No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents Residence Date
  Death     Status Yr/Mon/Day Death     if >18yrs age Names   Recorded
1 04/18/84 Shewago F/Indian Single 1m/2d Nottawa Diphtheria Michigan   Samuel Shewago Nottawa 05/07/85
                    Elizabeth Shewago Michigan
2 07/28/84 Nellie May Smith F/White Single 1m/13d Nottawa Croup Michigan   Moses Smith Michigan 05/07/85
                    Jennetta Smith Michigan
3 07/10/84 William Otto M/Indian Single 2y Nottawa Brain fever Michigan   Marcus Otto Michigan 05/07/85
                    Mary Otto Michigan
4 01/28/84 Casper Beals M/White Married 75y Nottawa Inflamation of Europe Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/07/85
              Lungs     Unknown Unknown
5 03/10/84 Peter Leo Dall M/White Single 11m/4d Portland, MI Inflamation of Portland, MI   Joseph Dall Nottawa 05/07/85
              Lungs     Emma Dall Nottawa
6 01/28/84 Barnard Hundt M/White Single 21y/4m/25d Nottawa Dropsey of Westphalia, MI Farmer Adolph Hundt Nottawa 05/07/85
              Dermis?     Amelia Hundt Nottawa
7 07/15/84 Catherine Schueller F/White Single 4y/1m Nottawa Dorso Spinal Clinton Co., MI   William Schueller Nottawa 05/07/85
              Meningitis     Anna M. Schueller Nottawa
8 07/20/84 Petey M/Indian Single 10m Isabella Twp. Consumption of Michigan   Isaac Petey Nottawa 05/07/85
              Lungs     Sarah Petey Nottawa
9 06/29/84 John G. Georstner M/White Widower 82y/1m/24d Nottawa Apoplexy Germany Farmer George I. Georstner Deceased 05/07/85
                    Mary Georstner Deceased
10 02/13/84 Henry Fitchet M/White Single 3d Denver Unknown Michigan   Anson S. Fitchet Denver, MI 05/11/85
                    Gennett? Fitchet Denver, MI
11 02/14/84 Anna Fitchet F/White Single 4d Denver Unknown Michigan   Anson S. Fitchet Denver, MI 05/11/85
                    Gennett? Fitchet Denver, MI
12 09/30/84 George W. Winne M/White Married 37y Broomfield Typhoid Fever New York Farmer James Winne Deceased 05/15/85
                    Mary Winne Broomfield, MI
13 Dec. 1884 Mary Cook F/White Single 1m/26d Broomfield Cramps Michigan   Theodore Cook Broomfield, MI 05/15/85
                    Mary Cook Broomfield, MI
14 05/10/84 Charlott Meyers F/White Married 59y/17d Broomfield Heart disease Canada West   Francis Kimball Deceased 05/15/85
                    Unknown Unknown
15 02/16/84 Annehichloss? Northey F/White Single 8y/3m/12d White Hall Spasmodic Ontario   Richard Northey Wise Twp. 05/20/85
              Cramps     Sophia Northey Wise Twp.
16 07/16/84 Eva Pearl Lansing F/White Single 2m/28d Wise Cholera Wise   John Lansing Wise Twp. 05/20/85
              Infantum     Elizabeth Lansing Wise Twp.
17 08/30/84 Mary Jane Lansing F/White Married 43y/11m/16d Wise Cancer Ontario Housekeeper Isaac Fox Ontario 05/20/85
18 11/08/84 Nicholass B. Parks M/White Married 65y/1m/8d Wise Dropsey of Ontario Carpenter John Parks Ontario 05/20/85
              Kidney     Catherine Parks Ontario
19 08/16/84 Not named Maxwell M/White Child 16d Wise Inflamation of Michigan   W.J. Maxwell Michigan 05/20/85
              Lungs     Christiana Maxwell Michigan
20 12/21/84 John Chatfield M/Indian Married 27y Isabella Twp. Consumption of Michigan Farmer Thomas Chatfield Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
              Lungs     Margarett Chatfield Isabella Twp.
