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No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >18yrs age Names Recorded
1 01/10/91 Mary Bell Furney F/White Married 30y/5m/11d Broomfield Unknown New York Farmer Wm. H. Whitaker Broomfield, MI 07/01/92
Mary Whitaker Broomfield, MI
2 02/14/91 Hiram Ford M/White Married 66y/5m/8d Broomfield Brights disease Canada Farmer B. Ford Unknown 07/01/92
Lucy Ford Unknown
3 12/10/91 Alice Johnson F/White Single 16y/3m/18d Lansing Diphtheria Wisconsin Farmer Christ Johnson Broomfield, MI 07/01/92
Rachel Johnson Broomfield, MI
4 10/01/91 W.F. Corey M/White Married 36y/8m/2d Broomfield Consumption Ohio Mechanic Wyman Corey Harrison, MI 07/01/92
Sarah Corey Harrison, MI
5 09/26/91 Mary Ann McNutt F/White Widow 83y/2m/11d Fremont Paralytic stroke New Jersey House keeping Peter Stultz Ohio 07/01/92
of the throat Margret Stultz Ohio
6 12/08/91 Viola Sandbrook F/White Married 37y/11m/20d Fremont Child birth Ohio House keeping Charles Richardson Michigan 07/01/92
Caroline Richardson Michigan
7 09/16/91 Earny? Hutchins M/White Single 3m/12d Fremont Cholera infantum Fremont Admiral N. Hutchins Fremont 07/01/92
Mary H. Hutchins Fremont
8 05/30/91 Cora Hunt F/White Single 16y/8m/24d Fremont Sugar diabetes Michigan John Hunt Fremont 07/01/92
Nancy A. Hunt
9 11/26/91 Eurilla? Wilson F/White Married 29y/7m/9d Fremont Chlorosis Michigan House keeping Jason A. Hunt Fremont 07/01/92
Cloe Hunt Fremont
10 Aug 1891 George Tefft M/White Single 1y/6m Keene? Cholera infantum Keene? None Clarence Tefft Fremont 07/01/92
Jennie Tefft Fremont
11 10/06/91 Elias B. Hungerford M/White Widower 74y/4m/6d Fremont Dropsey & New York Farmer Nathaniel Hungerford Unknown 07/01/92
abcess Unknown Unknown
12 08/19/91 Ines Teachworth? F/White Single 3m/13d Paryington? Blood poison Michigan None Charles Teachworth? Michigan 07/01/92
Rose Teachworth? New York
13 03/19/91 Clifford Pangborn M/White 7m/20d Blanchard La grippe Blanchard Sheldon A. Pangborn Blanchard, MI 07/01/92
Helen Pangborn Blanchard, MI
14 05/26/91 John A. Stout M/White Married 67y/9m/3d Blanchard Brights disease Pa. Shoemaker John Stout New Jersey 07/01/92
Mary Stout New Jersey
15 6/16?/91 Della Wilson F/White Married 18y? Blanchard Consumption Pa. common labor John A. Stout Blanchard, MI 07/01/92
Susan Stout Blanchard, MI
16 10/17/91 Robert Sanders M/White Single 1m Blanchard Cholera infantum Millbrook, MI Raphael Sanders Millbrook, MI 07/01/92
Cora Sanders Millbrook, MI
17 12/20/91 Orphie? Nellie E. Spencer F/White Single 16y/3m/17d Blanchard Typhoid Blanchard House keeping Sylvester J. Spencer Blanchard, MI 07/01/92
pneumonia Flora C. Spencer Blanchard, MI
18 06/30/91 Eva Jones F/White Single 19y/3m Rolland Consumption Ind. House keeping James W. Jones Petroskey, MI 07/01/92
Amelia Jane Jones Rolland, MI
19 05/19/91 Israel Leighton M/White Married 77y/9m/6d Rolland Brights disease Kennebec Co. Farming Unknown Unknown 07/01/92
& Rheumatism Me. Unknown Unknown
20 03/29/91 Rotiana? Foster F/White Widow 75y/4d Rolland La grippe N.Y. Farmer Mr. Beebee? New York 07/01/92
Mrs Franklin New York
21 04/09/91 Robert Beatham M/White Married 56y/10m Rolland La grippe Lincoln, MI Farming Robert Beatham Lincoln, MI 07/01/92
