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No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >18yrs age Names Recorded
1 10/13/90 Harmione H. Dodds F/White Single 27y/1m/4d Mt. Pleasant Fever Louisville, N.Y. Teacher John Dodds Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Catherine Dodds Mt. Pleasant, MI
2 10/12/90 Florence May Partridge F/White Single 4m/12d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant, MI Child had D. Scott Partridge Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
none Kittie M. Partridge Mt. Pleasant, MI
3 01/23/90 James K. Fitzgerald M/White Single 1y/4m Mt. Pleasant Scarlet fever Mt. Pleasant, MI Had none Timothy Fitzgerald Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
May Morris Fitzgerald Mt. Pleasant, MI
4 03/07/90 Not Named McDonald M/White Single 3d Mt. Pleasant Not known Mt. Pleasant, MI Had none Andy P. McDonald Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Bertha McDonald Mt. Pleasant, MI
5 08/28/90 Monroe Seran? M/White Single 11m/27d Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Mt. Pleasant, MI Had none John Seran? Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Elizabeth Seran? Mt. Pleasant, MI
6 06/28/90 Anna? McCauley F/White Single 7y/1m Isabella Twp. Typhoid fever Isabella Twp. Had none Dominic McCauley Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Lucy McCauley Mt. Pleasant, MI
7 01/31/90 Frank Manners M/White Single 5y/8m/7d Mt. Pleasant Effects of scarlet Mt. Pleasant, MI Had none William Manners Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
fever Darah Manners Mt. Pleasant, MI
8 08/25/90 Herman? M. Hill M/White Widower 69y Mt. Pleasant Unknown New York State Blacksmith Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
Unknown Unknown
9 06/22/90 Edward Parkhurst M/White Single 32y/9m/7d Mt. Pleasant Consumption New York Stave Cutter Edward Parkhurst Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Parmilla Parkhurst Dead
10 12/05/90 Not Named M/White 2d Meredith, MI Unknown Michigan Pat J. Sheehan Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Eliza? Sheehan Mt. Pleasant, MI
11 12/02/90 Angelina Root F/White Married 32y/10m/4d Mt. Pleasant Child birth Michigan House wife Chauncy W. Seeley Forest, MI 08/01/91
Mary Ann Seeley Forest, MI
12 11/30/90 Not Named F/White Mt. Pleasant Stillborn Mt. Pleasant, MI Newton? Root Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Angelina Root Dead
13 03/10/90 Thomas Quinn M/White Married 38y/5m/0d Oberlin, Kas. Killed by Canada Farmer Orren Quinn Dead 08/01/91
accident Mary Quinn Canada
14 11/15/90 George Fearnley? M/White Married 27y/4m/0d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada Clerk in store W. Fearnley? Union Twp., MI 08/01/91
Anna Fearnley? Union Twp., MI
15 01/03/90 Frederick Maws? M/White Widower 70y/7m/0d Mt. Pleasant Heart disease & Berkshire, England Baker 08/01/91
16 04/18/90 Mary E. Dawson F/White Married 21y/5m/0d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada House wife James Reid Isabella Twp., MI 08/01/91
Jane Reid Isabella Twp., MI
17 06/18/90 Not Named F/White 1m Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant, MI Wm. A. Dawson? Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Mary E. Dawson? Dead