21 03/02/84 Seymore Gorsline M/White Single 16y Isabella Twp. Diphtheria Michigan Farmer Pardon E. Gorsline Michigan 05/20/85
                    Adeline Gorsline Michigan
22 07/10/84 Not Given F/White Single Stillborn Isabella Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Isaac Ervin Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Martha Ervin Isabella Twp.
23 02/27/84 Milton Grace M/White Single 9y/10m/11d Isabella Diphtheria Michigan   Charles Grace Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Addie Grace Isabella Twp.
24 08/15/84 Mary Irons F/Indian Widow 80y Isabella Consumption of Michigan Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 05/20/85
              Lungs     Unknown Unknown
25 10/03/84 Mary Ann Murphey F/White Single 9y Isabella Diphtheria Rhode Iland   Michael Murphey Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Catherine Murphey Isabella Twp.
26 06/18/84 Martha Bennett F/Indian Single 10d Isabella Diphtheria Michigan   Peter Bennett Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Lucie Bennett Isabella Twp.
27 04/15/84 Ke-che-quay F/Indian Married 22y Isabella Peurperal Fever Michigan Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 05/20/85
                    Unknown Unknown
28 06/15/84 L--ie? Peters M/Indian Single 2m/4d Isabella Diphtheria Michigan   Henry Peters Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Ke-che-quay Isabella Twp.
29 09/10/84 Edward Shaw M/Indian Single 3y Isabella Inflamation of Michigan   John Shaw Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
              Bowels     Mary Shaw Isabella Twp.
30 08/27/84 James Edward Conway M/White Single 1y/5m Isabella Spinal Michigan   James Conway Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
              meningitis     Catherine Conway Isabella Twp.
31 11/08/84 James Caughlin M/White Single 7y/6m Isabella Diphtheria Ontario   Patrick Caughlin Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Ellen Caughlin Isabella Twp.
32 11/08/84 Nathaniel Whitney M/White Widower 78y Isabella Inflamation of Ireland Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/20/85
              Lungs     Unknown Unknown
33 11/10/84 Stillborn Quinlin M/White     Isabella Stillborn Michigan   Michael Quinlin Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Ester Quinlin Isabella Twp.
34 08/21/84 John T. Mitchell M/White Single 4m Isabella Cholera Michigan   Edward Mitchell Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
              Infantum     Agness Mitchell Isabella Twp.
35 Mar. 1884 Nancy Bradley F/Indian Single 9y Isabella Worm fever Michigan   George Bradley Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Lucy Bradley Isabella Twp.
36 Mar. 1884 John Bradley M/Indian Single 6y Isabella Worm fever Michigan   George Bradley Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Lucy Bradley Isabella Twp.
37 Apr. 1884 Martha Bradley F/Indian Single 4y Isabella Worm fever Michigan   George Bradley Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Lucy Bradley Isabella Twp.
38 June 1884 Daniel Bradley M/Indian Single 17y Isabella Consumption of Michigan   George Bradley Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
              Lungs     Lucy Bradley Isabella Twp.
39 Jan. 1884 James Bradley M/Indian Single 11y Isabella Worm fever Michigan   George Bradley Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Lucy Bradley Isabella Twp.
40 07/04/84 Mary Bradley F/Indian Single 2y Isabella Worm fever Michigan   George Bradley Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Lucy Bradley Isabella Twp.
41 03/25/84 Sarah Jackson F/Indian Married 27y Isabella Consumption of Michigan Housekeeper Regis? Sap Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
              Lungs     Unknown Isabella Twp.
42 05/12/84 Jacob Jackson M/Indian Married 70y Isabella Consumption of Ontario Minister Unknown Ontario 05/20/85
              Lungs     Unknown
43 08/22/84 Elmo Victor Graham M/White Single 4m/24d Isabella Brain fever Michigan   Hugh Graham Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Elizabeth Graham Isabella Twp.