Susan Beatham Lincoln, MI
22 12/21/91 Wellington Moody M/White Single 43y/3m/13d Rolland Consumption Eaton Co., MI Farming Orrin Moody Rolland, MI 07/01/92
Desire Moody Rolland, MI
23 11/09/91 Daniel Richardson M/White Widower 82y/8m/28d Union Twp. Old age Livingston Co., NY Laborer Johnathan Richardson New York 07/01/92
Unknown Unknown
24 11/12/90 Hannah Bergin F/White Married 58y Union Twp. La grippe Ireland farmer's wife Thomas Hulehan Ireland 07/01/92
Elizabeth Hulehan Ireland
25 09/11/91 Solomon H. Smith M/White Widower 86y/11m/5d Union Bloody dysentery England Minister Unknown Unknown 07/01/92
Unknown Unknown
26 12/20/91 Frank Thompson M/White Single 9y/5m/28d Union Membranous Union Thomas Thompson Prince Edward Island 07/01/92
croup Ellen A. Thompson Canada
27 10/24/91 Arthur Fearnley? M/White Single 22y/7m Union Paralysis Canada Engineer William Fearnley England 07/01/92
Anna Fearnley Ireland
28 01/06/91 Joseph Maloney M/White Single 17d Clare La grippe Michigan None John Maloney Ireland 07/01/92
Clare Co. Mary Maloney Ireland
29 08/22/91 William Smithers M/White Married 79y Isabella Dysentery England Farmer William Smithers England 07/01/92
-------- Smithers England
30 04/06/91 Elizabeth Smithers F/White Married 73y Isabella Rheumatism Canada farmer's wife Jacob Cook Canada 07/01/92
Elizabeth Cook Canada
31 8/3?/91 Mary Grisdale F/White Widow 79y Union Old age Ireland farmer's wife John Maloney Ireland 07/01/92
Margaret Maloney Ireland
32 01/06/91 Sarah E. Hopkins F/White Married 37y/6m/19d Union La grippe New York farmer's wife Daniel Campbell New York 07/01/92
Lucy Campbell Pennsylvania
33 10/05/91 Pearl Kyes F/White 5m/14d Pine River Cholera infantum Michigan None Albert Kyes Michigan 07/01/92
Gratiot Co. Docia? Kyes Michigan
34 06/24/91 George Ferris M/White Married 56y/7m/6d Union Consumption New York Farmer Albert Ferris Michigan 07/01/92
Elizabeth Ferris Michigan
35 05/23/91 Jeremiah Angell M/White Married 67y/10m Isabella Twp. Poisoned by York State Farmer Jeremiah Angell Wayne Co., MI 07/01/92
mistake Ruth Angell Wayne Co., MI
36 08/06/91 Francis Hurbert Thrasher M/White Single 1y/10m Isabella Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan James E.G. Thrasher Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Sofia Thrasher Isabella Twp., MI
37 08/16/91 Elizabeth Cameron F/White Single 19y/5m Isabella Twp. Consumption Canada Domestic Alexander Cameron Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
of Lungs Sarah Cameron Isabella Twp., MI
38 6/10?/91 No Name F/White Single 2m Isabella Twp. Pneumonia Isabella Twp., MI John G. House Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Charlotte House Isabella Twp., MI
39 10/12/91 William Newhouse Johnston M/White Single 6y/9m Isabella Twp. American? Isabella Twp., MI Thuller? A. Johnston Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Cholera Jessie Johnston Isabella Twp., MI
40 03/26/91 Maggie Youngs F/White Married 25y Isabella Twp. Consumption Isabella Twp., MI House keeper Samuel Gates 07/01/92
of Lungs Nancy Gates
41 03/26/91 No Name F/White Single 3hrs Isabella Twp. Isabella Twp., MI Maggie Youngs Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Frank Youngs Isabella Twp., MI