18 01/11/90 Eneyetta? Loomis F/White 9m Mt. Pleasant Bronchitis of Mt. Pleasant, MI Porter Loomis Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Lungs Emily J. Loomis Mt. Pleasant, MI
19 11/29/90 Francis J. Garvin M/White Single 41y Mt. Pleasant Consumption of Canada Farmer Wm. Garvin Dead 08/01/91
the Bowels Elizabeth Garvin Dead
20 02/19/90 Emmie L. Edwards F/White Single 17y/1m/20d Deerfield Typhoid fever Lincoln Twp., MI Geo. D. Edwards Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Elizabetha Edwards Mt. Pleasant, MI
21 09/18/90 Francis A. Hersee? F/White Married 23y/7m/14d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada House wife Hugh Graham Isabella Twp., MI 08/01/91
Louise Graham Isabella Twp., MI
22 03/25/90 Bertie Collier M/White Single 16y/1m/25d Mt. Pleasant Accidentally fell Michigan Laborer Jas. Collier Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
on saw in mill Ann A. Collier Mt. Pleasant, MI
23 04/16/90 Walter S. Arnold M/White Single 27y/8m/7d Sand Point, Typhoid Michigan Engineer Anson R. Arnold Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Idaho Pneumonia Maud? H. Arnold Mt. Pleasant, MI
24 01/24/90 John Garvin M/White Married 82y Mt. Pleasant Old Age Ireland Farmer Francis Garvin Dead 08/01/91
Celia Garvin Dead
25 10/25/90 Not Named F/White Mt. Pleasant Stillborn Mt. Pleasant, MI Wm. Sullivan Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Marcella Sullivan Mt. Pleasant, MI
26 07/06/90 Mary Chickum? F/Indian Single 3y Mt. Pleasant Inflamation of Mt. Pleasant, MI Frank Chickum? Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Bowels Nancy Chickum? Mt. Pleasant, MI
27 10/13/90 (No Christian name) Fuller M/White Single 6m Mt. Pleasant Malarial fever Michigan None Geo. Fuller Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Ella Fuller Mt. Pleasant, MI
28 12/28/90 Clarisa Bamber F/White Widow 77y/10m Mt. Pleasant Old Age Canada None Lewis Bush Canada 08/01/91
Not Known Canada
29 02/07/90 James H. Horen M/White Single 13y/9m Mt. Pleasant La grippe Canada None William Horen Mt. Pleasant, MI 08/01/91
Liza Horen Mt. Pleasant, MI
30 04/23/90 Alexander Grey M/White Married 88y/1m Mt. Pleasant Old Age Scotland Jewelry Not Known Scotland 08/01/91
Not Known Scotland
31 03/16/90 Henry Aldrich M/White Married 48y Mt. Pleasant Consumption New York Baker Henry Aldrich Not Known 08/01/91
Not Known Not Known
32 12/11/90 Thos. Cotter M/White Married 37y Mt. Pleasant Heart disease Michigan Track layer Not Known Not Known 08/01/91
Not Known Not Known
33 08/01/90 Ida May Robinson F/White Married 23y/11m Mt. Pleasant Consumption Michigan None Geo. Inman Michigan 08/01/91
Louisa Inman Michigan
34 06/28/90 Frinnan? DcDonald M/White Single 27y Mt. Pleasant Drowning Canada Carpenter Alexander McDonald Michigan 08/01/91
Mary McDonlad Michigan
35 03/16/90 Cathrine Ashley F/White Married 70y/2m/25d Mt. Pleasant Cancer New York None John Van Vaulkenburgh? New York 08/01/91
Sarah C. Van Vaulkenburgh? Michigan
36 04/24/90 Otto Joseph Shaffer M/White Single 2y/6m Nottawa Scalded by falling Michigan None Joseph Shaffer Nottawa, MI 08/01/91
in tub of hot water Christina Shaffer Nottawa, MI