44 01/12/84 Donald C. Lamont M/White Single 5y/6m Isabella Diphtheria Ontario   Daniel Lamont Calkinsville, MI 05/20/85
                    Isabella Lamont Calkinsville, MI
45 01/12/84 Jean L. Lamont F/White Single 7y/8m Isabella Diphtheria Ontario   Daniel Lamont Calkinsville, MI 05/20/85
                    Isabella Lamont Calkinsville, MI
46 01/09/84 Mary Ann Lamont F/White Single 2y/8m Isabella Diphtheria     Daniel Lamont Calkinsville, MI 05/20/85
                    Isabella Lamont Calkinsville, MI
47 01/27/84 Eva N. Hodson F/White Single 3y Isabella Brain fever Michigan   William Hodson Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Elsa Hodson Isabella Twp.
48 10/31/84 Catherine E. Cameron F/White Single 23y Isabella Malaria fever Ontario House help Alexander Cameron Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
                    Sarah Cameron Isabella Twp.
49 07/01/84 Myria Bradley F/Indian Single 7y Isabella Consumption of Michigan   Joseph Bradley Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
              Lungs     Mary Bradley Isabella Twp.
50 07/28/84 Mary Po-quaw-ah----quah? F/Indian Married 22y Isabella Consumption of Michigan Housekeeper Joseph Waw-be-ge-zhich Isabella Twp. 05/20/85
              Lungs     Mary Waw-be-ge-zhich Isabella Twp.
51 04/08/84 Lucy A. Robinson F/White Married 55y? Isabella Inflamation of St. Albans, VT? Teacher Soloman Withey Michigan 05/20/85
              Bowels     Clementina Withey Michigan
52 10/14/84 Rosa? McNerney F/White Widow 65y Isabella Dropsey Ireland Housekeeper Bernard Riley Ireland 05/20/85
                    Mary Riley Ireland
53 05/01/84 Solitti----? Taylor M/White Widower 89y/5m Coldwater Twp. Old age New York Millright Not given Not given 06/10/85
54 10/10/84 Lillie May Utley F/White Single 4m/25d Coldwater Twp. Lung Fever Michigan   St. Clair Utley Coldwater, MI 06/10/85
                    Amand? Utley Isabella Co.
55 09/30/84 Laura A. Parminter? F/White Single 2m/1d Coldwater Twp. Lung Fever Michigan   Wilson A. Parminter? Coldwater, MI 06/10/84
56 08/28/84 Azubah? Parminter? F/White Married 69y Coldwater Twp. Paralysis Vermont Farmer Not given Coldwater, MI 06/10/85
57 02/01/84 John Lenzea? Fordyce M/White Single 16y Gilmore Malignant Michigan Farmer Jacob F. Fordyce Gilmore Twp. 06/10/85
              Gresipalar?     Sarah Fordyce
58 02/02/84 Thomas Allen M/White Married 47y Adri--? Bright's disease Maryland Printer Unknown Unknown 06/10/85
              of Kidneys
59 08/31/84 Peter Hutchins M/White Single 1y/11m/17d Fremont Dysentery Michigan   Admarel? N. Hutchins Fremont, MI 06/10/85
                    May M. Hutchins Fremont, MI
60 03/22/84 Nellie M. Tiffany F/White Single 1y/11d Fremont Consumption Michigan   Luther Tiffany Fremont, MI 06/10/85
                    Annie E. Tiffany Fremont, MI
61 05/09/84 Welthey? A. Harrison F/White Married 35y/10m Fremont Consumption New York House wife William Tiffany Newago, MI 06/10/85
                    Jane Tiffany Deceased
62 07/24/84 Lula Belles F/White Single 3m/9d Fremont Inflamation of Fremont, MI   Winfield B. Bells Fremont, MI 06/10/85
              Bowels     Sarah Bells Fremont, MI
63 11/13/84 John Delo M/White Single 8m/26d Fremont Croup Aligan Co.   Fred Delo Fremont, MI 06/10/85
                    Mary Delo Fremont, MI
64 08/04/84 Lottie M. Run? F/White Single 2y/10m/8d Fremont Neumonia Penna.   Christopher C. Run? Fremont, MI 06/10/85