42 06/24/91 Francis Orselia? Palmer F/White Married 41y Isabella Twp. Consumption New York House keeper Benjamin Davenport Jackson Co., MI 07/01/92
of Lungs Mary Davenport Jackson Co., MI
43 08/07/91 Elizabeth Jane Skuce F/White Married 42y Isabella Twp. New York House keeper William Woolston Clinton Co., MI 07/01/92
Hannah Woolston Clinton Co., MI
44 08/29/91 Elizabeth Jane Skuce F/White Single 1m/14d Isabella Twp. Want of vitality Isabella Twp., MI William Skuce Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Elizabeth Jane Skuce Isabella Twp., MI
45 08/06/91 No Name F/White Single 8d Isabella Twp. Want of vitality Isabella Twp., MI William G. Davis Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Minnie C. Davis Isabella Twp., MI
46 03/03/91 Unknown F/White Single 5m Isabella Twp. Unknown Isabella Twp., MI Thomas Adams Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Nellie Adams Isabella Twp., MI
47 01/15/91 Malinda Jackson F/Indian Single 2y/10m Isabella Twp. Pneumonia Isabella Twp., MI James Jackson Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Mary Ann Jackson Isabella Twp., MI
48 03/19/91 Rosana Allen F/White Single 14d Isabella Twp. Unknown Isabella Twp., MI Charles Allan Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Rosana Allan Isabella Twp., MI
49 08/22/91 Eva? Mable Crotser F/White Single 2y/1m/2d Isabella Twp. Cholera infantum Isabella Twp., MI Emanuel Crotser Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Isabella L. Crotser Isabella Twp., MI
50 08/26/91 Samuel Bradley M/Indian Single 8y/8m Isabella Twp. Consumption Isabella Twp., MI Joseph Bradley Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Mary Bradley Isabella Twp., MI
51 08/21/91 David McClure M/Indian Married 26y Isabella Twp. Typhoid Fever Isabella Twp., MI William McClure Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Mary McClure Isabella Twp., MI
52 12/17/91 No Name M/White Single Isabella Twp. Stillborn Isabella Twp., MI David Coyne Isabella Twp., MI 07/01/92
Hannah Coyne Isabella Twp., MI
53 07/12/91 Minnie Harrison F/White Married 23y Isabella Consumption Michigan House keeper Albert C. Holley Ludington, MI 07/01/92
Corintha? Holley Ludington, MI
54 09/30/91 Ann West F/White Married 71y Isabella Kidney disease Ireland House keeper John Townson? Unknown 07/01/92
Ann Townson? Unknown
55 01/20/91 Fannie Hoag F/White Married 30y/1m/26d Lincoln Suicide Ohio House keeper Samuel Hep Lincoln, MI 07/01/92
Anna Barbara Hep Lincoln, MI
56 12/18/91 Larina C. Wanzy F/White Married 20y/5m/13d Lears?, La grippe Michigan House keeper A.B. Wanzy Lincoln, MI 07/01/92
Osceola Co., MI Samantha Wanzy Lincoln, MI
57 12/31/91 Sylva Champhor F/White Single 17d Lincoln La grippe Michigan Alexander Champhor Lincoln, MI 07/01/92
Caroline Champhor Lincoln, MI
58 05/20/91 Naseral? McKinstry M/White Married 75y/2m/28d Lincoln Old age New York Farmer William McKinstry New York 07/01/92
Mary McKinstry New York
59 03/13/91 Thomas Welsh M/White 1d? Vestaberg? Accident Michigan Russell E. Welch Ohio 07/01/92
Isabella E. Welch Michigan
60 09/28/91 Kitty Morgan F/White Single 12y/6d Greenville Diphtheria Michigan W.J. Morgan Lincoln, MI 07/01/92
