No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents Residence Date
  Death     Status Yr/Mon/Day Death     if >18yrs age Names   Recorded
1190 07/20/83 John Coummooses? M/Indian Single 19y Nottawa Consumption Michigan Laborer Maw pus? Coummooses Nottawa 05/16/84
                    Elizabeth Coummooses Nottawa
1191 09/10/83 Mix-a-way Johns F/Indian Married 38y Nottawa Consumption Michigan Housewife Chief Nottawa Nottawa 05/16/84
                    Keechi? Chi-wa-no-qun? Nottawa
1192 06/24/83 Not Named Wa-ba-so-wa? F/Indian Single 14d Nottawa Convulsions Michigan   Jean Baptiste Wa-ba-so-wa? Nottawa 05/16/84
                    Mary Wa-ba-so-wa? Nottawa
1193 05/16/83 Clara Dush F/White Widow 76y/6m/3d Nottawa Paralysis New York Tailoress Stanton Covey Deceased 05/16/84
                    Adie? Covey Deceased
1194 09/28/83 Not Named Nealands? M/White Single 1d Nottawa Unknown Michigan   Robert Nealands? Nottawa 05/16/84
                    Anis Nealands? Nottawa
1195 05/10/83 Elsie Remey F/White Married 22y Nottawa Tuerperal fever? Michigan Housewife Barney Wood Ionia 05/16/84
                    Not known Wood Ionia
1196 04/24/83 John Otto M/Indian Single 4y Nottawa Consumption Michigan   Marcus Otto Nottawa 05/16/84
                    Mary Otto Nottawa
1197 08/06/83 Andrew Jackson M/Indian Single 1m/1d Nottawa Convulsions Michigan   Moses Jackson Nottawa 05/16/84
                    Mary Jackson Nottawa
1198 03/01/83 Catherine R. Cramer F/White Single 11m Westphalier, MI Spinal fever Michigan   Joseph M. Cramer Nottawa 05/17/84
                    Catherine Cramer Nottawa
1199 08/18/83 Not Named Lanverity? M/White Single 1d Nottawa Convulsions Michigan   Henry Lanverity? Nottawa 05/17/84
                    Mary Lanverity? Nottawa
1200 05/28/83 Augusta Sculler F/White Single 8d Westphalier, MI Convulsions Michigan   William Schuller Nottawa 05/17/84
                    Anna M. Schuller Nottawa
1201 03/19/83 Frederick W. Austin M/White Single 5y/10m/21d Broomfield Spinal fever Michigan   William A. Austin Broomfield 05/26/84
                    Lois L. Austin Broomfield
1202 08/08/83 Mary K. Guy F/Mulato Married 23y/5m/15d Broomfield Child bed fever Ohio Housewife Thomas W. Cross Wheatland, MI 05/26/84
                    Catherine B. Cross
1203 07/21/83 Mary C. Baley F/White Married 42y Broomfield Scarlet fever Canada Housewife
1204 08/06/83 Della A. Harvey F/White Single 20y Broomfield Drowned Michigan   Phillip Harvey Gratiot Co., MI 05/26/84
                    Laurie Harvey Gratiot Co., MI
1205 10/28/83 Louisa Hammot? F/White Married 24y/5m/28d Broomfield Child bed fever Germany Housewife Charles Newman
                    Louisa Newman Ionia, MI 05/26/84
1206 01/26/83 Elizabeth France F/White Widow 38y Fremont Consumption Ohio Housewife William Dougherty Fremont 05/26/84
                    Elizabeth Dougherty Deceased
1207 02/06/83 Frank Samp M/White Single 1y/10m Fremont Spinal fever Michigan   Charles Samp Fremont 05/26/84
                    Mary Samp Fremont
1208 03/01/83 Minnie Samp F/White Single 3y/6m Fremont Spinal fever Michigan   William Samp Fremont 05/26/84
                    Rachel Samp Fremont
1209 05/09/83 Mary E. Wyant F/White Single 10y/2m/6d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan School girl Henry Wyant Fremont 05/26/84
                    Adeline Wyant Fremont
1210 05/14/83 Darcy? E. Wyant F/White Single 1y/10m Fremont Diphtheria Michigan   Henry Wyant Fremont 05/26/84
                    Adeline Wyant Fremont
1211 05/21/83 Emmett F. Wyant M/White Single 3y/10m/16d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan   Henry Wyant Fremont 05/26/84
                    Adeline Wyant Fremont
1212 07/07/83 Stella Harshman F/White Single 3m/27d Fremont Enlargement of Michigan   George Harshman Fremont 05/26/84
              Brain     Nyrhle? harshman Fremont
1213 01/21/83 Rubin L. Sampsel M/White Single 1y/2d Fremont Unknown Michigan   Daniel Sampsel Fremont 05/26/84
