No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Name(s) of Person(s) Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >30yrs age Reporting Recorded
335 02/05/75 William H. Hook M/White Single 14y/6m/10d Chippewa Inflammation Michigan Farmer Conrad Hook Chippewa 5/20/7-
of Bowels Elizabeth Hook Michigan
336 02/11/75 Mary Cleary F/White Married 35y Chippewa Unknown Ireland Housekeeper Unknown Chippewa 5/20/7-
Julia Agen Michigan
337 04/27/75 Ida B. Post F/White Single 3y/10m Chippewa Poisoned by eating Michigan Child Oscar Post Chippewa 5/20/7-
Wild Parsnip Alvira Post Michigan
338 05/26/75 Lizzie Burwash F/White 4y/11m Wise Scarlet Fever Michigan Child James A. Burwash Wise 5/29/7-
Catherine Burwash Twp.
339 06/03/75 Gertrude Burwash F/White 1y/6m/6d Wise Scarlet Fever Michigan Child James A. Burwash Wise 5/29/7-
Catherine Burwash Twp.
340 06/27/75 Theresa Maud F/White 4y/6d Wise Water on Brain Ontario Child Thomas Robinson Wise 5/29/7-
Olive Robinson Eliza Robinson Twp.
341 09/11/75 Ellen? May Doughty F/White 10m/11d Wise Dysentary Michigan Child Henry Doughty Wise 5/29/7-
342 09/28/75 Joseph Fancey M/White Married Not known Wise Tumor England Laborer Not Known Not Known 5/29/7-
343 02/28/75 Chs? Lewis Bradley M/White 2y/14d Wise Remitting Fever Michigan George Bradley Wise 5/29/7-
Lizzie Bradley Twp.
344 08/24/75 John T. Durin? M/White 3y/9d Wise Scarlet Fever Ontario James Durin Wise 5/29/7-
Maria Durin Twp.
345 04/23/75 Frederick Eldrid? M/White Single 10y/6m/5d Broomfield Epileptic Fits Hillsdale Co. Johnson Eldrid Broomfield 6/12/7-
Michigan Mary Eldrid Twp.
346 03/02/75 Henry? Ferry M/White Single 24y Gilmore Inflammation of England Gardener Julius Ferry England 6/12/7-
the Lungs Elizabeth ferry
347 03/22/75 Rufus Glass M/White Single 14y/2m/25d Gilmore Fever? & Spinal Michigan Farmer's Son Rufus S. Glass N.Y. 6/12/7-
Meningitis Harriet Glass
348 03/13/75 Earnest Hatch M/White Single 3d Gilmore Unknown Michigan Isaac M. Hatch Gilmore 6/12/7-
Mary J. Hatch Michigan
349 06/19/75 Grace E. Robbins F/White Single 23d Gilmore Unknown Gilmore Twp. Pointer? H. Robbins Gilmore 6/12/7-
Michigan Isabell B. Robbins Michigan
350 12/27/75 Richmond Ley M/White Single 19y/29d Gilmore Inflammation of the N.Y. Farmer Charles H. Ley Gilmore 6/12/7-
Stomach & Bowels Elizabeth Ley
351 05/07/75 Sarah Grosbeck F/White Married 67y/3m Deerfield Old Age N.Y.? Farmer Deerfield 6/12/7-
352 09/21/75 Wm. David Wellman M/White Single 1y/6m/24d Coe Dysentary Coe, MI David Wellman Coe 05/13/76
Mary J. Wellman Michigan
353 06/11/75 Linny A. Smith F/White Single 8y/8m/21d Coe Scarlet Fever Gratiot John B. Smith Coe 05/13/76
Michigan Minerva? Smith Michigan
354 11/13/75 Ann Murtha? F/White Married 56y/9m/26d Coe Bronchial? Ireland Patrick Hay N.Y. 05/13/76
Pneumonia Catherine Hay
355 12/10/75 Lucy Wellman F/White Married 27y/2m/8d Coe Catarrhal N. York Charles D. Sawyer Michigan 05/13/76
