<%@ Page Language="C#" %> ISABELLA COUNTY DEATHS
No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Name(s) of Person(s) Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >30yrs age Reporting Recorded
401 04/27/76 Hannah S. Adams F/White Married 32y Isabella Congestive Chills Ohio Housekeeper Wm. I. Rogers Alma 5/16/7-
Lydia Rogers Michigan
402 03/31/76 James Obrian M/White Single 8y/7m/19d Lincoln Killed by Rail Michigan Michael Youngs Isabella 5/16/7-
Midland Co. Roads Margaret Obrian Michigan
403 06/12/76 James Shaw M/Indian Married 80y Isabella Spider bite Canada bcol? Preacher Unknown Unknown 5/16/7-
Unknown Unknown
404 06/05/76 Eliza J. Collins F/Indian Married 18y/5m/5d Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Jacob Jackson Isabella 5/16/7-
Nancy Jackson Michigan
405 10/01/76 James H. Graham M/White Single 2y/11m/7d Isabella Congestion of Canada Thomas Graham Isabella 5/16/7-
Liver Sarah J. Graham Michigan
406 08/21/76 Julia Bennett F/Indian Single 8y Isabella Bilious Fever Michigan Peter Bennett Isabella 5/16/7-
Priscilla Bennett Michigan
407 08/28/76 John Bennett M/Indian Single 5y Isabella Bilious Fever Michigan Peter Bennett Isabella 5/16/7-
Priscilla Bennett Michigan
408 05/07/76 Elizabeth Nedwash? F/Indian Single 6y Isabella Consumption Michigan Peter Nedwash? Isabella 5/16/7-
Nancy Nedwash? Michigan
409 07/18/76 Emma Shaw-wah-nah-ba F/Indian Married 46y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Ase-bon Saginaw 5/16/7-
Pe-tah-che-wah-no-qua Michigan
410 01/18/76 Way-nis-gwaner? F/Indian Single 6m Isabella Unknown Michigan John Way-me-gwaner? Isabella 5/16/7-
Emma Way-me-gwaner? Michigan
411 06/06/76 Jane Davis F/Indian Single 6y/5m/4d Isabella Consumption Michigan Samuel Davis Isabella 5/16/7-
Martha Davis Michigan
412 03/07/76 Joseph Barrows M/Indian Single 11m Isabella Consumption Michigan Lonzo D. Barrows Isabella 5/16/7-
Mary Barrows Michigan
413 02/20/76 Lonzo D. Barrows M/Indian Married 46y Isabella Consumption Michigan Farmer Pay-baw-mash Isabella 5/16/7-
Shaw-waw-naw-aw-no-qua Michigan
414 08/15/76 John Saw-be-quah M/Indian Single 1y Isabella Consumption Michigan Sam. Saw-be-quah Isabella 5/16/7-
Julia Saw-be-quah Michigan
415 09/10/76 Martha Billings F/Indian Single 2y Isabella Worm fit Michigan Benjamin Billings Isabella 5/16/7-
Mary Billings Michigan
416 10/14/76 Charlotte Wabing F/Indian Single 5y Isabella Bilious Fever Michigan William Wabing Isabella 5/16/7-
Martha Wabing Michigan
417 07/20/76 Eva Non-gaw-se-gay? F/Indian Single 2y/3m/2d Isabella Consumption Michigan Peter Non-g-gaw-se-gay Isabella 5/16/7-
Lodama? Non-g-gaw-se-gay Michigan