Mary Morgan Lincoln, MI
61 05/12/91 John L. Haun? M/White Single 22y/8m/26d Lincoln Scarlet fever Michigan Farmer Jacob Haun? Lincoln, MI 07/01/92
Mary Ann Haun? Lincoln, MI
62 02/14/91 Leslie Puchert M/White Single 2y/9m/27d Bay City Brain fever Michigan Frank Puchert Lincoln, MI 07/01/92
Lizzie Puchert Lincoln, MI
63 07/30/91 Sarah E. Sanford F/White Married 46y/1m/8d Lincoln Heart disease Ohio House keeper Isaac Hunt? Ohio 07/01/92
64 05/27/91 Charles J. Ayling M/White Married 51y/4m/27d Mt. Pleasant Heart disease New York Farmer 07/01/92
65 11/16/91 Jason Whitney M/White Married 75y/11m/18d Lincoln Paralysis Connecticut Farmer 07/01/92
66 08/29/91 Hattie Bush F/White 5y/1m/6d Lincoln Blood poisoning Michigan David Bush Lincoln, MI 07/01/92
Maggie Bush Lincoln, MI
67 05/28/91 Anthony McKay M/White Married 68y/6m/6d Ann Arbor Apoplexy New Brunswick Farmer 07/01/92
68 3/25?/91 Anthony Geller M/White Single 1y/2m/14d Nottawa Not Known Michigan None Peter Geller Nottawa, MI 07/01/92
Anna May Geller Dead
69 07/18/91 Anna May Geller F/White Married 28y Nottawa Consumption Prussia House wife Michael Mearnar? Prussia 07/01/91
Not Known Mother dead
70 07/09/91 Mary Barbara Miller F/White Single 11m/4d Nottawa Inflamation of the Nottawa None Michael Miller Nottawa, MI 07/01/92
spine Lena Miller Nottawa, MI
71 10/10/91 Isaac Piano M/Indian Married 45y Nottawa Consumption Michigan Laborer -------- Piano Dead 07/01/92
Not Known Dead
72 11/11/91 Max Lehman M/White Single 16d Nottawa Not Known Michigan None Gustave Lehman Nottawa, MI 07/01/92
Otilia Lehman Nottawa, MI
73 Nov. 1890 David Moses M/Indian Single 1y/6m Nottawa Fits Michigan None David Moses Nottawa, MI 07/01/92
Mary Moses Nottawa, MI
74 07/01/91 Nay-O-gay-ge-he-zhick or M/Indian Single 22y Nottawa Consumption Michigan Laborer Little Bird Dead 07/01/92
James Bird Not Known Nottawa, MI
75 10/09/91 Dan Sransway? M/Indian Single 5y Nottawa Dysentery Michigan None John Sransway? Nottawa, MI 07/01/92
Mary Jane Sransway? Nottawa, MI
76 10/05/91 Charlotte Sransway? F/Indian Single 2y/6m Nottawa Dysentery Michigan None John Sransway? Nottawa, MI 07/01/92
Mary Jane Sransway? Nottawa, MI
77 June 1891 Andrew David M/Indian Married 36y Nottawa Inflamation of the Michigan Laborer -------- David Dead 07/01/92
Brain Mary David Saginaw, MI
78 07/04/91 Nicholas Michels M/White Married 66y Detroit La grippe Prussia Laborer Jacob Michels Dead 07/01/92
Mary Michels Dead
79 09/27/91 Mandie Schofield F/White Single 8y/3m Gilmore Summer Comp Michigan James Schofield Gilmore, MI 07/01/92
Mary Schofield Gilmore, MI
80 11/24/91 Altie Freeman F/White Single 3y/6m Gilmore Choking Michigan Clarence Freeman Gilmore, MI 07/01/92
Carrie Freeman Gilmore, MI
81 12/20/91 Liddie Van Valcanburgh? F/White Married 28y Gilmore Consumption Michigan Unknown 07/01/92
82 09/02/91 Gertie Bell Nixon F/White Single 7m Coldwater La grippe Michigan William Nixon Coldwater Twp., MI 07/01/92
Mary Nixon Coldwater Twp., MI
83 02/10/91 Tina Kiser F/White Single 1y/3m Coldwater Lung fever Michigan John F. Kiser Coldwater, MI 07/01/92
Eliza J. Kiser Coldwater, MI