37 04/26/90 Emilia Vogl? F/White Married 39y/4m/4d Nottawa Twp Dropsey Canada House wife Cloe Theabald Delawar, MI 08/01/91
Not Known Dead
38 09/30/90 Roy E. Sherman M/White Single 6y/14d Nottawa Twp Scarlet fever Michigan None Charles Sherman Nottawa, MI 08/01/91
Mary E. Sherman Nottawa, MI
39 06/02/90 John L. Gachlin? M/White 3y/11m/2d Nottawa Twp Inflamation of Michigan None Joseph F. Gachlin? Nottawa, MI 08/01/91
Lungs Margretta A. Gachlin? Nottawa, MI
40 Oct 1890 Phillip Waw Be Kock Kock M/Indian Single 7m Nottawa Twp La grippe Michigan None Waw Be Kock Kock Nottawa, MI 08/01/91
Betsey Kock Kock Dead
41 Oct 1890 Ellis Marsh F/Indian Single 2y/2m Nottawa Twp La grippe Michigan None Charles Marsh Dead 08/01/91
Betzey Marsh Nottawa, MI
42 07/10/90 Ward Aw Gou Go? M/Indian Single 15y/2m Nottawa Twp Consumption Michigan None John Au Gou Go? Nottawa, MI 08/01/91
She Gau we Ana? Nottawa, MI
43 09/07/90 No Name given F/Indian Single about 2 hrs Nottawa Twp Not known Michigan John Au Gou Go? Nottawa, MI 08/01/91
She Gau we Ana? Nottawa, MI
44 01/18/90 Charley Marsh M/Indian Married 32y Nottawa Twp Consumption Michigan Laborer Ber ze ge zic Marsh Dead 08/01/91
Ana Wau be ne Dead
45 06/11/90 Otto Wm. Lehman M/White Single 3m/17d Nottawa Twp Spinal fever Michigan None Gustave Lehman Nottawa, MI 08/01/91
Otilia Lehman Nottawa, MI
46 08/20/90 Westerbrook Shawboose? M/Indian Single 18y/10m Nottawa Twp La grippe Michigan None Jacob Shawboose? Nottawa, MI 08/01/91
Ana Nene Na? Nottawa, MI
47 11/08/90 James Shawboose M/Indian Single 16y/ In state of Got cramps Michigan None Jacob Shawboose? Nottawa, MI 08/01/91
Penn. going swimming Ana Nene Na? Nottawa, MI
48 08/30/90 Not Named F/White 2d Rolland Twp. Not known Rolland, MI John W. Richardson Rolland, MI 08/01/91
Cora E. Richardson Rolland, MI
49 03/05/91 Ennus P. Goodwin F/White Married 65y/11d Rolland Twp. Consumption New York Farming Reuben Tiffany York State 08/01/91
of Lungs Sarah Tiffany York State
50 05/19/90 Jay Ruthruff M/White Single 22y/5m/19d Rolland Twp. Typhoid fever Lake Co., MI Farming John Ruthruff Rolland, MI 08/01/91
Emily Ruthruff Rolland, MI
51 12/25/90 Henry Patten M/White Widower 50y/2m/8d Manistique Lake? Cholera Morrbus Wayne Co., NY Farming Patrick Patten Ireland 08/01/91
& exposure Mary Ann Patten Ireland
52 09/02/90 Lyda Painter F/White 5m Rolland Twp. Unknown Rolland, MI John W. Painter Rolland, MI 08/01/91
Mary E. Painter Rolland, MI
53 03/19/90 Clifford Pangborn M/White 7m/20d Blanchard, MI Croup Blanchard, MI Sheldon A. Pangborn Blanchard, MI 08/01/91
Helen Pangborn Blanchard, MI
54 04/15/90 Horace Donaldson M/White Married 55y Blanchard, MI La grippe O? Farmer Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
Unknown Unknown
55 01/14/90 George Sharp M/White Single 52y Rolland Twp. Cancer in stomach Ont. Farmer Mather Sharp Ont. 08/01/91
Margarett Sharp Ont.
56 07/28/90 Arthur E. Ploughman M/White Single 19y/3m/9d Rolland Twp. Fit Michigan Farmer George Ploughman Michigan 08/01/91
Julia A. Ploughman Michigan
57 07/28/90 Eliza? J. Beard F/White Married 24y/5m/26d Rolland Twp. Child birth Ill. Farming -------- Driggins Ill. 08/01/91
Annis Driggins Ill.
58 07/28/90 Not Named F/White 0d Rolland Twp. No cause Rolland, MI Howard Beard Michigan 08/01/91
Eliza J. Beard Ill.