                    Sarah C. Sampsel Deceased
1214 08/20/83 Amanda H. Sampsel F/White Single 11y/11m/25d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan School girl Daniel Sampsel Fremont 05/26/84
                    Sarah C. Sampsel Deceased
1215 09/06/83 William McClaflin M/White Single 6y/6d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan School boy Orin McClaflin Deceased 05/26/84
                    Ellie McClaflin Fremont
1216 06/27/83 Not Named M/White Single Stillborn Fremont Stillborn Michigan   William W. Dush Fremont 05/26/84
                    Annie E. Dush Fremont
1217 02/06/83 Richard L. Moor M/White Single 6m/26d Fremont Spinal fever Michigan   Wesley Moor Fremont 05/26/84
                    Susan A. Moor Fremont
1218 06/10/83 Joseph Nicely M/White Married 55y Fremont Consumption Ohio Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/26/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1219 07/17/83 Minerva Nicely F/White Married 36y/1m/2d Fremont Child bed Indiana Housewife John Cobler Indiana 05/26/84
                    Jane Cobler Indiana
1220 07/17/83 Not Named F/White Single   Fremont Stillborn Fremont   Joseph Nicely Deceased 05/26/84
                    Minerva Nicely Deceased
1221 08/07/83 John A. Bredbuiner? M/White Widower 74y/4m/19d Deerfield Enlargement of Ohio Farmer Unknown Deceased 05/30/84
              Knee     Unknown Deceased
1222 02/15/83 Thomas Brennen? M/White Married 37y Deerfield Killed by tree Canada Farmer Patrick? Brenner? Ireland 05/30/84
                    Elizabeth Brenner? Ireland
1223 06/02/83 James Battin M/White Single 1y/9m/16d Deerfield Inflamation of Michigan   Henry Battin Michigan 05/30/84
              Brain     Cora Battin Michigan
1224 Apr. 1883 Estella Wood F/White Single 7y/6m/28d Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   Jehiel Wood Michigan 05/30/84
                    Julia Wood Ohio
1225 08/01/83 Gertrude Reynolds F/White Single 2y/6m Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   Oscar F. Reynolds Michigan 05/30/84
                    Mary H. Reynolds Canada
1226 08/04/83 Addie Reynolds F/White Single 18y Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   Oscar F. Reynolds Michigan 05/30/84
                    Mary H. Reynolds Canada
1227 08/07/83 Charles Reynolds M/White Single 3y/9m Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   Oscar F. Reynolds Michigan 05/30/84
                    Mary H. Reynolds Canada
1228 04/06/83 Alton Smith M/White Single Unknown Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   Geo Smith Michigan 05/30/84
                    Nellie Smith Michigan
1229 10/16/83 H.L. Coldwell F/White Married 52y/2m/20d Deerfield Unknown Ohio Housewife Jason Streator Ohio 05/30/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1230 10/07/83 Jeneveive Hunt F/White Single 6m/18d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   W.S. Hunt Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Sadie C. Hunt Mt. Pleasant
1231 09/30/83 Charles Sneer M/White Single 17y/5m/15d Wise Inflammatory Pennsylvania Farmer Harrison? Sneer Wise 06/03/84
              Rheumatism     Coney Sneer Wise
1232 12/20/83 Not Named F/White Single   Wise Stillborn Wise   Wm.F. Grieg? Wise 06/03/84
                    Francis G. Grieg? Wise
1233 01/06/83 Ollive L. Forward F/White Single 3m/19d Canada Unknown Michigan   Wm. A. Forward Wise 06/03/84
                    Dora C. Forward Wise
1234 12/04/83 Not Named M/White Single 12d Wise Unknown Michigan   Abel Halstead Wise 06/03/84
                    Elizabeth Halstead Wise
1235 09/08/83 Not Named M/White Single 2d Wise Premature Wise   Samuel Jameson Wise 06/03/84
              Birth     Kate Jameson Wise
1236 07/13/83 Mary Metynu? F/White Married 68y Mt. Pleasant Paralysis Germany Housewife Unknown Unknown 06/03/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1237 11/04/83 Henry Carlough M/White Widower 96y/8m Vernon Old age New Jersey Farmer John Carlough Deceased 06/03/84