84 12/27/91 James E. Forbs M/White Married 40y Coldwater Brights disease Ohio Farmer Leander Forbs Ohio 07/01/92
Nancy Forbs Ohio
85 11/11/91 Sabina Robinson M/White Single 74y Coldwater Old age Unknown Unknown Unknown 07/01/92
86 06/04/91 Eliza Dangerfield F/White Married 37y Coldwater Rheumatism Canada Theron Pitcher England 07/01/92
Grace Pitcher
87 06/12/91 Adam Puffinbach M/White Married 86y Coldwater Old age Germany Farmer Unknown Germany 07/01/92
88 08/19/91 Wendel Bick M/White Married 79y Coldwater Rheumatism Germany Farmer Unknown 07/01/92
89 12/04/91 Baby Navarre M/White 2d Coldwater Unknown Michigan William Navarre Coldwater, MI 07/01/92
Elizabeth Navarre Coldwater, MI
90 09/13/91 Alice Bloom F/White Single 1y/1m/13d Denver Cholera infantum Michigan None Jonas Bloom Michigan 07/01/92
Alberta Bloom Michigan
91 10/22/91 Fred Smith M/White Single 6m/14d Denver Cholera infantum Michigan None Walter Smith Michigan 07/01/92
Adaline Smith Michigan
92 06/03/91 Esther M. Cook F/White Widow 63y/2m/9d Denver Old age England House wife John Mead Ohio 07/01/92
Mary Mead Ohio
93 05/13/91 Warren D. Render M/White Single 26d Denver Not Known Michigan None James? Render Ohio 07/01/92
Mary E. Render Ohio
94 07/21/91 None M/White Single 0d Denver Stillborn Michigan None T.A. McCarthy Michigan 07/01/92
Mary McCarthy Michigan
95 06/27/91 Pearl C. Bergey M/White Single 1y/4m/0d Wise Twp. Congestion of Michigan None Lincoln Bergey Wise Twp., MI 07/01/92
Spine Lydia Bergey Wise Twp., MI
96 11/03/91 John Grover M/White Single 3d Wise Twp. Constipation Michigan None Brewer Grover Wise Twp., MI 07/01/92
Mary Grover Wise Twp., MI
97 01/13/91 Alex Dunlop M/White Married 60y Wise Twp. Struck by a limb Canada Farmer Robt. Dunlop Windham Center, Canada 07/01/92
of a tree Rosetta Dunlop Windham Center, Canada
98 05/22/91 Chauncy Kyes M/White Married 69y/1m/14d Coe Twp. La grippe New York Farmer James Kyes Calhoun Co., MI 07/01/92
Gessandana? Kyes Calhoun Co., MI
99 06/19/91 David Wellman M/White Married 55y/27d Coe Twp. General debility Batavia, NY Farmer Orren Wellman Batavia, NY 07/01/92
Sophia Marie? Wellman Batavia, NY
100 12/07/91 Catharine Gruber F/White Married 69y/1m/19d Coe Twp. Knot in bowels North Sanford Co. Farmer's wife Joseph Walbaugh North Sanford Co., Penn 07/01/92
Pennsylvania Mary Walbaugh North Sanford Co., Penn
101 05/07/91 Clark E. Struble M/White Married 26y Coe Twp. Rail Road Ohio Farmer Jessie J. Struble Shepherd, MI 07/01/92
accident Harriet Struble Shepherd, MI
102 05/09/91 David A. Drake M/White Married 49y/3m/28d Coe Twp. Consumption & Michigan Farmer Joel Drake Shepherd, MI 07/01/92
La grippe Louisa Drake
103 08/31/91 Clio R. Loomis M/White Single 2y/4m/14d Coe Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan George W. Loomis Shepherd, MI 07/01/92
Hattie L. Loomis Shepherd, MI
104 04/18/91 Philander Childs M/White Married 48y/7m/21d Coe Twp. Erysipelas Michigan Farmer John Childs Jackson, MI 07/01/92
Mary Childs Jackson, MI
105 05/10/91 Sherwood Clark M/White Married 24y/15d Coe Twp. Rail Road Michigan Farmer Myron Clark Shepherd, MI 07/01/92
accident Phebe Clark Shepherd, MI
106 09/12/91 Dallas P. Brock M/White 19m/14d Shepherd, MI Strangulation of Shepherd, MI A.W. Brock Shepherd, MI 07/01/92