                    Jennie Run Fremont, MI
65 08/30/84 Herbert G. Sutton M/White Single 8m/6d Fremont Cholera Michigan   George Sutton Fremont, MI 06/10/85
              Infantum     Catherine E. Sutton Fremont, MI
66 08/29/84 Suzan Harris F/White Married 43y/11m/2d Fremont Typhoid Ohio House wife Deceased   06/10/85
              Malarial fever     Deceased
67 08/01/84 Eliza Richardson F/White Married 31y/6m Fremont Premature Ohio House wife Theodore Inman? Ohio 06/10/85
              Child Birth     Catherine Inman? Ohio
68 09/06/84 Orrin B. Weston M/White Single 6y/6m/8d Fremont Typhoid Michigan   Aloah? Weston Fremont, MI 06/10/85
              Neumonia     Nancy Weston Fremont, MI
69 12/19/84 Annie Wills F/White Single 9y/11m/20d Fremont Dropsey of Michigan   James Wills Fremont, MI 06/10/85
              Heart     Hattie Wills Fremont, MI
70 03/08/84 Eddie Furgerson M/White Single 11y Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   Sidney Furgerson Leelanau Co., MI 06/10/85
                    Mary? Furgerson Leelanau Co., MI
71 03/12/84 Libbie Furgerson F/White Single 6y Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   Sidney Furgerson Leelanau Co., MI 06/10/85
                    Mary? Furgerson Leelanau Co., MI
72 06/09/84 Not named Grisdale M/White     Deerfield Stillborn Michigan   Wilfred Grisdale Deerfield Twp., MI 06/10/85
                    Eliza Grisdale Deerfield Twp., MI
73 10/24/84 William Brennan M/White   8m/2d Deerfield Combination of Canada   Father Dead
              Malarial diseases     Anna Brennan Deerfield Twp., MI 06/10/85
74 10/29/84 Hattie L. Hopkins F/White Married 19y/20d Deerfield Quick Illinois House wife John Pennington Deerfield Twp., MI 06/10/85
              Consumption     Mary Pennington Deerfield Twp., MI
75 06/15/84 Nancy Johns F/Indian Married 80y Deerfield Old age Michigan House wife Not given   06/10/85
76 05/04/84 Irvin Smith M/White Single 8y/8m/6d Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   Geo. M. Smith Deerfield Twp., MI 06/10/85
                    Nellie Smith Deerfield Twp., MI
77 05/08/84 Lois Mosher F/White Married 22y/1m/20d Deerfield Typhoid malaria Michigan House wife C.L. Brown Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/10/85
                    Sarah Brown Mt. Pleasant, MI
78 05/06/84 Deer Mack? M/Indian Married 81y Deerfield Consumption Swan Creek Hunter & Not given   06/10/85
                Michigan Basket maker
79 07/15/84 Not Given Williams M/Indian     Deerfield Stillborn Michigan   Mark Williams Deerfield Twp., MI 06/10/85
                    Nancy Williams Deerfield Twp., MI
80 08/07/84 Lila? Holcomb F/White   1m/29d Rolland Unknown Michigan   Thos. J. Holcomb Rolland, MI 06/10/85
                    Rose Holcomb Rolland, MI
81 01/05/84 Amanda Burkholder F/White Single 10y Rolland Scarlet Fever Ohio   Peter Burkholder Rolland, MI 06/10/85
                    Lucinda Burkholder Rolland, MI
82 11/23/84 Laura Clay F/White Single 1y/4m/25d ------land? Spinal fever Michigan   Watson Clay Rolland, MI 06/10/85
                    Emma Clay Rolland, MI
83 03/03/84 Mabel Swayze F/White Single 1y/5m Rolland Scarlet Fever Michigan   Wm. Swayze Rolland, MI 06/10/85
                    M. Swayze Rolland, MI
84 08/02/84 Maud S. Duffield F/White Single 9m/27d Rolland Spinal fever Michigan   Edwin Duffield Rolland, MI 06/10/85
                    Carrie Duffield Rolland, MI