                    Jane Carlough Deceased
1238 10/15/83 Felix Laframbois M/White Single 5y/1m/8d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Felix Laframbois Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Euphema Laframbois Mt. Pleasant
1239 10/29/83 Joseph Laframbois M/White Single 2y/8m Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Felix Laframbois Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Euphema Laframbois Mt. Pleasant
1240 11/15/83 Adaline Laframbois F/White Single 7y/8d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Felix Laframbois Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Euphema Laframbois Mt. Pleasant
1241 08/31/83 Annie E. Myers F/White Single 20y/6m/8d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Ohio Teacher George W. Myers Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Margarett Myers Mt. Pleasant
1242 10/03/83 Annie May Clinton F/White Single 3y/10m Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Wm. Clinton Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Elizabet Clinton Mt. Pleasant
1243 09/28/83 John J. Hewit? M/White Single 13y/11m/22d Lansing, MI Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   John Hewit? Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Lilian Hewit? Mt. Pleasant
1244 07/09/83 Samantha Campbell F/White Single 18y/6m/6d Mt. Pleasant Scarlet fever Ohio   George C. Campbell Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Elizabeth Campbell Mt. Pleasant
1245 10/15/84 Not Named M/White Single 1d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant   George Campbell Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Elizabeth Campbell Mt. Pleasant
1246 10/15/83 Not Named M/White Single 1d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant   George C. Campbell Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Elizabeth Campbell Mt. Pleasant
1247 07/17/83 Ithnier Hague M/White Single 3y/3m/17d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Samuel A. Hague Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Rosetta Hague Mt. Pleasant
1248 08/03/83 James E. Horan M/White Single 9m/14d Dexter Cholera infantum Dexter   Thomas Horan Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Mary Horan Mt. Pleasant
1249 08/21/83 Nellie M.R. Robinson F/White Single 14y/4m/18d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Chippewa Twp.   Daniel G. Robinson Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Margrett Robinson Mt. Pleasant
1250 10/30/83 Irving L. Griffith M/White Single 5y/6m/6d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Broomfield Twp.   L.C. Griffith Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Sarah Griffith Mt. Pleasant
1251 09/02/83 William Campbell M/White Single 7y/2m Detroit Cholera morbus Ohio   John B. Campbell Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Mary E. Campbell Mt. Pleasant
1252 11/21/83 Charity L. Bush F/White Married 43y/5m/3d Crawford Co. Congestive chills New York Housewife Henry Bush New York 06/03/84
                    Phebe J. Bush New York
1253 03/20/83 Mary L. Sanders F/White Single 10m/15d Mt. Pleasant Lung fever Mt. Pleasant   Thomas Sanders Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Abbie F. Sanders Mt. Pleasant
1254 09/04/83 Vira L. Sanders F/White Single 5y/4m/6d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Genesee Co.   Thomas Sanders Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Abbie F. Sanders Mt. Pleasant
1255 09/11/83 Dennis B. Sanders M/White Single 8y/6m/1d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria New York   Thomas Sanders Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Abbie F. Sanders Mt. Pleasant
1256 05/26/83 Isaac Cahow M/White Married 62y Mt. Pleasant Consumption Ohio Carpenter Geo Cahow   06/03/84
              of Lungs     Unknown
