittie Michigan
208 01/14/93 Ray H. Wheeler M/White Single 14y/4m/26d Union Twp. Inflammitory Michigan Farming Henry S. Wheeler Michigan 05/12/94
Rheum.-- Miranda Wheeler Michigan
209 05/27/93 Mathias Hoak M/White Widower 70y/7m Union Twp. Not given Germany Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/12/94
210 01/17/93 John Q.A. Johnson M/White Married 65y/11m/24d Union Twp. Bright's disease New York Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/12/94
211 12/07/93 Alma Jenner F/White Single 1m/27d Union Twp. Not given Michigan Fernando D. Jenner Michigan 05/12/94
Emily A. Jenner
212 09/22/93 Frank H. Coon M/White Single 6y/11m Coe Twp. Drowned Michigan Farmer Charles E. Coon Michigan 05/23/94
Temperance Coon Michigan
213 01/07/93 Stephen C. Phillips M/White Widower 81y/9m Coe Twp. Hemorage of Brain New York Farmer ------- Phillips New York 05/23/94
Lanna? Phillips New York
214 04/28/93 Samantha Robinson F/White Married 31y?/3m/17d Coe Twp. Paralysis New York Housewife Unknown New York 05/23/94
215 01/01/93 Dennie Robinson M/White Married 74y/11m/1d Coe Twp. Heart disease New York Farmer Unknown New York 05/23/94
216 05/08/93 No Name Ditt? M/White Infant 8d Coe Twp. Not known Michigan Charles Ditt? Michigan 05/23/94
Jessie Ditt? Michigan
217 09/02/93 Alice Clark F/White Married 18y Coe Twp. Childbirth Michigan Housewife John Richmond Michigan 05/23/94
Eliza Richmond Michigan
218 12/28/93 John Yarnell M/White Married 62y/8m/6d Coe Twp. La Grippe Pennsylvania Farmer Jessie Yarnell Penn. 05/23/94
Elizabeth Yarnell Penn.
219 Sept. 1893 William A. Leonard M/White Married 39y Coe Twp. La Grippe Pennsylvania Farmer William W. Leonard Michigan 05/23/94
Sarah Leonard Michigan
220 12/14/93 Stephen Grove M/White Widower 84y/7m Coe Twp. La Grippe Virginia Carpenter ------- Grove Michigan 05/23/94
221 12/20/93 Matie Fitch F/White Married 25y/13d Coe Twp. Consumption Michigan Housewife James E. Black Michigan 05/23/94
Orie? A. Black Michigan
222 12/09/93 Ransom Keyes M/White Married 66y/2m Coe Twp. La Grippe New York Farmer James Kyes Michigan 05/23/94
Cassanda Kyes Michigan
223 08/07/93 Jane Condon F/White Married 48y Coe Twp. Unknown Michigan Housewife ------- Ryker? Michigan 05/23/94
------- Ryker? Michigan
224 10/01/93 Mary S. Hammond F/White Widow 80y/10d Coe Twp. Paralysis New York Housewife Noble Sherry Michigan 05/23/94
Marcia Sherry Michigan
225 03/13/93 Nellie May Huson? F/White Single 18y/10m/3d Shepherd, MI Consumption Ohio Housework Jesse Huson? Michigan 05/28/94
Lois Huson? Michigan
226 12/22/93 Florence Riches F/White Single 1y/8m Shepherd, MI Brain Fever Michigan Albert V. Riches Michigan 05/23/94
Vola Riches Michigan
227 06/15/93 Margaret McClintic? F/White Widow 83y/1m Mecosta Co., MI Old age Ohio Housewife John Needham Penn. 05/23/94
------- Needham Penn.
228 12/24/93 Hattie Fordyce F/White Married 37y/2m Shepherd, MI La Grippe Ohio Housewife ------- Smith? Unknown 05/23/94
------- Smith?