59 07/23/90 Julia A. Doxsie F/White Married 74y/9m/14d Blanchard, MI Old Age Ont. Farming Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
-------- Rice Ontario
60 01/30/90 Jacob H. Dewitt? M/White Married 58y Fremont Twp. Diarrhea Pennsylvania Farmer Michael Dewitt Pennsylvania 08/01/91
Unknown Unknown
61 05/22/90 Verna Benchley F/White 2d Fremont Twp. Michigan Sumner N. Benchley New York 08/01/91
Elmira Benchley New York
62 08/14/90 William Weston M/White Married 77y/5m/7d Fremont Twp. Old Age New York Farmer Daniel Weston New York 08/01/91
Mrs. Weston New York
63 07/01/90 Sarah Davis F/White Widow 67y/5m/8d Vernon Twp. Inflamation of Vermont John Avery Vermont 08/01/91
the Liver Ruth Avery Vermont
64 12/02/90 James Bogan M/White Married 82y Vernon Twp. Old Age Ireland Farmer James Brogan Ireland 08/01/91
-------- Bogan Ireland
65 07/21/90 Catherin Horning F/White Married 36y/9m/11d Vernon Twp. Inflamation of Canada House wife Henry Curtis Canada 08/01/91
Stomach Margret Curtis Canada
66 11/05/90 Laura Hartman F/White Single 4y/7m/19d Denver Twp. Dropsey Michigan None John Hartman Michigan 08/01/91
Emma Hartman Michigan
67 07/20/90 Slattery M/White Single 0d Denver Twp. Not known Michigan None Wm. Slattery Michigan 08/01/91
Margret Slattery Michigan
68 12/05/90 Mable Thorp F/White Single 2m Denver Twp. Inflamation of Michigan None George W. Thorp Michigan 08/01/91
the Lungs
69 11/26/90 Wm. Proser M/White Single 17y Denver Twp. Typhoid fever Michigan Day Laborer Not Known Not Known 08/01/91
Not Known New York
70 01/02/90 Minnie Hummel F/White Single 18y/10d Broomfield Twp Consumption Michigan Farm Theo Hummel Broomfield, MI 08/01/91
Fedricke Hummel Broomfield, MI
71 06/15/90 Gustine? Hummel M/White Single 3y/2d Broomfield Twp Spinal fever Michigan Theo Hummel Broomfield, MI 08/01/91
Fedricke Hummel Broomfield, MI
72 05/25/90 Judson Eldred M/White Married 71y/5d Broomfield Twp Rheumatism New York Farmer Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
Unknown Unknown
73 05/21/90 Willie A. Marshall M/White Single 6y Wise Twp. Pneumonia Canada None Charles Marshall Canada 08/01/91
Lizzie Marshall Canada
74 02/15/90 Eliza Hayes F/White Widow 71y/5d Wise Twp. La grippe England None Joseph Stone England 08/01/91
Eliza Stone England
75 05/08/90 Royal Cherryholms M/White Single 4y/4m/4d Coldwater Twp. Typhoid fever Coldwater Twp., MI Cornelius Cherryholms Coldwater Twp. 08/01/91
Mitilda Cherryholms Michigan
76 01/25/90 Margret J. Young F/White Married 21y Michigan ------? Consumption Canada House wife Samuel? Gates? Coldwater Twp. 08/01/91
Nancy Gates? Michigan
77 02/10/90 Claud Robert Letson M/White Single 3y Coldwater Twp. Lung fever Michigan Lorenzo Letson Coldwater Twp. 08/01/91
Mary Letson Michigan
78 05/10/90 Mary Kellogg F/White Single 18m Coldwater Twp. Measles Michigan Rodney Kellogg Coldwater Twp. 08/01/91
Roda Kellogg Michigan
79 07/04/90 Hugh Minier M/White Single 14y Coldwater Twp. Gastric? fever Michigan Elias Minier Coldwater Twp. 08/01/91
Betsy Minier Michigan
80 12/21/90 Eliza Kiser F/White Single 6m/11d Coldwater Twp. La grippe Michigan John J. Kiser Coldwater Twp. 08/01/91
Eliza J. Kiser Coldwater Twp.
81 12/08/90 Leathro? Robinson M/White Single 10m/19d Coldwater Twp. Typhoid pneumonia Michigan Alonzo Robinson Coldwater Twp. 08/01/91
Alpha Robinson Coldwater Twp.
82 12/15/90 John Anderson M/White Widower 55y Coldwater Twp. Paralysis Canada Laborer John Anderson Scotland 08/01/91
Agnes Anderson Scotland
83 12/20/90 Tobias St. Johns M/White Married 58y Asylum for the insane Kidney difficulty & Canada Farmer George St. Johns Ireland 08/01/91
at Petosky insanity Mary Ann St. Johns Ireland
84 12/08/90 Baby Meador F/White Single 1d Coldwater Twp. Not known Coldwater, MI -------? M. Meador Coldwater Twp. 08/01/91
was one of twins Rosa Meador Coldwater Twp.
85 05/17/90 Ida Bell Albertson F/White Single 4m Coldwater Twp. Abscess & Michigan John C. Albertson Coldwater Twp. 08/01/91
Deformity Clara Albertson Coldwater Twp.
