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No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >18yrs age Names Recorded
1 01/11/92 Asa Barton Moses M/White Single 6m/12d Deerfield Congestion Caldwell? Charles L. Moses Deerfield, MI 05/31/93
of Lungs Michigan Ellen Moses Deerfield, MI
2 07/29/92 Not Named F/White Deerfield Still born Deerfield, MI None Herbert Nicolson Deerfield, MI 05/31/93
Millie Nicolson Deerfield, MI
3 11/03/92 James Fitzgerald M/White Single 2m/15d Deerfield Unknown Deerfield, MI None Thomas Fitzgerald Deerfield, MI 05/31/93
Elizabeth Fitzgerald Deerfield, MI
4 03/25/92 Floid? Covert M/White Single 1d Deerfield Unknown Deerfield, MI None Theodore Covert Deerfield, MI 05/31/93
Eminor? Covert Deerfield, MI
5 10/09/92 Clark Prior M/White Single 27y/4m/9d Deerfield Consumption Calhoun Co. Day Labor Mary Prior Deerfield, MI 05/31/93
Michigan Thos. Prior Deerfield, MI
6 07/24/92 Jennie Annis F/White Married 29y/0m/22d Deerfield Typhoid Pneu. Canada Housewife Unknown 05/31/93
Burnsides Deerfield, MI
7 10/06/92 Guy A. Smiley M/White Single 13y/2m/17d Deerfield Typhoid fever Indiana School boy Shennon? O. Smiley Caldwell, MI 05/31/93
Nelly J. Smiley Caldwell, MI
8 09/27/92 Guy W. Reardon M/White Single 21y/6m/2d Deerfield Heart disease Michigan Laborer Chancy J. Reardon Caldwell, MI 05/31/93
Mary L. Reardon Caldwell, MI
9 07/30/92 Lillian J. Reed F/White 2y/3m/11d Mt. Pleasant Cholera Michigan George Reed Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
infantum Elvie Reed Mt. Pleasant, MI
10 07/05/92 William Leech M/White 13y/6m Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Michigan Hugh Leech Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
Jane Leech Mt. Pleasant, MI
11 07/11/92 Edmund Leech M/White 11y/2m/3d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Michigan Hugh Leech Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
Jane Leech Mt. Pleasant, MI
12 06/09/92 Charles Donovan M/White 1y/6m Mt. Pleasant Erysipalas Michigan Patrick Donovan Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
Mary Donovan Mt. Pleasant, MI
13 02/04/92 Thos. Kelley M/White 3m Mt. Pleasant La grippe Michigan Timothy Kelley Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
Jennie Kelley Mt. Pleasant, MI
14 11/18/92 Wm Hagen M/White Married 49y/2m Mt. Pleasant Brights Disease Holland Liquor dealer Conrad Hagen Holland 06/01/93
Johana Hagen Holland
15 09/12/92 Daniel Condon M/White Married 49y Mt. Pleasant Congestion Scotland Carpenter Unknown Unknown 06/01/93
of Lungs Unknown Unknown
16 02/13/92 Chester A. Ward M/White Widower 74y/6m Mt. Pleasant Debility from New York Store Keeper Unknown Unknown 06/02/93
old age Unknown Unknown
17 12/25/92 Mary Kennedy F/White Widow 68y/9m/7d Mt. Pleasant La grippe Ireland None Daniel Eagon Ireland 06/02/93
Catherine Eagon Ireland
18 04/23/92 Elmer W. Burr M/White Single 19y/2m Lincoln Twp. Bursting of blood Michigan Farmer's son Henry Burr Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/02/93
vessel in brain Alice Burr Mt. Pleasant, MI
19 10/20/92 Rose Alice Davis F/White Single 7m/28d Mt. Pleasant Cholera Michigan Infant at home Jas. Davis Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/02/93
infantum Mary Davis Mt. Pleasant, MI
20 09/11/92 Carrie M. Seran? F/White Single 7m/3d Mt. Pleasant Cholera Michigan Infant at home Ellsworth Seran? Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/02/93
infantum Fannie M. Seran? Mt. Pleasant, MI
21 07/12/92 Louis B. Sheldon M/White Single 1y/2m/12d Mt. Pleasant Whooping cough Michigan None Edgar F. Sheldon Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
Brizina?Sheldon Mt. Pleasant, MI