Consumption Mary Sawyer
356 07/16/75 William C McCune? M/White Single 7m/6d Coe Erysipelas? Coe, MI Edwin McCune? Coe 05/13/76
Mary McCune? Michigan
357 01/30/75 Edith A. Sullivan F/White Single 16d Lincoln Measles Lincoln W.R. Sullivan Coe 05/13/76
Michigan Mary E. Sullivan Michigan
358 11/10/75 David Way M/White Married 69y/7m/16d Coe Dyspepsia and Maryland Farmer Job Way Ohio 05/13/76
Rheumatism Ann Way Maryland
359 11/28/75 James J. Campbell M/White Married 38y/5m/28d Coe Suicide by cutting throat with Ohio Farmer James Campbell Carroll Co. 05/13/76
razor. Cause emotional insanity Catherine Campbell Ohio
360 11/14/75 Wm. W. Leonard M/White Married 62y/11m/28d Coe Paralyttic Penn. Minister 05/13/76
361 06/15/75 Chauncy J. Goodnough M/White Married 51y/2m/20d Coe Consumption N. York Dentist Job Goodnough Michigan 05/13/76
Rhoda Goodnough
362 05/08/75 Frances? Campbell F/White Single 15y/9m/20d Coe Tonsillitis? Coe, MI John T. Campbell Coe 05/13/76
Sarah E. Campbell Michigan
363 04/03/75 Margaret Grogan F/White Widow 45y/3m Vernon Consumption Ireland Housekeeper Not Known Not Known 06/12/76
364 09/27/75 Frederick Gray M/White Single 27y Vernon Apoplexy Scotland Farmer Not Known Not Known 06/12/76
365 06/25/75 John Trepler? M/White Single 1y/8m Vernon Scarlet Fever Michigan Peter Trepler? Isabella Co. 06/12/76
Rachel Trepler? Michigan
366 08/18/75 Gilbert L. Eddy M/White Married 26y/5m/18d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Ohio Merchant Not Known Not Known 06/12/76
367 11/29/75 Elizabeth Fishley F/White Single 6y/9m/12d Vernon Scarlet Fever Michigan Frederick Fishley Isabella Co. 06/12/76
Rebecca Fishley Michigan
368 12/24/75 William Fishley M/White Single 4y/3m/23d Vernon Scarlet Fever Michigan Frederick Fishley Isabella Co. 06/12/76
Rebecca Fishley Michigan
369 05/02/75 Grant Horning M/White Single 2y/5m/3d Vernon Spinal meningitis Michigan George Horning Isabella Co. 06/12/76
Catherine Horning Michigan
370 03/07/75 Ella Wing F/White Single 1m/7d Vernon Meningitis Michigan Lamon? Wing Isabella Co. 06/12/76
Annie Wing Michigan
371 11/12/75 John Armstrong M/White Married 65y/7m/10d Vernon Abscess on Lungs Ireland Farmer Not Known 06/12/76
and Liver
372 03/08/75 William D. Guthrie? M/White Single 1m/11d Lincoln Inflammation of the Lung Michigan James Guthrie Ohio 06/12/76
Effie Guthrie
373 12/08/75 Oliver Flansberg M/White Single 17y/4m/3d Lincoln Lung Fever Michigan Sylvester Flansberg N.Y. 06/12/76
Lydia Flansberg
374 11/17/75 Mary Vandeventer F/White Single 9y/6m/17d Lincoln Typhoid Fever Michigan Wm. Vandeventer Penn. 06/12/76
Mary Vandeventer Ohio
375 02/07/75 Elmer? A. Burdick M/White Single 7y/3m Lincoln Croup? Dan?, MI Daniel Burdick Ohio 06/12/76
Mary Burdick Canada
376 12/31/75 Wilbor M/White Single 1d Lincoln Unknown Michigan Soloman Wilbor N.Y. 06/12/76
Amelia Wilbor N.Y.