86 11/28/90 Effie May Forks F/White Single 9y Coldwater Twp. Typhoid fever Michigan William B. Forks Coldwater Twp. 08/01/91
Mary A. Forks Michigan
87 11/14/90 Richard O. Hughs M/White Married 37y Coldwater Twp. Cancer in stomach Wales Physician Owen Hughs Wales 08/01/91
Elizabeth Hughs Wales
88 09/19/90 Priscilla Barr F/White Widow 71y Deerfield Twp. Typhoid fever Delaware House keeper ------- Cloud Delaware 08/01/91
89 04/25/90 Mary Doherty F/White Married 41y/1m Deerfield Twp. Cancer Canada House keeper John Condon Canada 08/01/91
Margaret Condon Canada
90 06/08/90 Leslie? T. Courter M/White Single 12y/4m/4d Union Twp. Abcess of ankle Illinois Farmer Geo. H. Courter Deerfield Twp. 08/01/91
Margaret Courter Deerfield Twp.
91 11/15/90 M/White Single Deerfield Twp. Stillborn Deerfield John J. Crolins? Deerfield Twp. 08/01/91
Mary Crolins? Deerfield Twp.
92 02/19/90 Sarah E. Johnson F/White Single 20y/6m/22d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Michigan House keeper Orren W. Johnson Michigan 08/01/91
Sarah Johnson Michigan
93 10/25/90 Mary C. Harris F/White Married 40y/10m Chippewa Twp. Peritonitis Michigan House keeper Orson Harrington Michigan 08/01/91
Caroline Harrington Michigan
94 06/18/90 Infant M/White Single 0d Chippewa Twp. Stillborn Michigan Infant Warren Salisbury Michigan 08/01/91
Betsy Salisbury Michigan
95 04/23/90 Elton L. Struble M/White Single 1y/2m/23d Chippewa Twp. Inflamation of Michigan Infant Oscar D. Struble Michigan 08/01/91
Lungs Etta S. Struble Michigan
96 03/11/90 Francis Pumavilla? M/White Widower 79y Chippewa Twp. Old Age Canada Mechanic Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
Unknown Unknown
97 11/06/90 Mary J. Willie F/White Single 2y/5m/19d Chippewa Twp. Cerebro-spinal Michigan None Eudelusar? E. Willis Michigan 08/01/91
meningitis Gemma C. Willis Michigan
98 02/06/90 Elsa Melissa Frim F/White Single 9m Chippewa Twp. La grippe Michigan None John W. Frim Michigan 08/01/91
Mary E. Frim Michigan
99 12/25/90 Not Named F/White 2d Coe Twp. Leakage of navel Michigan James Katenhus? Coe, MI 08/01/91
Anna Katenhus? Coe, MI
100 Jan 1890 Jenine F. O'Hara F/White Married Coe Twp. Consumption Michigan House wife Marcius Ring Gratiot Co., MI 08/01/91
of Lungs Zilpha Ring Gratiot Co., MI
101 05/26/90 Sarah E. Van Devender F/White 1m/26d Coe Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan Chancey Van Devender Coe, MI 08/01/91
Lunetta Van Devender Coe, MI
102 06/17/90 Thomas K. Kirkby M/White Married 59y/2m/11d Coe Twp. Bright's Disease England Farmer John Kirkby Onondaga, NY 08/01/91
Mary Kirkby Onondaga, NY
103 01/13/90 Cora B. Robbins F/White 10y/2m/20d Coe Twp. Scarlet fever Michigan Nelson Robbins Coe Twp., MI 08/01/91
Emily L. Robbins Coe Twp., MI
104 01/12/90 Cora M. Conley F/White 1y/7m/15d Coe Twp. Scarlet fever Michigan John Conley Coe Twp., MI 08/01/91
Emily V. Conley Coe Twp., MI
105 04/04/90 Lewis J. Thomas M/White 2y/6m/23d Coe Twp. Croup Michigan William Thomas Coe Twp., MI 08/01/91
Eliza J. Thomas Coe Twp., MI
106 11/27/90 Betsy Williams F/White Married 74y/5m/27d Coe Twp. side pleurisy? New York House wife Unknown Gibbs Unknown 08/01/91
Betsy Gibbs Unknown