22 10/14/92 Edward McFadden M/White Married 29y/6m/3d Lake George Accident on Canada Section Patrick McFadden Digbly ? Twp. 06/01/93
Clare Co., MI rail road foreman Catherine McFadden Canada
23 10/15/92 Joseph Breidenstine M/White Married 30y/8m/12d Grand Rapids Accident Germany Machinist Frank Breidenstine Deerfield Twp. 06/01/93
Michigan Broken leg Maggie Breidenstine Isabella Co., MI
24 05/23/92 Not Named M/Indian Mt. Pleasant Still born Michigan None Frank Chigum Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
Nancy Chigum Mt. Pleasant, MI
25 05/19/92 Mary L. Neehes? F/White Single 18y/10m/19d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Michigan Housework John Neehes Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
Marion Neehes Dead
26 11/11/92 Maria H.W. Arnold F/White Married 65y/10d Mt. Pleasant Pneumonia Stratford None Daniel Wood Stratford, N.Y." Dead" 06/01/93
New York Huldah? Wood Stratford, N.Y. "Dead"
27 07/08/92 Nora I. Bellard F/White Single 20y/8m/19d La Vita Consumption Ohio None Robert P. Bellard Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
Colorado Flora C. Bellard Mt. Pleasant, MI
28 07/17/92 Lena Welch F/White Widow 34y Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada None Andrew Stickle Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
Jane Stickle Mt. Pleasant, MI
29 09/01/92 Not Named M/White 1m/10d Mt. Pleasant Whooping cough Mt. Pleasant, MI None Albert W. Graham Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/01/93
-------- Graham Mt. Pleasant, MI
30 12/27/85 Daniel H. Gilman M/White Married 61y/14d Mt. Pleasant Apoplexy New York Merchant 06/01/93
31 11/17/92 Ernest Strong M/Indian 1m/24d Gains? Cold Gains? Dennis Strong Michigan 05/30/93
Jennette Strong Michigan
32 06/03/92 Lafayette Perham M/White Union Quick consumption Ohio Farmer Peter Perham Michigan 05/30/93
& Dropsey of Heart Mary Perham Michigan
33 04/01/92 George A. Reakes M/White 27d Union Whooping cough Union, MI Edward Reakes Canada 05/30/93
Mary Reakes Michigan
34 11/26/92 Maggy Powell F/White 1/4d Union Griping? pains Union, MI P.A. Powell New York 05/30/93
Mary Powell Canada
35 02/11/92 Mary Hoak F/White Married 58y/2m/4d Union Grippe New York D.H. Brunner Germany 05/30/93
Mary Brunner Germany
36 04/27/92 Margaret Kane F/White 5y/5m/25d Union Diphtheria Michigan John G. Kane Michigan 05/30/93
Ellen Kane Michigan
37 05/05/92 John Kane M/White 8y/2m/14d Union Diphtheria Michigan John G. Kane Michigan 05/30/93
Ellen Kane Michigan
38 10/14/92 Elmira Leffingwell F/White Married 44y/10m/21d Union Consumption Ohio Farmer's wife O.R. Cross Ohio 05/30/93
Rutha Cross Ohio
39 12/23/92 Anna E. Harkens F/White 17y/3m/19d Union Spinal men. Pennsylvania Howard Harkens Union Twp., MI 05/30/93
Sarah Harkens Union Twp., MI
40 03/26/92 George Ferris M/White 1d Union Unknown Michigan Eli Ferris Michigan 05/30/93
Mary Ferris Michigan
41 01/25/91 Bessie Ferris F/White 11m/18d Union Brain fever Michigan Eli Ferris Michigan 05/30/93
Mary Ferris Michigan
42 01/29/92 Patrick F. Carey M/White 13d Union Inflamation on the Michigan Dennis Carey Michigan 05/30/93
Lungs Maggy Carey Michigan
43 11/19/92 Sarah McKessey F/White Married 22y/6m/28d Union Consumption Michigan Laborer's wife H.S. Wheeler Michigan 05/30/93
M.S. Wheeler Michigan
44 12/08/92 W.H. Jackson M/White Widower 73y/2m Nottawa Pneumonia Ohio Farmer 05/25/93
45 02/09/92 Joseph A. Reihl M/White Single 1y/6m Nottawa Lung disease Michigan John Reihl Nottawa Twp. 05/25/93
Ragena Reihl Nottawa Twp.
46 02/06/92 Evea D. Martin F/White Single 3y/2m Nottawa Inflamation of Brain Michigan Henry J. Martin Nottawa Twp. 05/25/93
Lizie Martin Nottawa Twp.