1257 07/16/83 Emma G. Isbell F/White Married 31y Kalamazoo Consumption Ohio Housewife David Fairchild Ohio 06/03/84
              of Lungs     Sarah Fairchild Ohio
1258 Aug. 1883 Samuel Saw-be-qua M/Indian Married 29y Isabella Co. Consumption Michigan   Saw-be-qua Unknown 06/03/84
              of Lungs     Saw-be-qua Unknown
1259 04/30/83 Anna Benchley F/White Married 29y St. Johns Consumption New York Housewife Tobias Eygnos St. Johns 06/03/84
              of Lungs     Elizabeth Eygnos St. Johns
1260 08/29/83 John Leahy M/White Single 1y/3m Mt. Pleasant Dysentery Mt. Pleasant   Timothy Leahy Mt. Pleasant 06/03/84
                    Bridget? Leahy Mt. Pleasant
1261 08/07/83 Thomas Dimond M/White Single 4m/8d Union Unknown Union   M.B. Dimond Union 06/05/84
                    Sarah Dimond Union
1262 12/24/83 Lizzie Halstead F/White Single 6m/9d Union Membranous Union   Ramel? Halstead Union 06/05/84
              Croup     Emma? Halstead Union
1263 12/29/83 Emma Halstead F/White Married 23y/7m/13d Union Consumption Ohio Housewife John Kinkter? Gratiot Co., MI 06/05/84
                    Elizabeth Kinkter? Gratiot Co., MI
1264 12/29/83 Emily A. Loomis F/White Single 5y/2m/24d Union Diphtheria Isabella Co., MI   Porter Loomis Isabella Co., MI 06/05/84
                    Ida Loomis Isabella Co., MI
1265 01/25/83 Thomas Greer M/White Single 23y/9m Saginaw City Typhoid fever Canada Laborer Patrick Greer Isabella Co., MI 06/05/84
                    Anna Greer Isabella Co., MI
1266 08/24/83 Thomas R. Kane M/White Single 10m/6d Union Unknown Michigan   Robert Kane Isabella Co., MI 06/05/84
                    Kate Kane Isabella Co., MI
1267 12/24/83 Martin Carl? M/White Married 58y Mt. Pleasant Kidney disease Ireland Farmer Unknown Unknown 06/05/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1268 11/07/83 Benjamin McBride M/White Single 6y/6m/18d Union Diphtheria Saginaw   Samuel McBride Union 06/05/84
                    Jane McBride Union
1269 11/07/83 Mary McBride F/White Single 9y/1m/25d Union Diphtheria Saginaw   Samuel McBride Union 06/05/84
                    Jane McBride Union
1270 05/04/83 Nicholas Marz? M/White Single 13y/8m/28d Union Consumption Saginaw   John Marz? Union 06/05/84
              of Lungs     Mary Marz? Union
1271 03/09/83 Peter McGinnis M/White Single 1y/14d Union Unknown Canada   Rora? McGinnis Union 06/05/84
                    Mary McGinnis Union
1272 09/26/83 Sarah Whitehead F/White Married 29y/9d Union Dropsey New York Housewife William Lockwood New York 06/05/84
                    Lydia Lockwood New York
1273 12/25/83 William Slater M/White Married 68y/7m/11d Union General debility England Carpenter Samuel Slater Deceased 06/05/84
                    Mary Slater Deceased
1274 12/11/83 Caroline Grinnell F/White Married 26y/8m/4d Union Consumption Canada Housewife Unknown Carpenter Canada 06/05/84
              of Lungs     Unknown Carpenter Canada
1275 10/14/83 Lulu Graves F/White Single 7y/2m/4d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Henry H. Graves Mt. Pleasant 06/05/84
                    Louisa Graves Mt. Pleasant
1276 05/28/83 Mary Bell Bennett F/White Single 6y/3m/8d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Cornelius Bennett Mt. Pleasant 06/05/84
                    Anna Bennett Mt. Pleasant
1277 08/13/83 Claud Williams M/White Single 1d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant   Alonzo Williams Mt. Pleasant 06/05/84
                    Emma Williams Mt. Pleasant
1278 06/12/83 Thomas R. Kelley M/White Single 1m/24d Coe Measles Mt. Pleasant   Edward T. Kelley Coe 06/06/84
                    Mary E. Kelley Coe
1279 04/22/83 Catherine Roberts F/White Single 16y/6m/22d Coe Spinal fever Michigan   Joseph Roberts Coe 06/06/84
                    Catherine Roberts Coe
1280 05/08/83 Durham D. Burnham M/White Married 78y/5m/16d Coe Disease of New Hampshire Farmer Groves Burnham Deceased 06/06/84
              Kidneys     Martha Burnham Deceased
