No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Name(s) of Person(s) Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >30yrs age Reporting Recorded
298 05/20/74 Ellen Wickwise F/White 4y Isabella Burned Michigan John Wickwin Isabella 05/25/75
Ann Wickwin
299 05/20/74 Jennie Bradley F/Indian 5y Isabella Liver Isabella Samuel Bradley Isabella Co. 05/25/75
Complaint? Michigan Nancy Bradley Michigan
300 04/30/74 Elizabeth Megesu? F/Indian 21y Isabella Consumption Michigan Joshua Me ge su Isabella . 05/25/75
Elizabeth Me ge su
301 05/10/74 Sarah Me ge su F/Indian 1y Isabella Consumption Michigan Joshua Me ge su Isabella . 05/25/75
Elizabeth Me ge su
302 No Name F/Indian 20d Isabella Measles Michigan Samuel ? Davis Isabella . 05/25/75
Martha Davis
303 07/23/74 Jean? Paw go zhick F/Indian 105y Isabella Old age Michigan Sah Kah an Saginaw 05/25/75
Wah wah s-- ma quoy Michigan
304 1874 Joe Pay me saw M/Indian Married 28y Naw to way Consumption Michigan 05/25/75
305 1874 Jane Kay she no ting F/Indian Single 10y Naw to way Cold Michigan John Kay che no ting Michigan 05/25/75
Clissa? Kay ch no ting
306 Sept. 1874 Osh-a-wa-gan M/Indian Married 70y Naw to way Pain in side Michigan 05/25/75
307 06/15/74 Ida Mary Vorrhiss? F/White Single 25d Wise Twp Weakness? Michigan Henry L. Vorrhiss Loomis 05/25/75
Jane Vorrhiss Michigan
308 07/15/74 John Martin M/White Single 1y/2m/21d Wise Twp Diarrhea? Michigan Samuel Martin Loomis, Isabella 05/25/75
Catharine Martin Co., Michigan
309 09/06/74 Wallie R. Robinson M/White Single 1y Wise Twp Quick Michigan Thomas Robinson Loomis 05/25/75
Consumption Eliza Robinson Michigan
310 11/24/74 Ida M. Jones F/White Single 4y/2m/3d Wise Twp Typhoid Fever Michigan Henry Jones Loomis 05/25/75
Carry Jones Michigan
311 11/07/74 Carry Jones F/White Married 23y/5m/1d Wise Typhoid Fever Canada Unknown 05/25/75
312 06/04/74 Ella Heath F/White Single 1y/8m/3d Wise Lung Fever Michigan Lewis? Heath 05/25/75
Sarah Heath
313 11/08/74 Dora Herne? F/White Single 19y Wise Inflammation Michigan Servant Unknown Unknown 05/25/75
314 Elijah Dell? M/White Single Wise Typhoid Fever Canada Laborer Unknown Unknown 05/25/75
315 10/15/74 Hatty Rex F/White Single 3y/10m/4d Wise Typhoid Fever Michigan Nathan Rex Loomis 05/25/75
Matilda Rex Michigan
316 01/12/74 Hattie M. Titus F/White Single 8m/15d Lincoln Spinal Fever? Michigan Samuel W. Titus Lincoln 06/05/75
Margaret Titus Michigan
317 10/18/74 Carrie E. Mull F/White 2m/22d Lincoln Cholera Infantum Michigan John Mull Lincoln 06/05/75
Margaret Mull
318 05/20/74 Russell Wilcox M/White Married 63y/7m/18d Lincoln Acute Bronchitis New York Farmer Hazard Wilcox New York 06/05/75
Don't Know Wilcox
319 03/23/74 Amanda M. Wilcox F/White Married 24y/11m/8d Lincoln Consumption Ohio Housekeeper David Caswell New York 06/05/75
A.M. Caswell Don't Know
320 02/20/74 Michael Armstrong M/White Single 20y Vernon Consumption Ontario Farmer John Armstrong Vernon 05/20/75
321 08/10/74 Ellen Hannah? F/White Married Unknown Vernon Inflammation Unknown Unknown Unknown 05/20/75
of Bowels
322 12/05/74 Lottie Marsah? F/White Single Babe Vernon Inflammation Michigan Unknown Unknown 05/20/75
of Lungs
323 08/27/74 Margaret Carmichael F/White Single 7d Vernon Not given Michigan Duncan Carmichael Vernon 05/20/75
Margaret Carmichael Michigan
324 04/17/74 Donald Broomfield M/White Single 29d Broomfield Lung Fever Michigan Wm. Broomfield Broomfield 06/05/75
Elizabeth Broomfield Michigan
325 07/29/74 Joseph Hodson M/White Married 81y/6m Coe Old age England Farmer Unknown Unknown 06/05/75
326 04/16/74 Carrie I. Hall F/White Single 16y Coe Chill Fever Michigan Farmer's Hiram T. Hall Coe 06/05/75
daughter Ellis Hall Michigan
327 11/11/74 Betsey Fuller F/White Married 26y Coe Congestion? New York Housekeeper Elijah Moore Coe 06/05/75
Samantha Moore Michigan
328 04/22/74 Relzuia? J. Roberts M/White Single 10m/18d Mecosta Co. Inflammation Michigan Edgar Roberts Coldwater 06/05/75
of Lungs Emma Roberts Michigan
329 08/28/74 Geo. A. Martin M/White Single 1y/1m Coldwater Dysentary? Michigan Henry Martin Coldwater 06/05/75
Nella Martin Michigan
330 11/06/74 Elizabeth J. Phipps F/White Single 18y/18d Gilmore Typhoid Fever Indiana Wm. Phipps Gilmore 5/31/7-
Sarah Phipps Michigan
331 04/29/74 Nellie Bachelder F/White Single 2y/5m/26d Fremont Spinal Fever? Michigan Jerome Bachelder Fremont 06/01/75
Complication? Mary Bachelder Michigan
332 10/04/74 Loa Bachelder F/White Single 10m/9d Fremont Spinal? Michigan Jerome Bachelder Fremont 06/01/75
Mary Bachelder Michigan
333 03/12/74 James Dougherty M/White Married Unknown Fremont Consumption Ohio Farmer Unknown Unknown 06/01/75
334 05/08/74 Henry Baker M/White Single 2y/2m/14d Fremont Lung Disease Michigan Farmer John Baker Fremont 06/01/75
Ann Baker Michigan

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