85 11/09/84 Mary B. Eldred F/White Single 2y/5m/25d Rolland Accident Michigan   Sherman D. Eldred Rolland, MI 06/10/85
                    Jennie Eldred Rolland, MI
86 08/19/84 Mary L. Skidmore F/White Married 23y/4m Rolland Confinement Michigan Not given W.S. Howd Millbrook, MI 06/10/85
                    Elmira Howd Millbrook, MI
87 06/24/84 Edwin McConnell M/White Married 37y/10m/3d Vernon Twp. Cancer tumor in Michigan Blacksmith Michael McConnell Macomb Co., MI 06/10/85
              thigh     Almira McConnell Macomb Co., MI
88 05/27/84 Edith Alger F/White Single 2d Vernon Twp. Unknown Michigan   George Alger Vernon Twp., MI 06/10/85
                    Jane Alger Vernon Twp., MI
89 07/27/84 Rose Alger F/White Single 2m/2d Vernon Twp. Unknown Michigan   George Alger Vernon Twp., MI 06/10/85
                    Jane Alger Vernon Twp., MI
90 12/02/84 Cora Bell Smalley F/White Single 15y/6m/24d Vernon Twp. Consumption Michigan Housework Ro------? E. Smalley Vernon Twp., MI 06/10/85
                    Eliza Jane Smalley Vernon Twp., MI
91 09/02/84 Blanch Seeley? F/White Single 2y/7m/18d Vernon Twp. Spinal meningitis Michigan   James H. Seeley? Vernon Twp., MI 06/10/85
                    Margerett Seeley? Vernon Twp., MI
92 05/23/84 Not Named McKee M/White Single 4d Vernon Twp. Convulsive Fits Michigan   James McKee Vernon Twp., MI 06/10/85
                    Elenor McKee Vernon Twp., MI
93 03/05/84 Eliza Dickens F/White Married 46y/2m/10d Vernon Twp. Child bed fever New York House wife Hiram Starks Not given 06/10/85
                    Sarah Starks Not given
94 02/23/84 Frederick Matthew Gilpin M/White Single 10m/13d Michigan Brain fever & Stinwood?, MI   Matthew Gilpin Vernon Twp., MI 06/10/85
              Spinal disease     Hannah M. Gilpin Vernon Twp., MI
95 04/02/84 Dora C. Willie F/White Single 3y/11m/11d Chippewa Twp. Diphtheria Michigan   Endelmer? E. Willie Al--bic?, MI 06/10/85
                    Emma C. Willie Al--bic?, MI
96 12/23/84 Charles Ehrenbrook M/White Married 64y Chippewa Twp. General debility Switzerland Soldier Unknown Unknown 06/10/85
97 08/12/84 Lias Fosgate M/White Single 66y/2m/12d Chippewa Twp. Erysipelas New York Farmer Silas Fosgate Michigan 06/10/85
                    Abegal Fosgate Michigan
98 07/22/84 Burtin? A. Lyons M/White Single 13y/3d Chippewa Twp. Unknown Ohio Farmer John Lyons Chippewa Twp 06/10/85
                    Catherine Lyons Chippewa Twp
99 03/02/84 Julia Ann Hammond F/White Married 19y Chippewa Twp. Diphtheria Canada House wife William Caughlin Chippewa Twp 06/10/85
                    Mary Caughlin Chippewa Twp
100 02/28/84 Leo A. Hammond M/White Single 1y/7m Chippewa Twp. Diphtheria Michigan   Normand Hammond Chippewa Twp 06/10/85
                    Julia Ann Hammond Chippewa Twp
101 03/14/84 Era May Hammond F/White Single 3m Chippewa Twp. Diphtheria Michigan   Normand Hammond Chippewa Twp 06/10/85
                    Julia Ann Hammond Chippewa Twp
102 06/10/84 Maggie Kemptor F/White Single 12y/7m/20d Chippewa Twp. Brain fever Michigan   John Kemptor Chippewa Twp 06/10/85
                    Elizabeth Kemptor Chippewa Twp
103 10/12/84 Nancy M. Palminter F/White Single 3m/17d Chippewa Twp. Unknown Michigan   Wesley Palmenter Chippewa Twp 06/10/85
                    Sarah Palmenter Chippewa Twp
104 11/15/84 Nora M. Stilenbaur F/White Single 10y/20d Coe Typhoid fever Ohio   Jacob Stelenbaur Coe Twp. 06/10/85
                    Margaret Stelenbaur Coe Twp.