377 05/04/75 Herbert Traverse? M/White Single 2y/1m/14d Lincoln Inflammation of the Lung Michigan Charles Traverse? Canada 06/12/76
Virginia Traverse? Michigan
378 09/16/75 Harry Richardson M/White Single 6m/23d Lincoln Dysentary Michigan Albert Richardson Maine 06/12/76
Grace Richardson Michigan
379 02/17/75 Vernon? Ellis M/White Single 1y/7d Coldwater Diptheria Michigan Franklin W. Ellis Sherman City 06/12/76
Mary Ellis Michigan
380 05/13/75 Oliver Letson M/White Single 6y/9m/20d Coldwater Scarlet Fever Michigan Sarel A. Letson Coldwater Twp. 06/12/76
Ann E. Letson Michigan
381 05/15/75 Oren Letson M/White Single 8y/6m Coldwater Scarlet Fever Michigan Sarel A. Letson Coldwater Twp. 06/12/76
Ann E. Letson Michigan
382 05/20/75 Mertie? Letson F/White Single 5y/9m Coldwater Scarlet Fever Michigan Sarel A. Letson Coldwater Twp. 06/12/76
Ann E. Letson Michigan
383 05/25/75 S---ss? Letson M/White Single 5m/19d Coldwater Scarlet Fever Michigan Sarel A. Letson Coldwater Twp. 06/12/76
Ann E. Letson Michigan
384 07/15/75 William A. Ryerson M/White Single 8y/1m/16d Coldwater Scarlet Fever Michigan Martin M. Ryerson Coldwater Twp. 06/12/76
Harriet J. Ryerson Michigan
385 08/11/75 Charles Henry Pegg M/White 1y/1m Wheatland Whooping Cough Wheatland Child Charles Pegg Wheatland 05/22/76
Twp. Eliza Pegg Michigan
386 08/29/75 Martha Jane Guy F/White Married around 32y Rolland Dropsey of the Heart Ohio Farmer's wife Elijah Lett Little L---? 05/22/76
Susan Lett Michigan
387 03/07/75 Adda Guy F/White Single 13y Kent Co. Consumption Michigan Child Benjamin F. Guy Rolland 05/22/76
Michigan Martha J. Guy N-olt-r lead?
388 01/01/75 Nancy G. Bowerman F/White 13y/10m Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever Canada Thomas H. Bowerman Isabella 05/20/76
Louise Bowerman Michigan
389 02/17/75 Lucy J. Shaw F/Indian 1y Isabella Worms Michigan Isaac Shaw Isabella 05/20/76
Sarah Shaw Michigan
390 04/09/75 Oskir? A. Graham M/White 1y/4m Isabella Not Known Michigan James S. Graham Isabella 05/20/76
Margret Graham Michigan
391 04/01/75 James Collins M/Indian 18y/10m Isabella Consumption Michigan Farmer John M. Collins Isabella 05/20/76
Susan Collins Michigan
392 07/25/75 Nancy Me-qush-We-ge- F/Indian Married 47y Isabella Not Known Michigan Not Known 05/20/76
393 08/07/75 Edwin Bradley M/Indian 3y Isabella Consumption Michigan Samuel Bradley Isabella 05/20/76
Ann S. Bradley Michigan
394 10/20/75 Flora Bradley F/Indian Single 27y Isabella Consumption Michigan Samuel Bradley Isabella 05/20/76
Ann S. Bradley Michigan
395 03/07/75 Peter Williams M/Indian 5m Isabella Not Known Michigan John P. Williams Isabella 05/20/76
Eliza Williams Michigan
396 08/15/75 Dory Wa-be-no F/Indian 2y Isabella Consumption Michigan William Wa-be-no Isabella 05/20/76
Martha Wa-be-no Michigan
397 09/09/75 George Pa-mah-se-ga M/Indian 2y Isabella Not Known Michigan Peter Pa-mah-se-ga Isabella 05/20/76
Emma Pa-mah-se-ga Michigan
398 12/15/75 Moses Nah-be-tung M/Indian 6m Isabella Not Known Michigan Johnson Nah-be-tung Isabella 05/20/76
Pe-nas-wob-Nah-be-tung Michigan
399 12/26/75 Mark Cawley M/White Single Child Union Twp Don't Know Union James Cawley Union 08/19/76
Not known Michigan Mary Cawley Michigan
400 10/14/75 Nellie A. Wyman F/White Single Child Union Twp Don't Know Union E.H. Wyman Union 08/19/76
Not known Michigan Jane Wyman Michigan
166? 09/27/74 Rudolph F? Burkhalter M/White Single 4y/6m Lincoln Twp Typhoid Fever Switzerland Gottlish Burkhalter Michigan 05/19/76
overlooked Maria Burkhalter Michigan
in 1875

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