Bowels Isadore Brock Shepherd, MI
107 05/17/91 Betsy Day F/White Widow 78y/6m Shepherd, MI Result of a fall Pennsylvania Farmer Hary Day Rowes?, MI 07/01/92
Macusa? Day Rowes?, MI
108 3/20?/91 Peter Peters M/Indian Married 65y Mt. Pleasant Exposure Michigan Hunter Unknown Saginaw, MI 07/01/92
109 04/27/91 Henry Peters M/Indian Widower 25y Deerfield Consumption Michigan Farmer Peter Peters Deerfield, MI 07/01/92
Saw-ge-wan Deerfield, MI
110 10/21/91 Thomas A. Forquer? M/White Single 1y/5d Deerfield Dysentery Michigan Thomas M. Forquer? Deerfield, MI 07/01/92
Ruth E. Forquer? Deerfield, MI
111 04/26/91 Eliza Ann Redfield F/White Widow 78y/3m/14d Deerfield La grippe Connecticut House wife Elisha Lane North Killingworth Conn. 07/01/92
Mary Lane North Killingworth Conn.
112 05/19/91 Floyd L. Redfield M/White Single 1m/3d Deerfield La grippe Michigan Wm. E. Redfield Deerfield, MI 07/01/92
Clara A. Redfield Deerfield, MI
113 11/12/91 No Name F/White Deerfield Stillborn Deerfield, MI Donald McDonald Deerfield, MI 07/01/92
Katie McDonald Deerfield, MI
114 06/18/91 Escalina Whelan F/White Married 55y/1m/21d Deerfield La grippe or New York House wife John Stout Lenawee Co., MI 07/01/92
Heart failure Jane Stout Lenawee Co., MI
115 04/17/91 Clara Prothers? F/White Married 17y Deerfield Measles Ohio House wife Norris Perry Deerfield, MI 07/01/92
116 06/05/91 Sarah E. Prothers F/White Married 57y/10m/6d Deerfield Consumption Delaware House wife Thos. Lynch Indiana 07/01/92
Pricilla Lynch Indiana
117 10/11/90 Overlooked by ---? in 1891 M/White Deerfield Miscarriage Deerfield, MI Michael Sullivan Deerfield, MI 07/01/92
Julia Sullivan Deerfield, MI
118 03/08/91 Sarah M. Bellingar F/White Married 62y/11m/27d Deerfield Abdominal abscess New York House wife Nathan Kimball New York 07/01/92
& Paralysis Lucinda Kimball New York
119 10/08/91 James M. Orcutt M/White Widower 72y/2m/29d Fremont Dropsey New York Carpenter Bassett Orcutt New York 07/01/92
Patience Orcutt New York
120 10/06/91 Mary Lalone F/White 6m/26d Deerfield Cholera infantum Deerfield, MI John Lalone Canada 07/01/92
Delanaw? Lalone Canada
121 11/01/91 Dora Leir? Tiffany F/White 3y/9m/0d Deerfield Suffocated or burned Deerfield, MI Luther M. Tiffany Wisconsin 07/01/92
Eliza A. Tiffany Michigan
122 11/01/91 Edith Estella Tiffany F/White 2y/10m/0d Deerfield Burned Deerfield, MI Luther M. Tiffany Wisconsin 07/01/92
Eliza A. Tiffany Michigan
123 03/04/91 Laura E. Adams F/White 4m Isabella Twp. Unknown Isabella Twp., MI Thos. E. Adams Deerfield, MI 07/01/92
Nellie M. Adams Michigan
124 03/15/91 Watson Chippiway M/Indian Married 30y/6m Deerfield Consumption Michigan Unknown Saginaw, MI 07/01/92
Unknown Michigan
125 11/15/91 Seward E. Welch M/White Married 27y/7m/15d Clare, MI Typhoid Fever Watertown, NY Brakeman John Welch Luvene?, Iowa 07/01/92
Irene Welch Luvene?, Iowa
126 08/22/91 Vada V. Dent F/White Single 2y/5m Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Mt. Pleasant, MI None John Dent Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Catherine Dent Mt. Pleasant, MI