107 09/06/90 Joseph L. Struthers M/White 1y/1m/2d Coe Twp. Brain fever Michigan James Struthers Coe Twp., MI 08/01/91
Marion Struthers Coe Twp., MI
108 05/03/90 Patrick Roberts M/White Married 57y Coe Twp. Pneumonia Ireland Farmer Joseph Roberts Deceased 08/01/91
Mary Roberts Deceased
109 11/17/90 Solomon G. Brown M/White Married 85y/9m Lincoln Twp. Paralysis New York Farmer Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
Unknown Unknown
110 10/16/90 Mary Richmond F/White Married 82y/9m/15d Chippewa Twp. Pneumonia Canada House wife Elias Ally Deceased 08/01/91
Unknown Deceased
111 06/26/90 John M. Barns M/White Married 42y/1m/16d Coe Twp. Inflamation of Michigan Carpenter Enoch Barns Ingham Co., MI 08/01/91
Bowels Louise Barns Ingham Co., MI
112 06/03/90 Blank F/White Coe Twp. Stillborn Michigan John H. Shoney Coe Twp., MI 08/01/91
Sarah E. Shoney Coe Twp., MI
113 08/21/90 Lottie? M. Clark F/White 11m/23d Coe Twp. Dropsey of Michigan Edward L. Clark Coe Twp., MI 08/01/91
Brain Eliza L. Clark Coe Twp., MI
114 10/22/90 Alexander Hallenbeck M/White Married 35y/3m/27d Coe Twp. Congestion of Canada Day Laborer Peter Hallenbeck Coe Twp., MI 08/01/91
Lungs Isebella Hallenbeck Coe Twp., MI
115 09/27/90 Bella M. Clay F/White 7y/2m/28d Coe Twp. Catarrh of Ohio Sebestain A. Clay Coe Twp., MI 08/01/91
Stomach Laura B. Clay Coe Twp., MI
116 10/29/90 Humphrey Hammond M/White Married 82y/19d Coe Twp. Dropsey of Maine Farmer John Hammond Deceased 08/01/91
117 01/18/90 Adam Hance M/White Widower 75y Lincoln Twp. Paralysis Ohio Farmer Thomas Hance Ohio 08/01/91
118 10/14/90 David Samuel Kyser M/White Married 43y/1m/15d Lincoln Twp. Shot himself Ohio Farmer Fredrick Kyser Pennsylvania 08/01/91
accidentally Effee? Kyser Pennsylvania
119 12/16/90 Asher L. Lyon M/White Single 25y/6m/2d Killed in lumber woods Killed accidentally New York Laborer Asher Lyon Lincoln Twp., MI 08/01/91
15 miles off Coleman Village Martha Lyon Lincoln Twp., MI
120 05/10/90 Celia Kinney F/White Child 8m Lincoln Twp. Not known Michigan John Kinney Lincoln Twp., MI 08/01/91
Mary Kinney Lincoln Twp., MI
121 07/17/90 Michael Duffy M/White Single 17y Lincoln Twp. Rupture Michigan Laborer Patrick Duffy Lincoln Twp., MI 08/01/91
Julia Duffy Lincoln Twp., MI
122 06/30/90 Josephine A. Ellis F/White Child 2d Lincoln Twp. Unknown Michigan John Ellis Lincoln Twp., MI 08/01/91
Nellie Ellis Lincoln Twp., MI
123 10/19/90 Albert Gates M/White Single 23y/5m/16d Lincoln Twp. Ruptured in Ohio Laborer Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
lumber woods Unknown Unknown
124 10/24/90 Betsy Wardwell? F/White Widow 82y/7m/27d Lincoln Twp. Old Age New York House keeper Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
Unknown Unknown
125 02/24/90 Blanche Johnson F/White Child 12y/4m Lincoln Twp. Scarlet fever Michigan Adelbert Johnson Lincoln Twp., MI 08/01/91
Rhoda Johnson Lincoln Twp., MI
126 03/19/90 Cyrenus? Kinter? M/White Widower 78y/3d Lincoln Twp. Old Age New York Farmer Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
Unknown Unknown
127 08/01/90 Gracie Cone F/White Child 3m/7d Lincoln Twp. Measles Michigan Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