47 11/05/92 Thressa? Kehlbeck? F/White Married 49y Nottawa Dropsey Germany Farmer 05/25/93
48 05/25/92 John Wabanaw M/Indian Married Nottawa Scarlet fever Michigan Farmer 05/25/93
49 07/10/92 Read Claud Pearns? M/Indian Single 15y Nottawa Mumps Michigan Isaac Pearns Michigan 05/25/93
Mary Pearns Michigan
50 02/16/92 Samuel L. Goodenough M/White Single 22y/8m/5d Sherman Twp. Crushed by a log Michigan Laborer Harvy? Goodenough Sherman Twp., MI 06/01/93
Sarah E. Goodenough Sherman Twp., MI
51 09/25/92 William O. Griggs M/White Single 70y Sherman Twp. Paralysis Kentucky Carpenter Daniel Griggs Kentucky 06/01/93
Nancy Grigggs Unknown
52 12/04/92 John H. Gatehouse M/White Married 62y/6m Sherman Twp. Creeping Maryland Farmer James Gatehouse Unknown 06/01/93
Paralysis Unknown Unknown
53 03/02/92 Sarah Jane Hamilton F/White Married 28y Isabella Unknown Ohio Housekeeper James Gillen Michigan 05/31/93
Annie Gillen Michigan
54 01/24/92 Emily E. House F/White 1y/10m Isabella Whooping cough Isabella Ferdinand House Michigan 05/31/93
Etta House Michigan
55 10/29/92 Andrew Paisley? M/White Married 65y Isabella Consumption Ireland Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/31/93
Unknown Unknown
56 10/29/92 Joseph Irwin M/White Married 94y Isabella Old age Ireland Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/31/93
Unknown Unknown
57 July 1892 Arthur Lewis M/White 18y/6m Isabella Inflamation Michigan Farmer's son Hugh Lewis Michigan 05/31/93
Elizabeth Lewis Michigan
58 12/29/92 Ledawa? Peters F/R Married 46y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper 05/31/93
59 06/15/92 Julia Develin F/White Married 42y Isabella La grippe Michigan Housekeeper Unknown Michigan 05/31/93
Unknown Michigan
60 02/21/92 Ida K. Hellyer F/White Married 24y Isabella Consumption New York Housekeeper Timothy Dingman Michigan 05/31/93
Margaret Dingman Michigan
61 12/11/92 James Neelands M/White Married Isabella Typhoid pneumonia Ontario School teacher Unknown Michigan 05/31/93
Unknown Michigan
62 12/20/92 Bertie Angell F/White 10d Isabella Unknown Isabella William Angell Michigan 05/31/93
Sarah Ann Angell Michigan
63 07/27/92 John McLaughlan M/White Married 70y Isabella Brights Disease Scotland Farmer Unknown Michigan 05/31/93
Unknown Michigan
64 03/03/92 Glen Cole M/White Single 2y/1m Union Accidental poison by getting Michigan Lewis Cole Lincoln, MI 05/20/93
poison put out for rats Allice Cole Lincoln, MI
65 02/07/92 Fredrick Grauber? M/White Single 28y/7m Lincoln Brain fever Ohio Farmer John Grauber? Lincoln, MI 05/20/93
Fannie Grauber? Lincoln, MI
66 01/15/92 Cameron F. Hapner M/White Single 19y/2m/14d Lincoln Epeleptic fits Michigan Farmer Gasper A. Hapner Lincoln, MI 05/20/93
Amanda Hapner Lincoln, MI
67 10/11/92 Carrie Rounds F/White Married 44y Mt. Pleasant Consumption New York Housekeeper Darius Stanton Lincoln, MI 05/20/93
Susan Stanton Lincoln, MI