127 12/03/91 Not Named F/White Single 2d Mt. Pleasant Premature birth Mt. Pleasant, MI None John A. Vanbuskirk Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Mary J. Vanbuskirk Mt. Pleasant, MI
128 03/10/91 Nellie Davis F/White Widow Not known Mt. Pleasant Consumption Not Known Dressmaker Not Known Not Known 07/01/92
Not Known Not Known
129 04/20/91 Aggie McJannett F/White Single 10y/11m/23d Mt. Pleasant Spinal fever Canada None James McJannett Dead 07/01/92
Amelia McJannett Mt. Pleasant, MI
130 04/25/91 Not Named M/White Single 0d Mt. Pleasant Stillborn Mt. Pleasant, MI None Pat Carey Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Mary A. Carey Mt. Pleasant, MI
131 12/03/91 Not Named M/White Single 0d Mt. Pleasant Stillborn Mt. Pleasant, MI None Tim Leahy Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Bridget Leahy Mt. Pleasant, MI
132 11/25/91 Lillian D. Rush F/White Single 2y/9m/17d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant, MI None Wm. V. Rush Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Catharine Rush Mt. Pleasant, MI
133 04/17/91 Agnes G. Casidy F/White Single 7d Mt. Pleasant Bursting blood Mt. Pleasant, MI None Thos. Casidy Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
vessel Mary A. Casidy Mt. Pleasant, MI
134 06/06/91 Charles C. Whitney M/White Married 46y/11m/21d Mt. Pleasant Brights disease New York Carpenter Benjamin Whitney N.Y Dead 07/01/92
Caroline Whitney Shepherd, MI
135 07/04/91 Laura Clark F/White 4d Stanville, Can? Not Known Stanville, Can James G. Clark Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Hannah Clark Mt. Pleasant, MI
136 08/01/91 Katie F. Miller F/White Single 1y/17d Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Michigan None Anthony Miller Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Katerne Miller Mt. Pleasant, MI
137 08/26/91 John Kennedy M/White 75y Mt. Pleasant Old age Ireland Farmer Dennis Kennedy Ireland 07/01/92
Mary O'Brien Ireland
138 04/03/91 Lily Oatley F/White Married 29y Lowell?, MI La grippe Ohio House wife -------- Courtright Oberlin, Ohio 07/01/92
Rosa Courtright Oberlin, Ohio
139 11/08/91 Daisy Collins F/White Single 13y/6m/28d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Michigan None James Collins Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Ervilla? Collins Mt. Pleasant, MI
140 09/21/91 Stella I. Stevens F/White Single 11m/9d Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Michigan None Deland Stevens Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Irena H. Stevens Mt. Pleasant, MI
141 04/29/91 Not Named Fuller M/White Single 2 hours Mt. Pleasant Not Known Michigan None Geo. Fuller Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Ela? Fuller Mt. Pleasant, MI
142 11/05/91 Merve? Dayton F/White Single 8y/6m Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever Michigan None Alva M. Dayton Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Alice J. Dayton Mt. Pleasant, MI
143 12/25/91 Elmer B. Frantz M/White Single 26y/2m/30d Hot Springs, Ark. Entric Fever Iowa Operater Lamuel Frantz Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Catharine Frantz Mt. Pleasant, MI
144 03/22/91 John J. Kitchen M/White Married 46y Mt. Pleasant Paralysis New York Salesman William Kitchen 07/01/92