229 12/18/93 Allen J. Struble M/White Married 40y Shepherd, MI Pneumonia Ohio Physician Jesse Struble Michigan 05/23/94
Harriett Struble Michigan
230 06/13/93 Abraham McCully M/White Single 13d Chippewa Twp. Unknown Michigan Phillip McCully Michigan 06/25/94
Hannah McCully Michigan
231 10/16/93 Harry Cornell? M/White Single 1y/4m Chippewa Twp. Cholera Infantum Michigan George Cornell? Michigan 06/25/94
Ida Cornell? Michigan
232 07/07/93 James Keif M/White Married 73y Chippewa Twp. Heart disease Ireland Farmer George Keif Unknown 06/25/94
Margarite Keif Unknown
233 11/04/93 William Bush M/White Married 50y/5m/8d Chippewa Twp. Accident Canada Farmer James Bush Unknown 06/25/94
Mary Bush Unknown
234 08/02/93 William Miles M/White Married 48y/11m/17d Chippewa Twp. Epileptic Michigan Farmer David Miles Unknown 06/25/94
Helen Miles Unknown
235 10/17/93 No Name Wolfraim? M/White 1d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Michigan Willet? Wolfraim? Michigan 05/19/94
1st Ward Lou Wolfraim? Michigan
236 04/08/93 Clarinda Morrison F/White Married 42y/11m/11d Mt. Pleasant Heart disease Canada Housewife Peter Perry Dead 05/19/94
Sabrina Perry Canada
237 12/14/93 Ashad Davis M/White Married 69y/11m/9d Mt. Pleasant Paralysis Canada Rail Road Ashad Davis Dead 05/19/94
Hannah Davis Dead
238 07/31/93 Isaac Bartlett M/White Married 48y/20d Mt. Pleasant Rheumatism England Carpenter Thos? Bartlett Dead 05/19/94
Elizabeth Bartlett Dead
239 12/19/93 Wesley J. Corbus M/White Married 75y/4m/2d Mt. Pleasant La Grippe Michigan Physician Joseph C. Corbus Dead 05/19/94
Sarah B. Corbus Dead
240 04/13/93 Alton Leitch M/White 17d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Michigan Hugh Leitch Michigan 05/19/94
Jane Leitch Michigan
241 04/18/93 Sarah E. Ely F/White Married 59y/2m/6d Mt. Pleasant Heart failure Pennsylvania Housewife Unknown Unknown 05/19/94
242 06/03/93 Samuel W. Spencer M/White Married 56y/9m/29d Mt. Pleasant Heart failure New Jersey Clergyman William Spencer Dead 05/19/94
Unknown Spencer Dead
243 09/17/93 Floyd Free? M/White Single 1y/14d Mt. Pleasant Cholera Infantum Michigan A.L. Free? Michigan 06/27/94
3rd Ward Annie W. Free? Michigan
244 04/02/93 Catherine L. Gibbons F/White Single 1m/21d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Michigan John J. Gibbons Michigan 06/27/94
(7 month child) Minnie B. Gibbons Michigan
245 11/16/93 No Name Preston F/White Stillborn Mt. Pleasant Unknown Michigan Wilber E. Preston Michigan 06/27/94
Marilla J. Preston Michigan
246 06/12/93 Mary Taylor F/White Widow 79y Mt. Pleasant Paralysis New York Housewife Unknown Unknown 06/27/94
247 02/14/93 Grant Kennedy M/White Single 11y/11m Mt. Pleasant Spinal meningitis Michigan Robt. S. Kennedy Michigan 06/27/94
Alta M. Kennedy Michigan
248 03/23/93 Frank Logan M/White 4m/5d Mt. Pleasant Pneumonia Michigan William J. Logan Michigan 06/27/94
Mary? Logan Michigan
249 10/20/93 Lila Meyers F/White 10m Mt. Pleasant Bloody dysentery Michigan Ralph Meyers Shepherd, MI 06/27/94
Ella Meyers Dead
250 04/20/93 Lizzie Sweeney F/White Single 21y Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Pneumonia Ontario School girl Patrick Sweeney Dead 06/27/94
Mary Sweeney Dead
251 01/10/93 Emily I. Loomis F/White Married 35y/4m Mt. Pleasant Dropsey New York Housewife R.M. Swan Dead 06/27/94
Catherine D. Swan Michigan
252 09/18/93 Catherine Carr F/White Widow 84y Mt. Pleasant Heart disease Ireland Housewife A. McGuire Dead 06/27/94
Unknown McGuire Dead
253 09/12/93 William Dixon M/White Married 44y/7m Tennesee Hemorrhage of England Plumber John Dixon England 06/27/94
Bowels Unknown Dixon England
254 03/18/93 Bernette? I. Cassady F/White 2m/10d Mt. Pleasant Pneumonia Michigan Thomas Cassady Michigan 06/27/94
Mary A. Cassady
255 02/18/93 John Cassady M/White Widower 63y Mt. Pleasant Catarrh of Stomach Ireland Farmer William Cassady Dead 06/27/94
Malinda Cassady Dead
256 03/27/93 John McNamara M/White 2d Mt. Pleasant Defective Spine Michigan Thos. McNamara Michigan 06/27/94
Elizabeth McNamara Michigan
257 05/18/93 Elizabeth Swan F/White Married 32y Mt. Pleasant Consumption Michigan Dress maker Monroe Loomis Michigan 06/30/94
2nd Ward Unknown Loomis
No deaths in Broomfield Twp. for the year 1893

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