1281 07/01/83 Willie A. Moon M/White Single 22d Coe Unknown Michigan   James Moon Coe 06/06/84
                    Mary E. Moon Coe
1282 05/10/83 Josie Lacey F/White Single 24y/5m/10d Coe Consumption Michigan House work Elmer Lacey Ohio 06/06/84
                    Agnes Lacey Scotland
1283 08/05/83 Elizabeth J. Tucker F/White Married 39y/11m/24d Coe Liver complaint Ohio Housewife Daniel T. Rising Ohio 06/06/84
                    Rosanna Rising Ohio
1284 09/03/83 Millie A. Parsons F/White Single 2y/3m/10d Coe Caused from a Michigan   Horace Parsons Coe 06/06/84
              fall     Francis Parsons Coe
1285 09/27/83 Sarah Robbins F/White Married 65y/6m/16d Coe Unknown Pennsylvania Housewife Unknown Unknown 06/06/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1286 11/24/83 John E. Boyles M/White Married 67y/1m/12d Coe Consumption Ohio Farmer James Boyles Deceased 06/06/84
                    Nancy Boyles Deceased
1287 11/14/83 Luella M. Carter F/White Single 2y/6m/14d Coe Scarlet fever Michigan   Abner Carter Coe 06/06/84
                    Alice Carter Coe
1288 09/07/83 Sarah Carter F/White Married 73y Coe Old age Pennsylvania Housewife James Addry Deceased 06/06/84
                    Mary Addry Deceased
1289 02/06/83 Anna Carter F/White Single 20y/17d Coe Consumption Illinois Housekeeper Abner Carter Michigan 06/06/84
                    Eunice Carter Michigan
1290 11/02/83 Jerome B. Higgins M/White Single 2y/11m/13d Coe Scarlet fever Michigan   Isaac U. Higgins Michigan 06/06/84
                    Francis E. Higgins Michigan
1291 06/04/83 Franklin Shepherd M/White Single 14y/2m/22d Coe Over exertion Michigan   Isaac U. Shepherd Michigan 06/06/84
                    Catherine Shepherd Michigan
1292 12/23/83 Elizabeth Gilmore F/White Single 8m/11d Chippewa Lung disease Michigan   Joseph Gilmore Chippewa 06/06/84
                    Rosanna Gilmore Chippewa
1293 12/24/83 Matilda Mills F/White Married 21y/5m/8d Chippewa Consumption New York Housewife Jacob Kempter Chippewa 06/06/84
                    Elizabeth Kempter Chippewa
1294 11/19/83 Sevilla Olmstead F/White Married 29y/9m/5d Chippewa Inflammatory Ohio Housewife ------- Mooman? Ohio 06/06/84
              Rheumatism     ------- Mooman? Ohio
1295 08/30/83 Roy Salisbury M/White Single 4m/7d Chippewa Cholera infantum Michigan   Ephraime Salisbury Chippewa 06/06/84
                    Sarah Salisbury Chippewa
1296 04/14/83 Cornelia Struble F/White Married 21y Chippewa Child birth Michigan Housewife John Miller Salt River 06/06/84
                    Mary Miller Salt River
1297 05/19/83 Nancy Hiemsch? F/White Married 33y/11m/2d Isabella Dropsey Ontario Housewife John McLachlin Isabella, MI 06/07/84
                    Jane McLachlin Isabella, MI
1298 Sept. 1883 Mary Wa-ba-no F/Indian Married 28y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housewife John M. Collins Isabella, MI 06/07/84
                    Susan Collins Isabella, MI
1299 10/14/83 Not Named F/Indian Single 9d Isabella Unknown Michigan   David McClure Isabella, MI 06/07/84
                    Emma McClure Isabella, MI
1300 12/03/83 Caroline Skidmore F/White Widow Unknown Isabella Consumption Michigan Housewife Anthony Crotser? Unknown 06/07/84
                    Rebecca Crotser? Unknown
1301 07/20/83 Nancy Chatfield F/Indian Married 28y Isabella Consumption Michigan   George Bradley Isabella, MI 06/07/84
                    Mary Bradley Isabella, MI
1302 07/30/83 Eva Weed F/White Single 7y Isabella Diphtheria Michigan   George Weed Unknown 06/07/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1303 May 1883 Hattie Weed F/White Single 4y Isabella Diphtheria Michigan   George Weed Unknown 06/07/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1304 June 1883 Charles Weed M/White Single 14y Isabella Diphtheria Michigan   George Weed Unknown 06/07/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1305 11/13/83 Not Named M/White Single 1m/12d Isabella Unknown Michigan   William Skuse? Isabella, MI 06/07/84