Henrietta Kitchen Mt. Pleasant, MI
145 03/30/91 Seth Smith M/White Married 65y/5m Broomfield Heart disease Canada Farmer Benjaman Smith 07/01/92
Sarah Smith
146 12/27/91 Louie A. Wardwell F/White Single 20y/5m/6d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Michigan None Harvey Wardwell Mt. Pleasant, MI 07/01/92
Mary Wardwell Mt. Pleasant, MI
147 08/09/91 Henry S. Davis M/White Widower 82y/10m Mt. Pleasant Old age New York None Not Known 07/01/92
Not Known
148 8/7?/91 Maria Kent F/White Widow 81y/10d Mt. Pleasant Old age New York None Not Known 07/01/92
Not Known
149 04/03/91 Lewis? P. Smith M/White Married 60y Mt. Pleasant Paralysis & New York Farmer John I. Smith St. Louis, MI 07/01/92
softening of brain Hannah Smith St. Louis, MI
150 03/16/91 Joseph Wilson M/White Married 80y/7m/7d Vernon Twp. Old age Ireland Mason James Wilson Ireland 07/01/92
Anne Wilson Ireland
151 04/05/91 Unknown Annett M/White 2d Vernon Twp. Michigan James Annett Michigan 07/01/92
Lucy Annett Michigan
152 04/13/91 Alexander McKinnon M/White Married 78y/25d Vernon Twp. Pneumonia New York Farmer Donald McKinnon Scotland 07/01/92
Christina McKinnon Scotland
153 03/25/91 Stanley Ramey M/White 1y/15d Vernon Twp. Bronchitis Michigan Eli Ramey Ontario 07/01/92
Mary Ramey Ontario
154 03/26/91 John Herring M/White Married 56y/3m/9d Vernon Twp. Accident Germany Farmer Jacob Herring Germany 07/01/92
Emily Herring Germany
155 07/31/91 Jennie Farmer F/White Single 23y Vernon Consumption Ireland F.G. Farmer Vernon, MI 07/01/92
L.A. Farmer Vernon, MI
156 12/18/91 Duncan C. Murdock M/White Married 67y Vernon Quick consumption New Brunswick Farmer Unknown Unknown 07/01/92
Unknown Unknown
157 08/19/91 Durwin Arshambolt M/White 1y/5d Vernon Vernon Robert Arshambolt Vernon, MI 07/01/92
Isabella Arshambolt Vernon, MI
158 11/04/91 Ambrose Suthard M/White Married Vernon Suicide Unknown Farmer 07/01/92
159 01/02/91 Carrie A. Hibbard F/White Married 31y/8m/14d Chippewa Child birth New York Housekeeper Philip Servoss Michigan 07/01/92
Emma Servoss Michigan
160 11/03/91 Lillie M. McCully F/White Single 1m/30d Chippewa Dropsey on the Michigan Infant Phillip McCully Michigan 07/01/92
Brain Hannah M. McCully
161 05/16/91 Frances M. Forbs F/White Married 51y/11m/19d Chippewa Tumor New York Housekeeper Caleb Hall New York 07/01/92
Margarett J. Newholand? New York
162 02/13/91 Enos K. Updyke M/White Single 79y Chippewa Old age New Jersey Farmer Unknown Unknown 07/01/92
Unknown Unknown
163 06/26/91 James Tierney M/White Single 69y Chippewa General debility Ireland Farmer Unknown Unknown 07/01/92
Unknown Unknown
164 01/04/91 George Harris M/White Married 46y/4m/8d Lincoln Heart disease New York Farmer Samuel Harris New York 07/01/92
Mary Harris New York
165 05/10/91 Zebulon E. Bigelow M/White Single 29y/2m/17d Coe Twp. Rail Road collision Coe Twp Farmer Horace O. Bigelow Shepherd, MI 09/09/92
Mary E. Bigelow Shepherd, MI
166 09/27/74 Rudolph F. Buckhalter M/White Single 4y/6m Lincoln Twp. Typhoid Fever Switzerland None Gottlieb Burhhalter Michigan 07/01/92
(Overlooked in 1874) Maria Burkhalter Michigan
None reported from Sherman Township for year 1891

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