105 08/26/84 Hazell Abbott F/White Single 7m/3d Coe Billious Dysentery Michigan   Miles D. Abbott New York 06/10/85
                    Mina Abbott Michigan
106 03/01/84 Jennie Melville F/White Married 27y/8d Coe Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Joseph Myres Coe, MI 06/10/85
                    Margret Myers Coe, MI
107 06/29/84 Anneliza Harnes F/White Married 68y/2m/4d Coe Cancer New York Housekeeper Philander Harnes Coe, MI 06/10/85
                    Analiza Harnes Coe, MI
108 04/01/84 Ellen Kelly F/White Single 2d Coe Inward Fits Michigan   Edward Kelley Coe, MI 06/10/85
                    Mary Kelley Coe, MI
109 08/25/84 Lilly May Rush F/White Single 4m/29d Coe Inflamation in Michigan   Henry Rush Coe, MI 06/10/85
              Brain     Louisa Rush Deceased
110 04/05/84 Mable Ross F/White Single 9y Mt. Calm Co., MI Scarlet Fever Michigan   Chas. Ross Coe, MI 06/10/85
                    Cornelia Ross Coe, MI
111 03/28/84 Ernest Ross M/White Single 3y/10m Mt. Calm Co., MI Scarlet Fever Michigan   Chas. Ross Coe, MI 06/10/85
                    Cornelia Ross Coe, MI
112 03/12/84 Thomas Roberts M/White Single 28y/21d Callifornia Consumption Canada Farmer Thomas Roberts Coe, MI 06/10/85
                    Mary Roberts Coe, MI
113 11/07/84 Catherine Roberts F/White Single 11d Coe Inflamation of Michigan   Patrick Roberts Coe, MI 06/10/85
              Lungs     Catherine Roberts Coe, MI
114 01/27/84 William D. McFarren M/White Married 68y/9m/10d Coe Asthma New York Farmer Thomas McFarren Deceased 06/10/85
                    Claracy McFarren Deceased
115 03/02/84 Harrison Avory M/White Single 1/2 d Coe Weakness Coe, MI   Hiram Avory Coe, MI 06/10/85
                    Letcy? Avory Coe, MI
116 04/10/84 Mandy B. Northrop F/White Single 4m/15d Coe Spinal fever Coe, MI   William Northrop Coe, MI 06/10/85
                    Mary Northrop Coe, MI
117 10/17/84 Andrew Girvins M/White Married 58y/2m/17d Coe Bright's disease Ireland Farmer John Girvins Deceased 06/10/85
                    Elizabeth Girvins Deceased
118 09/12/84 Edney? Smith F/White Single 2y/8m Sherman Twp. Hurt Michigan   H.D. Smith Sherman, MI 06/12/85
                    Lucy Smith Sherman, MI
119 01/08/84 Nelley Halstead F/White Single 3y/2m/1d Isabella Inflamation of Mt. Pleasant, MI   Elmer Halstead Isabella, MI 06/12/85
              Lungs     Emma Halstead Isabella, MI
120 05/19/84 Mary Emily Loomis F/White Single 10m/26d Union Twp. Inflamation of Union Twp, MI   Clinton Loomis Isabella, MI 06/12/85
              Lungs     Amanda Loomis Isabella, MI
121 06/17/84 Eliza Finnerty F/White Single 7m/6d Lincoln Twp. Spinal disease Deerfield Twp.   Patrick Finnerty Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
                    Jane Finnerty Union Twp., MI
122 10/12/84 Rosa Rettan F/White Married 23y/11m/17d Mt. Pleasant Child birth New York Housekeeper Benjamin B. Allen Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
                    Anna Allen Union Twp., MI
123 10/10/84 Not Named Rettan F/White   1d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant, MI   W.S. Rettan Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Rosa Rettan Mt. Pleasant, MI
124 07/05/84 Walter Slater? M/White Single 24y/3m/16d Union Twp. Brain fever Canada Farmer William Slater? Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
                    Sarah Slater? Union Twp., MI
125 01/03/84 Anna Granell F/White Single 3m Union Twp. Consumption Union Twp, MI   Fred Granell Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
                    Carry Granell Union Twp., MI