                    Elizabeth J. Skuse? Isabella, MI
1306 04/23/83 Walter E. Colley M/White Single 2y/4m Coldwater Pneumonia Michigan   Samuel C. Colley Coldwater 06/09/84
                    Melissa Colley Coldwater
1307 05/01/83 Solephal? Taylor M/White Widower 95y/4m Coldwater Paralysis New York Millwright Unknown Unknown 06/09/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1308 05/25/83 Nora E. Braman F/White Single 4y/10m Coldwater Diphtheria Coldwater   Marvin D. Braman Coldwater 06/09/84
                    Flora E. Braman Coldwater
1309 06/05/83 Frank B. Braman M/White Single 6y/9m/20d Coldwater Diphtheria Coldwater   Marvin D. Braman Coldwater 06/09/84
                    Flora E. Braman Coldwater
1310 09/18/83 John D. Braman M/White Single 1y/11m/29d Coldwater Diphtheria Coldwater   Marvin D. Braman Coldwater 06/09/84
                    Flora E. Braman Coldwater
1311 04/13/83 William Sommers M/White Single 62y/24d Lincoln Lung fever Switzerland Farmer Unknown Unknown 06/09/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1312 01/29/83 Earl Ross Hewey M/White Single 6m/19d Lincoln Spinal fever Michigan   John G. Hewey Michigan 06/09/84
                    Anna C. Hewey Michigan
1313 09/14/83 Not Named M/White Single 1d Lincoln Unknown Michigan   Martin Hartman Michigan 06/09/84
                    Susan J. Hartman Michigan
1314 10/31/83 Floid? Mull M/White Single 35d Lincoln Summer Michigan   John Mull Michigan 06/09/84
              Complaint     Margarett Mull Michigan
1315 05/17/83 Harriett Alger F/White Married 37y Lincoln Confinement Michigan Housewife Unknown Unknown 06/09/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1316 03/30/83 Arthur F. Myers M/White Single 3y/5d Coldwater Measles Ohio   Caleb Myers Rolland 06/10/84
                    Mary A. Myers Rolland
1317 03/15/83 Cyntha Wells F/White Widow 70y Rolland Old age New York Housewife Unknown Deceased 06/10/84
                    Unknown Deceased
1318 01/22/83 George Sharp M/White Single 4y Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   Elias Sharp Rolland 06/10/84
                    Ellen Sharp Rolland
1319 01/29/83 Charlott A. Sharp F/White Single 11y Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   Elias Sharp Rolland 06/10/84
                    Ellen Sharp Rolland
1320 03/08/83 Not Named F/White     Rolland Stillborn Michigan   Frank Pierce Rolland 06/10/84
                    Jennie Pierce Rolland
1321 07/23/83 Jennie H. Chapman F/White Married 25y/10m/3d Rolland Scarlet fever New York Housewife Unknown Unknown 06/10/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1322 07/24/83 Hattie A. Chapman F/White Single 7y/3m/18d Rolland Scarlet fever Michigan   Charles A. Chapman Rolland 06/10/84
                    Jennie Chapman Deceased
1323 07/27/83 Mary Ann Chapman F/White Single 2y/7m/12d Rolland Scarlet fever Michigan   Charles A. Chapman Rolland 06/10/84
                    Jennie Chapman Deceased
1324 03/04/83 Mabel Swayse F/White Single 1y/4m Rolland Scarlet fever Michigan   William Swayse Rolland 06/10/84
                    Melissie Swayse Rolland
1325 08/15/83 Maggie Skidmore F/White Single 8y/6m Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   Edwin Skidmore Deceased 06/10/84
                    Caroline Skidmore Deceased
1326 07/19/83 Martha L. Powers? F/White Single 4y Rolland Scarlet fever Michigan   Ivan Powers? Rolland 06/10/84
                    Agnes Powers? Rolland
1327 06/17/83 Elnora Milliman? F/White Single 8m/8d Rolland Scarlet fever Rolland   Wesley Milliman? Rolland 06/10/84
                    Susan Milliman? Rolland
1328 03/26/83 Mary E. Riggle F/White Married 51y/1m Rolland Consumption Ohio Housewife Ransom Newton Ohio 06/11/84
              of Lungs     Elizabeth Newton Ohio
1329 10/28/83 David E. Riggle M/White Single 24y/3m/8d Rolland Typhoid fever Ohio Farmer David J. Riggle Ohio 06/11/84
                    Mary E. Riggle Ohio