418 12/24/76 Non-gaw-se-gay F/Indian Single 10d Isabella Fitts Michigan Peter Non-g-gaw-se-gay Isabella 5/16/7-
Lodama? Non-g-gaw-se-gay Michigan
419 01/25/76 Julia N. Egleson F/Indian Single 8y Isabella Unknown Michigan Joseph Egleson Isabella 5/16/7-
Hannah Egleson Michigan
420 05/20/76 Charlotte Lyon F/Indian Single 18y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Addison Lyon Isabella 5/16/7-
Esther Lyon Michigan
421 12/17/76 Darwin Howarth M/White Single 23y/10m/7d Chippewa Typhoid Fever Pensylvania Farmer G.W. Howarth Chippewa 5/16/7-
Sophronia Howarth Michigan
422 06/10/76 Not Named M/White Infant 10d Chippewa Not Known Michigan Charles Taylor Chippewa 5/16/7-
Sophronia Taylor Michigan
423 02/16/76 John Tressler M/White 1m Vernon Scarlet fever Michigan Peter Tressler Vernon 5/19/7-
Rachel Tressler Michigan
424 04/05/76 Harriet M Herring F/White Married 35y/2m/11d Vernon Pleurisy, Inflammation N.Y. Housekeeper 5/19/7-
in the Lungs
425 07/19/76 William G. Philp M/White 2d Vernon Dropsey on the Michigan William Philp Vernon 5/19/7-
Brain Sarah Philp Michigan
426 07/26/76 Richard Robinson M/White 1y/1m/9d Vernon Inflam----? Dysentery Michigan Richard Robinson Vernon 5/19/7-
Jennette E. Robinson Michigan
427 07/31/76 Thomas McRay M/White 1y/10m/28d Vernon Cholera infantum Michigan John McRay Vernon 5/19/7-
Joanna McRay Michigan
428 08/25/76 Connor F/White 1d River Town Sore? Mouth Michigan Charles Connor Vernon 5/19/7-
Caroline Connor Michigan
429 08/04/76 Ellen McRay F/White 1y/11m/1d Vernon Cholera infantum Michigan John McRay Vernon 5/19/7-
Joanna McRay Michigan
430 08/27/76 John Miller M/White 5y/7m/22d Vernon Cholera infantum Michigan George Miller Vernon 5/19/7-
Mary C. Miller Michigan
431 April 1876 Mozett Jackson F/Indian Married 22y Nottawa Cold taken after Portland Basket maker Ke-zha-Co bem-sa Portland 5/19/7-
childbirth Michigan Koh-baish-ha-mo-quay Michigan
432 April 1876 Jackson F/Indian 14d Nottawa Probably neglect child Nottawa Mozett Jackson Gone to the hunting grasses" 5/19/7-
of the above quay Michigan Moses Jackson Nottawa, Mich.
433 April 1876 Eunice Jackson F/Indian 5y Nottawa Probably lung disease Nottawa Bog-goe Jackson Nottawa, Mich. 5/19/7-
of some kind Michigan Mozett Jackson Gone to visit her father
434 March 1876 Mary O-shaw-o-gran? F/Indian 35y Nottawa Childs Birth Michigan Basket maker Sah-goo-se-gay Michigan 5/19/7-
Kah-baithka-no-quay Michigan
435 March 1876 O-shaw-o-gran F/Indian 2y Nottawa Unknown Nottawa James O-shaw-o-gran Nottawa, Mich. 5/19/7-
Michigan Mary O-shaw-o-gran Nottawa, Mich.
436 March 1876 Fish M/Indian 1y Nottawa Unknown Nottawa Samuel Fish Nottawa, Mich. 5/19/7-
Michigan Ta-bush-guom-quay? Nottawa, Mich.