Lucinda Cone Unknown
128 12/12/90 Rebecca A. Utley F/White Married 55y/2m/22d Lincoln Twp. Blood poison Michigan House keeper Unknown Unknown 08/01/91
Unknown Unknown
129 06/25/90 Robert J. Dimon M/White 14y/3m/12d Union Twp. Tree fell on him Union Twp. Farmer M.B. Dimon Michigan 08/01/91
Sarah Dimon Michigan
130 11/14/90 Lida Irons F/Indian 4m/10d Union Twp. Fits Union Twp. Martin Irons Michigan 08/01/91
Lucy Irons Michigan
131 11/11/90 Hannah Bergin F/White Married 55y Union Twp. Rheumatism Ireland Farmer Thomas Hoolahan Ireland 08/01/91
Elizabeth Hoolahan Ireland
132 07/06/90 Catherine E. Smith F/White 1d Union Twp. Contraction? Union Twp. John W. Smith Ohio 08/01/91
of Lungs Elvira Smith Indiana
133 09/28/90 Mary Marz F/White 6y/3m/4d Union Twp. Tumors on brain Union Twp. John Marz Germany 08/01/91
Mary A. Marz Germany
134 11/19/90 Geo. May M/White 2d Union Twp. Not known Union Twp. William May Canada 08/01/91
Francis May Canada
135 05/05/90 N.G. Ashley M/White Married 66y/10m/25d Union Twp. Paralysis New York Farmer Not Known New York 08/01/91
Not Known New York
136 10/13/90 Mary Hooper F/White Married 64y Union Twp. Cancer in stomach Germany Farmer Not Known Germany 08/01/91
Not Known Germany
137 07/14/90 Stephen Stilwell M/White Married 66y/4m/10d Union Twp. Paralysis Ohio Farmer Samuel Stilwell Ohio 08/01/91
Anna Stilwell Ohio
138 03/19/90 Margaret Johnson F/White Married 65y/1m Union Twp. Gastric fever New York Farmer Eli Sutherland Michigan 08/01/91
Thankful Sutherland Michigan
139 06/28/90 Finnan? McDonald M/White Single 22y/2m/3d Mt. Pleasant Drowning Canada Laborer John S. McDonald Michigan 08/01/91
Mary McDonald Michigan
140 04/30/90 Helen Wheeler F/White Married 33y/4m Detroit Death caused by St. Claire, MI farmer's wife Leman A. Clark Michigan 08/01/91
operation on tumor Mary Clark Michigan
141 06/03/90 Zekiel Archer M/White Married 83y Isabella Twp. Old Age Ireland Farmer Not Known Isabella Twp., MI 08/01/91
142 08/08/90 Mina? Bell Walton F/White Single 2y/10m Isabella Twp. Cholera Isabella John Walton Michigan 08/01/91
Jam----e? Walton Michigan
143 08/02/90 Freman Leroy Magee F/White 1y/5m Isabella Twp. Dysentery Isabella James Magee Michigan 08/01/91
Maggie Magee Michigan
144 08/14/90 (Baby not named) Johnston F/White 10m Isabella Twp. Unknown Michigan William J. Johnston Michigan 08/01/91
Margret Johnston Michigan
145 06/20/90 Eva Annie Mahaney F/White 10m Isabella Twp. Unknown Isabella Michael Mahaney Michigan 08/01/91
Katie Mahaney Michigan
146 03/27/90 (Baby not named) Hainer F/White 1d Isabella Twp. Unknown Isabella Wilford Hainer Michigan 08/01/91
Bell Hainer Michigan
147 04/06/90 Hannah Greer F/White Married 56y Isabella Twp. Fever Indiana Hugh Ward Ireland 08/01/91
Bridget Ward Ireland
148 01/12/90 Patrick Greer M/White Single 18y Isabella Twp. Fever Canada Patrick Greer Ireland 08/01/91
Hannah Greer Ireland
149 03/20/90 Jacob Jantz M/White Married 60y Isabella Twp. Dropsey Germany Nicholas Jantz Germany 08/01/91
Mary Jantz Germany
150 02/10/90 John Reed M/White Single 19y/8m Isabella Twp. Consumption Canada James Reed Michigan 08/01/91
Jane Reed Michigan

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