126 07/14/84 Rosa M. Dougherty F/White Single 2y/6m/1d Union Congestive Chill Lincoln Twp.   William Dougherty Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
                    Elva Dougherty Union Twp., MI
127 09/06/84 Not Given Maybee F/White   1d Union Unknown Union Twp, MI   James Maybee Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
                    Clarrissa Maybee Union Twp., MI
128 04/08/84 Maurice McElligott M/White Single 31y/1m/23d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada Farmer Richard McElligott Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Julia McElligott Mt. Pleasant, MI
129 02/25/84 Julia McElligott F/White Widow 71y/1m Mt. Pleasant Enlargement of Ireland Farmer James Haley Ireland 06/12/85
              Glands in Neck     Joanna Sheharr Ireland
130 07/11/84 Nina Root F/White Single 10y/10m/11d Union Twp. Typhoid fever Union Twp, MI   Thomas Root Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Martha C. Root Mt. Pleasant, MI
131 11/05/84 Marcia Annis? Hickman F/White Married 43y Mt. Pleasant Typhoid fever Michigan   Unknown Unknown 06/12/84
                    Unknown Unknown
132 10/20/84 Irena May Hickman F/White Single 9y/10m Mt. Pleasant Typhoid fever Michigan   Peter Hickman Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Mercia A. Hickman Mt. Pleasant, MI
133 08/13/84 Alla F. Owens F/White Single 13y/11m/14d Mt. Pleasant Typhoid malarial Michigan   Charles E. Owens Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
              fever     Mary J. Owens Mt. Pleasant, MI
134 07/30/84 Charles J. Hagan M/White Single 3d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant, MI   William Hagan Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Lena Hagan Mt. Pleasant, MI
135 12/30/84 Mary J. Burt F/White Widow 44y/4m/16d Mt. Pleasant Inflamation of New York Housekeeper John Ballard New York 06/12/85
              Lungs     Catherine Ballard New York
136 07/08/84 Bessie Smith F/White Single 2y/3m Mt. Pleasant Spinal meningitis Mt. Pleasant, MI   Charles D. Smith Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Juliette Smith Mt. Pleasant, MI
137 10/11/84 James Kitchen M/White Single 6d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant, MI   John J. Kitchen Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Laura M. Kitchen Mt. Pleasant, MI
138 08/17/84 Frederick C. Horan M/White Single 3m/11d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant, MI   Thomas Horan Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Mary Horan Mt. Pleasant, MI
139 11/23/84 Not Given Harmon M/White Single   Mt. Pleasant Stillborn Mt. Pleasant, MI   Henry Harmon Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Nellie Harmon Mt. Pleasant, MI
140 09/18/84 Charlotte Leahy F/White Single 9m/12d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant, MI   Patrick Leahy Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Charlotte Leahy Mt. Pleasant, MI
141 09/20/84 Lizzie Leahy F/White Single 3y/4m/16d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Canada   Patrick Leahy Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Charlotte Leahy Mt. Pleasant, MI
142 09/26/84 Catherine Leahy F/White Single 8y/3m/22d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Canada   Patrick Leahy Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Charlotte Leahy Mt. Pleasant, MI
143 10/23/84 Hiram H. Passage M/White Single 6m Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Lansing, MI   George W. Passage Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Emma J. Passage Mt. Pleasant, MI
144 3/12/84? Albert Hagley F/White Single 1m/5d Mt. Pleasant Convultions St. Louis, MI   Ruphus Hagley Mt. Pleasant, MI 06/12/85