437 11/06/76 Caroline Harris F/White Married 22y/11m/3d Denver Typhoid Fever Michigan Farmer Andrew Hicks Ameada? 5/29/7-
438 02/21/76 Charles Tumbleson M/White Married 45y/10m/15d Denver Inflammation Michigan Laborer Don't know Michigan 5/29/7-
439 11/19/76 Jasua Sansway M/Indian 2y/1m/3d Denver Inflammation Michigan Farmer James Sansway Michigan 5/29/7-
440 06/10/76 Mary Kaugah F/Indian 1y/1m/5d Denver Inflammation Michigan Farmer William Kaugh Michigan 5/29/7-
441 07/20/76 James Potick? M/Indian 3y/9m/10d Denver Inflammation Michigan Farmer John Pontick Michigan 5/29/7-
442 06/10/76 Mary Wabuey? F/Indian Married 90y/4m/20d Denver Consumption Don't know Farmer Don't know 5/29/7-
443 12/24/76 John Wabuey? M/Indian Married 95y/3m/4d Denver Palsy Don't know Farmer Don't know 5/29/7-
444 06/08/76 ird.? Mason Render M/White 2m/26d Denver Consumption Ohio Farmer James Render Michigan 5/29/7-
May Render
445 12/26/76 Julia Ann Baughman? F/White Married 36y/9m/17d Coe Pulmonary Ohio Farmer's wife Eli Smith Ohio 5/29/7-
Consumption Matilda Smith Ohio
446 05/21/76 Elssica J. Kenedy F/White Married 18y/10m/12d Coe Typhoid Fever and Michigan Housekeeper Randall Williams New York 5/29/7-
Heart disease Josephine Williams New York
447 10/07/76 Sarah Case F/White Married Coe Pulmonary Penn. Physician's wife John G. Young Michigan 5/29/7-
Consumption Lydia Young
448 09/01/76 Yarnall F/White 5m/4d Coe Penn. John Yarnall Penn. 5/29/7-
Sarah Yarnall Penn.
449 10/21/76 Stella M. Byers F/White 21d Coe Canker Rash Coe Joseph Byers New York 5/29/7-
Phebe M. Byers Michigan
450 11/06/76 Julian Albright M/White Single 23y/9m/2d Gilmore Suicide, pistol shot Michigan Farmer Amos F. Albright Gilmore 5/31/7-
Harriet E. Albright Michigan
451 01/18/76 Eliza Robinson F/White Married 31y/11m/4d Wise Water on Brain England Housewife Thomas Foard Ontario 5/31/7-
Ann Foard Ontario
452 01/08/76 Eliza L. Tillitson F/White Single 3y/10m/26d Wise Scarlet fever Penn. Henry Tillitson Michigan 5/31/7-
Betsy Tillitson Michigan
453 10/10/76 George Roseman M/White Single 36y Wise Consumption New York Laborer Not known Not known 5/31/7-
454 03/08/76 Mabel Robinson F/White Single 2m/3d Wise Not Known Michigan Thomas Robinson Michigan 5/31/7-
Eliza Robinson Michigan
455 04/14/76 Frank A. Lytle M/White Single 1m Wise Not Known Michigan Ira Lytle Michigan 5/31/7-
Julia Lytle Michigan
456 March Annie M. Weaver F/White Single Not known Wise Scarlet fever Michigan Charles Weaver Indiana 5/31/7-
Not known Emma Weaver Michigan
457 06/18/76 Mabel Heath F/White Single 8m Wise Spinal fever Michigan Lewis Heath Ohio 5/31/7-
Sarah Heath Ohio
458 01/25/76 Alli--? Morrison M/White Single 1y/10m Wise Scarlet fever Michigan Joseph Morrison Michigan 5/31/7-
Nellie Morrison Michigan
459 08/13/76 Royal R. Lumsden? M/White Single 1y/9m Wise Spinal fever Michigan Thomas Lumsden? Michigan 5/31/7-
Bell Lumsden? Michigan
460 09/03/76 Lovina Denning? F/White Married 35y/5m/7d Lincoln Typhoid Fever Ohio Housewife Jonas Dodge Lincoln Town, MI 6/1/7-
Olive Dodge Lincoln Town, MI
461 05/11/76 Carlin Krighbaum? F/White Married 43y/17d Fremont Ohio David Dougherty Fremont 6/1/7-
Mary-Ann Dougherty Michigan
462 10/04/76 Polly Moor F/White Single 23y Fremont Twp. Ohio William K. Moor Fremont 6/1/7-
Eliza Moor Michigan
463 09/14/76 Wilber Peas M/White Single Fremont Twp. Dysentery Michigan James Pease Fremont 6/1/7-
Malinda Pease Michigan
464 12/28/76 Lillian M. Caldwell F/White Single 2y/1m/28d Fremont Caused by getting Michigan Arthur B. Caldwell Fremont 6/1/7-
Scalded Mary E. Caldwell Michigan
465 05/20/76 Isaac T. Wellman M/White Married 68y Fremont Twp. Maine Fremont 6/1/7-
466 08/15/76 Sarah Wellman F/White Widow 62y Fremont Twp. Maine Fremont 6/1/7-
467 03/09/76 Maria M. McKean F/White Married 51y/7m/9d Sherman Pneumonia & Dropsey Ohio John McGowran Colombiana Co. 6/19/7-
Margant McGowran Ohio
468 10/09/76 Jacob Openhouse? M/White Single 3y/5m Rolland Twp. Brain Disease Michigan Farmer James Openhouse? Michigan 6/20/7-
Nancy Openhouse?