1330 03/14/83 Eddie G. Hotchkiss M/White Single 7m? Rolland Capilary Bronkitis? Michigan   Eugene Hotchkiss Ohio 06/11/84
                    Rachel E. Hotchkiss Ohio
1331 07/15/83 Mrs. R.A. Cassey? F/White Married 30y Rolland Hanging Michigan Housewife Unknown Unknown 06/11/84
              (suicide)     Unknown Unknown
1332 04/13/83 Ida Ann Beard F/White Single 16d Rolland Sore throat Rolland   Howard Beard Michigan 06/11/84
                    Jennie Beard Illinois
1333 08/21/83 Blanch Westley F/White Single 7m/14d Rolland Spinal fever Rolland   John Wesley Ontario 06/11/84
                    Maumand? Wesley Indiana
1334 04/11/83 Margaret Horan F/White Single 47y/2m/9d Vernon Heart disease Ireland Housewife John Horan Vernon 06/11/84
                    Margarett Horan Vernon
1335 10/13/83 Patrick McGuire M/White Widower 75y Vernon Apolplexy Ireland Farmer Partrick McGuire Deceased 06/11/84
                    Bridget McGuire Deceased
1336 03/02/83 Douglass Carmicle? M/White Married 24y/10m/26d Everat City Suicide Michigan Engineer Duncan Carmicle? Vernon 06/11/84
                    Margarett Carmicle? Vernon
1337 04/23/83 Ruth Homby F/White Married 32y/10m/13d Vernon Nervous Vermont Housewife Richard Homby Vernon 06/11/84
              prostration     Ruth Homby Vernon
1338 02/20/83 Joseph Boushey M/White Unknown 86y/5m Vernon Old age Canada Farmer Joseph Boushey Deceased 06/11/84
                    Florence Boushey Deceased
1339 12/06/83 Morley Alger M/White Single 8m/16d Vernon Spinal fever Michigan   George Alger Vernon 06/11/84
                    Ann J Alger Vernon
1340 08/04/83 Not Named M/White     Saginaw Co. Stillborn Michigan   John McClellen Vernon 06/11/84
                    Cora McClellen Vernon
1341 06/18/83 Not Named M/White Single 1d Denver Unknown Michigan   William Mogg Denver 06/20/84
                    Adaline Mogg Denver
1342 06/18/83 Not Named M/White Single 1d Denver Unknown Michigan   William Mogg Denver 06/20/84
                    Adaline Mogg Denver
1343 08/25/83 Ellen Mahon F/White Married 42y/7m/23d Denver Insanity Canada Housewife John Kelley Canada 06/20/84
                    Mary Kelley Vermont
1344 04/14/83 Allen Smith M/White Single 15y/6m/17d Denver Disease of Head Michigan Farmer Walter Smith Denver 06/20/84
                    Adaline Smith Denver
1345 07/18/83 Margarett Kirkey? F/White Single 15y/8m/20d Denver Spasms Canada   Charles Kirkey? Denver 06/20/84
                    Mary Kirkey? Denver
1346 01/10/83 Judath E. Denslow F/White Married 44y Sherman Female disease New York Housewife Unknown Unknown 06/20/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1347 08/01/83 Mary C. McLoud F/White Married 39y Sherman Dropsey Indiana Housewife Unknown Unknown 06/20/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1348 09/30/83 Pearl Gatehouse F/White Single 6m/1d Sherman Cholera infantum Michigan   John Gatehouse Sherman 06/20/84
                    Mary Gatehouse Sherman
1349 09/10/83 W.F. Nichols M/White Single 15y/2m/6d Sherman Scarlet fever Missouri Farmer Unknown Unknown 06/20/84
                    Unknown Unknown
1350 01/21/83 William R. Mount M/White Single 4y/5d Gilmore Membranous Michigan   B.P. Mount Gilmore 06/24/84
              Croup     Hulda J. Mount Gilmore
1351 02/24/83 Raymond Brubaker M/White Single 1y/3m Gilmore Consumption Michigan   Harry? A. Brubaker Gilmore 06/24/84
                    Mary Brubaker Gilmore
1352 07/13/83 Claud S. Glass M/White Single 1y/6m/ Gilmore Cholera infantum Michigan   Algernon? Glass Gilmore 06/24/84
                    Margarett Glass Gilmore
1353 07/09/83 Laura Ferris F/White Single 23y Gilmore Consumption Michigan Not given Unknown Berrien? Co. 06/24/84
                    Unknown Michigan
1354 03/26/83 Not Named ?/White Single 1d Gilmore Bled to death Michigan   Edward Newville Gilmore 06/24/84
                    Fena Newville Gilmore

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