                    Maggie Hagley Mt. Pleasant, MI
145 03/24/84 Thomas McCue M/White Married 64y Union Twp. Dropsey Ireland Farmer James McCue Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
                    Mary Welsh Union Twp., MI
146 05/19/84 Josaphene Diamond F/White   6y/2m/9d Union Twp. Diphtheria Isabella City   Maroni? Diamond Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
                    Sarah C. Diamond Union Twp., MI
147 05/21/84 Rebecca Updyke F/White Married 60y/4m/2d Union Twp. Confistion? of Penna. Housekeeper Joseph Benner Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
              Liver     Mary A. Benner Union Twp., MI
148 04/05/84 Anna Large F/White Married 18y/2m East Saginaw, MI Child bed Canada Housekeeper Patrick Greer Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
                    Hannah Greer Union Twp., MI
149 04/09/84 Thomas W. Large M/White Single 4d East Saginaw, MI Unknown East Saginaw, MI   Joseph Large E. Saginaw, MI 06/12/85
                    Anna Large E. Saginaw, MI
150 10/03/84 Daniel Smithers M/White   3m/2d Union Twp. Unknown Isabella Twp.   Edward Smithers Isabella Twp. 06/12/85
                    Jemima Fasnaught Union Twp., MI
151 04/29/84 James A. Gauger M/White   1d Union Twp. Unknown Union Twp, MI   Joseph Gauger Union Twp., MI 06/12/85
                    Mary Gauger Union Twp., MI
152 04/19/84 Alfred Elbertus? Scott M/White Single 5y/3m/29d Lincoln Rheumatic Fever Canada   J.W. Scott Michigan 06/12/85
                    Mary Scott Michigan
153 10/02/84 Boliver N. Fowler M/White Married 37y/7m/26d Lincoln Epilepsy New York Day Samuel Fowler New York 06/12/85
                  Laborer Naoma Fowler New York
154 08/23/84 Daniel McQueen M/White Single 17y/8m/5d Lincoln Billious fever & Michigan nothing Willard McQueen New York 06/12/85
              Epileptic fits     Anna McQueen New York
155 12/08/84 Fred Jakeway M/White Single 20y/8m/16d Lincoln Typhoid fever Michigan Day P.J. Jakeway New York 06/12/85
                  Laborer Harriett E. Jakeway New York
156 03/09/84 Adra Robinson F/White Single 3y/11m/15d Lincoln Scarlet Fever Michigan   Daniel Robinson Michigan 06/12/85
                    Mary J. Robinson Michigan
157 04/15/84 Manning Robinson M/White Single 7y/10m Lincoln Scarlet Fever Michigan   Daniel Robinson Michigan 06/12/85
                    Mary J. Robinson Michigan
158 05/22/84 Haley Michael M/White Married 52y Lincoln Dyspepsia Canada Farmer John Haley Ireland 06/12/85
                    Ellen Haley Ireland
159 03/12/84 Alexander Hapner M/White Widower 76y Lincoln Cancer Ohio Joiner & Wm. Hapner Pennsylvania 06/12/85
                  Farmer Not Known
160 02/27/84 Caskey? Scott F/White Single 9d Lincoln Lung disease Michigan   Will Scott Michigan 06/12/85
                    Eliza Scott Canada
161 02/19/84 Ella Keyser F/White Married 26y Lincoln Child birth Michigan Farmer A.D. Mattison New York 06/12/85
                    Abbie Mattison New York
162 02/19/84 Not Named Keyser M/White     Lincoln Stillborn Michigan   S.D. Keyser Ohio 06/12/85
                    Ella Keyser Michigan
163 11/30/84 Georgiana Hodge F/White Married 56y/9m Lincoln Typhoid fever Connecticut Farmer John Barry New York 06/12/85
                    Phoeba? Barry New York
164 10/18/84 Martin Rudler M/White Single 24y/1m/24d Lincoln Typhoid fever Penna. Farmer Joseph Rudler Pennsylvania 06/12/85
                    Synthia Rudler Pennsylvania
165 07/31/84 Lewis Stringer M/White Married 41y/3m/27d Canada Consumption Canada Farmer Aaron Stringer Canada 06/12/85
                    Mary Stringer Canada

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