68 11/24/92 Eli Hamlin M/White Widower 64y/7m/9d Coe Twp. Dropsey Ohio Farmer William Hamlin Star Co., Ohio 05/18/93
Hannah Hamlin Star Co., Ohio
69 05/28/92 Ransom Baker M/White Married 59y/2m/12d Coe Twp. Brights Disease New York Farmer Ransom Baker Hartford, Washington Co., NY 05/18/93
Lodica Baker Hartford, Washington Co., NY
70 05/26/92 Myron Clark M/White Married 52y/6m/15d Coe Twp. La grippe New York Farmer Robert Clark Shepherd, MI 05/18/93
Martha Clark Shepherd, MI
71 07/20/92 Edward Robbins M/White Widower 77y/3m/3d Coe Twp. Cancer of the face Ohio Farmer Thomas Robbins Birmington?, OH 05/18/93
Not Known Robbins Birmington?, OH
72 03/03/92 Ira E. Robbins M/White Child 6m Coe Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan Child Nelson Robbins Coe Twp., MI 05/18/93
Latta Robbins Coe Twp., MI
73 04/16/92 Arthur W. Hurst M/White Married 37y/1m/21d Shepherd La grippe Pennsylvania Editor William Hurst Philadelphia 05/18/93
-------- Hurst Pennsylvania
74 09/03/92 Cornelia B. Hoy F/White Married 59y/2m/9d Shepherd Consumption Vermont Daniel Woodard Waterbury, Vermont 05/18/93
Betsy Woodard Waterbury, Vermont
75 10/21/92 Iva Gertrud Neely F/White Child 2y Shepherd Worms Michigan Child George Neely Shepherd, MI 05/18/93
Ella May Neely Shepherd, MI
76 01/27/92 James E. Forbes M/White Married 40y/3m/17d Coldwater Brights Disease Pennsylvania Farmer Leander Forbes St. Johns, MI 05/31/93
Nancy Forbes St. Johns, MI
77 07/31/92 Wendel Beck M/White Married 70y Coldwater Heart disease Germany Mason Not Known Unknown 05/31/93
Not Known Unknown
78 08/09/92 Henry Rushls? M/White Single 2m Coldwater Cholera infantum Michigan Glade? Rushls? Coldwater, MI 05/31/93
Melissa Rushls? Coldwater, MI
79 04/20/92 Seth Dailey M/White Single 31y/4m/29d Coldwater Burned to death Michigan Laborer Not Known 05/31/93
Not Known
80 09/15/92 Hattars Phoenix M/White Single 1y/11m/11d Coldwater Spinal disease Michigan Lester Phoenix Coldwater, MI 05/31/93
Cara Ann Phoenix Coldwater, MI
81 11/28/92 Baby Frye F/White Single 2d Coldwater Not Known Michigan Solomon Frye Coldwater, MI 05/31/93
Minnie Frye Coldwater, MI
82 08/27/92 Baby Aylaworth? F/White Single 17d Coldwater Not Known Michigan Peter Aylaworth? Canada 05/31/93
Mary Aylaworth? Michigan
83 04/20/92 No Name M/White Baby Wise Unknown Wise Twp., MI Babe Isaac Lansing Wise Twp., MI 05/16/93
Stillborn Nettie Lansing Wise Twp., MI
84 12/29/92 James Bradley M/Indian Child 3y/4m/15d Wise Twp. Geo. Bradley Wise, MI 05/16/93
Eliza Bradley Wise, MI
85 05/15/92 Peter Billings M/Indian Child 20d Wise Twp. Not Known Michigan Babe Benjamin Billings Wise, MI 05/16/93
Elizabeth Billings Wise, MI
86 09/04/92 Lucelia Bowen F/White Married 56y/4m/4d Wise Twp. Cancer of the womb New York Farmer's wife R.D. Marvin New York 05/16/93
Luniva? Marvin New York
87 01/19/92 Lee Lower? Lansing M/White Child 5m/4d Wise Twp. La grippe Michigan Farmer child John Lansing Ont. 05/16/93
Elizabeth Lansing Ont.