469 04/18/76 Alma Creger F/White Single 2y/1m Typhoid Fever Michigan William Creger Michigan 6/20/7-
Abigail L. Creger
470 02/20/76 Mary Ann Hammond F/White Married 58y/8m/17d Bingham Dropsey New York Housekeeper Gideon Willet New Jersey 11/7/7-
471 10/30/76 William F. Baker M/White Married 65y/4m Coldwater Don't know New York Farmer Steven Baker Vermont 7/11/7-
Betsey Baker Vermont
472 07/23/76 John A. Nebes M/White 1y/1m/4d? Union Twp. Spinal Disease Michigan John H. Nebes Union 8/20/7-
Marian? Nebes Michigan
473 12/04/76 Harvey Johnson M/White 2y/8m Union Twp. Fever Michigan James Johnson Union 8/20/7-
Mary Johnson Michigan
474 09/09/76 Clarissa Jane Thompson F/White 1y/4m Union Twp. Fits Michigan Thomas Thompson Union 8/20/7-
Ella Thompson Michigan
475 09/06/76 Hannah Weeks F/White Widow 77y Union Twp. Old age Mass. Parents dead Union 8/20/7-
476 02/14/76 Frank G. Dunton M/White Union Twp. Drowning Michigan Henry A. Dunton Union 8/20/7-
Aurilla J. Dunton Michigan
477 08/06/76 Nellie Leroy Nelson F/White 7m/19d Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Michigan Douglas Nelson Mt. Pleasant 8/20/7-
Michigan Nellie Nelson Michigan
478 06/29/76 Courtie? J. Manners M/White 1y/1m/13d Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Michigan Wm. H. Manners Mt. Pleasant 08/20/76
Michigan Sarah E. Manners Michigan
479 08/13/76 Leslie W. Austin M/White 9m/29d Mt. Pleasant Bronchitis Michigan Leslie W. Austin Mt. Pleasant 8/20/7-
Michigan Mary C. Austin Michigan
480 03/24/76 Charles Robinson M/White 16y/4m/6d Mt. Pleasant Scarlet fever Michigan John Robinson Mt. Pleasant 8/20/7-
Michigan Mary A. Robinson Michigan
481 03/24/76 Ida Robinson F/White 11y/9m/10d Mt. Pleasant Scarlet fever Michigan John Robinson Mt. Pleasant 8/20/7-
Michigan Mary A. Robinson Michigan
482 02/13/76 Simon Robinson M/White 12y/10m/2d Mt. Pleasant Scarlet fever Michigan John Robinson Mt. Pleasant 8/20/7-
Michigan Mary A. Robinson Michigan
483 02/15/76 Charles A. Brace M/White 1y/4m Mt. Pleasant Scarlet fever James H. Brace Mt. Pleasant 8/20/7-
Michigan Ida S. Brace Michigan

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