88 01/07/92 Wm. Alfred Anderson M/White Baby 11m/19d Wise Twp. La grippe Michigan Babe James Anderson Michigan 05/16/93
Alpharetta Anderson Michigan
89 05/01/92 Mary Jane Hutchinson F/White Married 19y/2m/12d Broomfield Child birth Canada Farmer William Buck Broomfield, MI 05/20/93
Margrett Ann Buck Broomfield, MI
90 04/30/92 Fredericka Hummel F/White Married 36y Broomfield Consumption Michigan Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/20/93
Unknown Unknown
91 11/03/92 Lillie McCulley F/White Infant 2m Chippewa Dropsey Michigan Phillip McCulley Chippewa, MI 05/15/93
Hannah McCulley Chippewa, MI
92 05/24/92 Ida Cornell? F/White Married 25y Chippewa Blood poison Unknown Farmer Jacob Drahurer? Mt. Pleasant, MI 05/15/93
Unknown Drahurer? Dead
93 12/29/92 Cordelia Morrison F/White Married 25y Chippewa Inflamation Lungs Michigan Farmer John T. Landon Chippewa, MI 05/15/93
Martha Landon Chippewa, MI
94 09/24/92 Nellie Proper F/White Infant 1y/3m/19d Chippewa Cholera infantum Michigan Frank Proper Chippewa, MI 05/15/93
Mary Proper Chippewa, MI
95 08/03/92 Mary Proper F/White Married 25y/5m/18d Chippewa Consumption Ohio Farmer James Keif Chippewa, MI 05/15/93
Mary Keif Chippewa, MI
96 01/08/92 Emily Vining F/White Married 72y/7d Chippewa Cattarrhal Cancer Ohio Farmer Joseph Laycox Ohio 05/15/93
Unknown Laycox Ohio
97 11/17/92 Elizabeth Stoneman F/White Widow 73y/8m/7d Denver Neuralgia in back New York None Lebins? Sweet Dead 05/10/93
Susan? Sweet Dead
98 07/19/92 Elsie Canfield F/White Single 5m/21d Denver Spinal disease Michigan None Hurbert Canfield Michigan 05/10/93
Jennie Canfield Michigan
99 03/29/92 Wm. B. Bowen M/White Widower 76y/9m/2d Denver Stricture of bladder Pennsylvania Farmer James Bowen Dead 05/10/93
Jane Bowen Dead
100 11/26/92 No Name given M/White Single 3m/7d Denver Whooping cough Michigan None Richard Parks Michigan 05/10/93
Mary A. Parks Michigan
101 09/23/92 Robert Cranen? M/White Widower 51y/9m/7d Fremont Twp. Quick consumption Pennsylvania Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/25/93
Unknown Unknown
102 11/22/92 Edith P. Hitchcock F/White Single 16y/10m/2d Fremont Twp. Consumption Michigan John Hitchcock Fremont Twp., MI 05/20/93
Mary Hitchcock Fremont Twp., MI
103 10/06/92 Susan Foglesong F/White Married 52y/11m/8d Fremont Twp. Gangrene of Leg Virginia 05/25/93
104 09/22/92 Olive Lena Griffith F/White Single 6m/29d Fremont Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan Wallace Griffith Fremont Twp., MI 05/25/93
Cora Adel Griffith Fremont Twp., MI
105 09/23/92 Mabel Main F/White Single 1y/9m/5d Fremont Twp. Killed by a ram Michigan Irving Main Fremont Twp., MI 05/20/93
Florence Main Fremont Twp., MI
106 08/25/92 Nina Odessa Delo F/White 2y/9m/3d Fremont Twp. Brain fever Michigan William Delo Fremont Twp., MI 05/20/93
Effie Delo Fremont Twp., MI
107 02/06/92 Lucinda Adams F/White Widow 79y/10m/28d Fremont Twp. Paralysis Canada Unknown Unknown 05/20/93
Unknown Unknown
108 05/08/92 Ida Clement F/White Married Fremont Twp. Suicide by shooting Michigan Reuben Pontious Berrien Co., MI 05/20/93
Susana Pontius Berrien Co., MI
109 11/11/92 Benjamin Chaffer M/White Married 76y/10m/11d Rolland Grippe Unknown Merchant Benjamin Chaffer 05/31/93
110 06/16/92 Oscar Johnson M/White Married 54y Rolland Grippe Sweden Farmer Oscar Johnson Rolland, MI 05/31/93
Rachel Johnson
111 09/16/92 Elijah Mount M/White Married 76y Rolland Hernia New York Farmer Elijah Mount Rolland, MI 05/31/93
Helen Mount
112 07/17/92 Barbra Davis F/White Married 58y Vernon Apoplexy Canada Housekeeper James Mundock Canada 05/10/93
Lethrie Mundock Canada
113 02/18/92 Nellie Smally F/White Single 18y Vernon Consumption Michigan E.J. Smalley New York 05/10/93
Elza Smalley New York
114 09/22/92 Elizabeth D. Parrish F/White Married 71y/11m/26d Vernon Apoplexy New York John Ellis New York 05/10/93
Hannah Ellis New York
115 03/20/92 Julian McFall F/White Single 2y/2m/18d Vernon Not Given Vernon James McFall Michigan 05/10/92
Lizzie McFall Michigan
116 07/08/92 Unknown F/White Single 1m/22d Gilmore Unknown Gilmore Infant Jesse D. Hatfield Gilmore 08/02/93
Anna Hatfield Gilmore

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